The leaves on the trees around the Hakurei Shrine have begun to take a greenish-brown color, signaling the approach of autumn, and the dark rain clouds in the sky bring a cool breeze that is taking away the heat from summer.

That morning, Reimu, Suzaku and Tenshi find Rika sitting alone in the veranda, yet again, with the broom she used to sweep the grounds to her left, and the bucket of dirty water and the cloth she used to clean the porch to her right.

On her left hand, lifted above her head, she holds a golden necklace with small square plates that grow into longer rectangles as they reach the center, all separated with large, round, glass beads, though the one bead in the very center is stained in black, and she stares at it while lost in deep thought.

After a sudden scuffle, the Hakurei Maiden approaches the maid, clears her throat to get the angelic girl's attention, then casually says "my, it seems it's going to rain again."

"My lady," simply replies the maid before lowering the necklace and holding the center rectangular plates with her right hand.

The red and white smiles after crouching next to her maid, then says "it's very pretty. Where did you get that necklace from? It looks familiar, somehow."

Rika gulps and breathes heavily through her nose, obviously holding back a sob, then thunder rumbles softly as she says "it was a simple bronze necklace when she gave it to me. It turned gold in my hands, and this morning, it changed again, and now looks like this."

The hog-tied Tenshi bounces on her stomach to the veranda and says "I don't wish to be mean, especially to you Rika, but maybe you should throw that away. I'm getting some strange vibes from it."

"Quiet down you," spits Reimu before gently taking the necklace from the maid, and after observing it for a few moments, says "there is a strange energy around this, is true, but it's not bad. Rika, I suggest you treasure this. She entrusted this to you after all."

The maid's tears of happiness start rolling down her cheeks as she tilts her head to the right, where she's holding her hands together, stretches her wings and flaps them rapidly, then tackles her mistress with a cheek-rubbing hug while exclaiming "thank you my lady! Thank you so much! You are so kind and sweet!"

The bliss-tripping, giggling, happy-go-lucky maiden giggles like a young schoolgirl while holding her maid and taking all that sweet tenderness all for herself, thus earning herself a hateful glare from the hog-tied celestial.

Sounding like a drunk, the original armpit maiden reluctantly ends the sweet hug and says "erm, ju-jusht go to yer' room and resht," then wipes the drool off her chin, composes herself, and says "and take the rest of the morning for yourself, maybe pray to the necklace. It might help her during her journey to the other side."

Stars sparkle on the maid's eyes, a sight even Tenshi is enjoying blissfully, then bows to her mistress and excitedly says "thank you my lady! You are the very best!"

As soon as the adorable maid dashes to her room, the somehow-freed nosebleeding Tenshi approaches the double-nosebleeding Reimu, pokes her on the chest, and threateningly says "don't think I didn't notice Hakurei!"

"Notice what, exactly?", ominously asks the red and white, as she swipes her sleeve under her nose.

"You know exactly what," ominously adds the blue-haired girl, before getting on the maiden's face and adding "you're trying to set Rika against me, so that you can be the only one that can comfort her, but I warn you, I got my eyes on you."

Reimu smiles sinisterly, takes one step back, and just before Tenshi can ask, a black and white blur crashes right on top of the celestial and crushes her on the wooden floor.

Marisa and Hatate are holding each other by the necks and trying to dominate each other, while the witch shouts "I already apologize! Besides, it's not my fault your ass is so slow, sky hog!"

The tengu girl gasps, knocks the witch's hat off as she wraps her arm around the blonde's neck, and while rubbing her fist on the girls golden head, she angrily says "you're the only hog here, witch-bitch! I was, like, minding my own damned business when you crashed on me anyway!"

The girls start to bicker incoherently while bopping each other on the heads and creating a fight cloud right on top of the crushed celestial, and the Hakurei Maiden just watches with a casual smile and doesn't even bother to help.

Suzaku flies outside, grips the vertical wooden beam next to Reimu, skillfully balancing herself while doing so, and says "mom, aren't you going to stop this? They're really hurting Miss Tenshi."

Reimu chuckles casually and says "oh, let them have their fun. Besides, the celestial's tough. She can take it."

The vermilion bird coos as though sighing, and after thinking quickly, she flies back inside while saying "alright, but if Rika-sama sees this, she's going to get very upset."

The maiden smiles nervously as a sweat drop rolls down the right side of her head, then nervously grunts "dang, she's right," and after grabbing Marisa and Hatate by the back of their shirts and lifts them off the peach girl, she sternly says "alright, alright, break it off you two."

The fighting girls are full of scratches, their shirts are already a bit torn, revealing a cute small white bra on the witch, and a sexy pink bra with black frills on the tengu, and still they want to go at each others' throats.

Hinanai remains on the floor, slowly and shakingly raises her right hand, balls it into a fist, raises her middle finger, then grunts "y-you bitch. Th-that didn't hurt-AUGH!"

A yin-yang orb falls right on top of Tenshi's face, while Reimu head-butts the thrashing girls into submission, and casually giggles and says "it's like I'm surrounded by childish men today."

At the Forest of Magic, which is yet to have any significant changes due to the approaching autumn, everything appears to be peaceful at Ail's house.

A light drizzle falls from the clouds above, making a gentle symphony on the leaves and the roof, and the rain fairies cheer and giggle as they play around, enjoying the cool and moist drops from the sky.

The dense boy, Budou and Phredia, are enjoying a breakfast of eggs, vegetables, and for some odd reason, a side-dish of grapes.

The little bat youkai smiles at nowhere in particular and sweetly says "touch my grapes and you're dead~"

The front door to the house bursts open, and Sanae enters the house, loudly exclaiming "good morning everyone-boof!"

She now finds herself sitting on the pink house's red welcome mat, with the teal-haired bat youkai rubbing her cheeks on her mama's stomach, while cooing "mama Sanny~ Mmm, mama's so soft and warm!"

The shrine maiden chuckles nervously, rubs the little girl's head, softly asks "what have you been learning little one?", then looks at Ail, smiles, and says "good morning honey! Ready to go?"

"Sanae-chan! You're here early," comments the boy as he gets off his chair, and after getting to his girl and helping her up, they give each other a quick kiss, then he says "I'll be ready as soon as I go get Drake."

The Moriya Maiden stares at the dense one, blinks twice, then asks "where is he?"

While the green-haired armpit maiden pulls Budou off, the dense boy nods at Phredia and say "thanks for breakfast. It was delicious," then turns to his girl and says "he's still in mom's room. She said she'd be giving him some more during the night. Hmm, I wonder what she meant?"

Kochiya's face loses all its color when her imagination pictures the hot young mother lying on top of the murderous godling, whispering "not yet young man. You still need more."

She starts to tremble while looking at her dense boyfriend, then stammers and chokes when she tries to ask the boy if he understands what he just said, but Budou calms her down when she says "yeah. She's been beating him up all night. I almost couldn't sleep."

After Sanae takes a deep breath of relief, the bat youkai begins to beep repeatedly.

The little girl pulls a small metallic rectangle with a screen on its face, and a flashing red LED light on the edge, looks at the screen just as it turns on with the press of a tiny grey button, then gasps and screams "ARGH! Rikako shot it! Rikako shot the missile, and while I was offline too! That CHEATER!"

Before questions can be asked, the little bat rushes to her room and slams the door shut, then beeps, music and explosions can be heard from within, almost instantly.

Ail chuckles and says "Nitori made her a machine that links to their game, so those kind of sneak attacks can't happen," then from within the room, the normally adorable little girl furiously shouts "KAGUYA, you cheating poo-poo head! We were supposed to have a truce!"

The couple stare in shock at the door, and chuckle while smiling nervously, then the boy says "let's just go get Drake," to which the sexy maiden just nods to.

They reach the door of Ayalina's room, the dense one knocks and calls "mom~ We're coming in~", and opens the door, even though the young-looking mother shouts "no, wait!"

Inside, the godling lies on his back on the nails bed, with his hands tied above his head, wearing only a white fundoshi and his collar, and with the young-looking flower youkai on top of him with her long whip on hand and with her face close to his.

Sanae's face turns blue, her eyes hide under her hair, single strands of hair pop around her all over head, her shocked smile freezes, though she's not happy, and it even seems that, as her skin and clothes turn white, cracks start appearing around her.

Anilan stares around casually, sighs softly after seeing the scene, then says "mom, seriously, it's time to go. Just leave him alone already."

The tortured god in training with a leash looks with desperate hope at the dense boy and cries "please, PLEASE, I'll do whatever you want, just SAVE ME!"

The shrine maiden turns her stiff, shocked neck to try and glance at her man in disbelief, unable to understand if her dense boyfriend doesn't notice all the wrong things in the room, including that wooden horse and the sexy woman in tight pieces of leather, or if he's just used to seeing that kind of stuff.

Either way, she remains silent, as Ail casually walks inside, and frees the godling, while his mother crawls off him with a disappointed look, pouts, and says "and I was just getting to the fun part. Oh well, I guess I'll torture him some more later."

Ayalina notices Sanae on the door staring at the wooden horse, then coos as she casually waves and happily says "Sanae, hi! I didn't notice you there. So, you like the wooden horse? I can teach my boy how to use it."

The green-haired girl can only shake her head and wave her hands defensively as an answer, to which the maroon-eyed woman just shrugs casually and says "your loss. It's much more fun that it looks. Makes things more interesting too."

The poor shrine maiden isn't sure if she's about to have a heart attack or not, but all she wants right now is to run away from that woman and her nasty toys, and take her Ail-kun with her before he starts getting curious about those things.

