A/N: Warning, heavy language ahead. Seriously, it's there this time.

That morning in Gensokyo, at the eastern mountains of the Misty Lake, Drake wakes up, moaning while rubbing the blood-stained bump on his head and trying to focus his eyes.

After a stray thought finally crosses his mind he groggily asks himself "where the hell am I?"

His vision slowly solidifies, his weary limbs recover strength, and after taking a deep breath the boy gets on his feet and looks around.

He stands on bare soil, where only a few patches of grass accompany the rocky terrain, and the sky above him feels like the top of a lake.

"I... where am I? Where have I been sent to now?", asks the godling to nobody in particular as he looks around himself.

He tries to think back to the day before, but everything is blank, even the name of Gensokyo, and yet he remains calm as he thinks "don't worry Drake, this has happened before. Just give it a few hours, you'll remember everything. Just find a place to rest and-"

And he finally turns around and faces the dark mansion of Mugenkan and gasps with surprise.

"A. mansion?", he thinks as he vaguely remembers those challenging scarlet eyes from a demonic figure.

His eyes intensify as the glowers at the architecture in front of him and stands, then says to himself "I remember something. A demon, on a mansion's roof."

He takes wobbly steps toward the door as his body slowly recovers itself, yet he keeps from falling as he says "th-that's right. I think I was sent to find and kill a demon. Yes, that's probably the reason for my being here."

As this thought crosses him he thinks a memory will pop out of it, but his mind remains blank and he stops.

"But, there's no memory of that," mutters the boy while holding his chin in thought.

He shrugs, walks straight into the mansion, and says to himself "well, might as well explore this place," and as he closes the door behind himself he calls "excuse me! The door was open so I let myself in."

Meanwhile, in a world of endless black and white, eternally spinning clockwise at a peaceful rhythm, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu sits in meditation, patiently waiting in the endless silence.

She opens her eyes and stands up, looks upward, then politely says "Great Beings of the Universe, your humble servant awaits your instructions."

A disembodied man's voice, calm, paused and patient, softly says "dispense of the formalities my dear child. This is an informal meeting."

The Yama of Paradise opens her eyes wide, as though having being insulted by a hired professional, and says "er, pardon me, but that does not seem proper."

The voice chuckles softly, the world around the girl becomes a beautiful grassy field with a clear sky and a tall tree in the middle that sways along a peaceful breeze, then the kind voice says "please, sit. I just need to ask a favor of you."

Eiki manages to calm herself down, and as instructed, sits down with the large tree comfortably resting her back, then she looks up at an orb of light on the sky and asks "and what might this favor be, my Lord?"

The disembodied man chuckles again and softly asks "are we not friends?"

The Enma smiles lightly, then sighs and says "my apologies, my friend."

There is a short pause while the girl keeps staring up at the light, then the voice calmly begins "as you are aware, the god-in-training, Drake Starstriker, has entered Gensokyo, a land with beings I know you love."

The girl gets nervous, but the voice calmly says "love is not a force to be punished my friend, so do not worry."

"Now, about Drake," continues the voice, sending a soothing warm breeze through the field, "I will ask you to please not interfere with his developments again."

"But he's doing terrible things," quickly replies the green-haired girl, "he's making all the wrong choices, he has murdered youkai needlessly and was to upset the balance! I had to interject or the shadow would have consumed his mind."

A warm feeling emanates from the ball of light as the voice softly says "and our highest praise go to you my dear friend. You have done an excellent service in preventing an irreversible catastrophe, but now the lesson is to be learned, though slowly, and if you interfere again it might be taken as a direct offense to the fates."

There is a short pause while Eiki absorbs what she's just been told, then the kind voice continues "thanks to you, that shadow will keep holding the balance, and learn a few things while along the way, but now it is up to Drake and his choices to whether retake the path he has lost, or fall back into the circle of life, devoid of all memories of his prior ventures, and rather long life as a god in training."

Another long pause takes the peaceful room while the Yama absorbs what she's been told.

The confusion in her eyes lifts and her lips stretch into a smile, then the voice chuckles and says "and now that you understand this, I will allow you to watch over those you hold dear, as they have much to learn from you as you have much to learn from them as well."

A sudden impact of confusion hits Shikieiki, but before she is able to ask the voice gets a little louder as the room disappears and she is sent back to her courtroom, and as she feels as though she's twirling in the air the man says "oh, and please tell that Anilan boy to stop trying to be whom he is not. He's causing quite the calamity amongst his friends up here."

"Eiki-sama? Eiki-sama! Please, don't let it be so! Don't send her consciousness to limbo~!", cries Komachi as she shakes the stiff body of her boss.

The Enma slowly blinks, the shinigami cheers and hugs the green-haired girl, and after a knock on the head with the Rod of Remorse and a cute "kyan~!", the Yama of Paradise breaths hard through her mouth and whispers "so Ail... is not fully at fault?"

Komachi rubs her head while grunting "that's my Eiki alright," then smiles at her boss and asks "what was that? Did Ail do another Anilan again?"

The green-haired girl stares lost at her pink-haired subordinate, then truthfully answers "I, um, I'm not sure."

Confused faces remain locked on each other for some time before Komachi stretches her hands behind her head and sighs.

Inside Mugenkan, the godling flies around the surprisingly spacious corridors, admiring the architecture, even though it's so dark.

As he admires his surroundings he comments to himself "red carpeting, oak columns, arched ceiling, dream realm residue. A perfect home for evil spirits. I should purge this place."

He reaches the large steps to the second floor after a surprisingly long, but admittedly slow flight, prepares a water spell on his right hand, then confidently smiles as he says to himself "housecleaning service deluxe begins right-" but his awful one-liner is cut short when he hears a whisper.

He remains silent while waiting to hear that whisper again, and is surprised when he hears a playful giggle instead, coming from a large doorway to the left of the stairs up.

He walks off the stairs and heads straight toward the doorway, the playful giggling and whispering become louder and more continuous, and now he feels two presences nearby and switches the water spell for a holy -light orb.

At the end of the surprisingly well-lit corridor, passing through a pair of wooden dual doors with the words "Swimming Pool" recently written in blue on them, is, of course, Yuka's swimming pool.

The pool is rather large and surprisingly deep, and playing inside of it are Elly and Nitori's Grandfather, splashing each other with water on the face, swimming away from one another, and enjoying every moment of it.

The blonde girl wears her wine-colored one-piece, which for some reason now imprints certain features of her body almost too well, particularly her belly-button.

The old, but well-toned and muscular kappa with awesome pectorals, large biceps, epic legs, and an awesome long white beard, wears a pair of wine-colored swim trunks, obviously wanting to match with his girlfriend's swimwear.

"Got'cha!", exclaims the blonde after splashing her kappa man on the face.

The old kappa chuckles, smirks, and with the wave of his wrists he sends a wave after Elly that forces her to ride it to the edge, however the water makes an U-turn just before getting too close to the end of the pool and sends the girl laughing straight at the kappa's strong and buff arms.

After a good laugh and a few kisses the couple swim to the side-edge of the pool and pull themselves out, then he admires how the glistening water trails through her silky-soft skin, while she admires how her man's perfectly toned pectorals shimmer when wet.

They lean toward each other and lock lips for a passionate kiss, but the face the kappa man makes estranges the blonde, then she turns around to glower at Drake, who brazenly stands by the door and has just ruined what could have been a great kissing session.

Nitori's Grandfather gets on his feet, and clearly annoyed at the intruder he irritably says "hey little man, can't you see we're in the middle of something here?"

The godling raises his hand and throws the holy spell at the old kappa without hesitation and Elly appears before her boyfriend with her scythe on hand and bats the orb back at the boy, who simply absorbs it back into his hand.

"You're trespassing in Lady Yukarin's mansion of Mugenkan! Leave now or die where you stand!", demands the woman.

The buff kappa taps her elbow and whispers "sweetie, let me help," to which she swiftly whispers back "don't worry darling, I won't let him touch you."

The boy unleashes his energy and Elly drops due to the sudden surge of unsettling power, but to her luck her kappa man catches her and flies away from the boy, angrily muttering "another human-turned-god. I hate these idiots!"

Drake follows after the couple and shoots a merciless barrage of bullets at them, aiming specifically at the blonde on the buff kappa's arms.

A bullet gets close to the kappa, but he turns around, flexes that right bicep and deflects the attack, then shouts "you don't know who you're messing with sonny! Get out now while you still move on your own!"

The god-in-training doesn't listen and tackles the strong kappa with his own shoulder, crying in pain after crashing against that muscle mass, yet succeeding in knocking both targets into the swimming pool.

Her rubs his left arm, places his dislocated shoulder back in its place, then prepares a lightning attack meant to cook the couple in the water.

Elly jumps from behind the boy and cuts his spell with her scythe, getting slightly shocked in the process and missing his head by an inch.

The quiet boy flies a few feet away from her before showering her with another barrage of holy orbs, which she bats or slices with the blade of her weapon.

Drake growls inward, hides his left hand and prepares a scarlet dagger while he prepares a holy-water spell on his right and points it straight at the girl's head.

