Waning, this is (somewhat accidentally) mostly a fanservice chapter. Those of you with weak constitutions may want to peek carefully at each letter and imagine the glorious sighs with safety-fog. You have been warned.

That night at Gensokyo may seem peaceful for some, but to others it is an evening of nightmares.

The Nameless Hill appears to be one of those peaceful places; the wind gently caressing the poisonous flowers and making them dance playfully as they spread their poison amongst themselves, whooshing softly as it makes its way toward the rest of the land.

A white zigzagging beam appears like a flash above said flowers and is followed by the spray of blood further down it's directed path.

The flowers underneath that spray seem to have been showered by the thick substance already, yet nothing but a peaceful clear sky is visible over the field.

Inside the dark alternate world Ail and Mima fight as though their very lives depended on it, however the evil spirit remains untouched, while the dense boy has his left eye swollen shut and has several open wounds around his head, covering his face with his own blood.

"Come on boy, is that all you got? Really, and here I was hoping you'd give me good sport," taunts the cocky spirit before she twirls her staff in front of herself and prepares her next attack.

On the other side of their battlefield, the boy glares defiantly back at the spirit while thinking "damn, I knew she was strong, but never like this! If this keeps up she's going to kill me! Gah, I can't even defend myself!"

Mima snickers, points the crescent moon on her staff at her target, and from its tips, her own wingtips, her left hand and her eyes shower an unfair barrage of purple stars and red laser beams.

"Brightness, Overwhelming Heart," loudly and desperately declares the boy after summoning a spell card to his right hand, revealing several burns and fresh bleeding cuts on it.

Several rings and large orbs of light spread from Ail's heart and create a perfect defense against Mima's attack, or so it would seem.

The lasers and several stars break through the rings and orbs with ease and the dense but brave boy is bombarded from head to toe with piercing and burning bullets and lasers.

He falls head-first to the black background below, exhausted and almost drained of all his magic and blood, then his descent stops.

The evil spirit holds him inside a magical bubble and forces him to rise again while playfully saying "aww, you died again? No fun Ail. And I even stopped using the homing bullets."

"I'm not satisfied yet, so WAKE UP!", shouts the spirit, and after doing so she sends a load of energy at the boy that heals the wounds on his arms, legs and torso, heals his eye, and brings him back from the brink of death.

Again, the boy finds himself facing Mima and wonders how is he even alive, and as his hazy memory returns to him so does his rage.

"AGAIN?" furiously thinks Ail as he stares poisonous daggers at the spirit in front of him, and thinks"What the HELL is wrong with me? Dammit, I have no choice!"

He concentrates, the winged spirit grins and watches with vile glee, and soon his bracelet starts glowing.

Thin yellow beams form the symbol of a bearded frog above the boy's head, then fades away along with the glow from the bracelet.

His breathing breaks erratically when his silent prayer fails, then he asks himself "what the hell?"

"Shikieiki," explains the spirit "has asked the gods to not interfere with your learning progress until you truly understand what the problem here is, Ail."

She grips the air in front of her and now has the boy in a magical grip that's squeezing his neck, then says "too weak. This isn't Ail anymore. This is something else. The real Ail would have lasted much longer."

The dense boy chokes when he tries to speak and feels as his consciousness starts to fade again, then precious air finally flows into his lungs when Mima releases him, then says "yes, I can see it. This isn't just for what you did to Reimu. No, that was just the trigger."

Rage covers the entirety of the boy's senses, and with an echoing war cry he activates his Yozoragan limit, though looks different.

Instead of two ethereal dragon wings he gets only one, and the right one is a black sludge-like demon wing dripping poison from its tips.

His left eye is a black orb while his left looks like it should; a beautiful night sky with star sparking in the mantle of the night.

He summons a sword of light with seven blades around it, defiantly points at Mima and shouts "I've had ENOUGH of you! First you USE Budou to get to me, kill me to revive and then kill me again and again, and now you're speaking BULLSHIT! I am SICK of you!"

Mima grins, chuckles, then says to herself "oh, this will be fun."

The enraged boy snarls, tries to power up his weapon of light, but it ends up like a dim squiggly stick, yet not caring for this he glares defiantly at the woman and shouts "I'm no laughing, MI-MA!", then rushes straight at the spirit with said weapon held high.

Odd weapon and staff clash, sparks fly off their point of impact, yet the evil spirit remains grinning as she effortlessly pushes the boy back and sings "still not strong enough~"

Ail growls, his weapon vanishes as he stomps the air, then out of rage he summons another spell card and shouts "Darkness, Dance of the Black Lights! Die in dishonor!"

His wings become two solid black dragon wings, his eyes now have a full moon inside them, his skin turns slightly dark, and now a black flame hovers next to his chest.

The flame expands and turns into half-rings that slither, circle and dance around the enraged boy and send out thin beams that home in zigzags toward Mima while black petals rain down from the air above the boy toward mentioned spirit.

The green-haired beauty stays still and allows all those beams and bullets to hit, the beams piercing her skin and expanding within her and the bullets exploding without mercy on her head.

Ail smiles viciously, enjoying the sight of the hated spirit being torn to shreds and blasted to smithereens, but soon his smile turns to a frightened frown.

His spells cancels out on its own along with his deformed Yozoragan, and now he looks around in confusion and asks "wh-what the hell? Where am I? M-Mima? B-Budou?"

"You called?", asks the evil spirit after appearing out of nowhere and gripping the boy by his neck with all her strength, and as she chokes him magical blades travel under his skin and open cuts around his body at random.

She stares with satisfaction into his pained and horrorstruck eyes and says "well, you almost got me there, but you are just so WEAK. As long as you cannot find yourself, and end this conflict, you'll remain weak."

The black field vanishes, Mima returns to normal and smiles sweetly, then she throws Ail's damaged body away from the poisonous flowers next to the sleeping Budou, then sweetly says "and now I'm satisfied. Take her and go home, wash up, and remember what we talked about."

Confused and in pain, the boy stares at the spirit flying over him as she waves her hand so casually and friendly, and when he tries to speak he realizes he can't.

Noticing his dread the spirit sweetly says "ah, I guess I went a bit too far. No worries, you'll be alright by morning. Just take her and go home. Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn't use gaps while in that state."

He glances upward to her with sad puppy eyes, something he should have done from the start if he hadn't been so arrogant in his thoughts, and just like that the woman flinches and backs away, then says "t-too late for that! Just go home already! But be warned, you still have much to do to fix all of this... if it can be fixed. Anyway, ciao~!"

It is now the crack of dawn as the weakened and hurt boy picks up the little bat from the ground, staggers for a bit, and with a heavy heart he flies away.

His eyes hide under the shadow of his hair, which is a good thing for him.

He doesn't want anyone to see the look of confusion, depression and despair in them, though it's still no good.

Might be the pain mixing with his emotions, but he can't help but let a sob escape him as he thinks back to what Mima had said to him and the long losing battle he just fought for a reason he knows, but cannot fully understand.

At that moment, over at Makai, a girl with short blue hair adorned with a rose ribbon, light blue eyes, wearing a rose dress and matching boots, and sporting a pair of white angel wings furiously bangs on a door to a medium-sized house and shouts "dammit Yuki, it's been long enough! COME ON OUT and make my life a MESS! I'm BORED!"

"I'm not your clown, go away Mai," angrily answers the fire witch from the other side of the door.

The deceiving angelic-looking ice witch, Mai of Makai, bangs on the door and shouts back "Yuki, I'm seriously worried! What happened? Come on, talk to me! Please?"

Inside the house of Yuki of Makai one would expect to find messy heaps of junk lying around everywhere, but instead the wooden floors are neat and tidy, the kitchen and dining room are spotless, the bedroom looks cozy, clean and warm, the bathroom is spacious enough for her, and the living room, where the witch is right now, looks welcoming and friendly.

The hatless fire witch lies on her red couch with a frowning face and her eyes closed, pulling her skirt up and scratching her thighs, not caring that her white panties are perfectly visible through the windows.

From outside the house Mai calls "Yuki, please! Come on out and I promise to help you set Liuze's hat on fire, or make an ice skating rink for Sara so you can melt it while she does her jumps! Just please, come on out!"

Holding her fists against the door Mai waits for the witch's reply.

She gives up and removes herself form the door when she gets none, then from inside she hears "just go home and leave me along you annoying little twerp."

The ice witch gasps, her face turns red as she frowns, tears form under her eyes, she whimpers "she called me a-a t-twerp?", and as she sniffles those tears turn to ice cubes as they fall to the ground.

She opens her mouth to shout a barrage of well-earned insults at her sister, but she stops when that beautiful image of Shinki appears next to her, smiling ever so angelically while her ominous anger aura rises to the sky.

Seeing her mother as angry as that, Mai immediately stops crying and wisely takes several steps away from the house's door.

The Makaian goddess sweetly calls "Yukiii~", then magically forces the door open with a boom that surprisingly enough only opens the door without damaging it, and with several pulsating veins on her head she walks inside, grabs Yuki by her cheeks, then drags the struggling witch outside.

While she punishes her daughter she sweetly says "enough is enough sweetie. I know you're hurt, but you've been in here long enough. What's worst, you've become a rude little hermit and made your sister cry."

The fire witch blubs while trying to apologize, but having her cheeks stretched out so far apart makes the task difficult, and now she finds herself standing right in front of Mai, and promptly after her sore cheeks find relief.

Mama Shinki taps the girl's bare head and says "go ahead and apologize to your sister!"

Yuki sighs and slumps, bows her head and says "sorry Mai. I went too far there," then glares ominously at the floor beneath her feet and thinks "I'll burn that butt of yours later."

The cute ice witch scowls and says "fine, I accept your apology, but next time I'll freeze those thigty whiteys."

The fire witch gasps and opens her mouth with dread, but quickly relaxes and says "eh, I'm still hot, so-"

"Yuki, sweetie, why don't you go and accept that bird god's help?", asks Shinki, cutting her daughter off before she says or does something stupid again.

The girl chokes and looks at her mother's and sister's worried faces, then, regardless of how tough she may act and how strong she claims she is, her eyes fill with worry and fright, then she looks to the ground.

Her body starts convulsing and sobs escape her, but before either girl can say anything to her she cries "b-but I'm scared. I... want to get over this pink thing, but what if doing that changes who I am?"