Her man appears to her left with a fully clothed Drake, grabs her hand, and softly says "come on, we're waiting for you," then looks at his leather-clad mother and says "alright mom, we're off. Budou's playing that game, and it seems Rikako and Yumemi are giving her a hard time. Do NOT permit her to use those curse words again."

The still-shocked shrine maiden stammers when she attempts to ask Ail if they can get out of there already, and at the same time ask him about the bat youkai, while Ayalina smiles whimsically, waves her fingers, and says "don't worry about a thing my child, I'll take good care of her. Just do what you have to do."

The dense boy nods, opens a gap behind himself and his party, pulls the still stammering girl and the leashed boy inside, then the gap closes up almost immediately.

Ayalina's smile becomes sinister as she remains staring vilely at the point her son, toy and maiden left, then scoffs and says "what a boring old man. Let the little one express herself. Cursing spices up life; makes it more fun for all!"

From the other room, Budou screams "why you **** little evil ****! I spend two million **** ***** gold on that tower!"

The flower youkai's smiles becomes ominously sweet as she cracks her whip once, then admits "but~ that's just going a bit too far. Sorry sweetie, grandma will have to spank you, and clean that filthy little mouth of yours."

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gates, Kimi lies face-down and naked on a poorly-build bed, made out of roughly cut pieces of wood, and an old stained cloth.

On her right hand, she holds a pink rectangular object with a matching pink button on the center with numbers to the side of a silver knob, going up to ten, which is where the knob is set to.

She covers her butt with a white towel, though it's barely covered, and lets her hands hang besides the makeshift bed while resting her head and looking extremely relaxed.

"Um, are you sure I have to do this?", hesitantly asks Meiling, who holds a lilac, scented oil bottle on her left hand, while standing to the shadow's right side, looking almost disgusted, but at the same time blushes and pants softly with expectancy.

Kimi sighs, moans while contently shaking her head on the cloth, then casually says "oh, I am sure you have to. Unless, of course, you want to find out what this button does, which, I remind you, could make any kind of thing, or things, happen to you."

She lifts herself up just enough to let her lewd assets hang without revealing much, while keeping herself covered, though is uncovered enough for the gate guard to admire how that shadow's skin looks silkier than her own, and how that tight body is equally fit as hers, and just blushes harder.

The dragon girl grins while staring at that cute and sexy gate guard, looking up and down those curves under that green dress, and says "tell you what, if you do this for me, and I'm completely satisfied, I'll give you the best time of your life, and rub all those sore muscles of yours back into perfection. Still, if you keep hesitating..."

When Kimi lifts that pink remote and teases the button, Meiling's flushed face quickly turns pale, and she immediately rushes forward and begins to apply the oil on that hated dragon's back.

As she begins the actual massage, she can't help but notice that amazing shape, how smooth and tight that pale skin is, and how easy her hands slide over that gorgeous body, and thinks "even without the oil, this skin is smooth as silk! How does she DO IT? Living in the wild for so long! I think I'm getting jealous!"

The shadow girl moans contently, opens her right eye to look at the redhead's red cheeks, then teases "don't be afraid to go lower. I won't mind."

Somewhere over the mansion's surrounding wall, Sakuya records everything happening between the two dragon girls with a camcorder, smiling, blushing and drooling while taking zoom-in shots of Meiling's hand sliding around Kimi's back.

She chuckles and whispers to herself "to think I was about to scold her for abandoning her post. This is definitely a very nice and unexpected treat."

While she continues recording, the shadow dragon youkai moans loudly and contently says "you naughty little whelp."

The gate guard stammers nervously, then finally manages to says "wait, no, I just slipped! Seriously!"

The chief maid's drool is quickly accompanied by a sudden burst of blood from her nose as she whispers "oh, she got up," all while Kimi says "that's it, it's your turn now!"

The human girl's cheeks turn redder when the sound of tearing fabric reaches her ears, and Meiling cries "wait, noooooo~ I'm not ready for thiiiis!"

The silver-haired maid begins to pant, then says "I don't care if this isn't proper, I am loving this!"

Meanwhile, down at the library, Koakuma runs between bookshelves as though her life is in mortal danger, and keeps looking over her shoulders, causing herself to pant harder after almost tripping on another pile of books.

"You can't do that! I won't let you," shouts the cute little devil while sliding under a round wooden table with a white cloth adorning the top, and clutching the base to stop, and hides there.

As she looks around the library behind her, a hand casually reaches for her neck, and all the sexy redhead can do is yelp before dropping limp on the floor and moan in defeat, right after said hand grips her tight.

Lina smiles and coos contently as she picks her little pet up, and sets her face-down on the table, while casually saying "come on, you said so yourself. Your wings are sore, and I just want my cute little pet to be at her best."

Koakuma tries to lift her head as she opens her mouth to begin her argument, but all she manages to do is moan out loud "ahh-hann~ Oh, ohHOOOoooOOO~"

Her entire body twitches involuntarily and her face turns bright pink when the Kori girl's hands begin a gentle, tension-lifting rub on those stressed black wings on her back and head, while softly saying "there, there, it's no trouble at all. Just relax and let me work my magic."

At the same time, deeper inside the library, Patchouli sits with her back resting against her special throne-like red chair's backrest and moans softly, while Leon hesitantly asks "um, are you sure it's like this, my love? This isn't how the dragons or my sister are doing it?"

The purple bean sprout closes her eyes as she sighs, then says "you're doing just fine. Please, continue."

The boy's face shows several levels of unpleasant and confusion as he thinks "but I'm not even touching my love's skin. How is this even working?"

On his hands, he holds a hardcover blue book, and keeps rubbing the edges and spine of said book's cover, and looks mightily displeased while doing so.

The magician, on the other hand, looks relaxed and in a state of bliss as she watches the boy work his hands on that book, as though she's getting the massage herself.

To her right, on a small round table, is a crystal ball, where Kimi's blurred out naked figure can be seen forcefully rubbing Meiling's blurred out figure on the ground, then switches to Lina rubbing the now-blissfully smiling Koakuma's wings.

Patchouli sighs contently again, and with that light, but content smile on her face, she says "don't look so upset. Smile. Thanks to me trying to blast Ail yesterday, I found the water gem we needed. Now, all we need to do is wait for winter, so we can begin the ritual."

Leon stops his hands to give the magician a concerned stare, then softly says "my love, understand that if this doesn't work, I don't want you getting depressed. But do know, from the bottom of our hearts, Lina and I thank you for your efforts."

The purple-themed girl chuckles, even though a red vein pulsates on top of her hat, and says "this won't fail, I promise you that. Come winter, you two will be permanent residents."

There is a moment of silence between the two, and after some time passes, the librarian magician sighs and says "anyway, please continue with my book massage, ple-ehe-AAAHHNN~"

Without her notice, the Kori boy grabbed her foot, and is now giving her a surprisingly perfect foot rub, relaxing the girl to the point that she becomes a smiling lump on that large chair, and with a sly smile on his face, Leon slowly moves his magical hands toward the calf and says "as you wish my love. Don't you worry, you will be feeling like new after we're done."

Somewhere above the bookshelves, a pair of blurs move about with red dots glowing beside them.

Remilia is completely recovered in body, though still looks a bit paler than usual, and along with Flandre, they record the massage mania happening around the library, chuckling softly, and drooling at the lewd sights below them.

"I'm watching this with Sakuya tonight," whispers the elder Scarlet, then a bit of drool trickles down the corner of her lips and whispers "oh-ho-hoo~ He's going higher!"

From the other side of the library, the younger Scarlet whispers "onee-sama, how is it that we all have these hi-tech equipment here?"

Remilia chuckles to hide her nervousness, and says "um, better not be asking those kinds of questions, Flan."

After a shrug from the blonde, the vampires continue recording everything happening below them, unaware of the three-tailed nekomata glaring and growling softly at the cute young sister.

Meanwhile, Ail, the still slightly shocked Sanae, and Drake, arrive via-gap to the underground cave's entrance, where the blue and white maiden nervously asks "are you serious? You seriously didn't see anything wrong with that scene?"

The dense boy stares at his girl with curiosity, and says "well, I'll admit my mom is a bit weird, but I see nothing wrong with that room. It's just her odd decor taste taking another twist."

The godling stares daggers at the golden eyed boy, then says "you mean a SICK twist. Seriously, I still can't believe you didn't hear those hellish threats she spat at me!"

"Seriously, Ail-kun, even if this guy's a murderous butt-head, he doesn't deserve all of that," desperately adds the sexy girl.

Anilan smiles at the two as casually as if nothing, says "but she and dad used to play like that all the time, and whenever I did something bad, she'd smack me with that whip good," ponders for a moment, then asks "I mean, isn't that how families should be?"

The god and the shrine maiden join forces to stare at the energy-manipulator with shock and disbelief, then both just face palm simultaneously, and Sanae sighs and says "we're going to have a little chat later, honey."

"Wow, she's calling you honey," says a familiar girl's voice from above their heads the very moment they step into the cave, and as Yamame slowly descends, she continues "I've read somewhere that that's a good sign between couples... though I can't remember where."

The upside-down blonde spider youkai gets close to the ground before flipping over, and lands on her feet in front of the visitors, then smiles at the dense one and says "welcome. Geez, it's been a while! I thought you had forgotten all about us."

Ail rubs the back of his head as he blushes and chuckles nervously, then says "I'd never forget you guys. I've just been very busy these days. And, um, I don't think you would have wanted me here before."