The youkai gasps and throws her weapon at the boy, forcing him to cancel his water spell and move while the boomerang scythe makes its way away from and back to its owner's arm.

He doesn't notice the shower of very small bullets she's unleashed and is hammered by the surprisingly powerful shots she keeps shooting from her left hand, even after catching her spinning scythe in mid-air.

Drake glowers at his target, prepares a holy knife spell on his right hand, and as soon as the woman throws her scythe again, the godling rushes at her.

Elly gasps and moves to avoid the right hand, positioning herself close to the boy's left, and is stabbed on the stomach with the scarlet dagger.

The blonde girl screams as scarlet bolts course inside and outside her whole body, weakening her until she's unable to fly, and weakened but fully conscious, the girl's fall echoes an awful thump that makes even Drake grimace.

But he won't show any sympathy for her and slowly flies to the girl to finish the job, preparing another holy knife and looking at the beautiful youkai girl like she's a mere pile of garbage.

She tries to moan when he grips her neck, but all she manages is to choke, and watches with horror as that insufferable boy raises the holy weapon.

Drake's eyes bulge, his weapon disappears, then he falls to the left of the girl like a pile of lifeless bones and closes those eyes, his bandanna turning grey afterwards.

Behind him, Nitori's Grandfather stands with his left knee bent, his large right hand floating horizontally flat at the same height of the godling's head with an awesome red glow, but what impresses Elly the most is the intense red glow on her man's eyes and the calm, yet powerful aura dancing around his toned muscular body, shaded to look fiercer than usual by the faint light entering through the windows to the right of the pool.

He straightens up, combs his beard with his left hand, and looking more like his usual self he gently picks the blonde gatekeeper like a princess and softly asks "are you alright? Did he hurt you?"

Elly is lost in her own blissful world after seeing that awesome kappa she loves so much acting so cool and epic just for her, and absent of mind she nods and lays her head on the kappa's shoulder.

The old kappa kicks the unconscious boy on the ribs and asks "and what should we do with this piece of garbage?"

The blonde girls raises her head, smiles sweetly, then manages to say "take his shirikodama and kick him out," with a raspy voice.

Nitori's grandfather grins vilely, clicks his tongue, then says "shame gods don't have those!"

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu is followed by Rika to the front of the shrine grounds, where the maiden stops and turns around to address her maid.

"No, you need to stay here. Besides, you have guests. You can't leave them alone in the shrine," argues the red and white girl.

The adorable maid flaps her wings as she lets out a whimper, then says "but my lady, what if that boy tries to kill you? Please, at least take Suzaku with you!"

Reimu points at the lake of the shrine while smiling sheepishly and says "that bird is very busy right now," then the familiar voice of Yuki echoes all around as she cries "please, not there, PLEASE~!"

The girls cover their ears to avoid the full blast from the inevitable shrieking scream, and after peace settles and they uncover their ears again, the sweet maid sighs and says "alright, I understand my lady. And I better do something about those too. Poor sis."

The red and white maiden surprises her maid when she places a hand on her head and happily says "that's my girl. Now stay here and be good."

She takes off to the sky and as she waves back she shouts "if I'm not back by dinner go wake Suika up and get Marisa."

Rika pouts adorably when her mistress doesn't mention her in the rescue plan, but sighs it off and weakly waves back while sighing "fine, fine. My lady knows what's best."

Up in the sky, Reimu sighs to herself as she looks forward and says "well, that's one thing off the list. Now to find that bastard. I just hope it's not too late when I find him."

As she distances herself from the comfort of her shrine she mutters under her breath "killing youkai... needless... stupid gods. Can't hunt for Ail!"

Back at the shrine, Rika is already picking her broom from the closet inside the house to begin her daily chores.

She turns around to head straight outside, and hops and yelps with surprise when she sees Tenshi staring angrily from up-close.

The scowling celestial angrily asks "what, you think I'm gonna pick on you?", while tapping her foot impatiently on the floor.

"Momoko! Y-you scared me," exclaims the surprised shrine maid.

Tenshi catches herself doing something she will definitely regret, so the covers her face with her hand, breathes several times and mentally counts to ten, then sighs and relaxes herself.

She opens her eyes, stares straight after her friend and says "I'm sorry about that, I'm just a little edgy. L-look, I need to talk to you."

The angel-winged maid quickly hides her eyes under her hair while looking down and says "I know. You were trying since yesterday. And I know what you want to talk about, so please talk to me and let it out."

The celestial is surprised, though mostly out of the fact that she was not expecting her friend to know what she wanted to talk about when she should have been expecting that since the day before.

Regardless, the shakes the surprise off and says "you really hurt me you know. I never thought you could be a jerk like that, after knowing you for so long."

The maid remains looking down and just nods while her friend continues "I still can't believe you'd pin me as one of those bastards after I've done so much for you. After I was the one that took those beatings to protect YOU."

She takes a deep breath, pushing her desire to bonk the maid on the head with her fist and continues "I was even there in the hospital with you when you were so badly injured by those retarded brutes! I got a good mind to turn around right now and leave for good."

The celestial's voice softens as she breathes through her mouth, then says "but no. If I did that then I would be some sort of selfish hypocrite, and I couldn't live with myself if I did that. Even if you did wound me so deeply."

"I'm so sorry," whispers the maid under her breath, to which the blue-haired girl in front stomps her foot, lowers her own head, then softly says "and then I remember, I did terrible things to you when you first came here to Gensokyo and even tried to kill you, and so I realized that... I can't blame you for being afraid of me at all. I was terrible to you when all you were trying to do was live your new life."

Rika finally looks up at her friend with a bit of surprise in her eyes, but when she sees her celestial friend's eyes filled with tears she gasps and exclaims "ah! Tenshi, don't cry! I-I'm sorry! I swear I won't-"

What happens next leaves Rika frozen in confusion and in shock.

Tenshi strikes her friend's face with her hand, though does so as gently but as firmly as she can, then she grabs her winged friend and holds her tight in a hug and sobs "don't you dare apologize you idiot! It's my fault this time! I'm the one that should say it! I'm sorry Rika! I'm sorry for trying to kill you! For pushing you away from me! And don't you dare tell me it wasn't my fault and just accept my damned apology!"

The kind Onkamikami feels more confused than ever.

This celestial was just chewing her off and now is crying uncontrollably while holding her like a desperate child would hold her mother.

Being the kind soul she is, Rika manages to return her friend's hug and softly cries "then I accept your apology, and hope. beyond hope. that you and I can stay best. friends. fo-forever. Bu-but *gulp* you have to accept my apology too."

The blue-haired girl's embrace tightens slightly as the maid sobs "I'm sorry, for not looking for you for help, like I used to do when we were children. You-you've always been there for me and I know you'll always be there. I'm sorry for making you cry."

Tenshi holds Rika's head to shut her up and sobs "and I'm sorry for attacking you so irrationally and trying to kill you, like those bastards before me. I'm sorry for making you cry!"

The girls keep holding each other for a little longer, comforting one-another, and after rubbing the angelic maid's head, Tenshi nods and whispers simultaneously with Rika "apology. accepted... My friend."

Moments later, at the left-side veranda, the girls sit to enjoy the quiet breeze while drinking hot green tea and letting the rest of their tears dry, though the quiet doesn't last.

"Miss Angel Rika! Miss Angel RIKAAAA!", calls Cirno as she slowly descends with Daiyousei in tow.

"Little ice fairy," sweetly says the maid before asking "what's the matter? Are you alright?"

Tenshi just rolls her eyes, but prefers to sip her tea and not comment yet.

The ice fairy smiles, pulls her little fairy friend by the arm until she's in front of the maid and says "this is her! This is Daiyousei, my friend!"

The maid smiles and giggles, then says "my, what an adorable fairy you are Miss Daiyousei."

The bashful great fairy turns her foot around the ground and sways her hands held together under her waist, and while turning her blushing face away she says "u-um, h-hi. Th-thank you very much."

Cirno smacks her friend's back and exclaims "don't be like that Dai-chan! Tell her your name!"

The sweet angelic maid extends her arm, shows her most peaceful smile, then says "oh dear, forgot my manners. Hello, my name is Rika Onkamikami."

The green-haired fairy gently flaps her wings twice, turns her blue eyes toward Rika's own, then bashfully says "um, I'm... um, Daiyousei. Um, thanks for taking care of Cirno."

She reaches for the maid's hand and while shaking, the angel-winged beauty before her flaps her wings and says "it's been my pleasure. She's such a sweet girl."

That beautiful smile, those cute wings, that perfect skin, that curvy body, that peaceful aura that reflect nature itself; when Daiyousei's eyes are greeted with this beautiful sight her knees weaken, her lips form a smile, a bit of blood trickles down her nose, and she suddenly collapses the very same moment Rika's sword turns colorful, it's jewel glows bright blue, and roars contently.

"Hey? M-Miss Daiyousei?", exclaims Rika after catching the fairy's limp body from the back before it hits the ground.

