WARNING: Harsh language and bloody scenes ahead. This is a VEEEERY long chapter, so please enjoy some snacks while reading.

Outside the walls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Ail, Tenshi And Suzaku fly over the road leading to the mansion and stare in shock at the piles of bodies all over the ground and in front of the gates.

Some of the fairies have revived, but remain seated while staring with confusion at their surroundings, Luna Rivers sits under a tree next to a few fairies and Medicine, who seems to be completely out cold, and up ahead of them, Kyo and Kimi still lie unconscious on the ground.

"Who could have done this?", asks the brown-haired boy after spotting the wounded Meiling holding her bleeding stomach with both hands and wincing in pain under a broken tree.

They begin their descent when the gate guard waves her hands while shaking her head, and using all her strength to subdue the pain from the gash on her stomach, she shouts "inside! Go inside! Hurry!", then lets herself drop back down to breathe.

The unlikely trio share confused and worried stares, all three wondering which course of action to take.

"STAY AWAY!" shouts a familiar voice that comes from the hole on the far right side of the mansion.

The celestial gasps and exclaims "wait, I know that voice! That's..."

"MURDERER!" shouts that familiar voice again, causing all three to gasp at once, then Suzaku exclaims "that's master!", and she and the blue-haired girl speed off, leaving Ail behind, who calls "wait for me!"

Tenshi pulls Ail by the back of the shirt and all three reach the large hole leading straight into the mansion's library, and gasp in horror at what they see within.

Damaged bookshelves, blood splattered in random places, several messes of books lying everywhere, the Kori twins' frames glowing where last the two stood, Koakuma lying on her face with left head-wing missing its higher half and bleeding on the balcony's carpet, and Rika, lying on her side, crying her eyes out uncontrollably while staring at the black spot in front of her.

And then there's the only person standing, Drake Starstriker, snorting at the fallen angel maid and saying "tch, I just did her a favor. It's nothing to mope about," then gasping and raising his defenses after suddenly turning around.

The celestial's eyes glow with intensity as her face turns feral and she furiously screams "RIKA! What did you do to her, you insufferable bastard?"

The dense boy's face turns red with rage as he looks around the destruction, then a fully functional, but thin blade of light appears on his right hand and he furiously screams "DRAAAAAAAKE!"

The vermilion bird takes flight and angrily says through telepathy for all to hear "what have you done? You idiot, you did it! Even after all the warnings!"

The godling snarls at the celestial girl, points at her with his sword and demands "what are you doing here? Get out! I am the one cleansing this place, celestial! And you know damned well you can't interfere with me either!"

Seeing her angel-winged friend in that state, and the way that god-in-training spoke to her, has ignited something within Hinanai, and she somehow flies too fast for Drake to detect her, gives him a right hook to the nose that sends him flying twenty feet to the right, then rushes to her fallen friend.

She kneels beside the crying Rika, picks her up by the shoulder and waist, making sure not to touch the wound on her right shoulder while anxiously asking "what's wrong? This wound is not that bad, so why are you crying so much? What else did he do to you? Rika, say something!"

As the vermilion bird lands in front of the dark stain to look up at her master, said girl cries "he killed her! He kih-hilled Kali! I couldn't save her! I couldn't!"

She drowns and chokes in her own sobs and tears and is unable to form any more words, so Tenshi lifts her friend's limp body to apply a surprisingly gentle embrace and whispers "it's ok, it's alright. I am here now. He won't harm you anymore. Now let it all out. I'll take it all!"

Suzaku's feathers ruffle on their own, her eyes ignite in flames, all as her own rage begins to rise inside her heart, then she looks to the godling, whom dares to rise from the ground with sword on hand ready to attack, and telepathically says "you MONSTER! You have no idea the wrong you have caused here! You should LEAVE before you do any more harm!"

Drake is already thinking of a way to attack, but the red bird is already striking him hard on the face with an insanely quick beak swipe that slams him hard against the wall of bookshelves behind him yet again and threatens "that was your last warning!"

The monstrous god kicks off the wall and goes right toward the bird, swinging his sword with as much force as possible, but missing each swing miserably as she sways and moves with ease.

Ail flies above them, somehow managing to stay afloat, even though Rika's crying has his nerves on edge, and shoots several blue orbs and lasers at the godling, while the red bird shoots dancing fireballs with every wing-flap, and speedy fireballs from her eyes.

Starstriker roars and swings his sword around himself to cut and deflect the bullets, shoots rapid holy orbs at the dense boy above, then throws a light grenade at the vermilion bird, who dodges it thinking it's just an ordinary orb, and screeches when it explodes to her right.

Rika gasps, chocking on her own sobs, then weakly flaps her sagging wings as she cries out loud "SUZU-CHAN! He killed Suzu-chan!"

Tenshi does her best to comfort her, tightening her embrace, cooing sweet words and shushing her, then the red bird flies over behind the celestial so her master can see her and calm down, then says "Ail, master is too upset! We have to get this idiot out of here!"

"On it," declares the confident boy as he raises his thin weapon and grins at the godling while easily deflecting all the holy blasts with his own weapon of light.

Drake growls, annoyed at Ail for smiling so smugly after blocking those attacks so easily, then rushes straight at him, shouting "I'll be damned before I let a half-freak like you make a fool of me!"

A red blur jumps from between the ground bookshelves, strikes the godling by the side and sends him flying straight to the hole leading outside, missing it by a few inches and only managing to flatten him against the solid wall.

"Flan!", excitedly exclaims the dense boy, and the clearly annoyed blonde vampire raises her right hand, wiggles her fingers, then says "he broke my finger! It hurt, but I fixed it," then she looks at Anilan, and with tear-filled eyes she says "and he killed onee-chan! He was going to kill big brother Ail too! I will help big brother and get him out, but DON'T DIE, or I will get mad!"

"Wait a minute," begins the half-youkai boy, looking around the library as he realizes he's not feeling Remilia's presence at all, then asks "Remi is... She is gone?"

The little sister frowns sadly and lowers her head, then whimpers "yeah. He broke her bats."

The realization hits the dense boy hard, his eyes begin to glow light red, his face turns red with rage, and in an ominous tone of voice, he asks "that bastard... killed REMILIA?"

A strange energy rises behind the dense one, depicting the image of an orange tiger, then the crystal Palace of Pandemonium, then a giant green frog, a giant white snake with red eyes, and finally, the yin-yang symbol.

His sword of light grows larger and the excited little vampire forgets her pain, cheers and says "YAY! I can do that too!", summons her giant red Lavatein and places her sight on the demonic godling again.

Furious, Ail growls softly, forgets about his powers being out of whack, then sternly commands "Suzaku, Tenshi, forgive me, but this stupid bastard is mine! Take care of Rika and try to find any survivors. Me and Flandre are going to severely punish this alien retard!"

Even Rika stops crying when she feels the dense boy's energy rise, feels as Tenshi nods silently, and watches as Suzaku reluctantly bows and says "fine, but don't go over your heads. Look what he did to everyone here. And if you need my help CALL ME!"

Both Flandre and Ail look sideways at the fire-red bird, grin, then swiftly fly toward the evil godling, who has just pushed himself off the wall and glowers around.

Before he takes notice of his attackers, the blonde vampire kicks his back, shoots several scarlet shards and pushes him up toward the dense big-brother, who swings his blade, pushing the moronic god upward, then shoots three concentrated orange bullets.

The blonde vampire reaches the god in training before he recovers, grabs him by the throat, smashes him face-first against the wall, clenches her right fist and blows up his head again, shoots massive red orbs, pulls him out of the wall, tosses him up, then strikes him hard upward with her massive sword.

The dense boy stabs the godling on the chest with his sword, makes the monster flinch when he shoots blue and white petals straight at his face, flip-kicks him upward, then he and the young Scarlet regroup a little higher up, swing their swords simultaneously, and successfully smash Drake out of the library, give each other a high-five, then chase after him.

Tenshi and Suzaku watch awestruck, unable to believe how easily those two dealt with that god after he had caused so much damage, but their attention turns to Rika again, who sobs and cries "I couldn't even give her a proper burial. It's all his fault, but I should have saved her, but I failed!"

The celestial and bird want nothing more than to calm the maid down, but before either can think of something, they turn their heads around when from below they hear Sakuya sighing with relief and saying "finally, he's gone."

Even the sobbing shrine maid opens her eyes excitedly, some light returning to them upon seeing Izayoi flying up to them, holding something on her hands and saying "I sincerely apologize for not coming to your aid before, but if that monster had found out my lady was still alive-"

"Sakuya, enough! You have to rest or those wounds won't heal," commands the head of Remilia Scarlet, which rests on the maid's arms as she patiently waits for her new body to grow.

Tenshi and Suzaku both share the same look of surprise as they stare at the head of the Scarlet Mansion, then the annoyed vampire furiously asks "WHAT? Never seen a vampire recovering? Well TAKE GOOD LOOK FOR THE LAST TIME, for you won't get another chance!"

She has recovered her skin, eyes and hair, and oddly enough, she has grown tiny bat-like wings underneath her ears, but that's about it. She is just a head with black bat wings.

Sakuya drops on her seat on the balcony, unable to keep herself on her feet any longer, then softly says "please, we need to get lady Patchouli. She's up on the third floor."

Rika starts to laugh softly on her friend's arms, though her tears don't stop, and feeling offended, the silver-haired maid angrily asks "and what, may I ask, is so darn funny?"

"Yeah, Rika, that's so unlike you," says the celestial in a tone of disbelief, thinking her friend has broken.

The angelic maid continues laughing and sobbing, lets herself fall back on Tenshi's arms, and while looking at the ceiling, she cries "Remilia is alive! Flandre won't have to suffer again! He-he didn't destroy this wonderful home after all!"

The girls all share confused glances, then the blue-haired celestial shrieks when the angel-winged maid closes her eyes, expels her held breath, then lets herself drop limp.

Before Tenshi panics any further, Suzaku tweets and calmly says "don't worry, she's just exhausted. She will wake up soon."

Even the vampire head sighs with relief, and after the shrine's maid is gently placed on the floor, the Mistress says "alright, just let her rest. We, meaning you, have a job to do!"

Outside the mansion Ail and Flandre continue beating Drake all the way to the right side of the lake's shore, causing frightened birds and fairies in the area to fly away for dear life.

On the ground, the vampire has freed herself of her sword and is striking the sturdy and stubborn godling on the face and chest with her bare claws and fists, and although he grunts, her fury increases when she realizes she's still only doing minimal damage, and that he recovers almost as soon as she's done hitting him.

She hops away, snarls as she raises her right hand, clenches it tighter than she needs to, and his right shoulder explode, but once again, the limb is restored by the time the dust clears.

The little sister keeps her fist clenched as she growls, a vein pops on her forehead and fist, then she shouts "why the **** can't I break this stupid ***** piece of ***** of an useless GOD!"

On the sky above, from within a black blob, a girl happily shouts "ooh! It's the potty-mouthed girl again," to which Flandre shoots an orb at and shouts "SHUT THE HELL UP, RUMIA!", blasting the black blob from the sky.

Drake recovers from the assault and takes the chance to get close to the distracted blonde girl, punches her across the face with his sword on hand, increasing the force of impact, then he shoots a thin holy beam through her left shoulder, making her scream out in pain.

Before the godling makes the next move, Ail swoops down from nowhere and punches Starstriker across the face with his weapon hand, increasing both force and sting of impact, and as the vile god flies away, he also shoots a beam that pierces through his skin, making a god yelp out in pain.

The dense one raises his sword of light, Shinki's blessing glowing brightly on his bracelet, and asks "how do you like THAT, huh? How does it feel to bet bullied by someone else, for a change?"

The monster god grunts, holding his left shoulder as he stands up, wincing in pain as the wound inflicted by the half-youkai slowly heals, then defiantly shouts "you are all a bunch of MORONS! I am not bullying anybody, I am purifying this land so that the light may shine over!"

Ail's face becomes dark and cold, his gaze deadly, the image of the divine frog glows with intensity on his bracelet, then a pair of hands made of rock spring from the ground and clap Drake between them, crushing his body as they squeeze him tight, then the half-youkai boy says "you are a goddamned god, not a human priest! You are supposed to keep balanced, not go around playing 'hero of the humans' and taking single sides!"

"What would you know about that, you half-life FAILURE!", shouts the godling, hitting an obvious raw nerve on the dense boy that saddens him, then grins and continues "oh yes, I know about you, how you're supposed to be this 'enlightened' being, whose choices always take one bad step at every turn! Especially that last misstep you took."

Flandre Scarlet jumps over her big brother, punches and kicks the god with her scarlet-flame covered limbs, using moves taught to her by Meiling, then shouts "don't listen to this devil! He is bad! They called Remilia onee-chan the devil, but she was not!", then points at the boy and finishes "THIS ONE is the devil!"

Starstriker coughs out some blood after his stomach resettles itself, then angrily shouts "who the HELL are you calling a devil when you yourself ARE ONE!"

"Don't you dare talk to her like that," roars Ail as he lunges forward with his sword of light aimed at the godling, stabs him on the chest with it, then sends him flying backward all the way to the lake's shore.