The small party begins their walk deeper into the cave, while Sanae adds "yeah. He wasn't himself a while back. He could have done something so stupid, that it would have made you all mad at him in a flash."

As they walk further into the damp and moist cave, having a casual conversation as the dense one and the youkai catch up, Kisume keeps watch on them while keeping herself hidden in the dark ceiling, frightened of the two new visitors, yet continues following after them out of curiosity.

They reach a small pile of rocks that separates the dry part of the cave, from the section where the small river begins, and Yamame stops, turns around, points at the god in training, and says "I forgot to ask who is this quiet fellow over here."

"Oh, right," begins the dense one, before pointing his hands at the boy in brown and says "this is Drake Starstriker, the guy I told Miss Satori about."

An ominous shadow covers the blonde spider youkai's eyes as she smiles at the godling, then casually says "ohh, so this is that guy that let you, and everyone out there have it without deserving it."

The shrine maiden nods and casually says "yup, that's the one. Don't worry, he's subdued now," while the spider girl wraps a deceivingly friendly arm around the godling's shoulders, and smiles vilely.

Drake can feel some bad vibes coming from that friendly blonde, who lifts up to the air with him gripped around the waist, and says "come on, let's fly so we don't get all wet. Oh, and let me take care of Mister Drake for you two. You go ahead and hold each other instead."

Sanae and Ail smile at their gracious host, bow, then the dense boy says "thank you Miss Yamame-san. You're as kind as ever," while the god nervously whispers "help meeee."

The loving couple take flight, while giggling and holding their hands, then speed off before the spider youkai and her new 'friend'.

Starstriker would love nothing more than to call Ail for assistance, but he quickly starts feeling very weak and tired, and upon looking at the blonde's ominously smiling face, he knows he is being poisoned again.

When the two love birds start giggling and talking amongst themselves, Yamame's smile vanishes, glares with hatred at the godling, then says "I don't know what the hell your problem is, but you harmed someone we like down here. I mean, it's not often Satori enjoys talking with someone that actually enjoys talking to her as well. Not to mention, he treats all of us like equals. Sort of like that red and white."

"But I already apologized for that," weakly says the boy, whom finds it hard to lift his head and make eye contact, but regardless of that, bravely asks "wh-what did you do to me?"

The spider's voice comes out dark and cold as she says "I have the ability to manipulate diseases, and I have just given you a mere cold, because I don't wish to upset Ail now. But you listen, and you listen good. If I even hear a whisper of you causing trouble down there, I'll take this physical body of yours and take it for one hell of a ride. You got that?"

The weakened godling manages to nod, then, with great effort, grunts "you have. my word. Lady Yamame. I will. behave. properly. as I should have. from-from the start."

The brown-eyed spider stares with surprise at the boy and softly says "so polite," then her smile returns, and Drake begins to feel a little stronger as she says "well, I'm surprised. Word is you tend to talk back a lot. Seems you have changed for real."

The boy manages to smile, though is unable to lift his head or speak while he recovers, so he just flips his thumb up.

Yamame grins, and says "I stopped poisoning your body, so you should be feeling alright in a few minutes. But remember what I said. Don't upset Satori, or anyone down there, or I will strike you with my worst disease."

After just a couple of minutes, and a few killed fairies that got in the way, the group reach the hole leading down to the bridge that reaches the Ancient City.

Kurodani places the god in training on the ground, where he inspects himself and tests his returned strength, and says "Satori will be waiting for you, so please don't make her wait too long."

Ail, who still holds Sanae's hand, does a two fingers salute and happily says "don't worry, we'll get there in time. And Miss Yamame, thank you for your help."

The bashful blonde smiles as her cheeks turn a little red, and says "aww, you don't have to thank me. Just be safe down there, and make sure not to get into trouble."

After a couple of nods and smiles, and a polite bow from Drake, the trio jump down the hole to begin their long descent to the underground world.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu stomps hard on the veranda, while fuming and muttering to herself "annoying, selfish brat for a celestial. Stupid. At least I won't get sweaty."

On the backyard of the shrine, Tenshi and Rika stand in front of each other, with said celestial holding a movable wooden dummy, and the angelic maid wearing her fingerless gloves and holding her family sword with both hands.

The red and white maiden sits down hard on the wooden porch, stares angrily at the blue-haired girl, then takes a deep breath before shouting "I hope she smacks that peachy bottom of yours, tender girl!"

Rika stares curiously at her mistress after the sudden comment and tilts her head left, while Tenshi glares at the maiden and discreetly flips her middle finger.

The adorable shrine maid waves her wings slowly as her imagination plays out the image of her dear friend's butt being a tender peach she uses for bouncing on the floor, then all of a sudden, begins to laugh hard.

Tears form under her eyes as she holds her sides, while the mental image of her friend shakes her hips and says "jiggle-jiggle," then the maid's laughter becomes louder and heartier.

After almost two minutes of incessant laughing, the angelic girl slowly composes herself, coughs out a few more laughs, takes a deep breath, then looks at her mistress, and says "oh my goodness, my lady, thank you so much, tee-hee. It felt so good to laugh like that. You are the greatest, Miss Reimu!"

Hakurei blushes pink when seeing that red-faced smile and those slowly flapping wings as the maid's gratitude reaches her, then giggles, waves her fingers, and says "heheh, any time my dear. I just want to see you happy, like always."

"Aww, and you're just as kind and as loving as ever, my dear lady," replies the maid with a bow, while Tenshi, unsure of what exactly happened, grits her cracking teeth, while shooting dirty jealous looks at the shrine maiden, without letting her friend take notice.

Shortly after, the girls begin training, and while Hinanai asks the cute maid to attack harder and said girl insists it's too dangerous, the armpit maiden enjoys some tea and dumplings on the veranda as she gazes flatly at the training girls.

Rika swings her sword so slowly, when it touches the dummy, it just taps it so gently, it doesn't even make a sound.

Tenshi just sighs and says "come on, hit it HARD," then sighs and moans when her friend lightly taps the training dummy's arm.

"It seems you got some heart points from your maid," says a girl from behind the shrine maiden at the veranda, who continues "well I hope you don't mind if I try my hand at getting some for my own."

The shrine maiden turns her stuffed face back, and casually nods at Youmu, as some form of half-assed greeting, then turns around again to look at the odd and slow training session.

"Jeez, what the hell kind of greeting was that?", angrily asks the half ghost girl, whom after sitting next to the shrine maiden, somehow has a mug of tea as well.

Though Reimu tries to ignore the unwelcome guest, yet she can't help but feel her presence, so after a heavy sigh, the armpit maiden asks "so you are here to cheer up Rika after finding out about what happened at the mansion, right?"

Konpaku raises her left hand, and reveals a small sack with a few bottles of sake, red meats, and ingredients for curry, which the Hakurei Maiden promptly accepts, then happily exclaims "please don't overdo it. She's still a bit sore."

Youmu smirks, stands up, casually says "don't worry. If nothing else, this should at least distract her for a bit," then makes her way toward Rika and Tenshi.

The silver haired girl raises her left eyebrow when she looks upon the soft swings and even softer strikes of the maid's sword on the movable dummy, and while looking at her ghost half, she says "boy, she's really gotten it bad. Look at her. Those swings lack strength, passion, resolve. It's like she's not even trying."

As soon as Youmu approaches them, Rika easily stops her half-hearted attacks, then Tenshi, knowing what's coming next, groans, drops the dummy, then says "I give up. I'll just be over here, cheering for you!"

The maid stares at her heaven friend, raises her hand to address her, but before she can ask what's wrong, the half ghost taps the maid's waist to get her full attention, and says "you're back into a depression, I see."

The girls look into each others' eyes for some time, then the angelic maid covers her mouth, gasps, takes a step back, looks shyly to the ground, then says "no, Miss Youmu, I can't. Not today, please."

The silver haired girl places her hand on Roukanken, the large sword, and coldly says "Rika, don't dishonor yourself as a swordswoman. I am challenging you, and you will accept, like always."

The hesitating maid looks away as she sheathes her sword, so Youmu clicks her tongue, decides to go for the low blow, turns around to make as if she's leaving, and says "I understand. I am so pathetic to you that you would rather dishonor me by ignoring my challenge and turning away from me like that. Well, I'll leave then. Goodbye Rika Onkamikami. We'll ne-"

"WAIT, WAIT! I didn't mean to dishonor you, Miss Youmu! I'll do it," exclaims the kind maid as she reaches for the fake-saddened guest's back, who discretely pumps her fist and cheers under her breath.

Meanwhile, on the shore at the lake behind the shrine, Suika and Genjii cheer, Suzaku keeps squawking, as though trying to draw attention to her, Aya drools, blushes and smiles wide as she takes several photos, and all because on the ground, Marisa and Hatate are shredding their clothes and their dignity by participating in a crude catfight.

The brown-haired tengu wraps her gorgeous pale legs from behind and around the witch's neck, chocking the poor girl while shouting "give it up! Admit you're an air-hog and I'll, like, let you go!"

The black and white grips those soft and squishy thighs tight until the crow tengu screams and releases her, then jumps on said tengu, gets on her back, locks the crow girl's neck with her arms and pulls back, then angrily says "you weak little shut-in, I'll rip your neck off if you don't submit!"

Hatate elbows the witch's ribs, rolls on the blonde's back, squats, pulls those scrawny human arms on to her own knees, pulls her chin up, then says "just because you drank that potion doesn't mean you'll beat a tengu, you cheating witch!"