Cirno stares at her friend's smile, the drool dripping down her lips, and the blissful stiff gaze, then says "wow, I've never seen Dai-chan THIS happy before."

Tenshi spits her mouthful of tea as exaggeratedly as she can after misunderstanding the ice fairy's meaning completely while the maid concernedly asks "oh no! Momoko, what's the matter? The tea's bitter, isn't it?"

Meanwhile, at the dungeon of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Kimi Hong finds herself bound to a wall by magically enhanced chains while the mistress of the mansion grins with misplaced satisfaction from right in front of her.

"Perhaps you didn't hear me," threateningly says the Queen of the Night, "I saved your pathetic life. You owe me your loyalty!"

"I OWE NOTHING TO YOU!" shouts the shadow dragon youkai, shooting hateful glares at her captor.

Her body glows as she attempts to take her dragon form but fails due to the spell on the chains and grunts with pain after such failure.

Remilia chuckles playfully, then teasingly says "well, thank you for showing me such a nice and curvy body."

The light-orange-haired woman snarls, then the vampire continues "you think me a fool? I know what you are, and thus accommodated your surroundings accordingly. You're not escaping until I say so. But you know that won't happen until you pledge your indebted life to me."

"I owe NOTHING to you," spits the chained woman. "The one whom I owe a life debt is your pathetic dragon, Meiling Hong!"

The little vampire laughs at her captive, then points at her and loudly declares "it was I that changed your fate last night! It was I that prevented that boy from claiming your life! You owe me you LIFE in servitude!"

Kimi spits to the ground on her left and defiantly replies "I rather DIE at the hands of that disgusting boy-god than to be the servant of such a self-absorbed, insufferable BRAT like yourself!"

Remilia's grin becomes a flat, but dangerous leer, a powerful scarlet aura surrounds her frame, and in a dangerously low tone of voice says "so you want to do this the hard way then. Fine, I'll play with you. Know that by the end of this day you will be calling me Mistress Remilia!"

The mistress of the mansion lifts her sight to the ceiling, spreads her legs, raises her arms in the air, the scarlet aura around her grows three times her size, then she looks back at Kimi with that despicable vile grin and commands "Leon! Lina! Give it to her!"

The Kori twins come running from the vampire's sides, panting as they move toward the shadow, then said shadow shouts "no! Don't touch me!"

They ignore her commands and each touches one of the girl's arm, and from a furious glowering face, Kimi now has a face that suggests pure bliss.

"Hmph! Whatever she's experiencing is too good for her," comments the envious little queen.

"Remilia Scarlet!", shouts the familiar voice of Patchouli from the dungeon's door.

She rushes over to her friend and irritably argues "what the hell are you doing with the twins! They'll never change that stubborn dragon's mind, so give them back right now!"

The vampire's face completely changes to an uncaring flat stare as she shrugs and playfully asks "feeling lonely again Patchy?", then sternly says "jeez, you just can't get enough Leon, can't you?"

The magician strikes the young-looking vampire on the head with her book, and though she blushes with embarrassment she angrily says "quit it! I-I'm just in need of their assistance!"

Pouting while rubbing her head, the mistress of the mansion groans "sure, sure. Assistance."

She glances over at her blissful prisoner and the staring twins, then casually waves her hand sideways, gesturing them to cut their actions short and nonchalantly says "go with the lonely bean sprout. She needs some love."

The Kori twins promptly release the prisoner, whom stammers and looks around in surprise, then asks "w-wait! W-where's the maiden? Where's the fish?"

When she realizes she's been tricked, her face turns feral as she gazes at Remilia, her right eye turns to a red flame, her left turns to a black flame, and her ears blow steam as she furiously shouts "youuuuu LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT OF A VAMPIRE! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I'M GONNA-" then she falls asleep right where she is.

Patchouli stands to her side with the twins by her own, aiming a glowing blue finger at the prisoner, then turns her head to her vampire friend and casually says "next time you want the twins' help you let me and Koa know."

Remilia just rolls her eyes and smiles, and when she gazes over to the librarian she giggles mischievously.

The magician holds the two twins tenderly around her arms against her chest like a pair of dolls, and without saying another word she walks toward the door.

"Bye Miss Remilia," casually says Leon from Patchouli arms.

"Please visit the library whenever you like," calls Lina just before the door to the dungeon closes.

After she is sure she's alone, the young vampire shakes her head with a smile as she says "ah, that Patchy. She's gotten too attached to those two already. Eh, next time I see her I'll warn her. It's only fair."

She then glances over to the dragon and playfully says "you just rest for now little lady. I won't stop until you become my new pawn."

Kimi snores loudly as though snorting a rude reply, but continues sleeping peacefully as though there isn't a single care in the world.

Still holding the twins so lovingly, Patchouli enters her library and calls "Koa, I got them back. You were right, she was using them on that dragon."

The red-haired demon girl descends in front of her mistress, flapping her wings almost threateningly and giving Knowledge a very challenging glare.

The magician librarian groans a sigh, then asks "what's the matter now?"

"Why do you hold them so close? I thought you hated them!", immediately spits the bat-winged cutie.

"Oh~" expresses the librarian as her eyes switch to glowing dangerously, then ominously says "that is none of your concern, and we've been through this already. I don't, er, *blush* hate them."

"Grrr! That's it Patchouli-sama!", exclaims the little devil as she summons a large blue magical orb on each hand and finishes "I liked them long before you did, so hand them over or GET READY!"

Patchouli places the kids on the ground and lovingly pats them away, softly saying "please stay behind the bookshelves," then suddenly her entire being gets enveloped in a fiery burst of energy and over her hands a pair of twisting flames dance threateningly fast, making what looks like a drill of flames.

She mutters impossibly fast words under her breath, her eyes glow deep blue for two seconds as she glares up at Koakuma, then says "your silly little spell card will be of no use now," then takes flight.

The poor devil starts shivering when she compares her little magic orbs with her lady's drill flames, but manages to sound brave as she says "y-you don't scare me! I-I'll beat you and take the twins for myself again!"

The purple bean sprout grins, chuckles, then says "you're on," and shoots an instant massive ball of fire with spiraling beams of light at the little red-haired devil from just clapping her hands.

Koakuma can only smile, stare and shiver nervously as the ball gets closer to her, and just as the tip of her nose feels the heat of the spell nearing her she shouts "GOT'CHA!", then raises both hands above her head and the orbs expand to form a shield.

Patchouli gasps and screams with fright when her own spell returns to her augmented in power, but she manages to cover herself up in a bubble as she moves away.

Though her own spell catches her leg, the bubble charm protects her from the full blow, and just as the fireball disappears, the purple-haired librarian is showered and buffeted by large blue orbs and magical kunai shot by her devilish subordinate.

The poor girl complains, shouts, screams, laments, and finally explodes, leaving a thick cloud of dust behind.

The confident little demon girl lands a few feet away from the cloud and says "heh, I should become the lady of this library. Eh, whatever. The twins are-EEK!"

Patchouli appears right behind Koakuma, who crosses her eyes, sucks on her lips and flaps her head-wings as the purple-haired girl grips the devil's white undies and pulls them up as far as she can pull.

The purple bean sprout's clothes are in tatters, her hat is missing a chunk on the left, the robe she keeps on top of her pajamas are gone, showing off her curvy figure, and her face and skin are full of burn marks.

She tightens the grip on the panty as she ominously whispers "well done Koa, you almost had me there. But seeing as I can't use magic against you, I'll have to resort to disgusting physical attacks. Be proud of what you have made me do."

Koakuma flaps her back-wings and smacks her mistress on the face, freeing herself from further punishment, then turns around and pounces the purple girl, shouting "that really hurt you lazy bitch!"

She grabs the librarian by the neck and shakes her up, then slaps her face, leaving a scratch on the cheek.

Patchouli grabs a nearby book and smacks her devil subordinate on the head, and after knocking her off, the purple-haired girl quickly gets on her knees and pounces on the back of the devil.

She grabs the red-head's left arm and both legs and starts pulling them backward while shouting "give up! GIVE IT UP!"

Koakuma groans out loud, then from the bookshelf Leon blushes and comments "whoa! My love is going for the panties again!"

Patchouli moans, shrieks and coughs, then Lina cover's her brother's eyes, shuts her own, then nervously says "oh-ho-ho my look at her squeeze those. Didn't know that skin could mold like that."

Both librarians choke after shrieking, then Remilia covers the girl's eyes just as she's about to peek, and comments "no, no, children should not watch such obscene things. WHOA! They did it! They actually DID IT! Dirty HANDS!"

"You DRITY-!", screams Patchouli, then Sakuya covers Remilia's eyes and says "my lady, don't soil your sight with such lewd behavior!"

"N-no, not the-heh-heereee~" passionately screams Koakuma, then Flandre covers Sakuya's eyes and shouts "BITE HER HAND! PUNCH HER BUTT! KICK HER IN THE GROIN! RIP HER GODDAMNED SPINE! I WANNA SEE BLOOD!"

The two librarians square off, each with a black eye, scratches, bite-marks, some clothes on, breathing hard through their mouths, and looking about ready for more.