Shinki and Mai look at each other with both concern and confusion, then turn their faces back to the fire witch and aim to comfort her, but stop when she continues "what if that god turns me into something else, like a snail, then I have to evolve through battles using my fire at low levels, eating pink foods to survive and shouting only my name over and over, and when I finally evolve I become something different and... roar, ROAR. ROA-"

"YUKIIII!", shouts her mother and sister at the same time, finally getting her out of her own mental world and turning her attention to them.

Shinki smiles, grabs her daughter and squeezes her against her chest while saying "my Yuki, you'll always be you, no matter what happens. Even now, as distraught as you are, you are still you."

"That's right, you crazy idiot," sighs Mai before patting her sister on the head, then adds "and if you want, I guess I can come with you."

The witch's face brightens up, a smile stretches from one ear to the other, then her mother adds "then I guess I will come too sweetie. Besides, I want to see how Rika is doing."

The blonde witch's smile becomes wider and brighter, she nods while smiling at her mother, pushes herself free from Shinki's grasp and hugs her sister shouting "YAY, thanks you guys," then pulls the ice witch along as she takes flight and shouts "I don't have to go alone anymore! Come, COME! I want to get cured now!"

"Wait, WAIT! My arm, you're going to break my ARM! KYAAH!"

Shinki chuckles while Mai screams and Yuki stares estranged at her sister, then sighs and says to herself "haa, finally, she's coming to. I really hope Suzaku can help her out."

She flies after her daughters, giggles, then says to herself "and I finally get to go and see Rika again. She was so sad last time I saw her."

And so they are off to Gensokyo, and though her daughter seems to be recovering, Shinki can still see a trace of doubt in her eyes and wonders how will things fare from here.

That morning, at the Hakurei shrine, a suspicious keystone lies lodged on the ground with smoke rising from beneath it while a thin figure walks away from it.

"Hellooo," nonchalantly calls Tenshi Hinanai as she approaches the open door into the shrine's empty living room.

She stops and scratches the side of her heat, tipping her hat slightly to the left as she asks herself "this is odd. Where could they be?"

"They're at the hot springs," says Suika from behind, startling the celestial into almost having a heart attack.

After panting for almost thirty seconds the blue-haired cutie furiously shouts "DON'T DO THAT," then notices the drunken oni is wearing a shrunk version of Reimu's clothes.

The tiny drunkard takes a big gulp from her gourd, stares back at the celestial, pats her cheeks, then says "and so you came. Good. Go around and say hi to the girls."

Tenshi points at the oni to ask about the get-up, but is picked up by the waist by Suika and scooted away toward the corner of the shrine while said oni says "I'm helping out around here. Now go, that girl's eager to see you."

The celestial regains her balance before falling to the ground, shoots an angry glance at Suika, then turns around and continues her way to the hot spring.

The very second that glorious water body is in sight the blue haired celestial's nose gushes a stream of blood upon the wondrous sight that greets her.

Inside the water are Reimu, wearing a white and red polka-dotted frilly bikini which makes her look a little childish, Cirno, wearing a cute ice-blue swimsuit with light-blue triangles adorning the waist, Hatate, wearing a black and purple checkered open-belly swimsuit that accents her curves, yes she's looking as dreadful as a human that lacks sleep, and Rika, wearing her sky-blue bikini with the random clouds and the three suspiciously placed flowers on the cups and bottom, suggesting a target, perhaps.

The ice fairy sits on the maid's right thigh and holds on to her exposed torso, for support she claims, while blushing a bit, and the tengu rests her weary head on Rika's left thigh while said maid gently scratches the side of her head.

Tenshi quickly composes herself, remembers she's mad at Rika, then nonchalantly says "er, um, ahem, hi, what's up?"

The sexy shrine maid gasps when she sees her friend and happily says "TENSHI! Tenshi, you came today! Oh, I'm sorry I can't get up. Hata-chan had an accident last night and I don't want her to move around too much."

Before the celestial can fake an uncaring response, Reimu, who's giving the girl a very naughty look says "well now don't be bashful. She still got room around her heart for you, little jealous celestial."

"Shut-up lustful maiden!", demands the celestial while pointing her finger at the maiden and fuming.

She flicks her hair to the side while straightening up and asks "a-and what's going on here? C-can I join?"

Her cheeks turn pink and she rapidly adds "um, I mean, I don't really want to join, b-but seeing as everyone is in there, I... I just don't want to ruin the mood. That's all."

Rika giggles, flaps her wings, then says "I made a swimsuit for you. It's in the bathroom. Please fold your clothes after changing and wash your body with the provided bucket of warm water before coming in."

Moments later Tenshi wears a pink swimsuit with multi-colored flowers on the bottom-right side of the suit, accenting her surprisingly well-shaped buns, and is sitting next to Rika, while Suzaku and Reimu watch them from the other side of the spring, chuckling and clucking while telepathically telling jokes to each other.

"So," casually begins the celestial while pointing at Hatate, "why is she so comfortable?"

The poor tengu groans, just barely opens her eyes to look at the jealous celestial, then moans "mmm, got beat up. Tired. Let me sleep," and resumes her blissful rest on the maid's soft and warm thigh.

Rika shrugs and giggles, but ignoring her the curved-hips celestial glares at Cirno and asks "and why is she so clingy?"

The ice fairy sticks out her tongue and barks "I can be wherever I wanna be!"

Tenshi pushes her face right in front of Cirno's in defiance and growls "not when you're invading my friend's SPACE you tiny icy shrimp!"

The fairy grins vilely while pushing her face against the peachy celestial's and growls "do you want me to freeze your tongue?"

Rika giggles out loud, effectively getting the girls' attention, then wraps her right arm around the blue-haired celestial's neck and happily says "I'm so glad Momoko came! I thought she was mad at me, but here she is! I love you guys!"

Celestial, fairy and sleeping tengu all blush while their heart thump loudly, and watching with amusement from the distance Marisa, wearing a bikini that's white to the right and black to the left, which helps her look cuter than she normally looks, chuckles and says "those girls are just hopeless."

Reimu and Suzaku, who now floats on the water, look at the ordinary witch, and simultaneously ask "where the heck did YOU come from?"

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement, moans and wails curse the corridors that frightens even the three-tailed nekomata roaming in the shadows.

Inside a dungeon hidden beneath the coldest, darkest and deepest parts of the basement, Remilia sits in a comfortable red chair with a smug smile as she watches as Patchouli suffers through a cruel set of punishments though up by the vampire.

The magician's head and hands are trapped in a locked wooden stock that's low to the ground, and with her hind raised the fairy maids spank the poor semi-naked witch in lavender panties and black bra with a large wooden paddle, but she's so exhausted all she can do is moan.

Still smiling the vampire turns to her chief maid and says "now Sakuya, don't feel bad. It is not your fault this purple bean sprout sent a welcomed guest on a fool's errand to his death."

Frowning, the elegant maid bows to her mistress, while the poor magician moans "Sakuya~ how could you?"

The maid gulps and says "I'm sorry Lady Patchouli, but you know I have to inform my lady f all household occurrences that affect the status of the mansion. But be glad she hasn't used the plug, like when Meiling tore that human's head off with an accidental chop."

The mistress twitches and says "hey, she's the one that soiled the Scarlet Mansion's name with her carelessness, just like this witch here," then rubs her chin in thought and adds "actually, now that you mention it... BRING ME THE PLUG!"

Patchouli recovers her strength and shakes her head while crying out loud "no, anything but that, PLEASE! The wax was ENOUGH! PLEASE I'M SORRY REMI!"

The door behind Remilia burst open, but instead of the requested item, Leon, Aya and Flandre rush to the vampire mistress, her younger sister calling "wait, onee-sama that's enough!"

The ice boy kneels in front of the mistress, bows, then says "she's learned her lesson my lady! Please spare her further punishment!"

The Queen of the Night points an accusing finger at the tengu in her presence and asks "what is she doing here?", completely ignoring the begging boy and her pleading sister.

A large drop of sweat rolls down the back of Aya's head as she nervously says "ayayaya~ I happen to have some evidence in favor of that girl over there," then leans closer and whispers "can I take a few photos?"

Remilia lazily raises her hand to accept the weird contraption the tengu carries and allows said girl to take those photos with a wink from her right eye.

Excited, the black-haired tengu girl drops the digital camcorder on the little girl's hand and rushes over to Patchouli and takes several picture of her lavender panties and black brassiere.

The magician librarian, in her weakened state, takes a while to realize what's happening, then cries "ah, nooooo! Stop, stop! Remi, Flan, Leon! Stop her!"

Ignoring his love, the ice boy rushes to Remilia when said vampire snaps her finger and demands "show me how this works," and while he turns the device on for her and Flandre, on the background Aya and Sakuya are fighting in karate suits, flipping, punching, back-flipping, and tickling each other.

On the small screen of the camcorder, the young-looking mistress of the mansion can see how Patchouli jumps on the naked boy, begging for forgiveness and crying like a child on daycare.

Meanwhile, the tengu and the maid are having a gangster knife fight behind the librarian, and Sakuya being so skilled with a knife has the crow girl's feathers ruffled.

Remilia sighs, rubs her forehead, then says "alright, you guys win. Release her."

Meanwhile, the tengu and the maid hold each other in a friendly embrace and kiss each other on the cheeks.

Just like that the poor tortured librarian girl is released from the stock and falls on her back next to it, ignoring Aya and Sakuya shaking hands and making up in the background, acting like long-time buddies, though each hides a weapon behind themselves.

Patchouli breathes labored through her mouth before saying "thank you. so much. Hah, lemme. rest. a little bit."

Somehow, the vampire mistress doesn't seem satisfied, and Leon looks with desire toward the downed witch in un-matching underwear.

Noticing this Remilia grins and says "go ahead," then smiles vilely after the boy smiles brightly and eagerly jumps his love.

The magician screams "MUKYUUUU~? What the- NO~! HELP!", along with the ohing and ahing of the awed fairy maids, the scarlet sister smile and blush at the sight and sounds of kisses and sudden screamed moans, then Sakuya happily says "come on everyone, let's go have lunch now."

"NOOOO! WAIT PLEASE! SAVE-AHH~!" screams the poor librarian as she is ravaged by the ice boy, ignored by the happily chattering girls as they exit the room to enjoy a hearty meal.