The god in training manages to get on his knees after rolling near the water's edge, and during this moment of respite he thinks "I underestimated these two! Separated I could stand a chance, but as long as they are together... There must be something I can do. I need to get rid of one before I can take out the other. Easier said than done."

That's when he turns his head around, he sees the glistening, pure and crystalline water of the Misty Lake shimmering with the after midday's sun, then a sinister grin takes his face.

He hops back to avoid two danmaku showers, one of blue lasers and white orbs, the other of scarlet shards and massive red orbs, then takes flight toward the center of the lake.

Ail flies closer to Flandre, who clicks her tongue and says "dammit, we missed," then he places his hand on her shoulder to get her attention and says "careful Flan, he's already recovered. We need to strike him together if we want to beat him."

The blonde vampire nods once, and she and her big brother fly straight after Drake, keeping their eyes fixed on him for any signs of sudden movements.

The godling stops when he believes is at a perfect spot above the water, looks to the half-youkai and blonde vampire coming straight for him, then chuckles and says to himself "excellent. This water is pure enough to purify them both at once. I'm recovered enough now, so I just have to play my cards right."

The boy and the vampire get in range, he summons his weapon of light again, she surrounds her arms with her scarlet energy, twist around each other to try and confused the god, then split up and shoot small bullets.

Drake hovers in place and swings his sword with both hands at a blinding speed, cutting and deflecting the insane danmaku shower closing in on him from all sides, then roars as he expands his energy to cancels the rest of the bullets.

Ail and Flandre take a dive straight at their target, aiming to smash his head in, and just as they are in range the godling reveals his bladed gauntlet of light on his left hand, stabs Ail's left shoulder with it, and throws him straight to the water.

Almost an instant after, he moves slightly to the left and lets the vampire fly past him, kicks her stomach hard with his knee, then grabs her by the throat and smiles as he says "time to purify you too!", and before she can react, he punches her forehead with all his might, using the sword's hand guard for more power, and weakens her considerably.

He immediately takes a dive, stretching his left arm forward so that Flandre plunges into the water first, his vile smile turning evil as he gets closer and closer to the body of water, then something kicks him from the side, forcing him to raise his arm and release the vampire.

Ail jumps on the vile godling's head, sinking it into the water, then catches the blonde vampire in mid-air, lands on top of the water beside the enemy, then runs to the shore as fast as he can, gently places the young Scarlet on the ground away from the water, then turns his angry gaze back at the monster god.

Drake, being a god, stands on the water as he shoots a dark and dirty glare at the dense half-youkai, points at him with his sword, and furiously asks between hard breaths "you. walk. on WATER?"

Ail steps on the lake water again, activates his sword of light, though quickly notices its slowly becoming smaller and weaker, then says "yea. You got a problem with that?", while thinking "shit, I'm getting tired already! But I can't let him know that. Besides, I need to keep him away from Flan! He won't touch her again, I won't let him!"

The godling takes flight, his eyes glow with hatred and rage, he points his sword at Anilan, and furiously says "only gods and highly illuminated beings can do that. What the hell are you? You are not a god, and you are most certainly not illuminated!"

The dense boy gulps when he feels Starstriker's energy pass through him like cold blades, but he stands his ground, raises his sword, and when he tries to take flight he immediately realizes he cannot.

He fakes having just hopped to get momentum and starts speed-walking to keep up his appearance and thinks "shit, this is bad. My powers are out of whack again," then shouts "then I wonder how is it that you could stand on the water. You're just another fallen god turned to demon!"

The tiger symbol on the supposedly enlightened boy's bracelet starts to glow as he begins to skate on the water, something that just occurred to him he should be doing from the start, and picks up speed the closer he gets to the godling's position.

The god in training snarls after the insult, grabs his sword with both hands, then dives toward the half-youkai and shouts "I'll make you regret ever questioning my godhood!"

Ail quickly finds himself blocking a powerful sword strike by Drake and pushing hard against it, almost sinking into the water due to the pressure alone, but saves himself when he accidentally slips his left foot and slides beneath the vile godling.

The lucky dense boy miraculously manages to slide up straight again and stake his way around his opponent, smiles when he realizes his new position, then rushes toward Starstriker and swings his sword with momentum backing him up.

The strike sends the godling skidding back a few feet, but he recovers quickly and roars as he runs toward the dense one to attack again.

They clash swords one again, but this time they free their blades swiftly and try a side swing, and as both blades graze each other Drake takes the chance to summon his gauntlet and stabs Ail on the stomach.

Even with the surge of pain flooding his head, the dense boy lifts his left hand and shoots a laser beam the pierces the godling's ribs, and somehow Ail's attack causes enough harm for Drake to scream and flinch, then stumble backward away from his attacker.

Both boys end up kneeling on the water, the dense one almost plunging right in, when the frog and Pandemonium symbols glow bright on his bracelet and water vines form under the evil god and rise to restrain him.

The god in training notices the bracelet on his opponent's wrist, he tenses up, and with all his rage he shouts "why? Why are the gods conspiring against me? Do they want to keep her away from me? I WON'T LET THEM!"

Anilan rubs his wound a bit while it recovers, closes his eyes to try and activate his Yozoragan blood limit, then sighs when nothing happens and says to himself "great. Guess I'm going to have to rough it," then raises a spell card.

He stares at Drake and loudly says "man, and they say I'm stupid and thick! Don't you realize that what you are doing is just plain wrong? Even the other gods are defending this place. Take the hint already!"

"You don't understand," shouts the godling, water running down his eyes as despair claims him. "I have to purify the lands I visit, turn them to the light, so that I can move on to the next world and make others happy! It's the only way I'll get to see Mina again!"

Ail raises an eyebrow, lowers his spell card, stares in disbelief, then says "wait, what? My goodness, did you just contradict your own actions just now? Look around you! You're not making ANYONE happy."

He takes a deep breath, collects his thoughts, then says "you attacked my friend Kyo without a reason, made Byakuren question herself, almost killed Nue, killed two rabbits at Eintei and pained those living there, almost killed Yukari, Kimi, attacked the people of that mansion when they didn't even glance your way, KILLED Remilia and Kali, made Rika, the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, and Flandre cry, and who knows what else you have done wrong."

The dense boy recovers his breath from the long winded speech, looks up at the trapped god, then asks "do you really think you're making anyone happy?"

Drake Starstriker stares into his opponent's yellowish-brown eyes and actually shows some sort of remorse, but it is short lived, and his dark-brown eyes get filled with rage, glow faint red, then he roars "LIAR!"

He takes a deep breath and shouts "I can see the darkness in you! You just want to trick me, but it won't work! I will NEVER fall for your evil tricks!"

Ail sighs, shakes his head while placing his hand lightly on his forehead, then looks up with pity and says "you're just being thickly stubborn now, so I'm afraid the fight must go on, and that I must stop you, for the good of Gensokyo."

He lifts his spell card with his left hand, stares deeply into the godling's eyes, and declares "Light Sign, Within The Jewel's Core!"

The Yin-Yang symbol on the bracelet begins to glow and spin as the spell card activates, then seven bright stars with eight sharp edges materialize around the dense boy and move in a circle around him.

In a flash, the stars move at the speed of light straight at Drake, leaving behind randomly placed beams of light that rain light-blue petal bullets that home in straight on to the vile god, as though wanting to purify him.

Starstriker screams out loud as Ail's spell burns his flesh, and just like when being attacked by Shinki, the god in training feels great pain as the spell punishes him without mercy, but unlike with Shinki, he feels he can resist this attack a little easier.

While Anilan is concentrating on his spell the vile godling observes how the watery vines work, and as soon as he notices is a simple constricting spell, he summons his clawed gauntlet and breaks his left arm free, shoots a beam of light at the base of the vines, and the second that he is free, he shoots a large holy orb straight at his attacker's face.

The dense boy screams when pain, surprise and shock mix, then holds his burning face, canceling his spell, loses his blade of light, and almost plunges into the water.

The monstrous god in training grabs the dense boy by the right arm just under the bracelet, pulls him closer, then crushes his arm, making Ail scream so loud to the air, even the water ripples from the intensity.

From the island, Flandre rushes in with her Lavatein already active while desperately calling "I'm coming big brother! I'll save you!"

Drake smiles vilely, lifts his sword, points the blade at the little vampire, and Ail can only watch as this evil god fills his arm and blade with a pure white light, focuses it into a ball at the tip of the blade, and before shooting it he whispers "watch how your dark girlfriend becomes cleansed in the purest of lights."

The unbearable surge of pain flowing through the dense boy's body prevents him from stopping the vile god, and can only watch as the massive orb of light flies toward the younger Scarlet.

Flandre grins and simply flies over the orb, but gets surprised when the light reaches for her and traps her, then she screams at the top of her lungs as the light immediately envelops her and starts to burn her skin while pushing her all the way back to the island.

"F-Flaaaan," weakly calls Ail, who grunts when Drake pulls him up and asks "let's see, how did you get this curious bracelet, and how come someone as full of darkness as you has so many godly blessings here?"

Flandre's screaming stops after a while, the dense boy with a heart of gold feels himself getting severely depressed, then Starstriker comments "hmm, this is odd," and gasps when the images of the furious Shinki, Shou, Kanako and Suwako appear before him.

As they glare at him, Ail hears Kanako in his mind saying "Ail, the moment he lets go, take off flying and open a gap to the Garden of the Sun. Make SURE he follows you. Now get ready!"

The boy can feel the pain subsiding, a surge of energy fill his very being, and feeling confident and hungry for revenge for Flandre and his friends, he nods and thinks "yeah, I'm ready! Let's make him pay!"

Before the godling notices Ail's recovery, a large white snake rises from the bracelet's crystal and lunges its open mouth at his face.

He yelps and releases the dense boy, who takes flight and takes the chance to shoot his best beam straight at the monster god's back, piercing his skin and drawing blood, making himself feel good, then shouts "that was for FLANDREΒΈ you son of a DEMON COW!"

The taunt worked, evident when the demonic god turns a fiery face at him and shouts "YOUUUU! I'll cut our your goddamned tongue and burn it on a stack while I rip off you HEAD!"

Ail opens a gap to the Garden of the Sun as ordered, flies through it as fast as he currently can, and Starstriker darts inside after him at full speed.

The gap closes up, and already the chaotic peace begins to return to the Misty Lake and the Scarlet Devil Mansion, even with the losses suffered that day.

The Garden of the Sun, a peaceful piece of land reigned by flowers of all kinds, though dominated mostly by sunflowers, which have begun to whither as autumn gets closer.

Ail's gap opens just before the first bed of flowers, and a second after its open, the boy flies out, holding his right arm close to his chest and wincing in pain, and heads straight forward, hoping to reach Yuka's house, and praying she's in the mood to help.

Drake speeds right out of the gap just before it closes up, quickly catches up above the dense boy and says "so you think you can just sneak an attack and insult me, then just run away? I don't think so," then shoots a bright piercing beams that cuts a hole on the center of Anilan's back and punches the boy with his clawed gauntlet of light on the neck down to the flowerbed, where he crashes before his grunt of pain ends.

A moment of blindness saves the dense boy from seeing how violently he falls straight onto the bed of flowers, and all he can do now is hold his broken arm and clench his eyes shut while waiting for the ride to end.

The ride has stopped; he can feel the dirt lifted under his body, the many flower stems knocked around him, but he can't feel his legs or his right arm anymore.

Probably a blessing, considering the pain from it would probably be maddening by now, though the legs is something he definitely wishes he could feel right now.

He feels when the godling lands beside him, and starts to breathe hard through his mouth as he attempts to turn around.

Drake kicks Ail's side, sending a jolt of pain through his nervous system when the energy from the kick penetrates his very bones.

Even with the pain he's feeling and the limbs he can't feel, Ail still smiles at the vile monster while thinking "so, after all of this, after all I have been through, I am going to die by the hands of this murderer. Ugh, I couldn't avenge my friends either. That's one regret right there."

The murderous god kneels, looks at the boy in the eyes, then says "you had great potential to be a great warrior of the light. Makes me wonder why would you chose to side with the darkness and try to save those devils."

Ail can only hear mumbles coming from the boy besides him while he continues thinking "ah, but after what I did here, the damage I caused, not just to me an Reimu, but to the timeline itself it no wonder. No wonder Mima is so mad. I bet Yukari is equally mad at me. Not that it matters anymore."

Drake stands up, looks down to the boy, then says "well, you really annoyed me back there, so this has become a bit personal now. Still, your purification will be treated as the rest. Say hello to the gods when you meet them up there. Tell them I'll be coming soon."

Again, the dense boy can't hear a word the godling is telling him, but can see how he raises his sword, readying the killing move, and thinks "well, this is it. I know I have died before, but I can't help but feel scared. Oh well, I hope the pain is short lived. And... here it comes."

Starstriker wastes no more time and thrusts the sword straight into Ail's chest, making a horrible sound of slicing flesh and breaking bones that mixes with the gurgled grunt as the boy spits out some blood.

The blade fills with a dark grey mist at a rapid pace, and all the godling does while witnessing this is smile and say "well, first time I see this color, and it's filling so quickly too. Seems my sword likes you."