They rush at each other and immediately tangle up on the ground, where Patchouli bites her subordinate's calf.

Koakuma screams, but manages to grab her mistress' waist and bites her while bopping her on the ribs and hip.

Flandre keeps on cheering while the onlookers try to cover her eyes to no avail, then Sakuya angrily shouts "my lady, let me STOP them already!"

Remilia screams "NO WAY! I'm amused!"

The librarians square off once more, now down to their underwear only, Patchouli's lavender flower pattern underwear set, and Koakuma's a plain white set.

They rush at each other, lock hands in front of a beautiful woman in green, then a pair of full washtubs smash solidly on both girls' heads, knocking them out instantly.

The glowering Meiling throws away the silver washtubs with water inside, dusts her hand, then grumbles "what an unsightly behavior. And such a dishonorable fighting style. I'm going to have to discipline you two!"

She walks away from the scene and disappears from the library, while Remilia disappointedly screams "aww COME ON! So anti-climactic!"

Flandre moans with disappointment and shouts "boo~ So boring! You didn't even draw blood!"

Sakuya sighs as she face-palms, then looks at the twins and nods once.

Moments later, Lina has Koakuma's head on her lap as she cures the moaning devil's facial scratches, while Leon has Patchouli's head on his lap and combs her hair while the ever-elegant maid ties one last bandage around the moaning mummified librarian's head.

Remilia looks at nowhere in particular, shrugs casually, then says "eh, they neither won or lost."

Flandre looks very impatient as she comments "how more anti-climactic can you get? Sis, let's show them how it's done!"

The vampire mistress shakes her head and says "no-no Flan. We are high-class ladies, we can't- KYAAAH!"

The cute blonde vampire pounces her sister, and now both vampires struggle on the ground while the maid and the twins tend to the wounded.

Unknown to all, the figure of the girl in green watches from the shadows, glaring straight at the brawling vampires with glowing white eyes.

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika dusts her hands after she finishes serving lunch to Yuki, Tenshi and the two fairies, then looks at her Makaian sister and casually says "hang in there sis. If you want, I could help you."

From her perch, Suzaku tweets, then telepathically says "that would be very helpful my lady."

The poor fire witch's hat is now fuchsia and has a pink ribbon attached to her wrist, and trembling while looking miserable, she looks at the shrine maid and whimpers "b-b-bu-but I'm d-d-do-doing great! R-re-re-really!"

Tenshi points at the blond witch and casually says "as great as Suika's morning chunks."

Before the other girls can even complain the celestial's head is met with a thick wooden spoon and Rika's face of disapproval as she says "Tenshi, you are on the table with guests of the shrine. Please act like the lady that you are."

The celestial rubs her head and grumbles an apology, then the angel-winged maid sighs and says "fine, fine, just behave when there are gue- um. Ladies, please excuse me. You may come and watch, but don't interfere."

The girls, vermilion bird and fairies look estranged at each other, then rush out after the maid, leaving behind some unfinished bowls of rice.

To their surprise, they spot Youmu at the back of the shrine with her Roukanken drawn while she stares straight at Rika, but speaks no words.

"I've instructed the girls to not interfere," loudly says the angelic maid as she pulls a pair of black fingerless gloves with white angel wings outlined on the palm, and the yin-yang symbol on the back from her pockets.

"One spell card each. Is that alright?", calls the lovely maid as she places the gloves on, to which the half-ghost nods and tightens the grip on her sword, now holding the Hakurouken by its hilt, though keeping it sheathed.

Tenshi summons her Sword of Hisou and rushes forth toward her friend, but Rika stops moving and sternly commands "do not interfere, I said!"

The celestial stops in her tracks and looks lost to her friend, but the maid turns around with that warm smile of hers, bows, then says "you already had your chance to speak with me. It's Miss Youmu's turn. I am sure you understand."

At first instance the blue-haired girl stares blankly at her friend, but a smile quickly takes her face, and as she puts her sword away she nods and says "eh, I'll protect the shrine then."

The angelic girl flaps her wings as she giggles, then happily says "thanks. Don't worry, we'll be just fine."

As Rika turns around and walks over to Youmu, Daiyousei approaches Tenshi and asks "is the angel going to be alright for real?"

The celestial just smiles wider, chuckles, looks straight at Rika, then softly says "I rather protect you, girlfriend."

The shrine maid is seven feet in front of the half ghost, and with a stern look she bows her head and says "whenever you're ready."

The silver-haired girl bows her head in respect, bends her knees, grips her swords tight, then the angelic girl calls "Oath Keeper," jumps inside the golden gate that opens to her left, then jumps out with her Thunder Sword, the one with the white band on the unsharpened edge, on hand, and unsheathes it.

She points it at the silver-haired girl, grins, then says "no holding back. Tenshi will be protecting the shrine," to which the half-ghost nods again and powers up along with the maid, all while the shrine's guests and Suzaku watch from the protected veranda.

The two girls raise their swords, a sudden wind picks up several leaves from the ground, and they launch at each other the moment the only green leaf passes between them.

They clash their swords midway through the rush, Rika swings upright, Youmu blocks with a sideway swing and proceeds to unsheathe her short sword.

The maid positions her sword sideways to block the Hakurouken and jump- flips backward, then her sword resonates and a shockwave forms around her.

The wave turns to a spear, but before she sends it forward she cuts it in two and smacks each with the back of her sword, sending both flying almost simultaneously at the half-ghost.

Youmu crosses her swords and swings them both, creating a crossing green energy wave that slows the maid's spears, then jumps high to the air with her ghost-half twirling around her to increase her jumping height.

The angel maid slowly flaps her wings as she takes two steps back while looking up, then raises her blade a second before the silver-haired girl's swords hit.

They push against each other as hard as they can, grunting as their blades clink with their own trembling from the expense of their strength, then both push each other away, and Rika sheathes her sword.

This estranges the gardener, but she shrugs it off and rushes to attack once more.

The cute maid just stands there, holding her sheathed sword while bending her knees and glaring at her opponent as her sword and sheath glow brighter while she charges them with energy.

"Don't make light of me!", furiously shouts Youmu as she swings Roukanken with all her might.

Rika moves her neck slightly and only loses three strands of hair to the attack, and when her opponent is close the maid kicks her on the gut and lifts her to the air, jumps after and kicks her on the ribs wile in mid-air, then she unsheathes the sword and swings it with all her might.

The strength of her swing merges with the energy she had collected, and the sheer force of that swing pushes Youmu's body farther back than it normally would after the hand guard of Rika's sword makes contact with her.

The gardener in green and her ghost half fly backward until they crash against the storage house's doors, crushing them in the process, and Rika gasps and exclaims "auuu! My lady's going to be mad!"

The half-ghost springs up on her feet, looking shocked with the surprise she just got, then stares straight at her opponent and blinks while asking "what the heck was THAT? Rika, your arm!"

From the veranda Tenshi furiously shouts "you idiot, you're gonna break your hand! I thought you said you were going to be ok!"

The cute maid shakes her finger while clicking her tongue, then says "nah-ah-ah. I've been training for this. True, the attack harms my hand and hurts so bad I can't even sweep, but that's why I made these."

She lifts her left hand to show her fingerless glove to all and says "I synthesized these a while back. They protect me from the force and the friction of that attack," then grips her sword with both hands and says "now come. There's a bit more energy left in this, and I'd very much like to try something with it."

Youmu grins, raises her long sword, sheathes her short sword, then rushes toward Rika while shouting "you can try, but you won't get the chance!"

The celestial groans, raises a barrier over the storehouse and her maid friend's greenhouse, then sits on the wooden floor while shaking her legs with anxiety.

The speedy gardener is already upon Rika, swinging her sword down with all her might, but the maid sidesteps and avoids the attack, leaving the eager little gardener open to another attack.

The voluptuous angel chuckles, swings her sword sideways, but instead of a forceful strike her blade crackles with pure electricity from the energy still stored in it.

The half-ghost blocks and is immediately shocked, and amongst her blubbering she shouts "N-n-n-not ag-g-g-ga-i-i-i-in-n!"

She manages to jump away from the attack after her ghost-half phases through the maid, tickling her and making her lose her concentration, and then the gardener gasps.

Rika mutters "...command thee, who opens the gates of Hell. Come forth..." as a spell card floats above her head and glows yellow, so Youmu sighs and says to herself "so, this is how it's going to be", and pulls a spell card from her pocket, takes her short sword again, and rushes forth.

The winged maid opens her eyes and shouts "Thunder Sign, Indignation no Shouou Jin'eizan," and a massive bolt of yellow lightning strike her raise sword.

At that same moment Youmu shouts "Soul Cutting, Ascension to Nirvana," crosses her swords in front of herself and gathers a concentration of pink energy.

The maid swings her lightning-charged sword downward, the gardener swings both swords, and the moment those two massive collections of energy collide, a hurricane-leveled wind blows from the center of it, lifting dust and leaves to the air all around, and the onlookers at the veranda hold on for fear of being blown away.

From the veranda, after the shrine settles, Tenshi and Yuki scream, then the celestial shouts out "RIKA! Rika, speak to m-eh?"