Koakuma and Lina sit in Eirin's Clinic's waiting room's chairs with Leon sitting on the ground, balled up and looking at his knees with shame.

Inside one of the patient rooms, Eirin and Reisen stare down at the inexplicably dried up, yet still breathing body of Patchouli that's currently hard to describe lying on the stretcher, and with an annoyed face and while rubbing her forehead the Lunarian doctor says "this one will take a while."

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Yuki stares in disbelief at the girls soaking in the hot spring so leisurely.

By now, Hatate has recovered enough to be on her own, though does so reluctantly as Rika's thigh is something she so desires, and Reimu and Marisa somehow float on the shallow water.

Rika holds Cirno and plays with her as though playing with a young child while Tenshi sits beside her with a very annoyed look on her face, and Suzaku now perches above the water and just watches as the others have fun.

The fire witch sighs and asks "mom, do you think it's a good idea to bother them now? They seem to be busy. AUU?"

Looking to her right she notices her mother is wearing a beautiful and elegant red swimsuit with a very exposed left side, a slightly covered right, a perfectly tight fitted top and bottom, and a very elegant translucent light-blue sarong around her waist.

Noticing her daughter's surprise, the Makaian goddess giggles and says "don't be shy Yuki dear, come on in. Seriously sweetie, you've become so tight lately. Loosen up and be you."

With a sigh of defeat, the fire witch nods, then the shrine maid sweetly says "I'm sorry, I know you like two-piece swim-ware, but I couldn't synthesize one that wouldn't burn off with your fire magic. Hope you like what I did though."

Moments later the fire witch walks to the spring, wearing a two-colored swimsuit with black on the top and the snug bottom, showing off a surprisingly well-shaped volumes, and a skin-tight white center that has the witch quite content, evident on her smile.

She walks into the water, getting a few envious glares from the shrine maiden and her witch friend when they compare swimsuits, seeing as their bodies are somewhat equally matched.

After sitting between her mother and the celestial, Yuki looks up to Suzaku and thinks "hey, um, lady bird? Can you hear me?"

The vermilion bird tweets and replies "ah child, your Lady Shinki told me already. I must warn you though, if you aren't ready for this then go home now."

"W-what? H-hey, I'm ready! That's why I came here today and I'm not leaving until I'm cured," bravely replies the witch in thought.

Suzaku ruffles her feathers and tweets again before replying "good, good. I'm not one to take care of whiny cry-babies that run away at the first sight of PINK!"

Yuki jumps to her feet and furiously shouts up at the bird "I'll show YOU, you mangy chicken! I'll take you on and BEAT YOUR GAME!"

Everyone except Shinki and Rika stare in shock at the shouting blonde, then the girl points at the red bird and says "she taunted me!"

"Ooh~!" exclaim the girls, understanding the sudden outburst out of nowhere, and then all but Shinki and Rika gasp and hide themselves underwater with shamed faces.

Mai walks toward the spring, wearing a simple skin-tight snow-white swimsuit with and ice-blue transparent sarong around her surprisingly curvy waist, and what really raises the jealousy amongst the girls is the surprising curvy and ample chest bouncing its way to Shinki's side and how the girl sits elegantly without a care in the world, casually flapping her wings and making herself jiggle nonchalantly.

She looks at Yuki's envious face, raises an eyebrow, then honestly confused she asks "what? What's the matter? Haven't you seen a swimsuit before?"

On the roof of the shrine, Parsee Mizuhashi grins mischievously while managing the jealousy the girls are emanating; that is until Suika finds her, grins vilely, chuckles quietly, and after the blonde turns around she sees a massive gourd rushing to her before everything turns black.

Back at the spring, having recovered from their envy, the girls mingle amongst themselves until Reimu notices an odd mist looming above her and Marisa, then sigh and says "and where have you been all this time, Mima?"

The evil spirit materializes above the girls, wearing a simple metallic-blue swimsuit, her cape, her hat, and a pair of sexy legs to match her already awesome set of breasts.

She smiles as she waves at the girls and casually says "oh, I was just working off some pent up rage."

The shrine maiden leers at the spirit and sinisterly whispers "something tells me whatever you did is going to really tick me off."

The sexy spirit chuckles, then casually replies "then it's best you don't know about it."

Meanwhile, Drake reaches Alice's home with that pink backpack hung neatly over his shoulder, however his mind is elsewhere.

He thinks and rethinks his encounter with the fairies and the two dark beings, wondering how can the fairies be evil, and the dark youkai be good.

"The fairies set a dangerous, if not lethal trap for me. The shadow and darkness youkai saved me from that trap and helped me find what I needed. This doesn't make sense to me."

He stops several feet away from the door and looks up at the sky, begging for an answer, and then he spots the wounded Ail carrying the bat youkai, flying slowly over the trees, and wonders "he looks decent enough, and yet I see darkness. But he's not... ARGH, this makes no sense! Someone like HIM would first KILL the bat and loot, rape, maim the body, but he's carrying her like a BABY! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!"

"Excuse me!"

Alice's voice brings the godling back from his web of thoughts.

She stands in front of him with her arms crossed and her blue eyes aimed at him with confusion, and along with her are the two tiny girls she calls her daughters whom hover above the girl's shoulder and join her in staring.

Drake blubbers for a moment after the shock, recovers, then exclaims "ah, Miss Alice. S-sorry, I was... thinking too much."

The puppeteer raises her left brow and arm and says "oh yes, I can clearly see that Mister Drake."

She straightens up, the little girls flutter to her shoulders and sit, then the blonde magician says "well, seeing as you are here I can assume you got the materials, correct?"

The boy straightens up and nods stiffly, then takes off the stuffed backpack and hands it over.

The moment that backpack switches hands the poor girl and her little daughters yelp and fall forward, unable to hold its weight.

Thankfully, the magician is quick and bends down to avoid the full fall, though Shanghai and Hourai aren't as lucky and end up falling to the ground on their little butts.

"Oww~! What was that? What happened?", asks the confused Hourai while looking around herself.

"Ugh, that's gonna hurt later," groans Shanghai while sitting and rubbing her behind, then she scowls at the godling and demands "hey, what the hell is in there? Rocks?"

Alice opens the bag and gasps when she sees it is full of those rare blue-spotted mushrooms, then exclaims "holy spirits, where did you GET these many? They're usually so-so rare?"

The boy bows his head with respect and replies "by some... er, kind of happy accident I came across a whole lot of these. I'm sorry, I should have warned you about them. They are quite heavy."

The girl quickly straightens up, ignoring the tiny girls as they rummage through the backpack, then quickly takes Drake's bandana from her pocket and says "now I feel I owe you one. Here, your bandana is ready."

Accepting the white garment, the boy shakes his hand in the air and says "no need my lady. You do not know the wonderful service you have done for me," then places the bandana around his head and it immediately takes the color violet.

Noticing the change the blonde magician asks "I see, why are you so confused, if I may ask?"

Drake stares into the girl's eyes and finds no ill intent in her question, so he asks "Miss Alice, may I ask you something?"

The puppeteer nods, then the boy continues "why are the fairies here evil, and why are the dem-I mean youkai good? Fairies are supposed to be the purest of beings while youkai... well, not."

She takes no offense from the question, yet feels a bit uncomfortable answering, but feeling her two girls sitting on her shoulders gives her courage, and so she answers "I'm afraid you are mistaken, sir."

The godling's bandana turns dark violet and his eyes show more confusion, then Alice continues "we are just free beings. Free to choose what we do without having to think of the consequences of our actions. Nobody here is necessarily good or evil. We are just doing what we must."

She pauses again to allow the boy to absorb that information, then continues "sometimes you may find youkai that, to you, may seem evil, and fairies that may seem good, but that's not necessarily it. That's why Reimu is here. She makes sure the incidents that occur because of our liberties don't hinder others or threatens Gensokyo."

The bandana takes a lighter tone of violet now, and the confusion in the boy's eyes seems to subside, and yet he doesn't seem convinced.

To him there's only good or evil and nothing more, but can't seem to separate one from the other either.

The puppeteer magician sighs, summons several dolls to pick the backpack and take it into the house, and as she walks back inside she says "I'm sorry, but that's all I can do for you. Mister Starstriker, good luck out there, and I hope your questions are answered soon."

The boy nods while thinking "w-wait a minute. Then what have I been doing? Is this what Kasen warned me about? Argh, this is confusing, and yet..."

His train of thought is halted when the translucent image of Eiki Shiki, the Yama of Paradise, appears before him on the sky, and as if bluntly ignoring her she turns his head away and starts walking away from the house.

He's angry, obvious by the fiery red color of his bandana.

He has caught the Yama's attention, and by the looks of things she's not going to let him go, so all he can do now is ignore her, walk away, and hope she'll eventually leave him be.

Meanwhile, back at the Hakurei Shrine, what was supposed to be a relaxing morning at the hot spring has now become a hot spring party, when three unexpected guests arrived.

Toyohime, Yorihime and Mystia were supposed to deliver a tonic from Eirin and return to Eintei, but after Rika invited them to join in, and Suika handed over the sake, they put on the swimsuits provided by the maid and are now enjoying a surprisingly peaceful party.

Toyohime's swimsuit is a two-piece, with a metallic-purple top that hugs her chest in a manner that accents her womanly beauty twice over, and the v-shaped bottom that is metallic purple on the right and white to the left makes her look even more desirable, even to other girls.

One would suspect a laid back and lazy girl like her who doesn't train and eats so many peaches to have a few flaws here and there, but to her younger sister's annoyance her body is flawless. The bouncing causes annoyance amongst many of the girls.

Yorihime's elegant swimsuit is navy-blue with a v-shaped cut on top and a droplet cut on the belly, sparkling stars on the borders of the suit, including the cuts, and it's tight enough to show off the Lunarian's athletic body and average breasts.

"Probably a perk from being married," thinks Reimu while she stares at the Watatsuki sisters' chests, to which Suzaku casually responds "it could be."

Mystia, who was reluctant of entering the hot waters until her favorite Lunarian did, wears a cute swimsuit with brown on top, white feathers around the abdomen, and those same feathers appear to flutter down and take over the entirety of the bottom.

Her wings feel more comfortable to her, and her tail feathers fit perfectly through the special cut, plus her suit reveals her supple breasts, though this doesn't seem to bother the sparrow much.