Anilan Inmodo Leuch's body convulses as he groans and screams after the blade fills up and glows dark grey, then he is silenced as his body falls limp on the destroyed flowerbed, his smile gone, carried away by the wind that suddenly blows all over the flower field.

The murderous god stares down at the dead boy and wonders why would allies of light join the ranks of the darkness.

He shrugs, strong in his belief that what he is doing is the right thing, that it is what a god should do, then pulls his sword and begins looking around, wondering where he is, and how he can reach the Scarlet Mansion again to finish what he started.

He feels his body being pushed forward by something small but strong, then grunts when a pink parasol breaks through his back and the left of his chest, and a sweetly ominous woman's voice asks "and who might you be?"

There is a moment of pause where the monster godling grunts and coughs out some blood, then the woman ominously sweetly asks "hmm, that was too tough for you, so let me rephrase. Why did you destroy those precious flowers, and why. in the HELL! is MY FAVORITE PET BOY DEAD ON THEM?"

Before he can answer, Drake finds himself being swung above a green-haired woman who uses a parasol like a sword, then is smashed head-first on to the ground so hard, he makes a small crater upon impact, away from the flowers.

He manages to roll away, but remains kneeling on the ground when his eyes meet the new sight.

That woman and four others kneel beside Ail's body, all staring down with pale faces and looks of disbelief.

"Oh no," whispers Marisa with hopelessness in her voice.

Reimu chokes, tears start rolling down her cheeks without stop, then she whimpers "A-Ail? Anilan? Why can't I sense him?"

Sanae, though crying, smiles and places her hand on the boy's stiffening shoulder and says "n-no, this is a-a phase. H-he's going to wake up again, you'll see. Very soon. He... is going to wake up."

Kurumi lowers her head, covers her shoulder with her wings, and with a sad smile on her face she says "Miss Yuka, I failed. I failed my oath. I didn't protect him."

Yuka sighs, moves closer to the boy's knees, lean over to close his eyes, then says "this poor flower. Cut from his roots before they settled in their rightful place. Such a shame."

The Moriya Shrine maiden begins to hyperventilate, throws herself on the boy and screams "come on! Wake up! Ail-kun, this is not funny! WAKE UP!"

She takes out her gohei, shouts "come on you stupid wound, HEAL!", and strikes him repeatedly on the head, then on the wound on his chest while shouting "a miracle! He'll live with a miracle!"

Surprisingly enough, it is the witch who pulls her away and holds her in a warm embrace so that she looks away, then comfort her by saying "calm down. Hitting won't work now. Just calm down."

As Sanae cries away on Marisa's shoulder, the other girls stare in shock as that boy, whom had one problem fall on his lap after another, is finally put to rest, and horror at the sight of his skin turning bluish rather fast.

Drake has healed fully, his clothes magically restored, and feeling annoyed at the scene he stands up and loudly says "why can't you be happy for him? I purified his soul and sent him straight to the gods! He's probably shaking hands with one of them as we spe-augh!"

He doesn't know when, or how it happened, but his throat is being gripped by the one called Yuka, and her strength is actually causing him fright.

She slowly raises him up, staring darkly at his face, no deceiving smile or sweet tone of voice as she says "even I know when to shut up, but it seems a whelp like you needs to learn that lesson yet."

She looks to the left and commands "Kurumi!", then turns her attention back to the godling and says "so allow me to teach you the beauty of a shut mouth on an undesirable cockroach that is loved by none and hated by all!"

She throws him away from her field of flowers, immediately chases after him, kicks him hard on the back when in reach, shouts "Original Master Spark!", and after her beam fries his body, Kurumi appears from above and flip-kicks him down to the ground, where he grunts out loud after his body bounces against the cold dirt.

Drake immediately rolls away, avoiding another umbrella-thrust by Yuka, and even as dizzy as he feels he shoots a straight beam at her, which she easily blocks with her hand, mocking his strength with a grin.

Before he has the chance to comment, Kurumi swoops down, grabs him by the face, lifts him seven feet in the air, and the second she sees him move a finger, she winds her back as far as she can and smashes her hard vampire forehead on his, sending his dazed self hard against the ground.

As soon as he gets up and groans he is bombarded by saw-like flowers and blade-like sunflower petals, white energy orbs from the sky, and just as soon as those are over, the flower youkai grabs the boy by the neck an throws him against a large rock, where he groans as he slowly slides back to the ground, leaving his blood to stain the solid surface.

Yuka groans with frustration and asks "ugh, can't that sword of yours fly somewhere else already?"

"It, gurk! will only leave my hand when commanded," groans the godling as he stands up as if nothing has happened to him, then stares straight into the green-haired woman's eyes.

She shoots spinning flowers and he rolls to the left, the blonde vampire dive-kicks his head, but ends up going right through him, and when she looks around to see what had happened, she gasps and exclaims "Miss Yuka! After-images!"

The vile god smiles while his sword is going through the flower master's stomach, and though she groans, she smiles and asks "don't you know that the most beautiful of roses comes with the sharpest of thorns?"

Before the sword can even begin to fill up with the mist, several thorny vines rise from underground and coil around the boy's limbs and waist, making sure to pierce his skin and pull tight to keep him restrained.

Yuka winces and rubs the wound on her stomach, yet still looks up and casually says "and still, that sword remains on your hand. Whatever shall I have to do? Break your wrist the same way you did to Ail?"

Drake engulfs himself in bright holy fire, burns himself free from the thorny vines and prepares a fireball for the flower youkai, then the well-endowed blonde vampire shoots thin blood-red lasers to his left, making him wince a little when one touches one of his still healing holes from the thorns, then dives in for a claw attack.

The godling grabs Kurumi by one hand, absorbs his own fireball and surrounds both his arms with it, and the vampire girl screams as he grabs her other hand and now both her hands dry up and start to turn to dust.

He smiles at her and says "one less devil for this land. I'll purify you with your very own energy."

She creams out loud when the boy starts absorbing her magic by one arm, but before the filtered energy enters through the other, two Yukas appear from below, place one hand on his chest, then declare "Dual Spark!"

The vile god releases his victim to attack, but he is far too late and the twin beams of light burn his body in the most painful way Kazami can come up with; making sure he's still absorbing magic so that the overflow of power hurts him even more.

He slams to the ground on his back with a solid thud and doesn't even bounce, and writhes around as he expels the excess energy through bolts that fall on the grass and dirt below.

Yuka grabs the whimpering Kurumi, inspects her 'dead' hands, then says "go back in the house and stay there until I say otherwise."

"But I-"

Kurumi's weak defiance is met by a chop to the neck that knocks her out, then the flower youkai throws her limp body like a spinning star straight to her house, all the way across the entire flower field, and only after the body zips through the open door does the sound of crashing takes the peace away.

Meanwhile, down by the destroyed flowerbed, Reimu cries as she holds Ail's cold hand, gently runs her thumb over the back of it, then softly says "he's not coming back this time."

Even Marisa sheds a tear after this revelation, but covers her face by pulling down on the brim of her hat, and fighting her desire so cry as well she says "n-n-don't you go saying th-things like that. I-he's been through worse stuff."

As she says this, she remember when she forced him to return from the outside world, how she separated his consciousness from his body when he opened that gap to that paradise she thought would be good for Reimu, how much she suffered, and made others hurt because of that, and now even her hat is not enough to hide the tears running down her cheeks.

Sanae has stopped crying out loud, but she remains on her knees, staring at her dense boy and combing his hair when tears start flowing rapidly down her cheeks.

She slides her hand to his cheek, touches it with the back of her hand, then softly says "this was just unfair. He didn't deserve this."

"No, he didn't," says another boy from the left.

The girls turn their heads and see Damien, trying to look nonchalant, yet failing to hide a certain annoyance as he says "he deserved an honorable death dealt by my hand, but now it seems I've been robbed of that honor myself."

The Moriya and Hakurei maidens get on their feet with their gohei on hand and hatred aimed at the offending Makaian Lord, but he ignores them and continues "that pathetic excuse for a god took his life just like that. I... want revenge."

He looks at the girls, both red eyes revealed to them, stopping them from throttling him as he shouts "it is INSULTING that I, a great and powerful lord of darkness FAILED to kill this BOY, then this pathetic being mocking godhood comes and kills him just like that!"

He reveals his black staff, summons two of the red blade with bloody veins on them and grins as though mad while shouting "so I am going to help you humiliate him, girls! I give you my word, he will fall, for my name is Damien, Lord of Makai!"

The two shrine maidens and the witch stare at this boy with disbelief, but when his dark aura expands and his energy is revealed, they all gasp with surprise.

Meanwhile, above them, Yuka has Drake grunting with pain as she pushes his left-hand finger backward and kicks his stomach with her knees while crushing his right wrist.

He opens his eyes wide as though in great pain but smiles, though that smile quickly turns to a frown and he says "wait, what just happen? Where are my eye lasers?"

The flower master of Gensokyo winds her back and collides her head hard against the monster god, knocking him hard to the ground bellow.

He recovers in mid-air, flips and lands on his feet, uses them like a spring to get back to the air, and roars as he aims his sword straight at the woman's neck, shouting "I bested Yukari, I'll be DAMNED before I let you win!"

Yuka giggles, holds her stomach wound after a throb, moves sideways to avoid Drake's attack at the very last moment, then raises a spell card in the air and happily declares "Flower Sign, The Reflowering of Gensokyo!"

Large yellow seeds spread all around the flower youkai, shaping a giant eight-petal flower that grows five times Yuka's own size, and just as the godling scoffs, thinking he can break through another spell card, his entire body is wrapped by a cold chill when the woman's sinister glowing eyes and grin meet with his own eyes.

He places a magical barrier of light in front of himself and shouts "s-stand back you evil demon!", like a frightened child, and now his entire body shakes as the seed bullets get closer.

Kazami chuckles playfully, adds large yellow orbs to her spell, and as the attack gets closer to its target she sinisterly and happily says "you dare call me a demon. But I'm not the overpowered brat going around killing innocent youkai. Now, say goodbye to that paper shield of yours, and say HELLO TO THE PAIIIIIN!"

When the very first seed bullet touches Drake's barrier, it shatters to pieces in an instant, and the boy is immediately struck by several of those bright yellow orbs, but it's not until the seeds touch him that the pain causes him to scream.

Each and every seed burns him as they penetrate his skin and sting his very bones, then more of those bright yellow orbs explode on top of his head and stomach, and all he can do is cover his face with his forearms and scream "HOW? I HAD A BARRIER!"

He somehow manages to assimilate with the pain, though by sheer force of will, then rushes straight at the attacking woman with his sword behind him, prepared for a full-powered swing.

Yuka ducks the moment the blade is swung, punches the vile godling on the stomach, gets a knee to the face from the offender, recovers rapidly, grabs the boy's legs, swings him around, then throws him away from her flower field once more, shoots a mid-sized yellow beam, then stops.

Drake hits the ground, grunts after his head hits that solid rock nearby, but like always, he recovers quickly and takes flight.

The flower youkai sighs sadly, then says "I'm sorry, but I cannot play with you any longer. The girls want to be the ones to finish you, and after what you did, I'm not getting in their way."

The murderous god growls and moves to finish the youkai off, but stops immediately.

The glowering, sleeveless Sanae gets in his way, the furious Marisa covers his right, aiming her Hakkero at him, the smiling Damien covers his left, and the ribbon-less Reimu snarls from behind and raises her right hand.

She shows him the angel wings symbol on the back and says "you. I felt it all. How you made Rika suffer so much even my own stomach turns inside-out! How did you do it?"

The godling opens his mouth, but the shrine maiden cuts him of by a simple raise of her hand and says "no, don't tell me. I might want to kill you instead of just seal you."

The blue and white maiden growls and roar "I might FORGET sealing and go straight for the kill!"

The witch slightly lifts her head and ominously says "I'm not holding back with a monster like you."

Damien chuckles and says "you took the right to Ail's life from me. Time to answer like a man, little boy!"

The red and white's straight face can't hide the rage she feels, though as angry as she is she calmly says "you caused a lot of trouble, dared to ignore the spell card rules, MY rules, killed youkai for no reason, caused Rika a lot of pain, and killed a very dear lov- friend. It is time to answer for you crimes."

Yuka Kazami giggles sweetly as she slowly flies down to the ground while singing "have fun girls~ I'll keep Ail some company while you have fun."

Looking at the four figures around him, two of light, one of the darkness, and one of explosive power, the god's nerve begins to fail him, and for the first time in many years, he is feeling true fear.

Meanwhile, on the destroyed flowerbed, the girls have placed Ail's hand across his chest, and under them he holds Sanae's sleeves and Reimu's missing ribbon.

Sanae makes the first move and swings her gohei around, unleashing stars and pentagrams in such numbers, the black and white witch as to whistle before saying "hey, I can't let you show off on your own like that."

Marisa follows the Moriya Maiden's lead, summons two pink magical circles, two blue orbs, then shoots green stars from her hand, thin straight beams from the circles, and massive icicles from the blue orbs.