In the very center of the meeting of energies stand Rika and Youmu, shaking hands and smiling at each other while the gardener says "I understand now. I accept your apology," then she and the maid look toward the spectators, widen their smiles, then drop on the ground like sacks of lead.

"KYAH! THE ANGEL! THE ANGEL IS DEAD~!" desperately cries Daiyousei, while Cirno holds her face in a panic and repeats "she's alright, she's alright, she's alright!"

They all rush to the downed girls and find them full of light burn marks from the blast of energy, and with content smiles and slightly opened eyes.

Even Suzaku sighs with relief when they are sure the girls are alright, then Hatate lands right behind the group and shouts "Rika~! Rika, Youmu's headed this way and-," and she realizes she's one battle too late, stomps on the ground, then shouts "blast that eel stand's new lunch menu from the Moon! I'm LATE!"

The group of girls, including the burned girls sitting straight, look at each other in disbelief, but none find proper words to shoot at this shut-in tengu reporter.

Meanwhile, at the Myouren Temple, Nue sits on one of the prayer benches at the main temple, grinning smugly as she boasts about her remaining injuries to the three young-looking youkai girls around her.

Though her body has healed and the snake that coils around her right arm is back in full health, her wings have yet to grow fully, and her left eye is only half-sized, leaving her socket slightly exposed.

Ichirin walks by with Unzan floating around her shoulder and a tray of tea and leftover-lunch on her hands, grimaces at the nue youkai and commands "put that bandage over that eye! It's not healed yet, and it's still quite unsightly!"

The undefined girl pulls the lower lid of her right eye and sticks her tongue out at the nun, but complies to the demands and lowers the bandage so that it covers her eye.

Ichirin continues her quick pace to the back rooms, stops in front of a white and blue paper door, then slides it open and looks around with surprise.

Byakuren and Nazrin both sit in the center of the room next to a disturbed futon, and on the farthest corner, cowering like a cornered cat, is Kali, shivering and whimpering as she tries to push herself through the wall.

The youkai nun sighs and comments "she still believes you're going to harm her, huh?"

The Youkhrist and the mouse nod simultaneously, then the gradient-haired woman sighs "she thinks I'll pour more light into her system."

Unzan sighs while the nun-looking girl places the tray next to the futon and pulls her hood back, revealing her loose short light-blue hair, then casually crawls to the shadow and says "oi, we already told you, it was that Drake who stuffed you with holy magic."

The shadow girl seems to calm down the closer Ichirin gets, and slowly uncurls and calms down while said girl sits next to the shadow and continues "Lady Hijiri had to seal your own powers while that stuff filters out of your body, or you could cease to exist in an instant, so you should be more grateful to her."

"It's alright Ichirin. Let it go. I'm just glad she's alright," comments the monk as she gets back on her feet.

Nazrin narrows her left eye and scornfully says "I don't know. She should be far more grateful. If Kyo hadn't found her and YOU hadn't sealed her shadow powers, she would me a mere memory by now."

The nun twitches and hiccups a yelp when the shadow girl suddenly wraps an arm around her waist and holds her like some sort of protective blanket.

"Oh-ho my," chuckle the monk just as the mouse youkai points while grinning mischievously and says "well, I guess Kyouko's going to have another lesbian fit."

Though she blushes with embarrassment, Ichirin places her hand on Kali's puffy white hair and exclaims "h-hey, she's just frightened! D-don't pick on her like that!"

Nazrin shrugs and places her hands behind her head, then Byakuren sighs and says "but what should we do with her? She definitely doesn't want to stay here with us."

The nun and the pink Nyuudo both stare at Kali as she glowers at the Youkhrist and slowly shakes her head.

Nazrin raises her tail to listen to the little mouse on the basket squeak, then takes her breath and says "my sources say Reimu Hakurei has good relations with the shadows. Maybe we could take her to the shrine."

Byakuren softly claps her hands under her chin while gleefully saying "that's a wonderful idea Nazu-chan!"

"H-hey!", spits the mouse girl, "don't call me something so embarrassing like that!"

The sweet monk smiles warmly as she asks "aww, why not. A cute name like that fits you so well."

As the girls continue to argue, Kali rests her head on Ichirin's thigh while thinking "the Hakurei Shrine? That's a GREAT idea! I'll play the good and innocently weak shadow girl, and when Reimu is asleep, I'll slice her throat and free Kimi and me from her evil seals!"

She notices the magician monk staring at her, twitches and trembles lightly as she nervously thinks "oh crap, she's looking at me. Sh-she's going to find out what I'm planning and purify me!"

"Fine, I'll take her there myself," sighs the nun youkai as she grabs the shadow girl and stands her up along with herself.

They are practically the same size, yet the shadow keeps acting like a scared child around the Youkhrist, making her look younger than the nun.

"Excellent," sings Byakuren while clapping her hands softly in front of her chest, then casually adds "and seeing as Miss, erm..."

The shadow girl gets closer to the nun youkai's ear and whispers her name, then said youkai says "Kali."

The saint-like monk continues "well seeing as Miss Kali doesn't want to eat, I suggest you go there now."

Ichirin and Unzan straighten up and salute while the girl says "I'll be over and back before you know it Lady Hijiri!"

The sweet woman places her left hand on her cheek while she flaps her right in the air and says "oh please, take your time. Enjoy some time off. You deserve it."

The nun, the cloud and the shadow share estranged stares, but just moments later they are all walking out of the shrine grounds because poor Kali can't fly with her powers sealed, and just before getting out of sight Ichirin stops and waves back at Lady Hijiri and the girls, then resumes her walk.

Nazrin, Shou and Byakuren wave back, then the mouse asks "alright, out with it. Why did you want her to go to the shrine so badly?"

The Youkhrist giggles and promptly replies "I want her to befriend Rika."

Ignoring Kyouko and Orange, whom are having a swordfight with their brooms on the grounds below them, the mouse and tiger youkai stare at their lady, whom smiles and says "she had a misunderstanding with the poor dear, and I would like it very much if they made up and put that awful incident behind them."

Shou covers her mouth with her hand as she chuckles, then looks at Byakuren and says "you can be too kind to that girl sometimes."

The magician monk holds her chin while pondering, then turns her neck at the girls and asks "say, where's Mini-chan?"

From the Youkai Forest, Murasa's voice echoes loudly as she declares "I'll NEVER give up on the kappa swimsuit goodness! EVER!"

Her declaration comes with a brief explosion, and as the tiny black dot that is the captain falls back to the ground she cries "MEDIIIIIIC!"

The girls at the temple shrug, walk back into the temple, and close the doors, ignoring the yamabiko and the orange girl moaning on the ground with their broken brooms on their sides.

In a distant land, hidden in a similar manner to Gensokyo, only larger in size and housing all sorts of creatures imaginable, Drake floats in a semi-transparent body as he looks down at this world.

"I know this place," thinks the boy.

He is forced inside a massive castle built with light-grey bricks and adorned with light colors, where the marble floors looks like natural grass and dirt, and observes the many beings coming and going along a busy path that bridges one side of the land to the other.

"This is... was my home before. Wh-why am I-?"

Harpies, cyclopes, mermen, all kinds of beings, all living under one same roof, coexisting with humans harmoniously.

"This WAS my home. B-but why? Why am I seeing it again?"

His eyes widen when amongst the many creatures he sees youkai and shadow beings walking amongst the multitude, and to his surprise one of those shadows helps a little human girl reach an apple, then waving at her when leaving as though nothing spectacular has happened.

"We worked very hard to make this world the reality it is now. I even fought for them all, even the shadows. And yet, now I-"

Gengetsu, Mugetsu and Kana suddenly fly in front of him, and with a smile on her face, the winged dream demon casually says "nice place you got here. Is it your home?"

Before the godling can answer, there is a loud cracking sound from above, and when they all look up they spot the dream maid holding to what WAS a piece of the ceiling on her hands, and as she pathetically tries to hide it behind herself, she sheepishly says "erm, I didn't do it, I swear. B-broke off on its own. Yeah."

The angelic-winged demon quickly flies over to her sister, fuming while arguing incoherently, then Kana takes the chance and gets closer to Drake.

She waves at him and smiles all friendly-like, then says "this is a very lovely dream. One would believe the one having this dream would be more... open-minded."

"What are you talking about? Who are you?" angrily asks the boy.

The maid poltergeist waves and says "time to wake up. Please be nicer to Gensokyo. We haven't seen all the sights just yet."

"Wait, what?", is all the god-in-training can ask before he is sent backward through a spiraling tube, and then he wakes up.

He lies on top of a very uncomfortable rock formation, next to a lake that looks slightly reddish.

He covers his face with his hands as he says "whoa. S-still in Gensokyo. Ugh."

He groans loudly out of pain, blaming his current ailment on the uneven rocks he was sleeping on, then he looks to the water, frowns, then says to himself "tainted waters. I shouldn't drink this."

Regardless of what he says, he cups his hands together in the water, surprising himself when he notices how crystalline it truly is, then thinks "I was so thirsty I did this on impulse. I'm glad I did."