"Glad you liked it. Made it so your feathers stay a little drier," happily declares the shrine maid after noticing the night sparrow's content face.

Reimu approaches Rika, and while staring flatly at her maid she asks "say, how did you know who and how many people would come today?"

The maid giggles and replies "heheh, I think it's a very lucky guess. And if my guess is still lucky, our next two guests should arrive right about-"


"Now," finishes the maid after that familiar call reaches the girls' ears, surprising the shrine maiden enough to make her mouth dry.

Ran Yakumo, the lovely and obedient shikigami, and her own shikigami, Chen, stand on the edge of the spring, staring at the partying girls with disinterest, though the little nekomata does seem a little nervous around all that water.

Ran has yellow eyes, bushy short blonde hair slightly covered by a white hat with amulets on it that also cover her fox ears, and wears a long white robe with indigo borders on the sleeves, and an long indigo panel on top.

She also has nine long bushy fox tails that, from looking at Chen's expression as she holds them, seem to be as soft as silk.

The kitsune bows her head respectfully, then says "Miss Reimu, we come on Master Yukari's stead with a request."

The shrine maiden can see the urgency in the vixen's eyes and asks "what is it this time? Did she break another hole in the barrier?"

A bead of sweat rolls down the blonde kitsune's head as she smiles sheepishly, then says "no, not that. It's Drake. Seems he's been causing trouble and she asked me to check if you have his sword."

She gets understandably irked by this sudden check-up on her, but Reimu sighs it off and says "fine, let me show you. And tell your master she better start doing her job and stop checking up on me like some little girl. That sword is safe here."

Both shikigamis get nervous after the maiden suddenly gets up with a glowering face, and Ran nervously says "he-hey, hey, don't shoot the messengers!"

"Come on," irritably says Reimu, "it's in my room."

Ran and Chen allow the maiden her space as she walks out of the water, but before they follow Rika sweetly says "Miss Ran, Miss Chen, if you want to join, I made a swimsuit for each of you. They are in the bathroom."

"Thanks, but Chen-"

Before the shikigami can continue the shrine maid happily says "I made Miss Chen's special so that she can keep her human form even in the water."

Clearly surprised and amazed Ran hums and says "um, well gee, there's nothing more we have to do, so..."

Chen finally breaks her silence and nervously begs "aww, please Ran-sama! I *gulp* I wanna try it! Th-the water. It looks... fun."

"Quit lagging behind! Come on!", shouts the maiden after reaching the shrine's corner.

The shikis quickly dash toward the maiden, trailing beads of sweat behind themselves as they do.

Inside the maiden's closet in her room is Drake's sword, leaning against the corner and glowing faintly with the bit of light that reaches it and emanating an odd aura.

"There, it's here. Happy?", barks the angry maiden at the shikigamis.

Ran nods and says "Lady Yukari has been made aware Miss Reimu. The sword is safe. The thing is, that god boy needlessly murdered two youkai rabbits, and recently my master learned he almost murdered the nue that lives in the temple, though it seems that girl attacked him first."

Reimu's irritation is surpassed by a surge of pure rage felt by the present girls, whom start shivering as the maiden, seemingly calm, turns around and asks "he... murdered them?"

Ran nods while keeping away from that girl's reach, and for good reasons.

The frills on the maiden's bikini start fluttering around when the girl's energy sways around her violently, yet sounding calmly she says "I will look for that boy and give him a beating he'll never forget. But today is for Rika, so that will wait until later."

Her energies settle after she calms down, then smiles at the cat and the fox and sweetly asks "so, will you be staying? It would make Rika happy."

The confused kitsune and nekomata exchange frightened and confused stares while deciding, and moments later find themselves enjoying the comforts of Hakurei hospitality inside the hot springs.

Chen wears a cute metallic-pink swimsuit with a round cut on her bellybutton, an adorable kitten picture of herself with glassy bulgy eyes and fluffy ears knitted on the chest, and the swimsuit not only allows her to play in the water without turning into a cat, it also accents her already adorable looks, plus her tails feel perfectly comfortable and not cramped like other swimsuits.

Ran wears a very elegant white swimsuit with horizontal indigo waves on the ample breasts, the majority of the torso is bare, making an U-shape cut over the indigo bottom, and her nine tails fit so perfectly it's like the suit was designed purely for her by an expert.

Rika cups her hands on her own ample chest and sweetly exclaims "I'm so glad you liked them. And thank you so much for staying!"

The kitsune sighs with delight while keeping her eyes on her shikigami and says "no, no, the pleasure is ALL mine Miss Rika. Oh, and thank you so much for these. Poor Chen always wanted to try swimming at least once, but her weakness to water impeded that."

Mentioned nekomata is easily swimming around the water along with Cirno, then happily says "the water is so much fun Ran-sama!"

The vixen breathes steam through her mouth and blushes while staring at her nekomata, but before any of the girls present can comment on that, there is a shriek coming from the side of the spring.

Tenshi, who has Hatate in a headlock and is pulling her bottom from the back up, looks up and furiously demands "what the heck is that?"

The tengu uses the distraction and applies an atomic wedgie, showing the celestial's peaches to all, then releases her and furiously adjusts her own swimsuit as she grumbles "stupid celestial! That really hurt you annoying pest!"

Tenshi groans and moans while sucking in her own cheeks with the pain and Rika immediately rushes to her, calling "Momoko! Here', let me help you!"

The saint-like maid adjusts the celestial's swimsuit, releasing her from the up-riding fabric punishment, then gives her blue-haired friend a light hug and says "there, there, all better now."

Regardless of how mad she is, Tenshi blushes, smiles and takes the blissful hug for all it's worth.

Outside the spring, Yuki has somehow been hogtied by Suzaku, and said bird perches on the witch's tied hands and feet while placing a pink ribbon on the girl's head.

The fire witch tries to hop around on her own stomach while screaming "HYAAAAAAAAA! Get it off, GET IT OFF!"

The vermilion bird, through general telepathy so all can hear says "nope. Be strong child and don't let the pink dominate you! YOU ARE STRONGER!"

"I WANT MY MOM~!" cries the girl with despair after giving up on hopping away, all while Hatate chuckles mischievously along Marisa and starts taking photos of the desperate Makaian.

Shinki, of course, slams a fist on each girl, then shoots a dirty glare at Mai, who is also taking photos on her own camera while giggling mischievously and flapping her wings contently.

It's midday when Ail finally reaches his home with Budou still sleeping on his hands, though her stomach is rumbling, and this makes him want to hurry to the door.

The blood from his wounds have dried but he is still tired and feeling weak, even with him using his energy manipulation to send needed amounts of energy to specific points in his body.

But it's all burning up fast and even walking is a terrible chore, but he's so close, he doesn't want to fall now.

His vision blurs, his mind becomes hazy, dizziness takes over, but even so he reaches that door and gasps "I... I did it!"

He opens the door to the holy sanctuary that is his home, and upon gazing within those walls, all his ailments subside and are replaced by unholy amounts of shock and despair.

The walls are pink and white, the ceiling is adorned with flowers and frills, the windows have white curtains, the cushions on his couch and seats have been dyed red, there is a red and golden rug on the entrance, and on it is Ayalina, staring at him with surprise with her hand reaching for the knob.

"Ail! Sweetie I was starting to get worried! Where have you been?" exclaims the sexy mother after hugging her son, crushing the spirit right out of his mouth.

She pushes the spirit back inside her son's mouth, promptly reviving him and happily asking "so, how do you like the house, son?"

The dense boy revives with a jump, breaking away from his young mother's embrace, and desperately says "the walls! The ceiling! The windows! What have you DONE?"

The girl smiles sweetly, tilts her head slightly left, then says "isn't is wonderful? Oh, and I arranged Budou's room so you can sleep there, and me and little Budou will sleep in YOUR room."

"BUDOU!", exclaims the boy as he hurries to the pink and white kitchen with the frilly table, searches through the refrigerator, takes out a bowl of fruits, then places Budou on the chair, the bowl on the table, then places a grape next to the girl's lips.

"Ail, what happened to her?", asks Ayalina as she watches the little bat suddenly come to life and bite the grape along with her papa's finger.

The finger is fine, but it still stings him.

While his little bat youkai daughter wolfs down the food, the boy turns to his mother and sighs "it's a long story."

And finally, after getting a very good look of her son, she screams "HAYAAAA! AIL, YOUR HEAD!"

Before the boy can even speak, the young-looking mother grabs him by the arm and takes him to the bathroom, plucks his clothes save his underwear and gives him a speedy bath, chips off the dried blood, cleans his head, pulls him out of the cold water, dresses him up, bandages his head, arms and legs, then sits him on the dinner table and demands "young man, what were YOU DOING?"

It takes a while for the boy to realize that he's been bathed and his wounds have been treated, then he notices his mother staring sternly at him and is impatiently tapping her foot on the ground, and that has never been a good sign for him.

He sighs, resigning to his fate, then looks away while saying "I got into a fight and lost. End of story."

A powerful burning tug curses his exposed right ear while his mother furiously exclaims "why would you do that? Now you are HURT!"

"OW OW OW OW, MOM! That hurts!", cries the boy in hopes that his mother will let him go, and although she does she still has that face that exclaims her wanting of an explanation.

Ail sighs again as the pain on his ear subsides, then says "someone took Budou and forced me to look for her. She ambushed me and forced me to fight, and although I did lose, I still got Budou back."

The bat youkai next to him on the table sobs and cries "I'm sorry papa. I won't do it again, I swear."

The dense one reaches for the girl's head and scratches the back of it, making her wings shiver, and says "it's alright sweetheart. The important thing is that you are safe."

Noticing Ayalina has calmed down, the foolish boy stands up, dusts his thighs and says "well, now that you are back, let's go to see Sanae. I promised her we'd go to the shrine as soon as we got back."

"Oh no you are NOT!", exclaims the young-looking hot mother.

"Whoa there, mom, I already prom-ARGH! W-WAIT, MOM!"

Ail's speech is cut short when his mother grasps him by the back of his shirt and drags him against his will to his new room, slams the door shut, then shouts "you are not getting out of that room until you are rested and healed, you understand what I'm saying?"

"But it's so white and pink in here! Seriously, Yuki would die of a heart attack!" shouts the boy from the other side of the door.