Starstriker moves his sword at blinding speeds again, blocking and cutting all the attacks he can, but he quickly begins to feel strained and drops underneath the attacks in hopes of avoiding getting hit so soon.

Unknown to him, Reimu expected the move and has shot energy-filled persuasion needles just beneath him, filling his back with painful power-sealing needles, and after he grunts, the blue and white maiden closes in and strikes his forehead with her gohei.

He uses the momentum of the impact to spin in place, forces the needles off his body, then chases after the maiden with vengeful eyes.

The witch notices this and roars "oh no you don't! Comet, Blazing Star!", her body and broom shine brightly with light, and she's rushing toward the golding at the speed of a comet.

The foolish boy is an inch away from catching Sanae's foot when Marisa tackles him hard, burns his hand, then leaves a trail of stars that burn his skin on contact.

He screams with pain but manages to keep himself in the air, summons his gauntlet with several undulated blades, then punches the air, successfully catching the witch off guard and cutting her right calf in two places.

The blue and white maiden calls for Marisa, snarls, then shouts "what kind of a man hits a lady like that? Oh, that's right, you're a MURDERER! Frog Sign, Wily Toad!"

The girl focuses for a moment, ignoring the monster god roaring as he goes after her, then four bright sparks fly from her body and violently explode into countless tiny blue frogs.

Drake groans when the frogs turn red and shape the image of Suwako glowering at him, then become a cluster tiny red bullets that zip right to him and phase through his whole body, burning everything in their path and causing so much pain to the god he falls to the ground.

He recovers quickly, stops form crashing, shakes his head, then raises both hands and starts shooting rapid laser beams and holy orbs that spread and search for a target, then shouts "you are all tainted! Gensokyo is a land of the dark demons! I HAVE TO PURIFY THIS WHOLE WORLD!"

The girls scream when they find themselves dodging deathly spells that still burn them, even after missing, then Reimu shouts "don't let those things touch you! And YOU, godling, when I get my hands on you-WHOA!"

The vile god intensifies his bullets, adding magical blades meant to destroy the flesh and bones of a dragon, then smile as he says to himself "fools, thinking they can best a god. I'll show them."

"Eh-he-he! Don't forget about me," says Damien from behind the boy in brown, who turns around with a gasp and immediately launches a sword swing.

The Makaian lord laughs as he blocks the sword with his staff, his eyes glow with intensity as he easily pushes the offending blade away, then swings his weapon again, only to get blocked by the gauntlet of light.

Said gauntlet fades away after blocking the blood-red blade of the staff, and Damien wastes no time in smashing the godling's nose with the back of the staff and shouting "Chaos Sign, Demonic Magicanon!"

He joins his wrists and spreads his palms, then a thick black and purple beam shoots from him and goes straight to the stunned boy.

The very second the Makaian's beam makes contact with the god in training, Marisa's Master Spark crashes with it, smashing the godling in between light and dark attacks, and causing him to scream out loud as the two beams both freeze and burn him.

The black and white witch angrily shouts "don't go stealing my spells!"

Damien cackles like a maniac, waves his left hand around while holding his beam with the right, and shouts out loud "MORE! GIVE IT MORE POWER! WAHAHAHAHA!"

From the destroyed flowerbed, Yuka, who sits besides Ail's body, sighs and smiles before happily saying "will you look at that? That scary god of murders is being murdered. How delightfully ironic."

Up on the sky, the moment the two beams stop, Drake's floppy body falls down to the ground, and after bouncing twice on the ground, the dark lord face palms and says "geez, how PATHETIC! This is embarrassing!"

He looks at the girls, scoffs, then says "he's all yours. Seriously, this weakling's too easy. I'll just watch and enjoy the show."

Reimu glowers at the dark boy, snorts, then suddenly disappears.

Starstriker groans loudly as he gets up, but falls back on his knees, his vision becomes a bit blurry, then he holds his head and thinks "what in Heaven's name is happening to me? Something like that shouldn't have affected me this much. Maybe that dark one's power surpasses my own, or perhaps it was that witch."

Finally recovering from the daze, he stands up, then Reimu appears behind him, glaring furiously while clenching her gohei tight, and the second he turns around to face her, she kicks him so hard she sends him spinning the air.

She disappears and appears above, throwing a dive kick and saying "you are not..."

She disappears again after sending the boy down, appears below him, bats him upward with her gohei and continues "done here with us!"

She disappears again and appears besides him, slide-kicks him in mid air and says "get BACK up there..."

She disappears after kicking him slightly upwards, appears above him, waits for him to get closer, then does a backward spin, kicks him straight up, and finishes "AND FIGHT LIKE THE GOD YOU ARE!"

Even Damien stares at the maiden with fright, points at her, then nervously says "remind me to never piss that girl off."

Marisa chuckles, happily says "wise. You will live long mister," then flies toward the battle once more.

Sanae is the first to reach the vile godling and whacks him on the head with her gohei, kicks him on the stomach, then, as tears start rolling down her cheeks, she furiously shouts "why did you kill him? What the hell is your problem? Gods don't kill others out of spite like that! They don't take sides! They provide HELP and GUIDANCE for those willing to accept it!"

She raises her gohei for another strike, but the monstrous god grabs her hand with his clawed gauntlet, makes her cry out in pain after sinking those claws of light into her skin, then winds his sword back and says "I'll teach you what a god can REALLY do!"

Reimu moves again, angrily grumbling "that blasted sword again," then takes a large charm from her right sleeve and heads straight toward the two gods.

Multi-colored stars explode on the vile god's face, forcing him to free the blue and white sleeveless maiden, who kicks his nose before flying away, then the witch shouts "you're not killing anyone here again pal."

He keeps his sight on the escaping girls, but before he can give chase, he finds himself unable to move.

The boy looks back and gasps when the furiously silent Hakurei Maiden places the large charm on his sword and ominously says "you and your sword! You stabbed Rika with this, caused her great harm, killed Ail with it, and now you tried killing Sanae too. I was never able to seal it as I should have, and I really regret it! Well, lesson learned. Time to seal this up."

She closes her eyes and summons more energy than she's ever summoned before, activating the charm that looks just like the magic symbol she and her friends made at the shrine to seal said sword before.

Drake grunts and roars as he attempts to pull his weapon free, and when he raises his fist at the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, he is met with her foot sinking into his stomach.

The seal succeeds, the sword becomes a harmless golden blade, and holding the severely weakened weapon on his hand, the godling screams "NOOOOOO! What have you done? MY SWORD!"

He raises his fist again but this time is met by a gohei to the forehead, and the face of the shrine maiden next to his, dark shadows have formed under her furious eyes, and in an angrily ominous undertone she says "you will pay for what you did to Rika and Ail."

Again, that feeling of fear takes the monster godling, and all he can do now is stare at this furious girl in the eyes while he waits for her next move.

Reimu flies back and shoots charms and amulets the god in training dodges by merely flying higher, but to his dismay, just as he's about to counter with a water spell, the amulets turn around and hit his back.

A red pentagram hits him on the head, and when he looks up, Sanae has already activated her Forgotten Ritual spell card, and the vile godling finds himself overwhelmed by the insane numbers of spinning red and expanding blue pentagrams.

Even with the red and white's bullets mixed in the spell, Drake finds a blind spot and aims to shoot a killing shot at the blue and white's neck, and smiles as he says to himself "this should level the odds in my own favor."

Damien cackles like a maniac from the right, getting the foolish god's attention, then declares "Chaos Sign, Spark of Death!"

A small purple orb on the Makaian Lord's hand grows the size of a miniature sun, he throws it at the murdering god and cackles as he shoots small purple wyvern-shaped bullets that accompany the massive dark orb.

Starstriker screams when the attacks mix right on top of him and punish him severely, then Marisa flies above everything and demands "HEY! I thought you said you didn't want to play anymore."

The dark Makaian laughs, then says "and miss out on all this fun? No way! Besides, I have a duty to lie whenever possible!"

The black and white witch chuckles, raises a spell card, then declares "Magic Sign, Stardust Reverie!"

She laughs as she slowly flies around in a circle while unleashing a shower of multi-colored stars, and just as all four attacks combine on top of the god, Drake screams "THIS IS NOT POSSIBLEEEE!"

The girls watch as the danmaku causes the boy to explode violently, then Reimu sighs, calms herself down, and slowly descends while holding on to a spell card.

"Aww man, that was PATHETIC! He fell again, ALREADY!", complains Damien as he begins his descent.

Sanae and Marisa share a glance, nod after silently acknowledging the Hakurei maiden's next move, then both begin a rapid descent.

Drake groans, punches the ground and roars with frustration, then looks at his left hand, summons a dim gauntlet of light with no additions to it and asks "what in blazes is going on? My power, my strength, it's leaving me! WHY?"

"Because you are wicked," begins Reimu, raising her spell card next to her face, then declares "you are not a god to Gensokyo's eyes! You are a narrow-minded human with powers too great for you! You lack FAITH! FANTASY HEAVEN!"

Seven white yin-yang orbs appear around the Hakurei Maiden, spinning fast and hard as she gathers energy while muttering a chant, and one by one, the orbs illuminate.

Drake gaps, fear replaced by terror on his face, thinks he can somehow escape, but when he looks up he notices a multi-colored net surrounds him and Reimu, then Sanae, struggling to keep focused on her Nine Syllable Stabs spell, manages to say "how can. a FOOL like this. ever. become a god. in the first place?"

"But I HAVE GATHERED FAITH!", argues the godling. "I have been worshiped in so many worlds for bringing them to the light; for purifying the countless demons that lived there!"

He smiles, madness becoming dominant in his face as he laughs and says "a long time ago I USED to think like you! About balance and all that bullshit! But the darkness is evil! They stabbed my back when I gave them my HAND! THEY DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE! THE EVIDENCE IS THE FAITH I HAVE GATHERED OVER THE MANY WORLDS!"

Damien cackles manically, getting Starstriker's attention, then he shakes his head, frowns as he shows disgust, then says "what good will the faith of other worlds do to you in a new world? You retarded idiot, you are supposed to gain the love of ALL wherever you are. Gain the love and faith of the people in ALL the lands you can, and you'll be the most fearsome god of ALL! But that is something an amateur like you will never understand."

"What would YOU know, demon?", spits Drake with rage.

The Makaian Lord raises his left hand, an image of his Makai appears above his palm, and he smiles and says "because I am the god and ruler of my own land! To them, those SAPS that love me and have so much faith in me, I am a GOD, and they'll go as far as to give their lives for me."

Reimu approaches Drake from the air behind him with her seven yin-yang orbs fully charged, and Damien snorts, growls, then says "but that's something a pathetic weakling like you will never learn. Take it away, girl."

The godling turns around, gasps, and the last thing he sees before the spell is activated, is Marisa channeling energy to the red and white girl, and said girl clapping her hands.

The seven orbs begin to fire sealing charms all around the god in training, who tries a desperate move and shoots laser beams at Hakurei, but all beams go through her without touching her.

Sanae cancels her spell and flies away when the overwhelming numbers of sealing charms continue taking over the area, trapping Drake within a thick dome of seals, then Reimu positions her gohei diagonally, places her left hand on the paper seals on it, then open her eyes and says "full seal."

The charms glow bright yellow, constrict the godling in a second, and feeling the pain of his energy being compressed inside his own body, Drake Starstriker screams "WHYYYYYY? I WAS A GOD! HOW CAN SHE DO THIIIIIIS?"

The spell ends, and all that is left of the god in training is now a wounded warrior shivering on the ground, curling up as his body subconsciously looks for a comfortable position that would somehow lessen his pain.

The Makaian Lord approaches the boy, grabs his hands and pulls them up, places a black energy cuffs on him, then says "you never really were a god. If you had been, you'd have been gathering faith around here from day one."

Later, just as the noon sky begins to turn gold, Drake sits quietly with his back against a tall sunflower, which has its petals aimed at his neck like a pair of daggers, while Damien watches over him, smiling viciously, though doing nothing in particular, other than staring.

The five girls, Kurumi already having grown a pair of new hands, surround Ail's body.

The three humans sob silently as they are unable to think of what to do, while the youkai and vampire stare silently, showing little signs of sadness.

Above them, Yukari opens a gap, her body fully restored, though still looking tired as she descends and asks "does it hurt?"

"WHAT DO YOU THINK, YOU O-" furiously barks Sanae before Reimu grabs her mouth and with a dark tone says "Yukari, now it's really not the time."

The blonde smiles, takes a deep breath, then says "oh, you are so right. It's no time for that. You should smile. You know how he hates to see people frown."

The girls all stare at the gap youkai with raised eyebrows, then Marisa asks "what the hell are you going on about, Sukima?"

The five grounded girls all twitch, their eyes expand with surprise, then all gasp and look to Ail.

A soft groan comes from the pale and cold body, his right fingers begin to twitch, and slowly he begins to move his head and legs.

He moans as one would after waking up from a long sleep, takes a deep breath, and as he exhales, he opens his new golden eyes and looks around, then takes another deep breath and asks "Miss Yuka, Miss Reimu... Miss Marisa and Miss Kurumi? What's going-?"