Marisa summons inhuman strength to her and rolls with such force, she ends up on her feet and behind the tengu, pulling her arms back and threatening to break that shirt as those ample pearls keep being forced forward.

Noticing this, the ordinary magician growls furiously, muting the crow girl's own grunts and groans of pain, then mutters under her breath "let's see how far that shirt will stretch before they pop out!"

Very suddenly, the fighting girls grunt and roar out loud, and the spectators, even Aya, stop cheering and moving, and just stare with their mouths agape, while the sound of fabric being ripped to pieces vibrates all over the lake.

"U-hu-hu-huu~ This is so HOT," exclaims Shameimaru after her cheeks turn bright pink, along with Suika's, Genjii's, and surprisingly enough, Suzaku's cheeks, then the black-haired tengu raises her camera and begins taking pictures again.

Marisa angrily shouts "you'll pay for that! Those were my favorite clothes!"

Hatate Furiously shouts "you pathetic little human, look what you did! That underwear isn't cheap!"

There is a loud splash; the fighting girls resume their fight in the middle of the lake, where they grapple each other any way they can, and causing all, but Suzaku, to bleed violently through their noses, especially after several slips and slip-ups from either girl after a failed, or slipped grapple from either.

And so the spectators risk suffering massive blood loss, though doing so with a big and blissful smiles, as they watch those two gorgeously shaped, pale, silky bodies struggling around, inside the lake's water.

Back at the underground, at the entrance to the Ancient City, Ail sighs with disappointment after crossing the empty bridge, but regardless of that, points at the city streets and says "welcome to the Ancient City of Former Hell, Drake Starstriker."

The godling twitches, gasps, chokes, grabs the dense one by the shirt's collar, screams "FORMER HELL!", then more calmly, shouts "why did you bring me to hell? Ail, this is not funny! Seriously, I don't belong here!"

The freaked-out boy suddenly smiles, sighs, slowly drops to the ground, revealing Sanae behind with her hand gripping the air in the same manner she was gripping the godlin's neck, then stares at her boyfriend.

With an ominous shadow over her eyes, and a deceivingly sweet smile on her face, she asks "and why do you look so disappointed, Ail-kun? Is that green-eyed blonde so special?"

The boy sighs sadly, then smiles at his girlfriend and casually says "Miss Parsee was one of the first people I met when I came down here the first time, and I was kinda hoping to say hello to her. Oh well."

The shrine maiden calms down after hearing him call the jealousy youkai 'Miss', knowing that means the girl in question is just a friend, then holds her confused man in a light hug from the back, and says "don't worry Ail-kun, we'll probably say hello to her later."

The dense one taps his girl's hand gently, grabs it and kisses it, then says "you're right Sanae-chan, we'll probably see her later."

As they begin the walk into the city, Anilan grabs Drake's leash and effortlessly pulls the boy along, while casually saying "come on Drake, we have to reach the Palace of the Earth Spirits, or Chireiden, if you will, before lunch time."

And so, unable to resist in any way, the god in training grunts as he tries to get on his feet, while being dragged toward a city that used to be part of an old hell.

Just as the trio reach the restaurants and shops area, right in the middle of the city, where there are already many oni, youkai, and evil spirits glaring toward the guests, the stupid god loudly says "please, let us make haste! This place is a nest of evil!"

The golding is forcefully pulled by the leash, and even Sanae looks shocked with surprise when Ail winds his head back and head-butts the foolish god on the head so hard, the supposedly holy one sees bright stars for almost thirty seconds before regaining his sight.

While Drake recovers, the golden eyed boy pulls him by the collar of his shirt and angrily says "watch you damned mouth, you idiot! This is the Road to the FORMER Hell, not Hell! These people and spirits live in harmony, away from judging eyes like yours. Sure, they aren't perfect, but you tell me what place is!"

Starstriker stares in shock into those golden eyes, lowers his head and mutters "um, sorry," while the dense one furiously says "louder! These people deserve an apology!"

"Sorry, I'm sorry, jeez," nervously spits the god in training, and almost immediately after, all the glares and suspicious glances become friendly and curious stares.

The tension in the group slowly lessens, and as the dense boy releases godling, the blue and white shrine maiden flaps her hand near her face, and sounding impressed she says "wow, Ail-kun, you're amazing. I never expected you to react like that."

The dense boy sighs, lessening the anger inside himself, then smiles lightly at his girlfriend as he says "well, I've spoken a lot with Miss Satori, so I know a few stories of the youkai here. And I'll be damned if I allow someone here make them feel uncomfortable around us due to judging."

He shakes his head as he picks the leash again, looks at Starstriker, then says "they don't need crap like judgment down here, and we don't want to be on their bad side."

The god on a leash pouts like a scolded child, and lowers his head in shame while muttering "um, I'm sorry. I l-lost my head there."

The enamored shrine maiden wraps her arms around her man's neck, and rubs her cheeks against him and coos very contently, then the boy turns his face to kiss that cheek, turns it again to address the godling, then says "come, let's get out of here. That way, both of us will be at ease sooner."

"Hey~, it's Ail! It's been a while, mate! Say, who's the dog on a leash there? Did the shrine maiden summon him or something?"

The group turn to the right to face the tall, blonde, single-horned oni girl approaching them with her usual red sake cup on her right hand, and a sturdy-looking grey gourd hanging on the left side of her waist.

Anilan smiles at the sight of the woman, waves as she approaches them, and says "Miss Yuugi, hi. You're looking well," then becomes a little more stern when he looks at the leashed boy, and says "Drake, this is Miss Yuugi Hoshiguma, a friend! Miss Yuugi, this is Drake Starstriker, and I believe you know Sanae already."

The tall oni chuckles while waving at the green-haired girl, then looks at the god in training, a shadow is cast over her eyes, and with a dark smile on her face, she says "oh, so this is that god guy from the newspaper. I've been DYING to meet him in person."

She takes the leash off the dense boy's hand and says "come, I'll go with you to the palace. I'll walk him for you if you want."

The Moriya Maiden giggles and says "oh, that's wonderful miss oni. Thank you," then giggles more playfully when turning her attention to her boy, and makes sure she's pressing her soft womanhood against his back while playfully whispering "more time for ourselves."

While the two love birds move ahead, Drake can't help but feel the cold chill of fear course through his body, as the seemingly friendly oni gets closer to him and asks "so, how can a weak little thing like you be a god? Seriously, you're so scrawny, compared to that mountain goddess of ours."

The godling is nervous, and gets even more nervous when that woman places her hand on his shoulder, but he hides his upset state by casually answering "um, well yes, I've done some... foolish things, and seems I am paying dearly for them, and it's going to take time to- ARGH!"

Yuugi stares at the god-in-training with surprise as he screams and rolls forward, blinks twice after the inevitable loud crash, then says "boy, I am really surprised you did all that stuff up there. I mean, I just tapped your shoulder and you fly off like a mere twig. How exactly did you kill my buddy Ail, being so weak like that?"

Starstriker lies upside-down with his legs above and his back lodged against a cracked solid stone wall, manages to re-arrange his neck on the ground to look at the oni girl, then grunts "like I said... I've done bad things... and got weaker."

Hoshiguma smiles and nods, picks his leash and pulls him back on his feet, then, as they begin their walk, she happily says "well, at least you still heal like a god, so there might be hope for you yet," then sinisterly adds "and that also means you and I can have some fun with you."

The brown-eyed boy knows damned well he is in deep trouble, but all he can do is whimper, and pray to other gods for a miracle, or for Ail or Sanae to take his leash, though either hopeful thought seems like are just that; thoughts.

As they make their merry way toward the underground's mansion, the lovely couple continue holding each other close, whispering to, and making each other giggle, while the cheerful oni swings the god by the leash, humming happy tunes and asking "having fun yet, murderer boy?"

The godling's reply is a constant scream and sudden chokes as he is swung around like a child's toy plane, and now he feels as he is being twisted and swung at the same time, just before the blond woman exclaims "hey~, it's like a big yo-yo!"

Ail and Sanae stop, finally turn around, to the murderous god's relief, then the dense boy casually says "I think he's had enough, Miss Yuugi. Maybe you should cut down on the torturing."

The oni woman chuckles as she pulls Drake back to her, he falls upright with her arm around his shoulders, as if they were great buddies, then says "alright Ail-boyo. Though do note I was just having some fun with him."

She rubs his hair hard with her hand, and says "after throwing him around so much, it is clear he truly is sorry for what he did, and I kind of like him a little more now."

The blonde suddenly tightens her arm around the god in training, threatening to crush him, and in a dark tone of voice, she says "but he did say some really nasty words back there. I wonder if he's sorry about that as well."

Out of breath as that powerful oni arm crushes him, Drake manages to grunt "yes. I'm sorry. for saying. all of that."

He breathes and coughs as oxygen graces his lungs once more, then looks up at Yuugi with apologetic eyes, and says "I am still on the path to recover myself, and spoke without looking around, or thinking carefully of my words. I apologize for being so judgmental, and promise I will better myself."

The tall woman stares down with surprise at the godling, then smiles and cheers "well, that was a very nice apology," then playfully pats his back, sending flying several feet, face-first to the dirt road in front, and cheers "now I'm really starting to like ya!"

"What? You already like that creep! But it took you five hours to start liking me! What's the deal?", exclaims a very familiar voice hiding on an alley to their rights.

Ail gasps as his lips stretch into a smile, then exclaims "Miss Parsee! There you are! And here I was worried I wasn't going to see you today! How are you?"