"No buts young man," barks Ayalina, "you are staying in there until you are better, and afterward we are going to see the doctor! Can't have my baby running around with diseases because of some foolishness!"

"But what about Sanaeeee~!", whines the boy from inside.

"She won't mind you're a little late, especially when your health is at stake. Now get to sleeping or I'm coming in there and making you sleep!", demands the young-looking woman.

Ail groans, but Ayalina still smiles when she hears her son's body hitting that bed, then she hums contently as she walks to the kitchen, leans on the table and scratches Budou's head, then says "alright sweetie, let's make some lunch for you and your naughty father."

Not wanting to share in the punishment, the little bat raises her right hand and exclaims "HAI!", and hops off the table, carries the empty fruit bowl to the sink, then salutes her commanding officer and waits for further instructions.

Meanwhile, Luna Rivers and Medicine Melancholy with Su-San on her shoulders stand in front of the open gates of the Myouren's main temple while looking back to the temple's grounds.

Luna sighs disapprovingly while face-palming and says "he just can't leave her alone."

"He'll eventually get what's coming to him," replies Medicine with a smartass smirk.

"Well, as long as he doesn't make her cry I see no problem with some human youkai interaction," says the peaceful temple monk, Byakuren, while cupping her hands together under her waist.

Nearing the exit of the temple grounds, from the surrounding area, acting like a shark, Kyo stalks poor Kyouko, whom regardless of being aware of her stalker continues her diligent cleaning duties.

A few feet away from the yamabiko is Orange, complaining "...and why do I have to clean? Oh that's right, to EAT! But they already have yuri-girl over there. They want us to MATE, I just know it! Just you wait and...", all while sweeping the very same spot over and over while glaring towards the wall.

They boy has moved behind the echo-girl, takes a long deep breath, and shouts "that woman made me a man!", and the poor youkai girl drops her broom, instinctively cups her hands around her mouth, aims herself toward the temple, and shouts "that woman made me a maaaan!"

The shockwave from the echo crashes against the orange-themed youkai girl and smacks her hard against the wall.

"RARGH!", roars the poor yamabiko girl while running after Kyo, throwing her fists and shouting "you stupid, fat, bubble-head idiot of a human man!"

The spiky-haired boy grins and while running backwards he shouts "she's got nice curves I love!"

Kyouko immediately stops chasing him, turns around and shouts "she's got nice curves I loooove!", then blushes tomato-red and pulls her dress up to hide her face.

Orange struggles to get back up, stretches her back while rubbing the lower section, then the shockwave of the second echo smacks her on the face and sends her spiraling in the air and falling on the ground without mercy.

She manages to stand up again, this time aiming a furious red face toward Kyo and Kyouko, then stomps her way over to them.

Meanwhile the boy smiles at the teal-haired girl while tears of rage cling on to her eyes and her blushing red cheeks turns even redder with anger, then he says "I'm ready for the next one if you are."

"You two idiots stop the crap before I REALLY get mad!", shouts the orange girl as she gets closer to the group, then the yamabiko cups her hands, aims herself at the orange one, and takes a deep breath.

"NOT AT ME YOU IDIOT!", shouts the girl, then rushes to the teal-haired yamabiko, turns her towards the boy and says "there. NOW let lose"

"stopthecrapbeforeIgetmad! NOT AT ME YOU IDIOOOOOT!"

Kyouko's fast and furious scream sends an overpowered shockwave straight at the boy and sends him flying several yards away from the temple grounds, and while his body falls in the distance the two youkai girls turn to each other and high-five with a loud cheer.

Before long Kyo is already upon them with windy shield and fiery sword ready and demands "you and your girlfriend against me! Loser pays for three meals!"

The youkai girls throw their fists down besides their waists and shout "I'm not a lesbian!", point at each other and shout "she's not my girlfriend!", then each take a fighting stance and confidently say "you're on!"

Flashes, zaps, explosions and several screams overtake the skies above the Myouren Temple.

Acting as if nothing was happening while still watching the fight from the main temple's safety, Luna turns to the sweet monk and asks "Lady Hijiri, first know we are overjoyed you have returned, but we're kinda of in a hurry so... Byakuren, Shou, have any of you seen Drake recently, like today maybe?"

The mentioning of that name bring obvious discomfort to both girls.

"That boy again. What did he do now?", asks the Bishamonten disciple, doing her best to keep her low tone as casual as possible.

Medicine sighs, takes the lead from Luna and sighs "he overstepped his boundaries, and now we are to find him and bring him down."

"What. did he. do?" asks the Youkhrist in a dangerously low tone.

Both visitors twitch at the sight of such a peaceful woman loosing herself to raging fury, and after taking a deep breath the silver-haired girl says "he murdered two youkai rabbits."

The half-filled cup of tea on Byakuren's hands shatter to pieces after said woman applies a dangerous amount of pressure to it.

"That boy," she whispers, "is like an unstoppable demon that eats all in its path."

She stands up and demands "take me with you!"

Confused looks fall on the saint-like monk, and growing frustrated she calmly says "please, he made me lose sight of myself, but worst than that, he almost killed Nue-chan."

Surprised gazes greet her once again, though this time only from the two visitors, so the gestures them to follow.

The door to Nue's room opens and inside Nazrin and Ichirin are changing the nue youkai's bandages for fresh ones.

Said girl looks at the guests, her left eye looks like a tiny orange marble, and though her magic has recovered, she still has ways to go, obvious by the look of the now pale snake lying to her right.

The girls gasp at the sight, but before any of them can comment Byakuren sighs and says "although she attacked him first, he chased after her and tried to kill after he had already won."

The mouse youkai and her nun friend raise an eyebrow while staring at the guests, then Nazrin says "oi, you're not thinking of fighting that freaky god, right?"

Ichirin face palms and adds "seriously, we here at Gensokyo have lost the sense of self-preservation."

Luna and Medicine wave dumbstruck at the girls inside, and after Nue waves back, Byakuren closes the door and says "that man can suck magic out of the life-force, thus making him a perfect youkai killer. Now you understand why I must join you. With me, you can all survive."

"Not a chance."

They all turn to face the main temple entrance, where Kyo holds both Kyouko and Orange by the back of their shirts' collars.

His appearance reveals he got hit by bullets more than his fare share of several times, but the two semi-conscious girls on his hand look even worst, with burn marks, sizzling spots on the face and all over their skins, tears on their clothes, and unlike Kyo, their eyes spin around in a daze.

He sits the girls on the nearest bench and looks at both Byakuren and Shou while saying "you have a duty. You have to protect the youkai in this shrine. We have ours, and that's why we're here, because this might be one of his targets."

"But what you are doing is suicide! Don't be foolish and let me help you!" shouts the Youkhrist as she storms out of the hall and stops in front of the boy.

Kyo smiles confidently, places his hand on the carrot necklace Tewi gave him, then says "understand that we already know what we're up against, and we will not let our guard down for a second. Besides..."

He glances over to Medicine and Su-San, grins, then says "we have a secret weapon. A weakness of his that we will take advantage of."


Before Byakuren can argue some more Luna places a hand on the woman's shoulder, and with a smile on her face she adds "if you leave now and he happens to attack this place you'll feel even worse because you didn't protect the youkai. Letting us go on with our own plans. Don't you worry Byakuren-san. We won't allow him the chance to harm us," then she ponder and adds "too badly."

A bead of sweat rolls down her head as she says that last bit, yet her eyes remain confident.

The monk looks around her temple and notices the worried faces on Nue, Shou, on Nazrin and Ichirin, then sighs in defeat and nods while saying "fine. I'll remain here."

The visiting trio regroup, then Kyo waves at the girls and says "excellent. If he does happen to come here before we find him, please let us know as soon as you can."

"You take care out there," sternly replies the gradient-haired beauty, then she looks at Kyouko and adds "and don't worry. If we see him you'll know."

One last bow and a farewell wave of the hand, and the foolishly brave trio head out of the temple to resume their search for Drake Starstriker, and with the knowledge gifted to them by Hijiri, they rethink they strategies for a safer assault along the way.

Meanwhile, somewhere beneath the Youkai Forest is the Kappa-Pa resort, where Nitori, Minamitsu and Julia are currently inspecting the racing boat rides.

It is taking an great load of effort for the captain to refrain from sinking said boats, but she's holding out ok so far.

She is also doing her very best to suppress her urge of pouncing that kappa, plucking her clothes off and gazing at that swimsuit before eating her, though this particular effort is taking its toll on her.

"Are you... alright Miss Murasa?", suspiciously asks the diligent computer hologram after noticing the captain sweating as though she's run a marathon.

Said captain smiles as naturally as she can at Julia and says "oh yeah, I'm fine... I'm-"

"Ah, no wonder. The lower gear is a little rusted," says the friendly kappa as she bends down to deal with a faulty gear on the boat.

Her skirt lifts up just enough to give good 'ol Captain Murasa a peek at that blue swimsuit underneath those light-blue clothes, clinging on that pale skin and perfectly shaped legs, and she hiccups and covers her nose and mouth to hide the blood trickling down her nostrils.

The computer hologram stares at the youkai ship ghost and suspiciously asks "are you sure you're alright?"

The captain's eyes bulge as she desperately attempts to cover herself up, but seeing as she can't form words she just nods rapidly.

"Ah, Miss Minamitsu, Julia, please stay here and make sure nobody uses this boat," commands the cute kappa as she stands back up while exploring the cracked gear on her hands, "I'll need to change this one. It's broken."

She hurries along with her little trinket while Murasa and Julia stare at her, then quickly disappears behind the ornamental mounds.

The captain takes her anchor on hand, the computer hologram takes a fighting stance, and as she stares at the ship ghost through her glasses she says "you will not soil my dear Nitori with your filthy desires! Leave now or I'll be inclined to kick you out by force."

Minamitsu smiles confidently, waves her fingers inviting the first attack, and says "I'm making that kappa my own, and there's nothing you can do about it."

The hologram grins, her eyes spark with electricity, and she bends her knees as she prepares to attack.

The ship ghost summons her ladle to her right hand and swings it, creating a ridiculously thick shower of water-droplet bullets, and while the woman in red carefully sways her body to avoid those the opportunist captain rushes the woman with her anchor.

"You're DEAD!", shouts the ghost youkai as her anchor reaches the woman's head.

What a terrible mistake that one was.