His vision clears further and he sees the sleeveless Sanae, and though his body is still cold he jumps to a sitting position, but yelps and drops back on the ground, holding his chest where the sword wound is, but as pained as he is he takes another deep breath and desperately whispers "Sanae. It's Sanae."

He raises his arms to her, noticing she's just standing in place and staring dumbstruck, then lowers his arms again, smiles, and softly says "oh, that's right. I did something bad. San- er, I mean, Miss Sanae, I am sorry for hurting you so much."

The dense boy looks around until he finds Reimu, sighs, then says "ah, that's right. Miss Reimu, we have to do something about those time-twisted memories, but I'm afraid I'm a little tired right now. Haah, such a fool I was. I bet Lady Moriya is also mad at-urgh! Wha?"

Kochiya has thrown herself on her boy, crying as she holds him tight around her arms, repeating "Ail-kun, my dense idiot," and after saying that for the third time she cries "you're back! Don't do that again! Stu-stupid Ail-kun, no more dying! No more le-leaving me alone!"

At first the dense one looks confused and a bit frightened, as well as a bit in pain from the wound, but that all washes away as a smile takes his face, warmth starts returning to him, and after returning a lighter embrace he sighs and says "I'm sorry for scaring you like that again... Sanae-chan."

Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by all the girls at once, all smiling even though tears hang from their eyes, then Marisa playfully rubs his head and says "you really scared these girls, ze."

Kurumi kisses his forehead, the only part of his face she can reach without bumping with Sanae's head, and says "don't you dare make me fail my oath so close to home again, or I'll kill you a second time."

He nods with a smile before Yuka sniffles and says "Kurumi, be a dear and get me a napkin. All this excitement has lowered my defenses and activated my allergies."

Ail smiles and chuckles softly after that obvious lie and whispers "glad to see you too Miss Yuka," then he glances around at the mess of flowers and says "oh my, I'm sorry. I'll restore these flowers as best as I can."

The flower master flicks his forehead while smiling naturally, and then he notices Reimu is holding his still numb left hand, then frowns and says "Miss Reimu, I am so sorry. You must be in so much pain right now."

The red and white shrine maiden shake her head, smiles while pressing his slowly warming hand against her right cheek, then says "h-hey, who do you think I am? I am strong, so I'll be alright. I'm just so glad you aren't dead for real."

The boy smiles, nods, then thinks "oh my, I made them cry. I feel terrible, but why am I so happy? *GASP* I'm a SADIST!"

"Hey, HEY! Who the hell are you?", asks a familiar voice inside his mind.

The dense one gasps and opens his eyes wider, showing off the new golden glow in them, then asks "Mima, is that you?"

Inside his mind, the evil spirit asks "Ail? How in heaven's name you open the link between us again?"

Anilan laughs, smiles at the surprised girls, says "sorry girls, I'm talking with Mima through my mind," then closes his eyes and thinks "it's a long story, but I'll explain to you later. There are some things we must do now."

Reimu chuckles, looks at the boy's eyes, then jokingly says "well, seems you won't have another private time again."

Everyone but Sanae finds the joke laughable, and while the rest keep laughing she complains "hey, that's not funny Reimu. And Mima, if you can hear me, get OUT of his head!"

Yukari observes from a high enough distance, winks when Ail looks up at her, then immediately disappears into her gap.

Meanwhile, away from the crying and giggling bunch of girls gathering around one lucky bastard, the obviously jealous Drake clicks his tongue and says "I told them they didn't have to cry."

Damien grins mischievously and says "shut up. You thought he was dead also. You said so yourself when you claimed he was shaking hands with the gods."

The young-looking warrior shakes his head, being careful of the blade-like leaves, looks at the dark lord, then says "I noticed something strange when my sword purified him. It's like I killed half of him, leaving behind something else. Something tired, but strong. I *sigh* never seen something like that in all my long years."

The Makaian Lord chuckles, smacks the boy on the back of the head, then says "well, whatever. As long as I still get to beat, and/or kill him later, I don't care either way."

A swirling black and purple vortex opens behind him, the dark lord raises his hood, and as he enters through his portal he says "and as for you, if you wanna get out of this place, I suggest you think about what you've done, reprogram your retarded head, and start gaining some actual faith. As much as you still have collected in there, it'll do you no good to ascend."

With those words, the master and god of the alternate Makai enters his vortex and disappears from sight.

Drake chuckles, closes his eyes, then whispers "I did nothing wrong. I just lost to the darkness and must endure my punishment until I can escape."

He feels a pair of hands grasp him on each shoulder and lift him up, and after opening his eyes and seeing Reimu, who has her ribbon on again, and Marisa glare at him like he's some plague, the Hakurei Maiden says "as soon as HE is done fixing the flowers you destroyed, we are going BACK to the Scarlet Mansion."

The black and white one grins, squeezes his shoulder until he winces, then says "oh yeah. You have plenty of people there that want your head. Just hope they are merciful and let you keep an eye or something, da-ze."

He ignores the witch's comments and stares to where the red and white is looking at, then gasps with surprise when he sees the boy who has just revived with a pair of crystalline ethereal dragon wings kneeling on the ground and placing his hands on the dirt, and somehow managing to revive many of the sunflowers that were destroyed when he fell on them.

To his right, Yuka, that fearful green-haired woman, holds some empty flower pots and has a very endearing smile while presenting them to the one called Ail.

As he observes this he can see how the boy with the light-grey aura and the intense aura colored youkai smile at each other, as though being the friendliest of friends in all the world.

He also observes how the blue and white maiden, whom has placed her sleeves on again, glares snakes at the vampire and flower master, yet he sense no hatred or enmity between them.

Confusion hits his one-track mind again, and he finds himself unable to understand how these people think.

Moments later, Ail's gap opens up right in front of the SDM's gates, then Reimu and Marisa, who comments "doesn't looks so bad here, ze," jump out before Drake is pulled through by the red and white's red leash.

A sealing leash has been added around his neck, so even if he does manage to recover some power he won't be able to get away.

Last through are Ail and Sanae, whom keep their hands held, and don't look like they'll be letting go any time soon.

As soon as his gap closes us, the resuscitated dense boy looks around the clear road to the lake; no bodies lying everywhere, then places his hand on his healed chest as he sighs with great relief, and says "looks like everyone's alright."

The red and white snaps her fingers, the weakened godling stands in attention, then she points toward the wall to the right of the mansion and says "I hear movement from there. Let's go."

Inside the mansion, at the foyer, the usually useless fairy maids work hard and diligently to clean and repair their home, and even after their harsh experience, they all smile and giggle as they work and play, as usual.

Inside the library, Kyo and Luna help carry those maids that are still too weak to fly or are waiting for their wings to regrow, Sakuya is commanding the few maids available to pick up books, the still wounded Patchouli chants non-stop while aiming her hands at the silhouettes of Leon and Lina, and seems to be doing some progress as the ice within the frames moves, though slowly.

From the open wall, the black and white witch smiles, then flies straight inside toward the purple magician while saying "I'll go say hi to Patchouli, then take a few books as fee for my visit."

Ail and Reimu sigh and shake their heads, but generally ignore the witch, and the boy focuses his eyes as he looks around, then his girlfriend asks "what are you looking for Ail-kun?"

The boy keeps looking around while saying "Flan. This bastard shot her with a really intense orb, and I want to see if she's- THERE SHE IS!"

On the ground floor, between two large bookshelves, Flandre Scarlet seems to be talking to someone, while Tenshi and the exhausted Rika stand beside her.

The dense one's excitement suddenly escalates and he immediately calls "Flan! Miss Rika, Miss Tenshi!"

The little blond vampire's eyes illuminate and turns around to reveal she's missing her right arm, but not caring for the missing limb she takes flight toward the boy and calls "BIG-BROTHER AIL! He's alive! Onee-chan, he's alive!"

Ail ends up flying away from Sanae to take on the powerful hug tackle by himself, and after a hug and some laughs, he looks at the little girl, sighs with relief, then says "I'm so glad! I thought that devil god killed you!"

She pushes herself away from the boy, proudly punches her chest, and says "hey, I am strong! The only reason that evil god didn't break is because he was cheating!"

Rika, Suzaku and Tenshi join the little reunion, joined promptly by Sanae, then the bandaged shrine maid almost falls just because she speaks between hard breaths "brother Ail. You. are. alright!"

The celestial grabs her friend and helps her stay afloat, then says "this wound on her shoulder won't heal, and after crying so much she is drained."

Suzaku tweets to get the boy's attention and says "though as exhausted as she is, she's been healing everyone and everything. Even Remilia has told her to stop overexerting herself."

The blue and white maiden grasps her boy's hand as he gasps and excitedly exclaims "Lady Remilia is ALIVE? That is great news!"

Rika suddenly begins to growl and weakly flaps her small wings, points behind her dense big brother, then furiously asks "what is he doing here? What does that murderer WANT?"

Reimu turns her head and shoots a very dirty look at the godling, who obviously doesn't acknowledge his wrongdoing, evident by the uncaring look on his face, then pulls on his leash and says "come. We are going inside!"

"Wait, I can't fly thanks to you!" complains the boy.

The shrine maiden's eyes turn bloodthirsty vicious as she gazes at the boy, sending sharp cold chills down his spine, and cynically says "what a crying shame. Then hold on to the leash so you don't choke while I go greet my maid!"

Not caring whether the boy is ready or not, she takes flight and drags him along, not caring that he's hanging by his neck below her and coughing as he chokes, unable to use his darkness-cuffed hands to grip the leash.

The shrine's maid somehow summons energy to herself, turns it to a bolt of lightning, then throws it at the chocking boy's head and shouts "you should be GRATEFUL my lady is carrying you around like a-hau."

Her burst of energy soon becomes a surge of exhaustion, but before she falls Tenshi grabs her again and says "jeez, and it took me so long to calm her down too."

Remilia's winged head and miniature, fingerless new body flies with some effort toward the commotion and demands "what's the meaning of this!", then looks at the dense boy and happily sings, "Ail, you deliciously delectable creature, thank you for helping my little sister! Say, can I have some of your blood? I'm almost full so it's just a bit to accelerate my recovery."

The boy sighs, and before Reimu approaches Rika, he pulls Sanae close, gives her a quick kiss on the lips, then says "got a bit of a job here Sanae-chan."

She smiles and releases his hand, then says "don't go leaving me behind if you need to go somewhere else, ok?"

The dense one just smiles and nods, closes his eyes, activates his Yozoragan limit, then turns around and immediately grabs Rika's hand and places it on his left wing.

Healing energy courses right into her body, and while she begins to recover her strength, Remilia and Flandre swoon, their eyes become pink hearts, and sigh at the sight of the winged boy, each take a side of him, then bite his shoulders and take a quick sip of blood before stopping and resting their heads on him.

Surprisingly enough, Anilan winces a bit, but acts as if nothing is happening to him.

The Moriya Maiden roars and complains to the vampire sisters, but they ignore her and continue licking off the blood from the holes on his shoulders, then stop, Flandre instantly grows a new right arm, and Remilia's wings crawl down to her back as her new body grows a little more.

A bandaged Sakuya flies swiftly to her mistress and covers her with a sheet before anything is seen, then the blue-haired vampire smacks her lips as she smiles and says "damn that blood is so good! And he's so dreamy!"

The elegant maid chuckles nervously and simply replies "y-yes my lady, I am glad you enjoyed," then gasps when Anilan's right wing touches her arm.

She stares at the boy and smiles, then retreats herself from his reach and says "thank you very much. I feel as good as new now."

After bowing his head to the chief maid, Ail removes Rika's hand from his wing and says "and she should be alright now."

The shrine's maid opens her eyes, looking refreshed and fully energized, the wound on her shoulder is gone and so is the pain from it, and she immediately hugs the dense boy tight and repeats "thank you so much," to which the boy pats her head and says "it's alright little sister."

"Hey, Ail!", calls Kyo from the second floor balcony, then waves at his friend as though asking for assistance.

Anilan nods, gently pushes Rika away, rubs Flandre's head to his right, and says "I want to check on everyone else, so please excuse me. Miss Tenshi, Miss Suzaku, I know she feels better, but keep an eye on Miss Rika please."

The celestial takes her friend's side and says "you don't need to tell me twice! I'll keep her safe," then the vermilion bird hovers above her master and says "we'll take care of things over here."

The dense boy smiles and nods, extends his hand to the Moriya maiden, and as soon as she takes it, they take flight toward the balcony.

Reimu lazily flies after them, then suddenly notices the tug on her leash, looks down, then nonchalantly says "whoops, I forgot I had that there."

Drake dangles semi-conscious and blue-faced by the neck, somehow holding the leash with his cuffed hands while rubbing the bolt wound on his forehead with his forearm.

Rika only glowers at the boy and is tempted to attack again, but she suddenly hears Koakuma cry out, then shakes her head and says "take me to Koa please. She needs me."

Anilan and Sanae land on the second floor balcony and are immediately greeted by Kyo, who gives his friend a light hug while saying "I'm sorry I couldn't come help you dude."

He pushes his friend away and says "when I heard you scream like that I thought you were dead. I got up after that and went to look for you, but I guessed you were alright when I didn't find you there."