The green-eyed blonde youkai of jealousy reveals herself from the darkness of the shadows, wearing a white shirt and brown shorts, and glaring at the odd party with envy, then blushes as she says "yeah, whatever. Umm... hello Ail," then turns her glare to Drake, and asks "and who the heck is this bozo anyway?"

For some odd reason, Sanae has wrapped her arms around the dense boy so tightly, his face is turning blue due to lack of air, thus is unable to answer.

Noticing this, the blonde oni grabs the god by the waist, helps him up, so that he can see the green-eyed girl in the eyes, then says "this is that Drake Starstriker fellow Satori's meetin' today. You know, the one on the newspaper."

Fire rises from the jealous one's eyes as she directs her gritted teeth toward the boy, and says "that murderous bastard that broke my window with his face?"

Yuugi, pulls the godling closer, and whispers "the paper boy broke her window with the paper that had your picture this morning. Now she's going to pin the blame on you," then straightens up and cheerfully says "yup, the very same one! Come say hello!"

"You're not helping!", exclaims the god in training, bracing himself for whatever kind of punishment might befall him, but after waiting for about six or so seconds, he realizes nothing's happened.

Instead of attacking the boy, Parsee walks over to the tall woman, and asks "and what was that all about just now? How can you like him? He broke my window! You should feel sorry for me, and angry at him!"

The oni woman chuckles, then says "why? I already fixed that for you, while you were changing and complaining about your bra size."

The jealousy youkai's face turns bright red and her eyes hide under her blush, while she shouts "you pervert! Perverted oni! How dare you! Taking advantage of me when I'm so vulnerable!"

The single-horned woman points at her friend, and happily says "hey, that's the same face you made the first time we met."

The blushing girl turns around and asks "and how would you remember that?"

Yuugi pulls our several white squares from her pocket, and casually says "look, I got the pictures right here. See? That's the same face."

Parsee gasps out loud, then exclaims "wait, who the heck took those? And why don't I have copies of those?"

"Of course you don't. You told me burned the album I gave you, remember?", casually replies the tall oni.

The short blonde twitches, bites her thumb, then hesitantly lies "um, er, I, um, don't remember that! I-In fact, I don't remember ever getting an album either!"

Yuugi laughs, then says "now, now, I can always ask for more copies, but you shouldn't lie like that."

The jealous girl gasps hard, then begins to argue so fast, her words sound like blabbering.

Drake watches on with an unamused and bored flat gaze, then a high-pitched voice from down to his right says "alright, we better get going. They aren't stopping any time soon."

The golding looks down, and sees Ail's aura in a small brown cat with black stripes on the torso, large ears, bulgy golden eyes, a pink nose, and wearing a miniaturized replica of the dense one's clothes, then asks "wait a minute. I-is that you... Ail?"

The dense one sighs, then says "I couldn't get away from Sanae's grip, so I had to cheap-shot her," then points toward the road.

The blue and white shrine maiden lies on her back, with a flushed face, a blissful smile, and blood fountains rushing out her nose, somehow defying logic and gravity to spray upward.

The brown-eyed god looks at the bickering blondes, then at the little cat-Ail, then as Sanae, then back at the dense one, then at the blondes, and before his mind turns to a puddle, the cat-boy casually says "don't think about it too much. You might hurt yourself if you do."

In a flash of light, Anilan becomes his usual human self, picks his girlfriend off the ground, who blissfully whispers "those soft ears twitched," then turns his head back at the god and says "come, or would you rather have me take your leash?"

Without any hesitation at all, Drake grabs his own leash, then rushes straight toward the dense boy and the girl, then the tree continue their walk toward Chireiden.

Meanwhile, back at the Hakurei Shrine, Marisa sits between Reimu and Suika, and shivers violently while covering herself with a large white towel, which is helping her keep her wet and naked body warm.

She sniffles and gags, then looks to her right to glare at Hatate, who sits between Aya and Tenshi and is also glaring at the witch while wrapping herself in a large brown towel, which slips of just enough to reveal she's also naked, and still as wet as the blonde.

Both girls are full of scratches and bruises all over their torsos, limbs, faces, and unmentionables, yet seem both are ready for round two, which would take place right there, if it weren't for their friends keeping watch, and the shrine maiden's seals on their butts.

The normally black and white witch looks at her red and white friend, then angrily mutters "I would have won if Rika and Youmu hadn't stopped us. Stupid paparazzi chicken."

Reimu sighs, rubs the bridge of her nose, then angrily says "you indecent girls aren't allowed to talk, so shut up, or I'm stuffing my socks inside your mouth."

Marisa immediately bites her own lips, then looks toward the shrine's back courtyard, where the ringing of swords comes from, while the Hakurei Maiden thinks "so, you really have no idea on how I can score a few more points with Rika? I hope you're not siding with that celestial."

Suzaku stands to the maiden's right, with a plate of some half-eaten dango on the floor in front of herself, and as she takes a bite of her spicy meal, she says "mom, my real interest is master Rika's mental health. Right now, whether you believe it or not, her mind is piecing together some encouraging thoughts, and thanks to Miss Youmu, I think that process is accelerating."

The maiden sighs, looks to the ground, says "yeah, you're right. I'm sorry. I'm acting like some sort of brat. Ugh," then sighs loudly and thinks "then I guess I'll just watch her, and make sure she remains as content as I can make her feel."

Suzaku tweets contently, flaps her wings once, then says "that's the way to think, mom. Please remember that master is loyal to you, and she will always be. Now, let's watch. I think they're about to get serious."

Right after the bird finishes her telepathic sentence, from within the magical and secure arena taking most of the grounds at the back of the shrine, Youmu sighs with satisfaction, then says "that's enough warming up. Come, and use that technique you were trying so halfheartedly before."

Rika twitches, then asks "wait, how did you take notice of that? I wasn't even trying when you came here!"

The half-ghost closes her left eye in a wink, grins, then says "you forget, I am constantly honing my own skills as a swordswoman, and by the looks of things, you do too, so stop hiding it and let's go!"

The maid grins, holds her family's sword with both hands, and while looking at her opponent's blue eyes, she confidently says "fine then, but don't complain after you have lost."

"That's more like it," excitedly exclaims the silver-haired girl, before dashing straight at the brown-haired maid with her long sword raised over her head.

Rika raises her sword sideways, just as Youmu launches her attack, then pushes the gardener away, and chases after her.

Myon flies underneath her human body to slow her fall, then the half-ghost swings her sword with a twirl of her body, blocking an upward swing from the shrine maid's sword.

The winged girl slides backward, surprised her own surprise attack was discovered, and how strong her rival has become, but she's not about to admit defeat just yet.

She rushes toward Youmu with her sword sheathed, then takes the gardener by surprise when, instead of sword swings, she launches a set of quick leg swipes, which quickly become medium kicks the ghost girl blocks with her sword, then, without even realizing what happened next, she's lying on the ground, blinded by a flash of light.

Rika had unsheathed her sword, and had filled the blade with pure white light, then swung that blade several times the very moment she unsheathed it, and although the half youkai managed to block the worst of it, she can still feel the sore stings of the light where the blade cuts on her arms and legs are.

Using her own sword to stand back up, the blue-eyed gardener grunts while thinking "she's gotten far stronger than I first estimated. I better stop fooling around."

Before the angelic girl makes her next move, Youmu springs on her feet and dashes to the right, while her ghost half dashes to the left, and go after that well endowed maid from both side.

Seeing this blunt pincer maneuver coming at her, Rika quickly hops back, and avoids a collision with Myon, and quickly takes notice the human-half of her opponent is missing, though a bit too late.

The gardener lands a slash on the maid's shoulder, and even though she yelps, the sexy maid rolls away, then stands up straight, facing her opponent, and staring her with admiration.

The two girls now share admiring stares toward each other until Youmu's ghost half joins her, and the two swordswomen dash toward each other, swinging their swords, matching them with precision and speed as they pass by each other, and for the spectators, it seems the girls just passed by each other without doing much, and are now standing in opposing sides, yet again.

The fighting girls turn around, Youmu unsheathes her Hakurouken, Rika declares "Oathkeeper," then jumps into the golden gate, and immediately comes out the other side with her thunder sword already on hand, then both girls dash toward each other again.

When in range, they both swing both swords with deadly accuracy, precision, and speed, causing their swords to ring out loud with each matched strike, all while the maid thinks "if we keep this up, we'll just end up beating each other at the same time again. I'll use the new spell card, and finish this."

After three more matched sword swings, the sexy maid jumps back, flapping her small wings involuntarily, then sheathes both swords, lifts a spell card and declares "Hikari, Byakuya Senmetsuken!"

Rika unsheathes her sword, and holds it vertically in front of herself, and as soon as a light mimicking that of the moonlight shines on it, her Soraogan mode and Quicksilver activate at the same time, and when her opponent sees those six wings, said gardener gasps and backs away as fast as she can.

The maid moves so fast, Youmu has a very hard time keeping up with her, but can clearly see the several shockwaves and bullets of light headed her way, so she dodges those, takes a spell card on hand, then rapidly declares "Voidness Sword, Slash Clearing of the Six Senses!"

The gardener places her Hakurouken with the blade vertically down in front of herself, and crouches, just as the angelic maid blasts at full speed toward her target with her sword ready for the attack.

A small mound of dirt in front of Youmu bursts, and from underneath it, Kogasa happily shouts "Urameshiya~"

Rika gasps and tries to stop, while shouting "KOGASA, LOOK OOOUUUT!", somehow misses the quivering karakasa ghost, by some sort of miracle, taps her sword against the gardener's sword, activating the spell, then two powerful, and totally out of control spells collide and create the most colorful, wonderful, and destructive explosion ever seen in that shrine, so far.