As he drinks the water his thoughts turn on the strange dream, which to him seem like broken fragments of a giant puzzle, then he stops drinking, glances around, then thinks "me? Thirsty? I haven't felt that need in ages. Wait, maybe it was that dream... that triggered such ancient memory. Or maybe..."

The memory of his fight with Kimi quickly flashes clearly in front of his mind.

He re-lives every moment of the fight down to the scarlet mansion, and that's when he frowns and growls.

The image of Remilia staring back at him burns brightly in his mind, and with that image so clear he jumps on his feet and exclaims "that's right! That mansion! I have to purge it from the evil demon I saw!"

He bends his knees and kicks off the ground with enough force to make the water ripple, but only seven feet in the air and he stops, yet feels himself pushing forward.

"What sort of curse is this?", he furiously asks when he realizes he's suspended in mid-air by an unseen force.

"Calm yourself," calls Shikieiki from all around him before appearing in front of him, walking in the air as though on the ground.

She looks sternly into his eyes, bows her head just slightly, then says "please reconsider your actions. What you are trying to do now will cost you dearly."

"You protect a DEMON?", furiously shouts the boy, then points at the Yama and exclaims "you are not supposed to take sides, so back away Judge!"

"I am trying to help you Drake! I am trying to stop you from making yet another mistake! I am trying to help you rise," argues the green-haired girl, looking straight into the godling's eyes in hope that some reason will drill into his brain.

The boy's bandana turns orange as he looks around to unlock his gaze from Eiki's and says "I don't need your help! What I need is to purge that place so this land can be blessed!"

"You'll just end up disrupting a very delicate balance you fool!" shouts the Enma.

She flies in a circle around the boy while saying "look, I cannot stop you from making your own mistakes, but I will warn you now, that place is protected by many. Demons from the dark, as you kindly call them, and beings from the light alike. If you attack that place you'll not only fail, you'll fall!"

He looks straight at Shikieiki once she flies full circle, then softly says "thank you for your concern. I'll be going now. I am sure that once I'm done, this vehicle of light will fill up and I'll get out of all your hairs."

The boy now finds himself able to move again and promptly flies away from the scene.

Eiki can only watch him as he moves further away, then sighs and says to herself "why are idiots so darn stubborn? Ah, but I cannot interfere. I tried to avoid it, but it just was meant to happen, I supposed."

Her body becomes translucent, and before she disappears her voice echoes as she says "I can only hope those souls are all ready when their time comes."

After she disappears a couple of fairies fly by, twirling above the water before rushing away again, giggling amongst themselves, blissfully unaware of the happenings in the world around them.

Meanwhile, over the Forest of Magic, Reimu moans out of frustration and loudly says "I only found stupid fairies, a spider, a bucket girl, but no Drake. I thought flying around aimlessly would work again."

She then looks forward and complains "ugh, and what's this now? It's going to rain? Oh great, now I'll have to-"

"Ooh, what's this," excitedly whispers the girl after abruptly stopping her own complaining after laying eyes upon Ail's still-blue roofed house.

"U-fu-fu-fu~ I should pay my darling a visit. Who knows, maybe he's in the bathtub right now!"

And so the red and white shrine maiden with hungry glistening eyes dives straight to the front door of the house, giggling with expectation.

The second she lands she picks her hair up, straightens her bow, dusts her sleeves, pats her skirt, then bends toward the door in a lady-like manner and sweetly calls "Ail~, it's Reimu~ Are you home?"

The door opens, the maiden coos with glee, but before she says anything she notices Sanae sitting on the newly dyed couch with a dainty cup of tea, and glowers fiercely along her love adversary, then sparks fly from each girl's eyes and crash midway through.

"What is she doing here?", furiously asks the red and white armpit maiden.

"I should ask the same thing!" furiously replies the blue and white armpit maiden.

"Reimu~! You're just in time," sweetly calls Ayalina, whom still holds the door open, unnoticed until now by the starring maidens.

She grabs the black-haired girl and forces her inside the house while saying "I was just about to tell Sanae my birthday story! Come, come! Any woman after my son's heart MUST hear this tale," her voice turns demonic, "or DIE!", then her voice return to sweet "so take a seat!"

Now Reimu understands why Sanae didn't move from her seat when the ocular challenge was issued, and out of curiosity she asks "so how did you get captured?"

The green-haired cutie lifts a brown bag to show to her opponent and while she rubs her forehead she sighs and says "I came to get Ail-kun a change of clothes, but got careless and got caught."

The sweet young-looking mother hands Reimu a cup of brown tea while happily saying "she found my son's underwear drawer and tried raiding it."

Red and white shoots the perverted priestess a dirty glance, but Ayalina clutches her head, turns her over, then says "don't play saint now young lady. You wanted to catch my boy in the bathtub. Commendable as that is, you should do that at night, when I'm asleep and unable to kill you for it."

Blue and white now shoots a dirty glance at her opponent, who shivers and sweats nervously after being revealed so bluntly.

"Ah, girls," begins the deceivingly sweet flower youkai as she sits between the maidens and continues "I understand what's going on. Ail may be as dense as a brick wall, but I'm not.

She points at Reimu's nose and sweetly says "you used a very mean trick on my son's favorite girl."

Sanae sticks her tongue out at her rival, but is pointed on the nose by Ayalina who sweetly says "and you keep putting my baby boy on edge by taking Miss Hakurei head-on, knowing full well you'll only end up hurt."

The red and white girl softly snickers, but doesn't escape the blue and white girl's notice, and soon-after both girls shoot ocular sparks at each other, but the young-looking mother grabs their heads and forces both their noses on each of her own armpits.

They flail their arms around, throwing their tea away and smashing the cups on the clean and now-polished wooden floor, then slowly the girls wind down and almost fall asleep.

"Now that you have calmed down," begins the woman, "let me say this. I am so proud of my boy for having such fine females gunning for his heart, but I'm afraid your quarreling may be upsetting him to the point of him hurting himself needlessly."

She releases the girls' heads, allowing them to fall on each thigh, smiling blissfully, then happily says "now, let's begin with my story, shall we?"

It is a cold full moon's night, and in the highest tower of an ancient roman castle, lights flicker, and an old man cackles.

"You see, I was once a very beautiful rosebud, not yet in my bloom, but still more beautiful than the rest. But like all flowers, once I bloom, it's downhill from there. Right girls?"

Inside that tower is a shaggy man with a thick greyish-black beard, who wears a ridiculous blue robe with a blue night-cap that's supposed to be his wizard's hat.

The man cackles as sparks from several chemical vials, each of one specific color, fall on a single rosebud, and though it appears the rose will burn, the sparks course around it gently without harming a single petal.

The rose lies on a glass plate on an old wooden table, and the vials all seem to float above and around it, discarding themselves by smashing to the ground whenever their contents emptied.

Whirring contraptions built with gears of all sizes turn and turn to generate more energy that courses through metal wires that cling to separate black rods nailed to the table, and the reason the beakers shoot those sparks.

"YESSSS," hisses the man. "Just a little longer, and you will be the perfect wife!"

Ayalina interrupts the story again to sweetly say "yes, this poor desperate misfit of a human male wanted a wife so desperately, but he was so weak and pathetic he had to resort to sorcery and alchemy to make one for himself."

"Pathetic," comments Reimu.

"Such a pitiable soul," comments Sanae.

"Right, right. Er, you are still talking about my father here," nervously whispers the young mother, to which both maidens apologize.

The old wizard cackles as the rose starts to bloom under the full moon, but just as his experiment is to succeed, his machines breaks down, the electric power stops flowing, the vials all drop to the ground, and the rose starts to wither.

The man panics and shouts "no! Not now," desperately looks all around himself, picks up a book from a stool nearby and says "I sacrificed TOO MUCH for this. If I have to finish it with a spell, then so be it!"

The man rapidly mutters an incantation in Latin, then slowly raises his arm to channel a blue wispy energy that swirls with life around, then beams it straight at the flower and chants louder and louder.

The rose glows, it begins to bloom as it lifts to the air and stays hovering above its glass plate, then a sudden surge of energy sends the man flying out the rotten door and onto an old bed behind said door.

He blubbers as he struggles to get off the bed, jumps on his feet, rushes back into his laboratory, then gasps at the marvelous sight.

Ayalina stands on her new human feet, exploring her naked body with her hands and wondering what is that mist that covers her chest and her groin.

Her hair is long and wavy, her eyes are a beautiful hazel, and her skin is flawlessly perfect.

She looks at the drooling human before her, takes gentle steps toward him, gracefully waves her arms around, the mist still covering her unmentionables, and then she slaps the poor bastard so hard he spins several times in place before finally stopping in a daze and dropping to the floor.

"What the HELL kind of man ARE you? Turning me into a human without giving me proper clothing! What's the MATTER with you? And what is this place, a derelict castle? WHAT A JOKE!"

The man moans in a daze on the ground as he tries to recover from the slap and the incessant nagging from his 'perfect' wife, and now curses himself for forgetting the spoonful of sugar needed to sweeten the woman's personality.