The dense boy sighs, looks away to hide his sad look, and says "no, I wasn't alright at all. I managed to trick him into following me inside my gap, before he..."

The mentioned godling crashes on the floor to the left, rolls toward the bookshelves and smashes against them with force.

Reimu lands after the crash, chuckles, then taunts "and I thought you said you were ready to land."

That's when the blue and white maiden points at the fallen god and furiously says "that's when that BASTARD broke Ail-kun's back and MURDERED him!"

The muscular boy gasps but quickly looks estranged, but before he, his friend, or anyone else has the chance to say anything, Rika Onkamikami roars "WHAAAAAAT?" then rushes all the way from the other side of the balcony and kicks Drake like a football, slamming him a second time against the bookshelves, and shouts "how many more lives were you willing to take? How much more suffering were you planning on placing in all our hearts?"

The dense boy grabs the girl by the shoulders before she kicks the groaning fallen godling again and softly says "it's alright, I'm alright already. The wounds have healed quickly."

The maid turns around, grabs the boy by the shoulders, inspects the cut on the chest of his shirt, then growls and says "that bastard. It' just like he did to... to-" then starts to cry when she says "Kali!"

Her wings expand involuntarily as her body convulses with every sob, then she softly cries "I couldn't save her. She tried to save me and I couldn't even help."

The red and white maiden grabs the maid by the shoulders, pulls her close and lightly embraces her, then walks over to the other side of the balcony, pulling on the knocked-out bound boy and softly saying "I'm sorry for your loss Rika, but you have to let go of those things, or they will consume you. Besides, you still have friends who need you, so come."

Kyo sighs as the girls and choking dog-boy leave the area, shakes his head, then says "goddamn that bastard. Man, seeing that girl so shaken, it's so unfair."

Sanae tugs her boyfriend's hand as she looks down and says "it's really depressing."

Luna Rivers suddenly falls on her man's arms, causing him to grunt after the wound on his back acts up, then whines "Kyo, I can't go on. My legs are starting to feel like jelly again."

The couple find themselves wrapped by the pair of crystalline ethereal dragon wings and quickly feel their bodies recovering, then Ail says "Kyo my friend, that wound on your back. How can you even stand?"

After the healing is done and the wings retreat, the muscular boy rummages his pocket and pulls Tewi's necklace out of it, then says "a little luck saved me, my friend. Now..."

He pockets the necklace again, then points at Medicine hidden between a small set of bookshelves on a corner, sitting against the wall's shelves with a dazed look on her face.

Kyo sighs, but Luna beats him to the explanation and says "that Drake fellow threw a tree at me and her, and she somehow took the hit for me. She hasn't been able to stand since. Please help her!"

Anilan sighs, walks over to the poisonous youkai, and being careful not to touch her with his own hands, he stretches his right wing so that its tip touches her arm.

She moans as the healing energy courses through her body, her head rolls around her shoulders, then she babbles for a moment before saying "ooooh-ho awesome! Man, thanks Ail! I swear, I thought I was seeing trees flying over my head this whole time."

The boy chuckles, smiles at the poison girl, then says "well, you did get hit by one, you know. Anyway..."

He stands up, takes Sanae's hand once again, then looks at Patchouli struggling with her own spell, notices the black bruise on her forehead and the bandaged cut on her chest and stomach, then says "seems I'm still needed. Please don't overexert yourself Miss Medicine."

He turns his neck to look at his girlfriend and says "let's go help Miss Patchouli now."

They approach the magician, remaining silent so as not to disturb her, then the dragon boy stretches both wings and fills her with energy as he heals her.

Patchouli slightly opens her right eye, smiles, then raises her voice, thus strengthening her chant.

Her wounds begin to heal at a rapid pace, and at the same time, the ice inside the Kori Twins' frames begins to spiral as violently as a snowstorm.

She whimpers when the energy consumption becomes taxing, even with the boy's help, but she persists, and smiles when she begins to see form inside those frames.

The twins recover their bodies in a blinding flash of light, stretch them as they yawn, acting as though just waking up from a long sleep, and when they hear a light thud and look to the source, both gasp at the sight of Patchouli sitting on the ground and Leon calls "my love! Hold on, I'll save you!"

As soon as the light-blue haired twins get close, the magician stretches her arms, wraps them around the twins' necks, then happily says "thank you Ail! It would have taken me days to bring them back on my own, as I was."

"Lady Patchouli, you're crushing me," cries Lina, while her brother, who has his face stuck on the purple magician's chest drools and happily says "oh, I don't feel it. Please hold me tighter."

Ail and Sanae laugh at the sight, then the dense boy bows his head and says "it was my pleasure, Miss Patchouli."

The purple-haired girl smiles as she looks up at the boy with those seemingly uncaring eyes, then says "please, call me Patchy," to which Sanae jolts up, grabs her boy's arm, and places her cheek on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the balcony, Rika approaches Meiling, whom keeps picking up stacks of books on her own, even with the bleeding bandages around her stomach, and keeps placing them where they belong.

The shrine's maid touches the gate guard's shoulder, and the second she turns around the angelic girl places her hand on the dragon youkai's wound and begins to heal it with a mint-green energy.

Hong drops the books and sighs after looking into the teary eyes of the maid, places her hand on the maid's head and softly says "thank you, but that wasn't needed."

Rika shakes her head and cries "no. You were hurt! I can't let you risk yourself like that."

The dragon youkai grabs Rika's head, gently pulls her closer, gives her a kiss on the forehead, then says "such a sweet and strong girl, soft as a feather and strong as steel. Stop blaming yourself so much or you'll crumble to pieces."

The shrine maid sighs out loud after finishing the healing, then Meiling grabs her shoulders, turns her around, and says "besides, she needs you now. What will she think if she sees you like that?"

Koakuma sits by her lonesome self, looking sadly at her feet while holding her bandaged left head wing so it doesn't break off again.

Rika approaches the little devil, sits beside her, and though she smiles, she can't hide the pain she feels as she asks "what's wrong my little sister?"

The little devil lowers her head, feeling ashamed for having caused her Rika onee-chan that shoulder wound, thus assisting in Kali's death, though indirectly.

The angelic maid places her hand on her little sister's head and begins to heal the wing, but the red-haired girl pushes her hand away and snaps "no! I don't deserve it!"

She aims to run away, but big angel sister grabs her arm, turns her around, then stares straight into her eyes.

Both can see how hurt each other is, but Rika knows the reason the little devil is hurting and promptly says "this was NOT your fault Koa-chan! This was all that stupid boy's fault!"

"If I wasn't so weak, you would have never gotten hurt, and he would have never killed your friend!", snaps the little devil, whom gets a warm hug and ends up blushing beet red and flapping her head wings.

She realizes her left head wing is already cured completely, then says "why? The only thing summoning you here did was hurt you! I should have just done something from the start instead of waiting to involve you!"

The angel-winged maid grabs the little devil by the cheeks, gives her a kiss on the forehead, then one on the tip of the nose, then suddenly holds the girl in a tight embrace and says "you are my little sister, and I will fight anything that threatens you, no matter what."

She pushes the stunned redhead away so they can look in the eyes, then says "today I failed protecting someone special, but at least I managed to save you. I was too weak *sob* and had to use my body to save you, and ended up worrying you like that. But I promise you, I will train harder, so that the next time you need me I can protect both you and me from a whole army of idiots!"

Unknown to the still stunned Koakuma, the two points where the maid kissed her connect via an unseen magic and suddenly feels the as though she is somehow connected with Rika, and for the first time in ages feels like she truly has a sister, even though they aren't related by blood.

"That's pretty beautiful magic," comments Ail, who stands besides the girls.

The little devil blushes and looks away, then the boy pats her on the head and says "I need to borrow Rika for a bit. You don't mind, right?"

Sitting on the edge of one of the smaller third-floor balconies, Kimi stares at everyone below while Reimu, who stands behind her, sighs and says "I'm serious. You need to have that looked at. That holy energy is killing you, and this bastard's sword was pretty dangerous, so let's treat that wound."

Drake raises his dark-cuffed hands to get the girl's attention and says "I'm right here shrine maiden."

The red and white girl glances over her shoulder, then shrugs and says "hmm, good. Maybe the message will sink in."

Ail and Rika land to the shadow dragon's right, then the angelic maid immediately glowers at the vile godling and says "he should be chained tighter! My lady, you are too sweet and forgiving."

The dragon-winged boy holds the maid by the shoulders and turns her attention to the shadow dragon girl, then says "please, help us convince Miss Kimi so that she may allow us to heal her. That wound on her waist keeps bleeding and the energy coursing in her is killing her, but she won't let us help her."

"What?", yelps the angelic girl, who immediately steps closer to the shadow girl and says "p-please, Miss Kimi, d-don't let yourself go like this! Let us heal you!"

Reimu steps closer, then says "Kimi, please, don't be so darn stubborn. I know her sudden departure pains you, but letting yourself get destroyed won't accomplish anything."

The shadow dragon remains looking down at a specific point, then says "and who says I'm pained by this? He just returned her to the shadows, where I will one day have to return to as well. I'm just allowing myself to get there sooner than later. I'm sick and tired of this world anyway."

The dense boy and shrine maiden both groan in frustration, but the shrine maid simply looks to where the shadow girl is looking to and gasps when she sees the black spot left by Kali's body on the balcony below.

A tear escapes her right eye, then she sits beside the dragon and softly sadly says "I am sorry. This is all my fault. I was too weak to protect her. *Sigh* Even after she accepted me as her friend."

The angelic girl begins to cry again, then Kimi smirks, a soft chuckle escapes her, then she says "you cry for a shadow like it was a living being that's just lost its life. You truly are an interesting girl."

Rika sniffles, then asks "wh-what's wrong with that? She was alive, and so are you!"

The dragon girl turns her head to face the maid, but before she speaks, the sweet girl loudly says "I don't believe what you may think of yourself! You HAVE a soul, or else you'd be a zombie, walking around aimlessly and moaning while looking for food out of instinct!"

Sanae flies up to meet with Ail, just as Kimi Hong smiles, looks around at the allies present, then says "Rika Onkamikami, you are just like your mistress there. Fools with hearts of gold, willing to accept abominations like myself as allies."

She looks at the dragon-winged Ail and Sanae, then says "and you are a sexy, nosy boy who simply hates seeing others die, whether they are friend or enemy. Tch, fine, I get it. Get this holy energy out of me."

Rika's reaction is to grab the girl in a tight hug and sigh with relief, while Reimu takes a yellow-colored charm out of her sleeve and places it on the shadow's hat, and Ail walks closer and kneels down so that his left wing touches Kimi's back.

The shadow dragon feels a tingly sensation on her whole body as the three heal her, and though trying hard to hide it, she ends up smiling naturally, making herself look sweet; a rare sight.

Down below, the bandaged Sakuya holds her mistress in a sheet, protecting her weakened body while it keeps growing at a rapid pace, Flandre flies around, giggling with excitement after her whole family returns to her, Patchouli and Koakuma each hold their respective Kori while Meiling hops around, displaying amazing mastery of her martial arts as she throws, flips, kicks, and neatly places books back on their shelves, at the very same time she fights Marisa to save the books she's just returned to those selves.

Tenshi and Suzaku finally find Rika on the third floor, scolder her for taking off without telling them, then she suddenly drops on them to give each a tight hug.

Later, at the Hakurei Shrine, as the sky begins to get dark gold, Mima holds Ail and squeezes him like she would a child while saying "I'm so glad to have the real you back! I missed you!"

Suika pats his back while cheering and saying "that was some story! You should drink sake with me to celebrate!"

The grunting boy's face turns blue, and yet he still smiles and says "glad to be back, I guess. Mima, you are killing me. Urk! Miss Suika, I'm weak against sake!"

Sanae pulls him free from the youkai and threaten the cheerful girls with her gohei, while Aya and Hatate compete to see who can take the most pictures.

Reimu has pretty much given up on trying to kick the tengu out, so she sits on the veranda with Marisa and Suzaku by her side, and while the two humans drink tea and eat snacks, the bird relaxes while staring straight forward.

Drake has been tied up like a dog to the tree in front of the shrine, and there he sulks, his sagging hands still bound by those dark-magic cuffs, and he stares at them, wondering how he lost so much power, thus losing the battle against the darkness.

His body trembles as his anger rises, questioning how he lost a battle against a single youkai that is just as powerful as Yukari, or maybe slightly less powerful, then got beat up by three humans and a dark lord from some hell.

He opens his hands to look at them, stare at them with fury, then asks himself "how, with all that faith and worshipers I had gathered, did my powers fail me so miserably."

He rises to his feet and swings his bound arms in the air once, then shouts "HOW! HOW IN THE WORLD DID THE LIGHT LOSE TO THE DARKNESS?"

He aims his sight toward the shrine and shouts "and how can this shrine maiden, so pure and bright, allow tengu, evil spirits, horned demons, AND STILL BE SO BRIGHT-BOOF!"

The people at the shrine stare at the boy, surprised by the sudden outburst, though more surprised at what has happened after the godling screams like a lunatic.