From the veranda, every single girl, including Suzaku herself, face palm hard enough to make a smacking noise, and at the same time exclaim "NOT AGAIN!"

As expected, as the girls get closer to the arena, and the smoke from the explosion dissipates, they all sigh at the sight of Youmu lying besides Rika, both with their eyes spinning, with their clothes a mess, burnt and torn, but this time, between the two, lies the cute turquoise-haired karakasa youkai and her umbrella, with their tongues sticking out, giving those spinning eyes a very goofy look.

Reimu stares at the scene before, studies it thoroughly, then sighs and says "somehow, this feels more disgusting than anything."

Tenshi nods in agreement, then says "quite disgusting alright. It's making me sick."

At the Underground, the party of three reach Chireiden, only a few minutes before lunch time, and not wanting to be any later, the dense boy promptly knocks on the door.

He turns around to address the godling, and says "now remember, be mindful of what you think in there. Miss Satori is very sensitive, and I don't want any kind of trouble with her."

Drake, understandably, raises an eyebrow, then asks "um, so what you mean to say is, I should be careful with what I say, because the mistress of this palace is sensitive, correct?"

"You haven't told him yet?", asks Sanae in surprise, while staring disappointedly at her boy, who chuckles and says "ah, that's right. About Miss Satori. She's a satori youkai, which means she can-"

"BROTHER AIL, YOU'VE COME!", excitedly shouts Orin from the now-open door into the mansion, and before the dense one can recover and say what needed to be said, the kasha jumps on his back, wraps her arms and legs around him, then rubs her face on him, while saying "we haven't seen you around here for a while!"

The shrine maiden's glowing glare pierces the ominous darkness covering her face as she stares at this cat woman rubbing her face, and pressing her chest so lovingly, against her own boyfriend's back, and thinks "youkai hunting in the underground fun."

She lifts her gohei and takes two slow steps forward, then Orin releases the boy, bends her ears backward as she grins, then Ail grins back, scowls, then rapidly says "onetwothreeGO!"

In an instant, the kasha and half youkai are kicking dust as they run their little race through the Ancient City, and continue toward the surface.

Before the god, or the shrine maiden can comment something, from behind them, Okuu casually says "jeez, that Orin. Umm...", and when the two guests turn around to face the confused hell raven looking away to her right while lost in thought, she springs into a happy state and says "that's right, Satori-sama said I should greet the guests too, so, um, welcome."

Sanae bows her head respectfully, forces Drake to do the same, then the raven-black haired girl pulls both inside, while smiling and saying "come on, I said welcome, already! Come on in! Satori-sama is waiting for you!"

As they make their way into the large palace, the guests look around, the green-haired maiden looking back in wait for her dense boy, and after realizing he's not coming back just yet, she decides to break the awkward silence.

"So, Utsuho, do you remember me?", asks the shrine maiden, to which the atomic-busted raven replies "oh yes. You are that servant of the goddess that gave me my powers. I recognized your scent," then turns around, points at the god in training, then says "but I don't know him. Who is this?"

Drake stops, gulps when he sees the girl's aura rise to the ceiling in just a second, then Sanae gets in front of him and disdainfully says "that's Drake Starstriker. I believe your master told you that he and Ail were her guests for today."

Okuu stares, showing no signs of emotions, which already means danger, then lifts her right arm and aims it straight at the godling's face, and says "I don't like him. He's dangerous. Yatagarasu agrees; this one is dangerous. I should destroy him."

Her control rod appears around her arm, first as thin orange beams of light, then quickly takes it's physical form, a thick concentration of atomic energy forms in front of it, and Starstriker prepares himself for battle.

The Moriya Maiden has no choice but to draw her gohei and some talismans from her pockets, then threateningly demands "please stop this, both of you, or I'll be forced to use force on you!"

"Hey, she's the one attacking me," spits the nervous god.

"If you get in the way, you'll get hurt! Please move, miss guest," monotonously says the hell raven, who still shows no signs of emotion.

The godling activates a thin shield of light in front of himself, Sanae sees no choice but to draw a spell card in the open, then from behind the guests, a girl exclaims "Okuu! What's the matter with you? That's not how we treat guests!"

A dark green, and a purple blur zip from the air and land between the bird, girl and god, and after noticing it's Orin and Ail, the tension quickly lessens as the kasha continues "even if it's someone like him!"

The dense boy sighs and says "sorry we're so late. Little miss cheater here kicked Kisume on my face. Now Drake, calm down. Okuu, I know you don't like him, but Miss Satori will get mad if you hurt us."

The atomic raven slowly lowers her control rod, and as it slowly disappears the same way it appeared, the red-haired cat-girl spits "hey, I told you she tripped me!"

The two racers laugh, then Utsuho shows her bashful side, hides behind her cat friend, peeks with a frightful face at the god in training from besides Rin's hip, then says "but even Yatagarasu doesn't like him. He says that boy has been bad, and I don't want him getting near Satori-sama, or Petal!"

The armpit maiden clings on her man, yet again, while the dense boy sternly says "and that's why we are here, Okuu. That's why Satori agreed to help this boy. He is here to learn about his mistakes and become good."

Drake sighs, drops on his knees as he elegantly bows his head to the hell raven, and softly says "Lady Okuu, please, allow me to show you I am willing to change my ways again. Allow me audience with Lady Satori and Lady Petal, for they may have the answers I seek."

"Heh, he can be a real gentleman when he wants to," jokes Sanae, but Okuu doesn't seem to be that impressed.

She looks down at the bowing godling, slowly walks out from hiding behind Orin, slowly gets closer to the boy, then breaks a light smile and says "alright. I won't try to fry him anymore, but if he makes Petal cry, I am sending him straight to the fire pits!"

Tension swiftly lifts after the bird youkai finishes her sentence, but now is being stared curiously by the brown-eyed boy, whom asks "make Petal cry? Um, how old is she?"

Ail lifts Drake with the leash, then he and his smiling Sanae simultaneously, and happily exclaim "asking about ages is forbidden!"

The party finally reach the dining room, where the scheduled lunch is to be enjoyed, before actual business can take place.

Orin grabs the gold-painted knob of the white door, stops, turns her neck, then says "please mind your manners, and wash your hands before we eat."

Okuu looks particularly surprised, and asks "you are asking us to wash our hands? Are you sick?"

A bead of sweat rolls down the kasha's right of her head as she groans, and says "hey, I'm just saying what Satori-sama would say," then opens the door.

Inside the white and black checker-tiled room, with its kitchen on the far right, and the dining table to the left, with the white pantry against the wall, the scent of food quickly reaches the visitors and hosts, and all, even the godling, drool when the scent hit them.

On the tall, square, white dining table, Satori has Petal sitting to the table's left on a high chair with a small desk, where the little girl, though too big for such seat, giggles as she waves her arms around.

Drake twitches, gasps, grabs Ail, then whispers "she's a shadow! Ail, she's a shadow girl! Why didn't you tell me that fact?"

The dense boy chuckles, bops the god boy on the forehead with his fist, then says "I want you to observe. Don't think too much, don't do anything rash, and for the love of all that is holy, don't attack."

Right at that very moment, they can hear as the purple-haired girl, with the red eye floating around her chest, addresses the adorable little girl with short black hair, with a white stripe on the middle of her head, and a cute green stone on her chest, which looks similar to Okuu's red chest eye.

"Sa~to~ri~ Saa. too. rii. sama. You try now," begins the youkai girl.

The little girl's pink cape with the daytime sky flaps as she stretches her little black wings, and says "Sh-Shaa. tooo-"

"No, no, Sa! Sa~tori," corrects the purple-eyed girl.

The cute little child stares at the mind reader sternly with those sparkly navy-blue eyes, then says "Shatoriii... shamaaa..." then raises her little arms in the air and smiles with glee as she exclaims "LOVE~!"

The little girl promptly begins to waves her arms up and down, while giggling heartily and cheering for herself, then happily says "Petal good! Sghetti good for Petal, yes? Sghetti, sghetti!"

Satori lies on her knees in defeat, holding her mouth and nose in a failed attempt to stop the blood from spilling, then stands back up, revealing her third eye to be crying incessantly, and even though her lips are still stained with blood, she smiles at the adorable creature and blissfully says "alright, I'll get you your lunch. Besides..."

She wipes the blood off her nose and lips before turning her neck slightly as she glances back, and says "the guests have finally arrived."

The blushing guests and hostess stand in front of the door, and all but Ail have blood rolling down from their nostrils, while the mentioned boy just smiles and chuckles nervously, while whispering "so darn cute."

The mind-reader has reached the large pot with the spaghetti and sauce meal on the modern stove, and as she begins to serve lunch, she loudly says "no Miss Sanae, my cat, nor Mister Ail have ulterior motives. And no, they didn't do anything indecent, so please stop thinking that."

The shrine maiden chokes with shame, then the satori maiden continues "Okuu, I know Drake is a questionable character, but I assure you, he won't dare harm Petal, or me, especially after seeing that just now."

Anilan smiles at the godling, and whispers "yup, she can read your thoughts, and quite clearly. But don't worry, for as long as you don't think anything sick, you should be fine."

The god in training gulps, and the second he takes his seat next to Okuu's on the table, he holds his head and says "I feels so violated! Ail, you should have told me, so I could prepare myself!"