One month later...

Ayalina now wears a beautiful sleeveless pink robe with fuchsia roses imprinted on the silky threads, and lies on a beautiful queen-sized bed with red sheets and soft feather-pillows.

It is a beautiful morning when her husband and father, as creepy as that may sound, peeks an eye through a crack on the golden-framed door and asks "say honey, how about we do it already. It's been a month already."

The gorgeous woman looks to the door with disgust, grimaces at the thought, then nonchalantly says "no thanks. Not in the mood today."

The man growls, kicks-open the door, then points at his woman and demands "I created you to be the perfect wife, so we are going to do it right here and now, and that is FINAL!"

He rips off his robes to reveal to her a disgustingly dry and shaggy body, though surprisingly tanned, and a dirty white cloth for underwear.

Ayalina gags at the sight, her face turns green, she jumps off her bed, and holding her mouth so her lunch won't fall back out of place, she rushes through the door, knocking the weak man out of her way, then the sound of her vomiting graces the dazed man.

He shakes his head to recover himself, gasps with horror, then shouts "NO! Not my bed! NOT AGAIN!"

Back in present, Ayalina smiles sweetly as she says "and there's the story of my birth. So what did you think girls?"

Sanae sweats and chuckles nervously while trying to voice her opinion, but her tongue ties.

Reimu chuckles as nervously as her rival, but manages to ask "s-so what does this have to do with Ail and us? And what happened to that man?"

The woman's now-maroon eyes turn feral and the pupils slit like that of a lizard's, she smiles as she looks at the girls, then sweetly says "to answer you second question, he tried t jump me one night when I was supposed to be at my weakest, but the fool forgot it was a full moon's night, so I gripped his neck, pulled, and ripped out his goddamned spine."

The maidens' faces turn blue, the rest of the color from their skins drain down to the ground, then the young-looking mother smiles as she happily says "I do believe that answered your first question, right?"

The maidens nod while trembling terribly, then the flower youkai happily says "good then. You'll stop upsetting my baby boy from now on."

The cunning red and white asks "wait, I'd like to know, how come you turn into a half fairy while Ail turns into a dragon?", diverting the conversation to something less threatening.

Ayalina smiles and sighs, slowly shakes her head, then says "well, when I found Gensokyo, shortly before the barrier was placed, I met this lovely fairy who grew attached to me, and I grew fond of her almost instantly."

She sighs again, her smile turns pained, then she continues "then one day this busty shrine maiden dressed in red, white and black flew by, the little fairy went to play with her, then ended up dying horribly at the hands of that woman."

Reimu's face turns black and her skin turns paler than Youmu's ghost-half while the flower youkai sight and continues "and when I tried to pick her up she turned into a pink ball of light and merged with my heart."

She rubs her chin while pondering then says "hmm, might have something to do with my father's spell. Or maybe that mixture of chemicals. I dunno."

Sanae smiles widely and viciously, then sweetly says "well, it seems these RED and WHITE shrine maidens have been around Gensokyo for some time, huh?"

The young brown-haired mother sighs again, then says "yeah, they have, but I hold no grudge against them."

"A-and why is that?", shakingly asks the red and white maiden conveniently sliding away toward the door.

Ayalina giggles, turns a bright and warm smiling face at her guest, then says "because she got old and shriveled up, lost those big pearls for breasts she had, but I didn't! Score one for the rose youkai!"

The frightened red and white and the stunned blue and white both stare at Ail's mother, wondering what exactly runs in that mind of hers.

Later that cloudy afternoon, Drake finally gets his bearing straight, right after crashing against a lonely house at the Youkai Forest.

He now has the Misty Lake on his sights from the sky and quickens his pace, already summoning that disrupting energy of his and feeling sick to his stomach at the thought of having to fight a demon in the shape of a little girl.

A powerful force pushes the boy's back and sends him crashing fast and hard face-down to the dirt road below.

He gets off the ground like nothing ever happened to him and scowls when he looks above to see Yukari's gap closing off, then he looks around while snarling and shouts "keep out of my way, or I'll take you out as well, demon!"

He fixes his eyes forward, everything turns black for an instant, and now Yukari Yakumo stands several feet away from the boy in her purple dress, holding her umbrella like a cane, her eyes glowing purple and looking feral with rage.

She raises her parasol and angrily says "you crossed the line already and you aim to go even further. I'm tired of you, god-in-training! Now I'll teach you the kind of bitch I can really be!"

Before Drake can respond an innumerable amount of small gaps with glaring red eyes open all around him, and before he knows it a single magic kunai touches his body and all those eyes shoot six flaming bullets each at him.

All the godling can do is cover his face with his arms and take on the barrage, all those bullets exploding violently on contact and lifting so much dust even the gap youkai is blinded, then it all stops.

"Pheh, you think I'm stupid," calls the blonde sage. "Come on out so we can finish this properly."

The godling jumps ten feet off the ground with that gauntlet of light on his right arm raised, screaming a war cry as he approaches his target.

Yukari jumps out of the way and swings her parasol like a sword, shooting several laser beams from its tip that Drake has to block with the gauntlet to defend himself from them.

They glare at each other from a distance, then the boy says "I knew you were going to be a problem from the start. I'd have killed you then, if we weren't in the maiden's home!"

The woman chuckles, lifts her closed fan on her left arm next to her cheek, then says "my sentiments exactly, little man. Bastards like you are best dealt as soon as they are met, but as fate would have it, we just had to meet under Reimu's watch. No matter. I'll just kill you now."

She swings her fan and shoots several blue kunai, opens five black gaps behind the godling and fires fast white lasers from them, swings her umbrella again and shoots those blue lasers, then jumps back into one of her gaps with red ribbons and disappears.

The boy's bandanna turns flaming red as he raises a shield of light in front of himself to block the lasers and kunai, then jumps straight up to avoid the fast white beams.

He is caught in mid-air by the ankle and forced back down toward the homing beams, but Drake moves fast and grabs Yukari's right shoulder with that gauntlet, sinks those magical blades into her skin, pulls her along for the ride, but it's not after her grabs her neck with his left hand that she screams.

He absorbs her magical energy to make her more vulnerable and doesn't let go, even after smashing against the ground and getting blasted by three of her beams, but he screams and pushes her off, then shoots yellow beams at random to expel the excess energy before it harms him.

Drake groans after shooting the energy and falls on his knees next to the kneeling Yukari, and now both breath hard through their mouths while recovering, both shooting dirty glares at each other with every breath taken.

The gap youkai recovers faster and quickly takes some distance, then snarls at the boy and says "so that's how you did it! You monster! Those rabbits never stood a chance!"

The godling manages to stand up, then cockily says "don't forget the doppelganger bitch that tried to assassinate me."

"Don't piss me off you son-of-a-bitch!", furiously shouts the sage when she raises her parasol, but she slowly lowers her weapon, hides half her body inside her gap, and opens her fan to cover half her face.

The brown-haired boy can feel something strange inside of him, then the youkai sage's eyes become calm, yet vicious as she says "it was by my power that you understand and speak our language. I supposed I can take that away now that you have turned on me."

A strange sound fizzes inside the boy's head, and with that sadistic look on her face Yukari softly says "now, I'm going to stab your heart from your left. Good-bye Drake Starstriker." (今、私はあなたの左から刺すあなたの心をするつもりです。さよならドレイクスターストライカー。)

The sage disappears from the field, but the godling grins as he raises his right hand as though reaching for something.

A large golden frame shaping an European sword appears on the palm of his hand and he grips it, the frame fills with golden light, then Yukari appears to his left just as his diamond sword materializes fully on his hand and blocks her attack, then pushes her away.

The youkai sage gasps with surprise and asks "th-that sword! W-wait, how did you know?"

That beautiful and accursed sword with the angel-winged cross-guard, dragon-head pommel, ruby grip and diamond blade with runes inscribed on it is now back in its master's hands, and Yukari knows this means she must either kill the boy now of face terrible consequences later.

Drake laughs, stabbing his sword on the ground to avoid tripping on himself as he does, then he just stops laughing to snarl at the youkai sage and says "you think me a fool? I knew I couldn't trust you with this language spell you placed on me, so I convinced the locals to allow me to read their history."

The youkai sage growls inward, then finishes "you learned how to read and speak out language by reading our books with my spell. Congratulations. A lesser being would have ignored that knowledge and strolled around all proud of nothing."

"Fine then," She begins as she opens another gap and tosses her parasol and fan inside, sits on its edge and flies five feet off the ground and threateningly says "I supposed I underestimated you, but no more. You and that sword are a threat, so I will do what I must."

The godling rushes straight at the gap youkai, screaming that war cry of his, then swings his sword with all his might when in range, but misses her by an inch and is showered with countless massive red bullets that clearly violate the spell card rules.

The spiky-haired boy shrugs off the damage like it was nothing at all and flies after the blonde, cutting some bullets with the diamond blade and taking the rest head on like they are nothing.

Yukari grimaces as she growls, understanding now what she's really up against, so she turns up the heat and adds thick laser beams that cut the air they travel through while she keeps avoiding the boy and raising her altitude.