The second that metal hook touches the hologram's head a thousand volts of pure electric power courses through it and shocks the girl, but it doesn't stop there as the many droplets released by the ship ghost are also charged with electricity and the poor girl screams as her neon-glowing bones become bare through her skin.

Everything stops, her bones stop glowing, her burned skin sizzles, bolts of electricity spark through her frizzled hair, and staring at Julia in shock she coughs black smoke, then exclaims "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?"

The smartass hologram grins, leers at the captain and says "water conducts electricity as well as metal. Face it, you are out of you league. Now I'll ask you again, leave now or I will KICK you out."

Murasa's unfocused eyes trail around Julia's frame, and as she struggles to keep on her feet and her vision starts to blur, she manages to slur "n-no. Not gonna- cuz I. No."

Julia chuckles, knowing she's already won and only needs to finish the girl off, so she resumes her fighting stance with fisted hands and walks toward her target.

Meanwhile the poor captain staggers to keep on her feet, and suddenly her vision drifts to some magical place, where Nitori stands looking back at her and suddenly turns around, bends over, grabs her skirt, and says "Mini-chan, please don't give up on me. Otherwise you'll never get this."

She lifts her skirt up and shows her navy-blue swimsuit perfectly fitted on her cute body, her pale thighs perfectly shaped up by the cut of the fabric, and her cute butt so gloriously displayed in the stretchy threads.

Captain Minamitsu MOTH**** Murasa suddenly rises up with a powerful aquamarine aura surrounding her youkai body as she screams the excess energy off, surprising Julia and stopping her advance.

She points at Julia with her left hand and shouts "you holographic BITCH! Now way I'm going to give up on Nitori!"

She summons her anchor and her ladle, an aquamarine-glowing spell card appears on her hand, and she shouts "that silky pale skin, that cute face, and that GLORIOUS swimsuit WILL BE MINE! AHAHAHAHA!"

The computer hologram glares, her eyes glow neon green, then she calmly replies "oh shut up and attack already so I can send you home on a stretcher!"

"Grrr! Harbor Sign, Eternally Anchored Ghost Ship!" shouts Minamitsu to activate her spell.

Julia stares nonchalantly, sighs as though nothing's happening, even though she's got eight anchors, several water bullets and hundreds of droplet bullets headed her way, then she calmly raises her hand and says "Hand Sign, Bitchslap of Doom!"

The hologram flies through the storm with ease, as though no bullet or anchor was aimed at her, reaches Minamitsu with red-glowing hand, the captain screams, the hologram in red screams, and a blinding flash illuminates the resort.

At the Myouren Temple, Byakuren wears a black swimsuit with cross-laced red straps on the front, showing off her curvacious body, round buns, cute belly button and her glorious bouncy breasts, and holds her white tower on her right arm while looking around the entrance of the temple.

She turns around, showing the world outside the temple her perfectly-shaped butt tightly wrapped on the stretchy fabric, sighs, then calls "Shou, I'm going to the pool for a bit. Cold you look for Orange and tell her dinner is almost ready?"

From within the temple's rooms the tiger youkai replies "will do lady Hijiri. Please enjoy your swim."

A burnt hand grabs the Youkhrist's leg, and the poor unsuspecting and beautiful woman yelps loudly and jumps high, bouncing her goodies after landing and turning around, then shouts "MINI-CHAN!"

Captain Minamitsu Murasa lies on the ground, dragging herself like a ground worm with arms.

Her entire body is completely burned, her shirt has been completely destroyed save for the collar, the left side of her pants flop up to her waist, her navy blue bra and panty set is visible to the world, her athletic body exposed almost perfectly, and on her right cheek she has a red hand printed to perfection.

Shou rushes into the room with her spear on hand and demanding "what's going on? Hijiri are you alright?", then she lays her eyes on the captain and exclaims "TIGER-PRINT-LEGGINGS! Murasa, what happened to you?"

The unsettled monk slowly approaches the burned ship ghost, touches the back of her head, then sighs with relief says "she's alright. She's just tired."

Captain Murasa raises her head, coughs a black smoke cloud, then says "this isn't over computer b-bitch! That swimsuit-kappa will be," and as she lets herself go she sighs "miiiineeeee~"

Byakuren straightens up, sighs irritably, her chest bounces, then Shou's nose blows a holy load of blood to the floored captain and whispers "glory be this miracle!"

The Youkhrist raises an eyebrow while glancing right at the Bishamonten disciple, scratches her head, then says "um, be a dear and help me take her to the pool with me. I'll clean her off while I bathe myself."

The enraged and jealous tiger slams the stick of her spear on the ship-ghost's back several times over, shouting "you. evil. lucky. bitch! That. should be. ME!"

"WAIT! Shou, wait, you're hurting her!" pleas the beautiful woman while trying to pull the tiger away from the ghost, all while the frame of Parsee Mizuhashi grins and flicks her ears by the door, until a massive rusty silver washtub falls from the ceiling and slams on her head with a powerful clang.

Orange peeks her head from the roof and nervously shouts "sorry~! Heheh, it slipped. Is everyone al-", and then she lays eyes on the glorious monk, stammers, falls off the roof, but instead of the hard and cold ground she feels a soft and warm surface.

She has fallen on Byakuren's almost exposed chest, and the monk is scratching her head while cooing "silly youkai, you could have hurt yourself. Be more careful."

Back at the Kappa-Pa resort, Nitori asks Julia "what happened to miss Minamitsu?"

The sly computer hologram smiles, then says "she went back home to freshen up. Said she'll be back tomorrow."

For some inexplicable reason, Kyouko's voice penetrates the underground walls as she screams "It's the PERVERTED LESBIAAAAAN!"

Even Julia is shocked and surprised by the sudden epic scream, but before she or Nitori can recover Orange's voice echoes "I'M NOT A LESBIAAAAAN!"

Meanwhile, on their way to the Forest of Magic, Kyo, Luna and Medicine knock out Rumia, Agava, Sunny, Star and Luna, stopping their silly war game before they hurt the foolish teen-aged human spectators that refuse to leave, even with the obvious dangers.

The muscled boy looks to his left and says "Luna, make sure they don't move an inch!"

The blonde fairy moans and says "hey, stop making fun of me."

The silver-haired girl behind the three sitting fairies sighs and says "he was talking to me, sweetie."

Luna looks back at Luna and asks "your name is Luna too?"

The sexy girl nods and says "so you are Luna also. Oh, this is going to be interesting."

The little fairy's lips take a downward V shape with a rounded lip, then she says "I am Luna Child, so please don't confuse us."

The silver-haired cutie smiles and says "and I am Luna Rivers. Pleased to meet you. Now sit straight or I'm knocking your head."

Medicine, who pins Rumia to the ground, face-palms and shakes her head, then asks "seriously, of so many names how come these two have to share the same one?"

The blonde youkai of darkness smiles and slurs "I don no~", weakened by the doll youkai's poison.

"Enough about the names," shouts Kyo while facing Agava with his sword aimed at her throat, then asks "alright, why the hell were you having a stupid war with stupid humans present? You could have killed them!"

The humans complain, but nobody really cares about what the male villagers have to say.

The shadow youkai sighs with a groan, showing great frustration, then she looks straight at the boy and says "we were just having some fun. We weren't going to kill nobody!"

"Yeah," shouts Sunny, "we were just showing off our spell cards for fun!"

"Besides, these two dark girls owe us!", barks Star, who points at Rumia and angrily says "we almost got that boy good and you went and told on us!"

The darkness youkai giggles, looks around Medicine's head, maybe staring at Su-San, and says "aww but yous, um, were trying to kill hims on zat holes."

"Who," quickly asks human Luna, to which fairy Luna replies "a really stupid boy with really strange energy that made us all dizzy."

"Yeah! He went all wow on us when we told him we were Fairies of Light," quickly adds the black-haired fairy.

"That's right. Calling us friends and such. What a weirdo," rapidly adds Sunny.

The silver-haired girl, the muscular boy and the poisonous doll immediately regroup in the middle of the mess, ignoring their prisoners, then huddle and whisper among each other.

The now-free girls raise their curious heads to try and listen to what their captors are saying, then the trio turn around and Kyo asks "this boy? Was he wearing brown clothes, had spiky brown hair and such?"

The fairies and the dark youkai nod rapidly, then human Luna demands "tell us where he went and will leave you alone so you can continue shooting each other!"

The five girls point simultaneously toward the Myouren Temple, then Kyo roars "shit, he's going after the temple again!

"Probably thinks he can finish the place off without Byakuren to guard it!", quickly adds Medicine.

"Stop talking and get moving," exclaims human Luna, and as she and her two partners take flight, she calls back "thanks for the help girls."

"Don't hurt the people, or we'll come after YOU next," rapidly adds the boy before turning into a speck in the distance.

"Finally," groans Agava as she throws her arms beside herself, then says "alright girls! SHOWTIME!"

They human males cheer from the sides as the girls flips their clothes off and throw them to the wind, and now a catwalk with a pool on the end appears on top the grass.

On it walks Luna Child, waving timidly at the crowd, wearing a tight and adorable metallic-ivory swimsuit with a low and open back, and has sparkling thin white straps, adding a new level of cuteness to her already natural cute looks.

Behind her, Sunny Milk, cheering and waving energetically at the men, wears a vibrant white bikini with a red bow clipped between the flat cups, red rings around the thighs of her bottom, and it does a great job of accenting her already vibrant cuteness.

Behind the blonde fairies is Star Sapphire, waving naturally at the boys, wearing a blue swimsuit with stars scattered around the left side of her chest and right side of the suit's bottom, and has diamond-shaped cuts on the sides.

After them comes Rumia, wearing a tight turtleneck black swimsuit with cute red bows on the chest and the side of her thighs, and for some reason she looks hungry at the crowd while waving.

Last is Agava, wearing a heart-stopping triangle-cup metallic purple bikini with a v-shaped metallic black bottom, showing off her already enhanced bouncing breasts, amazingly-toned body, and powerful-looking legs.

Just glancing at the crowd literally knocks them all down on their own pools of nose blood, and with a satisfied grin on her face she says "alright girls, it's SHOWTIME!"

The five girls join hands, make a circle as they fly up, then start shooting beautiful bullet formations to make their own fireworks display above the small pool at the end of the catwalk.