"No need for formalities," begins Satori, whom turns around to face the dense one, then says "I missed you too, Ail. I see you have been... through quite a lot. I am glad everything worked out for you, though."

The golden-eyed boy smiles, showing a bit of pain as he does, then looks at Chireiden's master while thinking "yeah, I did something pretty stupid. Got punished for it, though, it's not over."

The satori youkai sits on the master's chair, looks amazed at how the table managed to fit all the people on it, then says "well, you did do stupid things, but you learned your lesson, and that's what matters."

Before she can continue, she can hear Mima's voice inside Anilan's mind, as she says "oh, you have no idea, miss mind reader. I know you can hear me, which is good. Witnesses are good sometimes. Know this boy will undergo a punishment meant to show him something important. You two seem to get along, so that's why I'm letting you know what it is, later."

The dense one shivers, to which Sanae softly asks "honey, what's the matter?", then he gulps and says "oh, nothing. Though it seems we'll get a visit from Mima soon."

The purple-haired girl sighs, then adds "and seems he somehow got me entangled in that visit as well."

The shrine maiden rubs the boy's back to comfort him, then the dense one holds that hand when it touches his shoulder, and smiles at the girl as he softly says "thank you, Sanae-chan. I'm so glad I have you with me again."

The couple give each other a gentle kiss, earning a longing "aww" from Orin and Okuu, whom now stare naughtily at the couple while holding their cheeks on their hands.

All faces promptly turn toward Drake, whom says with admiration "she's a shadow, but she's so innocent. She's like a little angel, who has been bathed in shadows. This is... confusing."

"Why?", asks Satori, after slurping a mouthful of spaghetti, and after wiping her lips with a napkin, she continues "one thing you should know, or better said, remember, is that, being a shadow doesn't make someone immediately evil."

She makes sure to make eye contact with the boy, and continues "what makes someone evil is the choices they make, and the actions they take. Petal here was born as a shadow, destined to kill her original host and take her place, to do as she pleased, but she did not."

The satori maiden notices the look of confusion on the boy, smiles and continues "that's right. Instead of killing, this one chose the opposite, and is one of the sweetest child you'll ever meet. But perhaps you'll understand better after lunch."

Even the dense boy smiles after noticing how Starstriker's face completely changes, and now looks like an eager child, waiting to open a desired gift on his, or her birthday.

Satori frowns, loudly smacks her fork on the table to get everyone's attention, then angrily says "I don't care if you're a god that doesn't need to eat, Petal isn't showing you ANYTHING, until you finish your lunch."

The adorable little youkai girl curls her wings while crossing her arms under her chest, pouts, then shakes her right arm while pointing at the godling and saying "eat Shatori-shama-love food! Tasty! Good people east sghetti all!"

Blood runs down the god's nose, and as though acting subconsciously, he grabs his fork and begins to chow down.

The mind-reader smiles, sighs, then says "yes, I know. She's a powerful force of love."

Those around the table pant hard as blood run down their noses, staining their blissful smiles and blushing faces while staring at the pouting little girl, while Ail just blushes and stares at said girl with a goofy smile on his face.

Right after lunch, Satori, Orin and Okuu, whom carries Petal on her back, guide their guests to the backyard, where the mind reader and the dense boy plan to open that certain god-in-training's mind completely.

They all reach a large white gazebo, where two small round glass tables with white frames, and the matching white patio chairs, wait for their respective user to sit.

All, including the mansion's inhabitants, enjoy the wondrous sight of the backyard, where tulips, azaleas, amaryllises, bluebells, and all sort of flowers have grown all over the place, including on the rocks surrounding the place.

The dense one doesn't say it, but he thinks Yuka would have a happy field day in this garden, to which the purple-haired mind-reader nods in agreement.

Drake is particularly amazed by the sight, and out of all the beautiful words he thinks of saying in admiration of such glorious garden, he bluntly says "but this is impossible! Th-this terrain isn't fit for such magnificence! It's like we're on holy grounds, instead of hell!"

Sanae and Ail punch the stupid god on the head, knocking him to the ground as the dense one growls "watch your damned mouth."

The satori youkai calmly waves her hand, gesturing the guests to settle down, then says "you thought a lot of beautiful words, yet chose poorly on which to say. Regardless, we aren't here to teach you manners, sadly."

She walks over to the hell ravens, rubs Utsuho's hair to make her giggle, scratches Petal's cheeks after the motherly raven bends down, then softly asks "would you be a dear and show Mister Drake what you can do?"

The adorable little youkai gasps, curls up, whimpers, and turns into her baby bird form, where the green stone becomes part of a necklace, and the white stripe of her hair becomes a zigzag around her neck, then she hides under her Momkuu's hair, and hides her head under her own wing.

Satori watches all of this, and thinks "dammit, that's so cute. But I can't let her defeat me now," then sighs, places her hand over the atomic raven's hair to touch Petal, then softly says "don't be shy. Just do like you always do. If you do that, you will be helping me, and Mister Ail too."

The baby crow peeks her head from her adoptive mother's hair, lets out a quick, high-pitched caw, then the mind-reading youkai turns to face the godling with a bit of worry in her eyes, then says "oh dear. It seems she'll only do it, if you play a tune on your harp for her."

Ail, Sanae, Orin and Okuu look incredibly confused, then the shrine maiden says "a harp? But I've never seen him with one."

The brown-eyed boy chuckles, sighs, then says "well, it's been a... very long time since I've been requested to use that old thing," then raises his right arm, and a small harp made out of light appears on it, then he closes his eyes as he gets his left hand closer to the strings, and says "well then, I kinda missed doing this, now that I think about it."

The elder Komeiji chuckles, and says "those memories are quite the sight."

The boy strums the instrument to test it out, then says "those are from before I ascended," and immediately after, begins to play a soft melody that resonates with a soothing vibration.

The moment those vibrations touch the shadow girl, she flies right out of Okuu's hair, takes her human form, then begins to fly around in quick and energetic zigzags in the air, while dropping a curtain of white energy that brings the ground to life, with flowers, bushes and greener grass.

As she does this, she giggles happily, and hums along with the melody, stopping the song on occasions to say "Momkuu, Shatori-shama-love, Rin-Rin-chan! Petal flower!", then resuming her humming while binging life to the yard.

Drake, though playing the harp, manages to peek and see what the shadow girl is doing, and upon realizing what he is seeing, his harp disappears, his eyes open wide as tears gather underneath them, then points at the girl and asks "wha? What is this? Wh-what is going on here?"

As he watches the girl with the shadow aura bringing beautiful life into the garden, a confusing war between what he thinks is right, and what he feels is reality, takes place inside his very mind, and holding his head as though in great pain, he drops on his knees and cries.

The mind reader can see how he brings thoughts of all his past experiences, dark blobs inside his mind, a representation of the beings he's come across that have betrayed him, keep repeatedly stabbing him on the back, and how ancient memories of light, of his old home, how all sorts of creatures live as one, without judgment, keeps soothing him and healing his spirit.

Ail and Sanae approach the crying god before the satori youkai can, then the gold eyed boy says "you see? She's a shadow, there's no doubt about that, but she brings life, pure and full of light."

The shrine maiden taps the godling's shoulder to make sure he's conscious, then says "that's what we've been trying to tell you about the balance. There has to be light and darkness, it must be balanced, but it can only be so when both light and darkness coexists as one."

"Light doesn't have to destroy darkness for peace or enlightment," begins the dense boy, who gets Drake to look at him as he continues "nor does the darkness need to consume the light to live the way they want."

"As long as there is respect for each other," continues the blue and white maiden, getting the god's attention, "both light and dark can live together, and this is what a god works so hard for. To make sure both sides remain as one, and thus, getting faith from everyone, and spreading love and peace everywhere."

These words repeat themselves inside Starstriker's mind, who takes a look at Petal once more, and watches as she continues humming and dancing in the air, even after he has stopped playing the harp, and suddenly drops on his hands while still on his knees after something inside of him breaks.

The yin-yang orb slowly spins clockwise before his eyes, his body feels lighter and begins to shine, and as it does, he cries "I'M SORRY," and the images of himself breaking Byakuren's spirit, killing the youkai rabbits, murdering innocent youkai he's come across, attacking Yuka's mansion, invading Makai, attacking its people, attacking the Scarlet Devil Mansion, all play fast in front of his mind, augmented in intensity by the yin-yang orb.

His heart begins beating hard as it heats up, his body feels like it's about to melt, and he screams "I'M SORRY," when the images of Rika, defending those he called demons, of Kali trying to protect the angelic girl, giving her shadow life for the maid's soul of light, how he murdered Ail out of anger, all play and repeat themselves in front of his mind, again and again, until he screams "I'M SORRYYYYYY!"

He now finds himself back at Chireiden's garden, with the little shadow girl sanding in front of him, crying with him and rubbing his head while saying "bad man ishn't bad anymore. He learn, but no more cries! Makes Petal cry too!"

Comforted by a shadow. The god in training cannot believe it, but at the same time, understands the irony, sees and understands, for the first time in a very long run that's been his life, the lesson he has failed to learn during all his travels.

He raises a teary smile toward the shadow raven, raises his arm to scratch the side of her head, making her giggle and smile again, then, in a softer, gentler, and surprisingly kinder tone of voice, asks "how about I play again?"

The little girl giggles out loud as she nods, takes off to the air to dance, and the godling raises his right arm and summons a violin, then stands and begins to play a peaceful melody, with a light beat to it.

Orin chuckles and exclaims "so, you have more than one instrument?"