Drake yelps whenever one of those red beams touches him, but he continues chasing after the gap youkai and swinging his sword at her whenever in range.

"THAT'S IT!", shouts the woman, canceling all her attacks and expelling so much energy even the godling is pushed back.

She opens a massive violet magical barrier circle behind herself and shouts "I haven't done this in an age little man! Be proud of witnessing it before your horrible inevitable death!"

Thunder and lightning strike above the woman, refreshing rain starts falling from the sky, progressing rapidly into a thick downpour that makes it almost impossible to see farther than five feet in front of your nose.

Yukari laughs almost manically, getting Drake's full attention, then shouts out loud "This is what Danmaku Bounded Field is supposed to be," then lowers her tone as she playfully finishes "without spell card limitations."

The boy grunts as he pushes his own limits to get closer to the woman before it's too late, but he fails.

He is now trapped between danmaku rings in a mile-wide sphere so full of bright indigo and purple bullets the only other things he can see are his limbs and the blonde's left shoulder.

From outside, the sphere looks like an impossibly massive purple round bullet that remains stationary only twenty feet in the air, but because of the thick rain, even the giant glowing orb is almost impossible to see.

Inside the orb the rain fails to reach, leaving the massive bullet-covered battlefield free from weather hindrances.

The gap youkai laughs triumphantly, then happily says "say hello to whatever judge is cursed to deal with you from my part."

The bullets start moving around in a constricting manner and the satisfied Yakumo laughs when she hears some bullets exploding, then she stops, her bullets flicker faster and faster until they disappear, the rain starts touching her head, meaning her barrier has also disappeared, and she starts feeling something cold on her shoulder.

Drake hovers next to her left, full of burn marks and bloody cuts all over his face and body from grazing through the powerful bullets, yet he smiles.

He has cut almost halfway down through her torso with a single swing of his blade and whispers "good always prospers over evil," as the inside of the blade gets filled with a white dust.

Yukari screams, her eyes bulge and expand and her pupils shrink when a burning and freezing sensation courses through her very bones.

She knows she's dying, and knows damned well if she doesn't do something she's as good as gone, so even with the pain she feels she moves her right hand and places it on Drake's face, then shoots the best possible magic bullet she can at the moment, which is significantly strong.

The boy screams as he his blasted away from the youkai sage, allowing her to fall to the ground, but being a persistent seasoned warrior he rushes after her, even though he's not fully recovered from that last blast that has left his right eye shut.

Yukari's body makes a loud thud, her blood splatters several feet away from her upon impact and mixes with the rainwater, and now the godling is just seconds away from stabbing her in stomach.

She raises her right hand again, a gap to the void opens up just as Drake is inches away, and screaming curses at Yukari the boy vanishes from sight and the gap closes up before he can escape.

The blond youkai's hair stains red with the blood that keeps gushing out of her cut and mixing with the rain, and all she can do now is lie there and breathe, while mentally praying for some help to arrive.

That rainy night, in the Hakurei Shrine's living room, Reimu taps her foot impatiently while staring straight at her guests; a temple nun, a pink fluffy cloud-man, and a shadow she doesn't like that much.

The fairies, celestial, Makaian, half-ghost and tengu all left before the maiden arrived, and by some miracle managed to get a new door for the storehouse outside, making any evidence of Rika's and Youmu's battle almost non-existent, yet the maid still feels the tengu is around.

"So, since we decided she's going to stay here I have to wonder, why are you still here, Miss nun?", asks the red and white maiden staring at her extra guest.

Ichirin gulps, blushes, and while looking down to the floor between her thigh she says "er, please be reasonable Hakurei. It's really pouring outside. And I forgot to bring my umbrella."

The maiden face-palms and sighs, then begrudgingly says "eh, fine, but I'll charge you a futon if you stay the night."

The nun youkai is left in shock, but quickly starts counting her coins, just in case, all while Kali stares silently in wonder.

Rika sighs, elegantly bends her neck a bit, then sighs "my lady, that's a little mean."

"KYAH! She's going to kill me again!", shrieks the shadow when the maid moves, and hides behind the light-blue haired girl as though begging for protection.

The estranged nun pats the shadow on the head and in a friendly tone says "now, now, Rika would never do that."

The shrine maid sighs and says "I've tried telling her I'm not going to kill her again, but she just won't believe me."

"Again?", hiccups the nun, to which the adorably sexy maid chuckles nervously, but before any explanation can commence, Reimu's face gets tenser than usual.

She shushes the girls, looks around herself, then softly says "that's odd. I feel Yukari around, but it's like she's... not here?"

Finally, the familiar gap with ribbons on the edges opens up next to Suzaku's perch, surprising the bird to fly away, then the blond youkai drops face-down like a load of lead to the floor.

"Yukari!", exclaims Reimu, who quickly takes notice of the sage's child-like body, meaning she's conserving energy, and the horrendous bloody gash on her shoulder.

Rika shrieks "goodness! My lady, she's wounded," and immediately hops on her feet to help the youkai sage.

Ichirin gasps while she covers her mouth, but follows Rika's lead and rushes forth to help along with Reimu, while Kali stays behind with Unzan and watches from a safe distance.

When they get closer they can hear the blonde whispering "Reimu help me, Reimu help me, Re-heimu help me," and wincing and twitching as she tries to turn over to look up.

The maid and the nun work together to turn the girl-like sage over.

Yukari can now see she's in safe hands and lets herself go, but before she completely passes out she manages to glance at the red and white maiden and whisper "sw- The sword."

Reimu analyzes the horrible wound on the gap youkai's body, her eyes spread, then she immediately rushes to her room.

Rika and Ichirin question the sudden leave, but quickly focus their concentration on the whimpering child-like-sage.

The maiden storms through the sliding door to her room, rushes to her closet, slides the door, then glances all around the base.

Nothing, save the floor, some boxes and some bloomers, the base of the closet is now empty.

"How?", questions the maiden with a whisper while tapping the floor with her hands, "how did he do it? It was here yesterday! Ran and Chen saw it! It was here, so where is it now?"

An hour later, Rika mops the floor from the remaining blood, while Ichirin and Unzan inspect the bandages around the sleeping Yukari's small body and Reimu sits in front of her small table, thinking hard about the disappearing sword.

"There," sighs the shrine maid after plunging the bloodied mop into its bucket. "The floor is nice and clean."

She turns around to look at the temple nun and says "that is a very good job Miss Ichirin."

The youkai chuckles and softly says "w-well, I've had a very recent experience."

She rolls her hood down as she sighs, then she looks around and says "well, the wound is pretty bad, but not lethal. She should be up and about in three days or so."

The pondering shrine maiden seems to ignore the girl, so the shrine maid answers for her "well that sounds wonderful. I'm sure my lady agrees."

From the sidelines Kali sits on the floor with Suzaku allowing to be pet by the shadowy guest, and said girl whistles and says "she's a tough cookie then. It would take me weeks to recover fully form something like that."

The vermillion bird whistles and says "ah, just like when Rika-sama cut you up."

The shadow girl twitches, then glowers at Rika while saying "yeah, like that. JUST like that."

Rika stares estranged at the shadow, then suspiciously at her familiar, but decides it's best not to know for now.

Reimu bangs her hands on the table and shouts "I just don't get it! How did he get that sword? Rika, you didn't see him come by, correct?"

The maid nods and says "the only visitors were the fairies, Miss Youmu and Miss Hatate. No one else came by."

"Not even Ail," murmurs the maiden before sighing and saying "well, whatever. We'll have to wait for Yukari to wake up and tell us what happened."

Her irritation suddenly escalates, and with an annoyed groan she says "ugh, now her shikigami will come here, and stay. Probably eat like beasts... but Ran's tea is worth all the trouble. And Chen might be good for chasing that mouse youkai away."

Ichirin and Unzan know this shrine maiden is talking about Nazrin, but decide to not say a word about it and just allow the maiden to keep elaborating.

Staring at Yukari, Rika shakes her head and says "my lady, if that Drake did this to Miss Yukari, what do you think he might do to you if you...?"

"I know, I know!", barks the maiden, making her maid twitch with fright.

She manages to clam herself down quicker than usual after seeing Rika jump with fright like that, then stares at Yukari's childlike body and calmly says "seems I'm going to need more help than I thought now that he's got his sword back."

The girls and Nyuudo in the room all stare worriedly at Reimu, then at Yukari.

Ichirin and Unzan feel particularly unsettled at the sight, remembering what that godling had done to Byakuren and Nue, and learning how he killed youkai without need.

Now they see with their own eyes how that monster has downed one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, and probably the world, and count their blessings from being spared his wrath.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ayalina, Ail, Kyo, Kimi, Kali, Lina, Leon and Drake were created by Willie G.R.

Rika and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

Rika's "Thunder Sign, Indignation no Shouou Jin'eizan (Divine Thunder Assault of Indignation) was created by Snapshot 2010

Japanese translations were done with help from Google Translate. Please forgive the errors that are surely there.

SEP 07 2011

Written by

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