In the end, it's all in good fun.

That afternoon, the still-bandaged Ail opens a gap from his new room to the Moriya Shrine from which he and Budou jump out of and hurriedly step away from it as it closes.

"Phew, we made it," sighs the boy as he gives the bat youkai a light hug.

He realizes the little girl is as stiff as a board, so he releases her, kneels down to try and look at her in the face, then smiles and says "it's alright Budou. I'm not angry at you. What happened was Mima's fault, not yours."

The little girl's entire body shivers, sobs escape her, then she turns around, hugs the boy and cries out loud "but I made papa worry, and hurt people, broke their houses, made papa pay it all! I'm a bad girl!"

Ail can only sigh and return the hug while repeating "it's ok, it's alright," then places his hand on her head and combs her hair down to her back to calm her down.

Even amongst her sobs and wails the boy hears a couple of footsteps, looks up with a bit of a sad smile and says "Miss Kanako, Lady Suwako."

The goddesses nod in acknowledgement, then the blue-haired goddess bends her knees and says "aww, the poor thing. Ail, you shouldn't have scolded her."

The boy's face shows his displeasure and disapproval, but before he can say it, kero-chan smacks the hot-bodied woman on the head and growls "not the right time Kanako. Read the damned mood!"

Still comforting Budou, the boy nods in silence, to which the little goddess flips him a thumbs up, and a hard impact greets the back of the boy's head.

He remains kneeled, he stops moving and his eyes hide under his hair, and from behind him Sanae furiously demands "and where the HELL have you been? You PROMISED you'd come here as SOON as you got Budou back! HEY! Are you listening to me?"

"Papa?", worriedly asks the little sobbing youkai as she tries to look into the boy's eyes.

"Hey Ail, aren't you going to say something to me? Like an apology or something?", angrily demands the green-haired girlfriend.

"Um, Sanae..."

Suwako's hesitant speech estranges the wind priestess, then said goddess points at the boy and the resumed-crying bat girl.

Ail's bandages stain with a bit of blood, and finally noticing his state the crazy maiden jumps on her knees in front of her boyfriend, grabs her little daughter, and desperately pokes the boy on the shoulders while shouting "hey! Ail-kun, wake up! Um... oh my."

His eyes spin in place, he moans as he tries to reply but the spinning world is making is hard to tell whether he's standing still or flying, so no words can come out.

"Auuu! Kanako-sama, do something!", pleas the maiden as the little bat clings on to her to cry.

The goddesses shrug and shake their heads, Budou cries out loud, Sanae panics, now four voices speak simultaneously, and the confused and dazed boy now finds himself happy to be fading out of consciousness to escape the madness, and just like that everything turns black.

Unsure of how long it's been, Ail moans as he feels his consciousness return.

He feels warm, relaxed, someone is combing his head very gently, he can feel movement around his head and shoulders, he can hear a heartbeat, then softly asks "Sanae?" as though knowing where he is.

"It's alright, I'm here. S-sorry about hitting you so hard," hesitantly replies the girl after gently pressing her lips on his bandaged forehead.

He opens his eyes and immediately smiles at the sight of Sanae looking down at him while his head rests on her lap, and even with that precious mound greeting him also, he can't take his eyes off of hers.

Their faces turn slightly pink, then the boy says "I'm sorry I'm late Sanae-chan", at the same time as the maiden says "I was so worried about Ail-kun."

She passes her finger around his fresh bandages and softly says "what happened? It's not like you to break important promises."

The dense boy sighs, points an accusing finger at Kanako and Suwako without looking at them, then says "if Budou wants to stay, let her. I think it's best if she understands what happened to her too, but if she starts crying, please take her outside."

And so he begins telling the tale of his battle with Mima, about how he is miraculously alive after taking so many overpowered spells in that dark world, about that magical circle Reimu used on Sanae and its dangers, about the spirit's request to keep away from the red and white maiden, and finally the reason why he couldn't get to them sooner.

Suwako chortles while covering her mouth, then says "weak. A pink house. I'm giving that woman a high-five when I see her."

The green-haired maiden gives her frog-motif goddess a very dirty look, then turns to her boy and asks "so you think we should listen to that evil spirit and keep away from Reimu? I'm still going to kill that spirit for doing this to you and Budou though."

The dense one sighs, looks to the sleeping fruit bat, then says "forget about attacking Mima. She'd kill you. The only reason I'm alive is because she allowed me to do so. Besides, she's asked me to keep away from Reimu. Th-that doesn't mean you're gonna go there and cause trouble either."

Kanako holds the sleeping Budou on her lap and gently combs her hair, and while doing so she looks at Sanae and sighs "if you did that he'd die from worry. Sanae, please refrain from fighting that woman."

The blue and white maiden sighs in defeat and replies "fine, I'll stay here and look after Ail-kun," then she looks away and thinks "but I'm still giving Reimu a payback for that nasty spell."

Ail starts feeling dizzy again and fails to notice that wicked look on his girlfriend's face, and while slowly closing his eyes he smiles and says "good. I can relax then. If *yawn* Budou wakes up before I do, please give her some... some food. She... recovering."

With that the dense boy falls into a blissful sleep on his girlfriend's lap, and said girl giggles and scratches his head, looking quite happy about it.

The goddesses look at each other, grin mischievously, then immediately frown and whimper when they look at their smiling shrine maiden as she holds her gohei while looking ominously menacing.

Kanako and Suwako both stammer, then promptly bow and the god of war and winds says "sorry. We'll stop thinking that."

Meanwhile, Drake Starstriker paces around the road that leads straight to the Myouren Temple, holding his hands behind his back while saying to himself "alright, here's what you'll do."

He stops walking, places his hands in front of himself, gestures a straight path and says "you go in there, do NOT attack anyone, don't assume anything, apologize to Byakuren and the changing girl... and, erm."

He imagines himself running to the gates while avoiding a shower of magic bullets, present himself to Byakuren by force, bow to her and her knocked companions, beg for forgiveness, apologize to the nue youkai, then get out of there.

He shakes his head to wake up from the daydream, looks toward his goal, says to himself "alright, let's go," then looks to his right after noticing two dark auras in the area.

Kali and Kimi rush out of the shadows, looking fierce and just about ready to attack, yet the godling looks calmly at them and hesitantly asks "um, hello. Er, wh-what seems to be the matter?"

The shadow dragon's right eye glows crimson, her left eye looks like the white flame around the pupil is engulfing the whole eye and her face looks feral, and sounding dangerously furious she shouts "it's the bastard! That ENERGY! He must DIE!"

The shadow girl's white hair waves around like wildfire, her eyes glow scarlet, and she holds her head as though in pain as she shouts "it's him! KILL the gods!", and without provocation they both launch straight at the godling in a crazed rage.

"What the HECK?", shouts the confused boy, now unsure as to why he's being attacked, but regardless he takes a fighting stance, raises his right hand above his head, clutching a magical ball of divine water, then throws it straight at the two shadow girls.

They scream when that water ball gets close and they somehow manage to split and escape the spell, but even so they feel some sort of damage from the attack and fall on their faces to the ground.

While they recover Drake looks up to the darkening sky and shouts "you see that Enma! They attacked FIRST! I'm just DEFENDING MYSELF!"

He now finds himself being tackled to the ground by Kimi, and wile on top of him she opens her mouth bearing her drooling jagged teeth while roaring "m-must kill! The pain! YOU CAUSE SO MUCH PAIN!"

She lowers her neck to take a bite out of the boy's own neck, but the warrior frees his left hand and punches her on the face so hard she's sent flying five feet back.

He hops on his feet and quickly flip-kicks to his left, landing a viciously powerful kick on Kali's face and sending her flying against a lone tree.

Meanwhile, from her courtroom Shikieiki watches the battle unfold through a floating glowing orb, then groans and says "and he was just about to repent! Argh! Of all the times for fate to intervene!"

Komachi looks worried and confused to her boss, but before she can ask the Yama speaks loudly through the orb "Drake Starstriker! Stop the fight immediately!"

From the battlefield the boy shouts back "I CAN'T! They are fast and refuse to leave me be!"

The Yama of Paradise groans and loudly says "but if you keep fighting you'll set a chain of events that WILL pull towards YOUR undoing! Find a way to run and GET OUT OF THERE! And we STILL have to talk you and I!"

Back at the battlefield Drake shoots large fireballs at the shadows and shouts "Oh SURE! Like it's so easy! What ARE these creatures any-WHOA!"

From an unseen point in the sky Eiki's voice loudly asks "Drake, it's turned pitch black! What's going on?"

"SHADOW DRAGON!" shouts the boy in that warring tone of voice that lets the Yama know the Wheel of Fate has started spinning against her hopes once more.

Kimi has changed to her colossal dark snake dragon form, and the brave godling, instead of running away stands his ground, preparing a powerful spell of pure light that will surely kill the two shadows in front of him the moment he shoots it, but it's taking its time to charge.

before he can even think of unleashing the killer shot, Kimi roars so loud to the sky the rumbling that comes after it is felt all the way to the Hakurei shrine.

Drake loses his balance and falls to the ground, and before he is able to stand the massive shadow dragon takes flight.

This shouldn't hinder him in the least, however Kali, who keeps blubbering nonsense, jumps on top of him and punches him on the face while he's defenseless.

The shadow dragon roars once more, swoops down, then grabs the godling the second he blasts Kali away from him with a starlight shot to the face, and now the dragon flies away toward the Misty Lake with her pray.

Meanwhile, Kyo, Luna and Medicine help the rushing youkai and few humans as they prepare for Drake's arrival tot he temple.

The edgy Byakuren stands in the middle of the temple grounds and looking at the road where she can feel the godling's presence, thinking "I can't believe this. Again. It's just like before. Some hero wants to kill the youkai, just because they are youkai."

Shou and Kyo walk over to the monk to tell her to get inside, but before either can speak all three gasp at the sight at the end of the road.

They see Kimi's massive dragon form taking an amazing space, and the Youkhrist only has time to shout "GET DOWN!", before the shadow dragon's powerful roar rocks the entire temple hard, knocking everyone to the ground.

After recovering from the shock of the roar and managing to stand up on her knees, Byakuren looks up and watches Kimi fly away, and senses how the godling's own energies seem to rush away along with the dragon.

"What the HECK was THAT?", shouts the muscle-shirt boy.