A basket holding vegetables and a bowl of dry rice spills on the ground to the left of the vile boy, while Rika holds a solid fist on his stomach.

Even as he groans and falls down she glowers at him with rage evident in her usually peaceful eyes, her wings stretch and her feather frizzle like the hair of a rabid animal, and after the boy falls she says "after everything you've seen, after all you had to watch us undo for your mistakes, you still dare question your failure?"

Drake smiles, looks up at the girls, and speaking between breaths he says "how brave. of you. to strike a bound. man."

Rika furiously grips his neck, lifts him up with a single hand, slams his back against the tree, and speaking between strikes to his face with her free hand, she says "how brave. of you. to kill. a defenseless. girl!"

Reimu grips Rika under her arms and pulls her away from the boy while shouting "no, Rika! He's not worth it! Calm down!"

The maid tries to kick the boy on the face and shouts "you killed an innocent! All because she wasn't wearing your colors! You stupid moron, you are NO GOD!"

The shrine grows quiet as even Suika felt an intense surge coming from the shrine maid's words, then, in complete disbelief, Starstriker chuckles and asks "what did you say? But I am-"

"You are a single-minded moron!", furiously interrupts the girl, her wings losing some feathers after her raging outburst, and sounding slightly more calmly, she continues "if you were a god you'd be able to see past one eyeball! You would be able to tell there is good in everything, not just your stupid, idealistic world of light only!"

Rika's face turns red, her rage evident in her eyes, yet she still sounds a bit more calm as she resumes "who knows how many more innocents you killed before poor Kali, who was just trying to protect me from you! ME, whom you CLAIM was a goddess the first day we met."

She surprises all her friends in the shrine when she starts speaking in a mocking tone "but, oh, you see me trying to protect my little sister from you, and suddenly I'm a tainted goddess! Then my new friend tries to save me and you use my own blood and kill her, right before my eyes!"

Her tears start flowing after her last sentence, but even chocking on her sobs she continues "this is why you won't ascend! Thi-*gulp* this is why you cannot see your loved one! You are thinking like a HUMAN! And not just any human, but one of those foolish priests and religious fanatics who think life is all a straight line! IT IS NOT!"

She points at his pouting face and says "and I KNOW what your single-tracked brain is thinking! Well look around you this instant and DARE tell me I am being tainted by your precious darkness!"

Drake growls, looks up with defiance at the shrine maid, then angrily says "say what you want. You haven't seen what I have. So many times I gave those dark bastards a chance, and all they did was STAB ME ON THE BACK, KILL, PILLAGE, RAPE, MURDER!"

He gets back up on his feet with some effort to look directly at Rika, then angrily says "so many good people who believed in me, trusted me with their lives, died because I gave those dark ones a chance! I always ended up killing entire cities because of that, and gained the faith of many! But the pain of all those lost..."

Tears start rolling down his eyes as he shouts "you think I don't know what you feel, but I do! I too have failed many times and swore I would never fail again!"

His tears dry up, a scarlet aura rises from his stomach to his head, and in an ominous tone of voice he says "and so I learned that to be a god, I had to illuminate the entire universe! I was doing JUST FINE until I came here, to this darkness-infested land!"

Reimu grabs Rika again and shouts "wait, don't do it! Rika, you're better than this," before said maid throttles the boy yet again with her dark sword.

The maid stops her rampage attempt and gets released, breathes to slowly calm herself down, then she looks at the godling in the eyes and says "you failed because you were weak. Yeah, you heard me! You were just WEAK! You had many chances to grow stronger, but you hid behind your pain and used it as an EXCUSE to become a mass murderer!"

She stomps her foot on the ground, ignoring the sudden broken look on the boy's face, then furiously says "you say you are a god! Well I deny you! I DENY YOU with every fiber of my being; WITH ALL MY HEART. So weak and foolish! I deny you, I deny you, I deny EVERYTHING about you!"

Those words stab the godling in the heart like red-hot knives and slowly he feels himself weakening further.

His vision becomes blurred, his skin becomes pale, he falls to his knees after his own breath fails and he feels as though he is dying.

Nobody has ever denied his godhood with such intensity, and now he begins to understand he has made a mistake, though is unable to understand why.

He gasps for air as soon as his lungs begin to work again, his eyes lose the glimmer they had, but he can feel in his heart he still possesses some divinity, however he now feels doubt creeping into his heart and mind, and so he just curls up into a ball on the ground and sinks into the despair he thought he had locked away ages ago.

The shrine maid suddenly rushes toward him and places the hilt of her dark sword on his forehead, and he gasps as though breathing for the first time.

Images of a blonde girl, who looks just like the one called Koakuma, appear before him, laughing and enjoying life.

The girl and Rika act like sisters, keeping each other company, comforting each other in times of need, and just like that, the little girl disappears in a blast of blood.

Tears roll down the godling's eyes while the crying maid pulls her sword away and softly says "live on with the memory of my little sister, who was brutally taken away from me; unfairly, unjust! FEEL THE PAIN I FELT AFTER SHE WAS GONE!"

A heartfelt sob escapes the boy for the first time, then the shrine's maid sheathes her sword, and walks away.

Rika relaxes, her softening wings become a good indication of this, then she picks up her basket and the scattered items, then bows to her mistress and says "I am sorry for that my Lady Reimu. I will begin dinner's preparation now."

Tenshi walks out of the shrine, takes the basket away from her friend, then says "you have done enough. Rika, please go and rest now!"

Before the maid complains, Reimu places a hand on her shoulder and squeezes her gently, then says "do as she says. You need to rest after so many ordeals and trials."

The shrine maid sighs, holds her head when her exhaustion catches up to her yet again, then nods and says "I will make it up to you for this my lady."

Meanwhile, at Eintei, Kyo, Luna and Medicine with Su-San flying around her shoulders, enter the mansion, led by two youkai rabbits, whom offer some questionably colored tea on the short table at the foyer once the guests sit around it.

The three reject the offer, Luna saying "no, no, we're alright. We'll just wait here."

The two rabbits bow their little heads, then hop out of the room, playing with each other as they enter the corridor to the rooms.

The very moment they are alone, the poisonous youkai girl points to the door outside and says "it's that mischievous rabbit. She's staring at us."

Tewi reveals herself from the left side of the door, her red eyes glowing with intensity as she says "the news ran fast. Heard you couldn't bring that murderer down on your own."

Kyo sighs, offers the necklace back to its master, and says "I am sorry, but I-" the girls clear their throats, then the boy repairs his speech "we failed your request. We have no excuse. Drake Starstriker defeated us all with ease."

Medicine pouts and crosses her arms over her chest while angrily saying "we could have, but he was cheating with that godly recovery of his."

The rabbit youkai accepts her carrot necklace back and stares at it for a bit, then sighs and says "I see. And if it wasn't for this you'd all be dead, or worse. I do appreciated what you tried to do."

"So do I," says an energetic voice from the corridor.

Kaguya walks after the rabbits into the living room and foyer with a light smile on her face, elegantly bows her head, then says "the request was a little selfish from my part. I mean, I knew what you were up against and still asked you to deal with him in our name."

Kyo grins, shakes his head, then says "like I said before, we had our own reasons for accepting. Still, I believe we can bring him to you, and you too Tewi, so that you may have a chance to chew him out."

The princess' and mischievous rabbit's eyes illuminate, the Lunarian smiles while showing interest and says "oh, that sounds like an interesting idea. You bring him here, and we can all have a nice long chat."

While Kaguya takes a seat, Tewi turns away from everyone while thinking "that bastard? Here? I could avenge Zhinka and Kara!"

The black rabbit of Eintei quickly joins them at the table and quickly asks "how soon can you bring him here?"

Luna detects something in the rabbit's voice, but ignores it, shrugs, then says "right now he's at the Hakurei Shrine, his powers are sealed, and having one hell of a hard time, I think."

Medicine chuckles, then says "that is if that maid hasn't killed him yet. I mean, did you see the way she LOOKED at him? Man, talk about dirty-"

Kyo holds the youkai's mouth shut, looks at Kaguya and Tewi, then says "he has a lot to answer for, so it will be up to Reimu and Ail. Those two have some unfinished business though, so I am not really sure when can we bring him."

The Moon princess giggles, takes a cookie from the plate on the table, then says "well then, I'll let Eirin know you may be bringing that so-called god around here at any time, tell the rabbits not to attack you guys as long as he's restrained, and maybe get some food ready for a feast in honor of his defeat."

The trio and black rabbit stare at the happy giggling princess in disbelief, then the poisonous doll looks at Su-San and asks "so, she's going to celebrate his defeat right in his face?"

Kaguya nods, then Medicine pumps her fist in the air along with Su-san and exclaims "SWEET! I'll ask that tengu to come and take pictures of his face!"

Ignoring the silly girls, Luna looks around the room, then looks outside before turning back to face the Lunarian and asks "speaking of Eirin, I haven't seen her or Udonge since we arrive. Where are they?"

Kyo looks at his woman and adds "maybe they're on strike?"

The moon girl giggles while covering her mouth with her sleeve, actually hiding the crumbs she's just spat, and says "oh-ho-ho! Oh, they're just in her new dungeon. Something about a night sparrow getting in Eirin's drawers."

She looks at Tewi, whom stares flatly at nowhere in particular while munching on a cookie, and continues "I didn't really understand, but Yorihime was really upset, and then Toyohime got captured, then she blamed Inaba, and, well, it's really confusing."

Inside Eirin's underground torture chamber, Mystia cries and shivers violently, strapped to a diagonally positioned metal table, and though she tries hard to escape, the bindings on her limbs and waist restrain her perfectly.

The mad Lunarian doctor smiles as she stares at her trapped little bird with insane eyes, raises a syringe with a rainbow colored substance inside, and sweetly says "don't worry. After I inject you with this, your songs will change forever."

The poor night sparrow whimpers as she cries, then somehow manages to say "chiiiiiiiin! I swear, I-I wasn't making fun of your panties! It's just that I sing when I see something shiny!"

Eirin laughs sinisterly, then gently caresses the bird's chin with her hand and sweetly says "oh, I'm sorry, but now is not the time for excuses. Now is the time for punishmeeeent~"

From the last metal table to the right, which is set vertically with a tazer shooting electric sparks on top of it, Reisen says "c-c-c-come on m-m-master. G-g-give her a b-b-b-brake."

On the middle metal table, which is set vertically, Toyohime cries "aww, come on, I haven't even done anything bad this time! Just let me go!"

The silver-haired woman ignores the cries of the other two girls and approaches the crying night sparrow, then a silver washtub falls on her head, knocking her out in the act.

Yorihime stands behind the fallen pharmacist with the bent washtub on her right hand, then she elegantly places her left hand on her waist, smiles to the bird girl and says "like I'd let her harm you."

Mystia gasps as she smiles, and though her tears won't stop as she exclaims "YORIHIME-CHAN! You came to save me!"

The purple-haired Lunarian nods, drops the washtub, then quickly undoes the binding on Lorelei's waist, wrists and ankles.

She picks the frightened night sparrow princess style, lets the happy little bird cling around her neck, then turns around.

"Finally. Help me out of here sis, I need to-" begins Toyohime with a smile that turns to a frown very fast when she realizes her younger sister just walked past her, then loudly says "hey wait! Yorihime, you can't leave us here!"

The shocked Reisen tries to complain, but the electric shocks have left her tongue so numb, she can only blabber incoherently.

Regardless of the girls complaints, the younger Watatsuki continues her way up the steps with Mystia on hand, smiling wide at the rescued youkai girl.

The door to the evil room shuts behind the would-be savior, then Toyohime sighs and says "this is because my breasts are naturally bigger than hers, I just know it."

The poor moon rabbit blabbers on and laughs when she starts seeing the room spinning in two different directions at once.

Later that night, at the Hakurei Shrine, the smashed Marisa sleeps in a futon in the living room with Mima hovering above her as though watching her dreams, and Suzaku rests on her perch, facing Rika's room with a pained look.

Suika sits on the roof with one sad-looking Tenshi by her side, and though the little oni tries cheering the celestial up it appears she's failing as the blue-haired girl keeps sighing while looking at the crescent moon in the sky.

The little horned girl smacks the celestial on the back, getting a disappointing weak reaction, then says "Rika will be alright. She got all of that out of her chest after all."

Tenshi smiles weakly, sighs softly, then says "yeah, you're right. Hmm, I bet that must have felt good for her."

At the veranda at the back of the shrine, Ail, Sanae and Reimu enjoy a quiet evening of tea and snacks, both red and white, and golden-eyed boy drinking in the same manner, looking lazy while sighing after the drink.

The blue and white shrine maiden glances at her boyfriend, then at her maiden friend, then a drop of sweat rolls down the side of her head as she says "you two really do look like family right now."

Both make the same expression of confusion while glancing at the girl between them, then the girl on the spot sighs, fans her hand and says "never mind. Just thinking out loud."

Ail chuckles as he shakes his head, then asks "now that Sanae has brought it up. Reimu, how are you feeling?"

The Hakurei Maiden bends her back forward as she lets escape a chuckle upon noticing Kochiya's flat gaze, then composes herself and softly says "that accursed feeling is still there, though not as strongly as it was before."

A tear rolls down her cheek and into her tea, yet she smiles as she says "I still see those fake memories as well. I want them gone, but they keep repeating themselves inside my mind."

Sanae slowly reaches for her man's arm, thinking the red and white will pounce at any time, but is surprised when said girl just looks at them in the eyes with her own pained gaze and says "this is like going through torture, and it just won't stop. Ail, how do you feel."

The boy sighs, a sense of guilt creeping into his heart, then says "ever since I woke up is has been as though I am a new, yet old me. My feelings aren't affecting me as much, and the memories are gone."

He looks into his tea mug, closes his eyes, then says "but that doesn't change the fact that I am hurt for what I did to you, and what I'm still causing. You don't deserve this shit."

There is a short pause between the three, uncomfortable and awkward, then Ail raises his sigh to Reimu's and says "I'll be leaving now. Best we don't push what luck has kept you calm."

The red and white giggles, then Sanae angrily asks "hey, what's so funny about all this? Don't treat this like a joke."

Reimu shakes her head and says "it's not that. It's just that Ail is acting so different, but at the same time this new but familiar behavior of his seems adequate. Even his old sharpness has returned."

"Sharp but dense, an incredibly odd combination, just like he was when he first came here," says Mima from behind as she hovers toward them with a tiny cup of sake on her hand.

She plants her ghostly tail beside Ail, wraps an arm around his shoulders, and smiles as she says "even our old mental connection is back. To say the truth, I was a bit skeptical about the whole 'let him get killed' thing, but it has obviously worked out quite well."

Both shrine maidens rise to their feet with fire around their eyes and bodies, gohei on hand and ready to draw out blood from the evil spirit before them while Reimu asks "you knew about this?"

Sanae's eyes become monstrous and ominous as she gets closer to her victim, and asks "and you didn't even try to save him?"

Ail takes the last sip of tea from his mug, stares at nothing in particular, then casually says "let the spirit talk. I would also like to know what happened to me back there. Speaking honestly, I should be completely dead, for real."

The armpit girls calm down and the green-haired woman bows her head to the boy and says "thanks," then clears her throat and begins "you see girls, when this boy's moron self went and did what he did with Sariel, he altered a lot of things, including the severing of the link between him and that possessive evil spirit who just loved messing with him, and so we had two Ails living inside one body."

She takes the gulp from her sake cup and continues "Yukari thought using that gap mixed with ice could help, but then the gods told us about Drake, the good he would unknowingly do by trying to kill our dear boy, and so we decided to listen to them, for a change."

Reimu snaps her fingers and smile after having caught on, then says "ohh, so when that murderous idiot killed Ail, he actually killed the tainted half and left his true self inside, intact and ready to take its body back."

Mima smiles gleefully and exclaims "bingooo~ That's my bright little shrine maiden!"

Sanae clings on her boy, pressing her assets against his shoulder while rubbing her cheek against his and angrily says "that was still a big risk there! That stupid bastard left him paralyzed before killing my Ail-kun! What if he had stayed like a vegetable his whole life?"

The boy in the spot-light smiles though sweats as he says "um, th-thankfully I have youkai blood in me."

He then opens his eyes and points toward the left of the shrine with his thumb and asks "and what are we going to do about him?"

Drake Starstriker is still bound to that tree and kneels in front of it with a miserable looks about him.

His head hangs low, his hair looks dark and unkempt as it is pulled down by gravity, giving him a ghastly look, and all he does is breathe as he keeps knelt as low as possible, probably to not attract any more attention to himself.

The group stares at the pathetic sight before them, then the dense one says "we can't keep him here. His presence alone affects Rika greatly, and he still has to answer for all his wrongdoings."

"Yeah, I'm with Ail-kun on this one," begins Sanae, who refuses to let go of her man while she continues "I never thought I'd see that sweet girl so angry and so hurt."

Reimu lifts her hand to show them the angel wings mark on the back of her hand and says "believe it. His murdering that shadow hurt her more deeply than that sword wound on her left shoulder. Even now, as she tries to sleep, the pain left in her heart is keeping something very painful flashing right before her eyes without pause."

The maiden sighs, punches the wooden beam to her side, then finishes "and right after she recovered from that depression."

"I'll take him to my house," says the dense boy, diverting the maiden's thoughts away from her pained maid, then continues "I already said I'm taking him around Gensokyo to try and teach him of our ways. An asshole he may be, but I still want to help him."

He notices the estranged looks on the girls, shrugs, then says "I'm not really doing it for him. I just want to make sure he doesn't go ape-shit retard anywhere else. And besides, it doesn't look like he'll be leaving Gensokyo any time soon."

Mima flies around Ail's head, forcing him on to his feet while singing "Aiiilll~ Remember you still have business with Reimuuu~"

The boy nods and a serious expression takes his face as he says "I know. That's why I need to contact Yukari tonight. Tomorrow, Kyo will take Drake to Eintei and Myouren, while I deal with Reimu and those memories."

"And you won't be going without me," says Sanae as she grabs his hand, making him giggle and give her a surprise kiss on the cheek.

As the Moriya Maiden's face turns red, Reimu suppresses her desire to sigh with frustration and says "alright. I'll give you some seals in case he tries anything funny while at your house. Give some to Kyo as well."

Mima chuckles, twirls once in the air, then says "well, seems tomorrow will be another busy day. I can't wait."

The dense boy turns to face the godling, then loudly says "I know you heard all of that. So what do you say Drake?"

The bound god raises his head, revealing a ghostly pale face, scowls, then says "like I have a choice. Don't worry about me, I no longer care. This land is beyond salvation anyway."

The dark cuffs holding his hands disappear, allowing the godling to finally stretch his arms again, then Reimu hides the rest of her needles and says "good. Seems we broke him, so I supposed giving him a little bit more freedom will help us drill the lessons into his brain easier."

The four of them stare as the pathetic fallen god rubs his wrists, while from the roof, Suika holds Tenshi's shoulder, making sure the celestial doesn't stoop to the boy's level and murders him where he is.

Moments later, in front of Ail's house, after the half youkai closes his gap, he grabs Sanae's hand, looks back at the god on a leash, then says "now remember, the only way I will take this off you is if you behave like a civilized person, got that?"

Drake growls, annoyed at the fact that he's being treated like a dog, and nods while glowering at the maiden and dense boy.

Anilan sighs, turns around, opens the door, then is immediately tackled by a bat-winged and a lime-green and white blurs, while Phredia flies out the door and excitedly flies in a circle above the boy.

Before he or Sanae have the chance, Ayalina cries "my baby! My dear baby boy, we thought you were dead!"

Budou wraps her arms around her papa's neck, squeezes him, and between sobs she cries "the paper. said you. were killed. and I cried. and then. and then-"

Her sobbing becomes so bad, she can only babble, while Ail furiously asks "the paper? What about the paper? Wh-what's going on?"

Sanae pulls Budou off the dense boy and asks "sweetie, what are you talking about?", but ends up being gripped by the sweet little bat girl and held in a tight hug, where her vest becomes the napkin for the crying youkai.

Ayalina, still squeezing her son's face against her chest, pulls a newspaper from her apron's pocket and says "take a look."

She give the boy some room after the elf fairy pushes her forehead, then Ail opens the paper while saying "thank you kindly Phredia."

The blue and white maiden bends down so that she and her boy can read the headline together, which says "Gensokyo's Dense Boy Dies At The Hands of a Godly Maniac.

After reading that headline, the couple stare flatly at each other and say "goddammit Aya," then the dense one calmly asks "seriously, how does she print these so fast?"

The young-looking mother gets up on her feet, pulls her boy up along with her, and happily sniffles and says "it doesn't matter! What matter is that you're alive and well. Now come, let's go-eh?"

She finally takes notice of the godling she and Budou crushed under Ail, then points at him, a murderous aura rises from the pit of her own stomach, and with a vile smile on her face, she asks "that wouldn't happen to be that god-in-training from the picture, right?"

Both Ail and Sanae nod, and somehow Ayalina has the fallen god's leash on her hand while smiling and saying "you don't say? Excellent. This is most excellent."

Inside the house, in the kitchen, Ayalina has complete control over Drake and has him tied to a chair while slapping him across the face and saying "you! won't! kill! my! Ail! or! anyone! ever! again! REPEAT!"

She stops slapping the gogling who desperately cries out "you're INSANE!"

"SAY IT!" barks the mad mother as she raises her hand again, then the smart and frightened boy shouts "WAH! I WON'T KILL YOUR AIL OR ANYONE EVER AGAIN! REPEAT!"

The young woman smiles dearly and rubs the terrified boy's head as she sweetly says "see? You can do it."

Meanwhile, on the couch in the living room, the giggling Budou sits between Ail and Sanae, who manage to hold each other and the bat at the same time, while Phredia flies in slow circles above their heads, showering them with sparkles from her wings.

After a while of silently holding each other, the shrine maiden softly says "I better head home now. I want to go to sleep now and get up early. WE are doing this thing with Reimu together."

The boy smiles lightly and bows his head, then looks back to his girl and says "wouldn't have it any other way."

Budou stretches her wings, hops off the couch after smacking both her mama and papa with them, then yawns and says "come on Phredia. They want to get all mushy now. See you tomorrow mama, papa."

The two love birds stare at the little youkai girl and fairy with surprise, but before they can comment, Ayalina drags the chair with Drake toward the master bedroom and happily says "don't worry, we won't bother you either. Oh, be sure to clean up if you leave a mess."

The woman runs with her victim to the room and avoids a shower of tiny stars from the blue and white, though the godlin wasn't so lucky.

The flushed Sanae stares at the confused Ail, who asks "was she... just implying we-"

"Don't think too hard on it," angrily growls the girl.

They stare at each other, giggle, hold each other tight, press their lips together, then Yukari giggles and says "what a touching scene when a couple makes up and get into action. Are there going to be fireworks tonight?"

Resigning to their fates, the two just sigh, bump forehead together, kiss in front of the blushing onlooker, almost eating each other up while completely disregarding the staring guest, and once they are done they smile mischievously at the gap sage and simultaneously ask "hot enough for you?"

Yukari fans herself with her folding fan while pulling on her dress' collar, then clears her throat and says "right, right. Um, are you ready for tomorrow then? You did get the fairy, right?"

Ail shakes his head and says "too much commotion. Reimu agreed we all look for her together."

"And I'll be there to make sure nothing happens," quickly injects the Moriya Maiden.

The blonde youkai nods once, covers her mouth with her fan, then says "now Ail, now that you are free from that thing's hold, I believe you understand this isn't over."

The boy nods once, then the shrine maiden says "WHAT? Not over? HE WAS JUST MURDERED and you say this isn't OVER?"

Fear becomes evident in the eyes of the half youkai boy, but even so he holds the maiden and kisses her forehead, holds her head against his chest, then says "it's like Yukari said. I understand the consequences of what I did a little more... *deep breath*, but I am yet to fully understand what I did, and so I have to accept any result that may befall me, be them good... or bad."

Yukari smiles, closes her fan and gives the couple a hug on the neck, and while pressing them both against her cheeks she playfully says "he's becomes a smart little dense boy again. You should be so proud!"

She releases them again, causing them both to fall on their faces, then says "don't worry now. I will help you out; with both Reimu, and this lesson for the enlightened."

As the couple get up, the youkai sage floats down to their faces, gets closer to Ail, then whispers "you are lucky. I didn't have anyone to guide me when I first started."

He immediately wants to ask, to hear her stories of her past blunders, but he makes the mistake of blinking once, and the woman is gone.

Sanae helps him up and asks "what was all that about?"

The dense boy looks around the house, wondering if Yukari is still there, then looks at his girl and says "I think my tutor is mad at me."

Sanae stares straight into Ail's golden eyes, but fails to form the question inside her mind into words.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Budou, Phredia, Kyo, Luna, Ayalina, Kimi, Kali, Leon, Lina and Drake were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell card: "Light Sign, Within the Jewel's Core"; and

Damien's spell card: "Chaos Sign, Demonic Magicanon"; were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

Damien was created by Hydroviper

Damien's Spell card: "Chaos Sign, Spark of Death"; was created by Hydroviper.

OCT 18 2011

Written by

Willie G.R.


Man, that's one HELL of a punishment for mister stupid godling. And trust me, this is not over. It is time he both pays for all that he's done, AND gets punishment for those things as well (which will cause us all to both grin and laugh). Wait, those are the same.

I know Rika may have seemed out of character here, but you can't expect someone as sweet and as loving of life as her to react calmly to murder. Particularly for someone she cares for. Drake is NOT one of them, but that's kind of obvious. Painfully so I might add. The next chapters leading to the end will be more comedy oriented at the expense of others (particularly Drake). I must admit, I thought this story would have more chapters, but then I saw how many words I have packed into each chapter and it all makes sense now. Anyway, thanks for reading all the way down here.

And now for something random. I am imagining a spin-off with the Touhou girls in leotards (including the Watatsuki sisters). Hmm, Toyohime as main? I have the imagination, but do I have the guts?