Shou punches the back of his head and grumbles "watch your language young man! And I'd love to know what's going on myself. Miss Hijiri?"

The pretty monk stands up, holding her hands together over her chest as though in prayer, then loudly says "everyone, the emergency has been averted. Drake Starstriker is currently chasing that dragon, I believe."

Everyone at the shrine stare at their beautiful leader silently, and remain so for some time until Orange shouts "OH YEAH! He turned tail! WE WIN!"

Cheers and applauds fill the temple, but as the sun goes down so does Byakuren's face.

The only ones noticing this are Kyo and Shou, since everybody else seem to be too busy cheering over their default victory, then the tiger youkai asks "L-Lad Hijiri, what's the matter?"

The Youkhrist turns around, looks at them with saddened eyes, yet smiles as she says "you know, there was something different about him. I think... I think we just made a mistake."

Even Kyo can't deny the feeling of unease these words are making him feel, and so these three remain silent and glum while the rest of the temple remains bright with cheers and happy faces.

Meanwhile, at the sky over the Misty Lake, Kimi roars repeatedly as Drake burns her claws with one holy blast after another, hoping to either break free from her grip, or break through her massive fingers.

He stops the attack, his eyes open wide, and now all his attention lies on top of the tower of one Scarlet Devil Mansion.

On top of the clock tower, the mistress of the mansion, Remilia Scarlet, keeps her eyes locked on the godling, and he keeps his eyes on her as though knowing they are watching each other.

Drake chortles, his eyes open wider, making him look as though mad, then he smiles and says "impossible. A devil. A devil's mansion in this WORLD?"

The vampire mistress moves so fast it looks like she's teleported to the balcony under the clock tower, and again moves so fast it seems she's teleported inside the safety of her walls.

The godling laughs manically and shouts "so I've been lied to AGAIN! This is a land of DEMONS! That mansion is PROOF! I have to purge this land! I HAVE TO SAVE THIS PLANET!"

From the unseen orb in the sky Shikieiki shouts "Drake, don't you dare disturb the balance! You are to be a GOD, not a mere human 'hero'!"

Her words fall on deaf ears.

The boy in brown intensifies his attacks and manages to break Kimi's hard scales with one of his holy orbs.

The dragon shrieks and throws the boy away, and as soon as she recovers from the sting of his attack she lunges forward to finish him off with one bite.

The godling recovers and takes flight, lunging straight at the dragon's open mouth.

He's a second away from becoming food for the shadow being, she snaps her jaws as viciously as she can, then roars in pain when instead of flesh in her mouth, she gets powerful holy orbs on her chin and on the soft spot just under her neck.

One last holy blast on her stomach forces her to turn back to human form and hold her abdomen.

Drake points at her and shouts "when I'm done with you I'm purging that mansion from the evil within! But first, I am going to make sure your death is slow and painful you vile being of the darkness!"

The shadow girl holds her stomach, chokes as though about to vomit, then almost crying she shouts "s-stop that energy! It hurts so much! STOP IT!"

Drake raises his right hand and a light in the shape of his sword appears on it, but the shadow dragon youkai cuts his concentration and cancels his summon.

Even though in human form she grabs his arm and bites it hard.

The boy screams and immediately throws an arched punch from above and strikes Kimi hard on the head, making a cracking sound on impact.

She remains frozen in the air, staring at nothing and chocking on her own throat, seemingly unaware that her prey is free.

Before she is able to recover, the vicious godling sinks a knee on her abdomen strong enough to blur even her vision upon impact, then he holds her by the neck, squeezes tight, then whispers "go to hell you vile creature of the dark."

He throws her towards the mansion, lifts his left arm, aims his open palm at the shadow girl, then fires a continuous stream of holy energy that forces a deathly scream out of Kimi's system, then stops when he is sure she will die impaled in the sharp column of the gate.

He bends his body as he attempts to give chase and infiltrate the mansion as well, but Shikieiki appears before him and without speaking a word she swings her golden Rod of Remorse and strikes him on the head so hard he is sent flying far to the east.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Meiling looks up at the powerful beam of light headed her way and screams "WHOA! We're under attack! Fairy platoon, front and cent-," but cuts her command short when the beam stops and she spots Kimi falling toward the column.

She jumps fast and hard toward her shadow self, grabs her in mid-air, then slowly descends while looking at the damage done to her rival.

Her clothes are torn and burned, her skin is badly burned in several spots, her face contorts with pain, tears escape the strong woman's eyes, and for a moment it seems she's going to sob.

The gate guard sets the woman on the ground as gently as she can and dumbfounded she asks "wow. Who... could have done this to her?"

The blue-haired fairy maid behind the gate guard curiously asks "Miss Meiling, what should we do?", and points at the several fairies behind her.

The Chinese-themed girl in green sighs and shakes her head, then says "please, someone get Sakuya. We'll need her advice on this-"

"That's won't be needed," interrupts Remilia, who stands on the very tip of the column where Kimi was about to be impaled with.

She drops to the ground and gracefully lands in front of the guard and the fallen dragon, then smiles and says "on second thought, do go and get Sakuya on the double."

She stares viciously at the shadow dragon before her, grins so wide her fangs become bare and glow with the bit of light coming from the crown of the moon, then chuckles softly, as though laughing at a joke remembered from long before.

The next morning, at the Moriya shrine, a fully healed Ail stretches out in front of the living room's door and contently says "man, I feel like new now. That Sanae-chan is so wonderful."

"Pst! Psst! Hey!"

Suwako's edgy whispers quickly take the boy's attention, and when he looks outside he spots the froggy goddess hiding behind a tree, gesturing him to get closer.

He obediently walks over to his favorite goddess and whispers "what's wrong Lady Moriya? Why are you whispering?"

The goddess unleashes her most vile and vicious grin and whispers "hey boy, you want to see Sanae in her tightest bikini yet?"

Ail is already hiding along the blonde girl and whispers "you had me at 'hey'. Let's go."

Suwako smiles, though feels it was all too easy, however she just signals the boy to follow her and they silently slither their way to the lake behind the shrine.

They reach the nearest bushes to the shore of the lake where Kanako keeps looking toward the water and blushing, and the answer to that come quickly.

Sanae lies near the edge of the water on a towel, wearing a triangle-shaped rose bikini with a low triangle-shaped bottom.

That gorgeous godlike body of hers shimmers with the light of the morning sun as she bathes on its lucky glow that can touch her skin so brazenly.

The girl moans then turns around to reveal the back of the bottom is also triangle-shaped, and once again the peepers curse the sunrays for having the glorious privilege of caressing that perfect skin, those strong thighs, those soft calves, that smooth back, and those perfectly round buns.

Ail drops on his butt taking big gasps of air, then desperately whispers "it's more glorious than I imagined!"

Suwako clenches her right fist so tight she cuts her own skin with her nails and happily says "damn that girl is gorgeous! How I'd love to jump on her right now!", then points at the dense boy and adds "you lucky bastard you. That girl could have given ME a run for my money when I was in my prime!"

Kanako growls and whispers "she can give ME a run for my money as I am now. Now shot up, I want to look some more!"

The dense one gulps and says "true. One's not enough!"

The perverted goddesses nod and the blonde cutie says "we should totally attack her while she's relaxed! Just LOOK AT HER! She's completely defenseless!"

Ail is already peeping though the bushes again when he asks "hey, where did she go?"

Suwako turns around and exclaims "what? NO! Maybe she's gone back inside!"

The air-headed goddess of war scratches her head and asks "what for? She should be THERE!"

The questionably dense boy replies with a stern face "no, I don't think she's inside. Her towel is still there. Don't give up hope!"

"Enjoying the show?", asks the sweet and dangerously aggravated voice of the gorgeously hot green-haired shrine maiden.

She's covered herself up with a white bath robe and wears a pair of white bath slippers, ending the trio's peep show.

She taps the left slipper impatiently, crosses her arms under her chest, glares ominously at the peeping perverts, then sinisterly whispers "what should I do with you, I wonder? Boiling oil? Knives on the butt? Or perhaps...?"

She uncrosses her arms and reveals a large wooden bat and shouts "or perhaps a GOOD OLD FASHIONED BEATING!"

Moments later Sanae continues her sunbathing while Ail hangs from his feet behind one of the sacred logs, full of bumps and bruises from the beating.

He sobs and asks "c-come on Sanae-chan. I only did it because I love you."

The maiden happily sings "sorry~ Lame excuses can't be heard at this moment~"

Suwako, or some dried sticks that resemble arms and legs, speaks normally while saying "aww, come on Sanae, give him a break. He's just a healthy young man."

The maiden smiles, though sounds dangerously aggravated when she says "devils that tempt mortals must NOT speak, or they will be punished by divine paddles!"

Kanako has been planted face-first into the ground all the way down to her waist and is unable to pull up her skirt or her fundoshi, exposing her rather marvelous-looking legs, thighs and buns though her thong to the world.

She tries to speak, but only muffles reach the ears of the maiden, who happily replies "don't worry. Budou is playing with Phredia and won't be coming out until lunchtime. Now enjoy the sun on those pale legs Kanako-sama."

There's another muffle from the wind goddess, then Sanae replies "what is this sun-block you speak of? Oh, you mean more sun-tan oil! Right away!"

The goddess scream as the scorching summer sun punishes her exposed legs, and now dreads as she waits for her shrine maiden to smear her with more oil and burn her to a crisp as well.

And so begins another day in the Moriya Shrine, where they remain blissfully unaware of the happenings at the Myouren Temple and the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Luna Rivers, Budou, Kali, Kimi, Leon, Lina, Luna, Ayalina and Drake were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's - "Brightness, Overwhelming Heart" and "Darkness, Dance of the Black Lights" spell cards were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

Aug 25 2011

Written by

Willie G.R.


MAN! What a GLORIOUS fanservice chapter! I LOVE doing this. Coming up with swimsuits or sexy outfits for the girls, having men (or perverted goddesses) pay dearly for their brazen peeking, it's all in good fun. However I want to say, the fight between Drake and Kimi pumped me up more than Ail vs Mima. Well, that first battle was too one-sided, so maybe that's it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

And know that I WOULD have posted this chapter a lot sooner, but Hurricane Irene came through PR and I was left without power for three days and... well at least I am well and I'm back. Ah well, until next time.