Drake chuckles and shakes his head, then says "I can turn this into any instrument I want. I just like harps better," and after playing a few more notes, he chuckles again and says "and be thankful this isn't a real violin, or you'd all be bleeding through your ears."

The new essence the boy is emanating is now so soothing, even Okuu is feeling fully relaxed with him near her, and while the boy on a leash plays while recovering his body's strength, everyone just listen quietly, while the little bird girl dances in the air.

A few hours later, Orin has taken her cat form, and now sleeps, curled into a ball, on top of one of the glass tables, while Okuu flies around with Petal riding on her back and cheering.

Drake sits next to the table where the kasha is, and keeps petting her soft fur while enjoying her purring, Sanae enjoys some tea on the seat next to them, and Ail and Satori stand beside each other in front of the table, with their backs toward the mansion, while smiling at the godling.

The bandana on the boy looks light grey, which means he's feeling a little down, and with a saddened face, he sighs loudly and says "man, I really acted like a complete asshole. Not just any asshole, but one that exceeds expectations. Man, how in heaven's sake am I ever going to fix all of that? So many dead."

The dense boy chuckles nervously, waves his hands at the saddened god, and says "look, I'm glad you finally understand what you did wrong," then the mind reader finishes for him "but beating yourself up will do nothing. Just don't go forgetting this lesson again, and pay respects for those you killed. I'm guessing it's the best you can do-OOHAAAAIIIEEEEE!"

The satori youkai screams and jumps high, lands on Anilan's arms and blubbers incoherently, while Koishi, whom stands behind where her sister was, holding her hands in the air and leaning, as though still pinching her sister's butt, looks at the dense one, smiles, and says "hello everyone. Say, nice party. Sis's butt is tender too!"

The poor mind reader stammers quite a bit, so Ail asks for her "Miss Koishi, where did you come from? And why did you do that to your sister?"

The younger satori youkai smiles and coos while raising her arms and shrugging, then points at the godling and says "well, I was hiding because that subconscious was very dangerous, volatile, and very perverted! Now it's more peaceful, but he's still a cute pervert!"

Starstriker stammers and blushes beet red, then Sanae playfully says "oh, so he's actually perverted. I guess that Mina lady has made him wait too long."

"P-p-perish the thought, miss maiden," nervously spits the god, who promptly points at the grey-greenish haired girl and demands "please stops saying things like that, Lady Koishi!"

The subconscious little monster now appears standing next to the godling, then giggles and says "so, it's Mina, huh? When you see her, you're planning on **** her, playing with her, doing ***** to her ******. Ah, so romantic. But you're still a cute pervert!"

The god boy is blushing so hard, even Ail can feel the heat his face is emanating.

Before anybody can react, Koishi opens her mouth, and says "ah, but that's the thing about lo-OH DEAR GOODNESS! You saw it! You saw it, her rose, but didn't get any of it! You poor bastard, HAHAHAHA! Here, this will help," landing the killer blow on the god, turning him into stone, and smashing a silver washtub on his head, turning him to rubble on the ground.

Sanae and Ail stand close to each other, holding back their chuckles and holding hands, then the maiden cheers "awesome! A Hyper Combo K.O., in the flesh!"

Anilan just gazes at his girl, turns his eyes to the young subconscious girl, then says "man, she would have been the weapon we needed against this guy at the mansion before!"

As this happens, Satori sneaks from behind, holding a large blue bug net on her hands, large enough to trap a human within, gets closer to her smiling sister, raises the capturing item, and swings down with all her might!

Koishi jumps to the air, exclaiming "Peter Pan took me to NEVER LAND! We did things there," making her older sister miss and trap Orin instead, who shrieks and turns into her human form while inside the net.

The kasha manages to peek her head from within the bug net, and whimpers "why did you do that to me, Satori-sama? Why didn't you use the cake, like last time?"

The purple-haired girl glances flatly at her two-tailed cat, then casually says "I would have, but the cat ate the cake," causing the sexy kasha to cover her mouth while chuckling nervously, and hiding back inside the net.

At that very moment, the younger sister hums happily, believing she's about to escape again, when she's tackled from the left by a girl that exclaims "Ishi-Ishi-shama-love! Play with Petal! PLAY!"

They crash on the ground, where the little youkai sits on the satori's stomach, and waves her arms around while cheering "Ishi-Ishi-shama-love is love! Treat Petal! Play, eat!"

The younger Komeiji bleeds through her nose as she smiles blissfully, wraps her arms around the little girl, staining her plaid blue overall skirt with that nose blood, and says "dammit, she's too cute! I loooooost!"

From the gazebo, Satori stares at the scene in disbelief, then says "well, at least she's been caught again. Maybe I should chain her up."

Ail and Sanae keep holding each others' hands while staring as Koishi and Petal hug each other tightly, then the dense one nods and says "when Koishi's around, there's just no telling what's going to happen," getting a nod from Sanae.

Drake still sits on the chair, sobbing and looking at the glass table, while whimpering "but that was so personal. I hid it well. She totally violated me! Mind raping is what that was!"

He suddenly stops his crying and looks at the lovable scene unfolding, where Okuu joins the little bird girl and the young satori youkai, then smiles, while thinking "yes, this reminds me of my own home. Everyone was so different, and yet they all got along so well, whether wrapped in light, or in shadow. I can't believe I forgot that."

The elder satori youkai drops the net with the kasha inside, turns around to look at the boy, then says "then keep those memories alive at all time. You certainly don't want to be going back to a one-track minded idiot."

She suddenly has a mischievous smile on her face, making the god sweat bullets, then says to him "and don't worry about those sick fantasies, you godly pervert. Koishi will probably forget about them in a week."

The boy swings his arms in front of his own chest, and nervously exclaims "oh, COME ON! That's MY personal fantasy!"

Later that afternoon, at the Hakurei Shrine, Youmu and Rika unwrap the mummified Kogasa from her bandages, smiling casually while the cute and sexy maid says "next time you do something so dangerous, I will have to punish you more severely. You could have gotten hurt!"

The half-ghost girl scowls and says "hey, hey, she caused us to get plenty hurt. She deserves no mercy!"

The karakasa youkai's face is finally free from the bandages, takes a desperate gasp of breath, then cries "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you were using spells that time!"

Reimu, Suika and Aya sit around the short table, and stare as the girls unwrap the little ghost youkai, then the oni chuckles, lightly elbows the tengu, and jokingly says "that girl's not very bright."

Shameimaru chuckles as silently as she can, and adds "she couldn't scare the screams out of an old lady."

While the girls laugh, Reimu tilts her head to rest it on her hand, using her elbow and placing it on the table for support, and casually says "oi, Rika, don't forget that umbrella of hers. I don't want that thing staying in my shrine."

"Of course, my lady," acknowledges the maid, while from the kitchen, Tenshi, whom looks bored as she takes one cookie after another out of a rose-colored jar, sighs and says "look, I'm going home. I'm not feeling well right now."

She makes her way out of the kitchen and heads toward the left-side door, then the kind maid says "wait, Momoko, what's the matter? You've looked so down and stressed all day."

The celestial stops and clicks her tongue, turns around while holding the brim of her hat to hide her eyes, and smiles as she says "it's just been a bad day for me. Don't worry about it. I'll see you tomorrow."

The shrine maid stands up, leaving the umbrella's unwrapping up to the karakasa and half-ghost, but before she can reach her celestial friend, said girl is already sitting on a keystone just out of the veranda and taking off to the sky.

The sexy maid turns around to look at her mistress with a saddened smile, and asks "what happened to Tenshi? Is she mad at me for something?"

The Hakurei Maiden notices those sky-blue eyes turning glassy, face palms, thinks of saying a lie, but sighs, thinks more calmly, then says "no, she's not. She's mad at me. That, and she's had it a little rough today."

"Ooh," sighs the maid in relief, holding her chest and flapping her wings, then softly says "I hope she's feeling better tomorrow."

From the rooms corridor, Suzaku tweets as she comes flying into the living room, lands on her perch, then, for all to hear, telepathically says "they're finally done. Come on out, girls."

"Finally," irritably exclaims Reimu, then, from the bathroom come Marisa and Hatate, dressed in matching shrine maiden uniforms, with white kimono-like shirts, long red pants, and long, detached white sleeves.

The witch stares with grimace at her outfit, then says "remind me to bring more spare clothes over, ze."

The tengu girl blushes while pointing at her left armpit, and asks "couldn't you, like, get some normal clothes?", then crosses her arms under her chest while blushing with embarrassment and turning away from Shameimaru's camera.

The blonde witch doesn't even bother covering herself up, knowing how futile that is against the fastest reporter, yet can't help but not blush, so she pulls the brim of her hat, to hide her flushed face.

The shrine maiden sighs, lifts her head, then casually says "well, you can take them off and go home naked. I really don't care either way."

Both girls blush, then Marisa just scoffs angrily, walks out the door, then casually says "don't be like that. Anyway, I'm going home. I'm going to sleep the rest of the day off."

She lifts her right hand, summons her broom, then promptly sits on it and takes off to the sky, just before Reimu shouts "remember to bring those back!", to which she shouts back "yeah, yeah, I got it!"

Hatate sighs after her satisfied colleague stops taking photos, and after a second, exhausted sigh, she says "might as well go home too. That cheating witch and her stupid potion... She really hurt me."

She walks over to the door, but before she can take off, Aya places a hand on her shoulder, and with glints in her face, and a mischievous grin, she says "ah-ah~ As requested by Reimu, I'm accompanying you and making sure you don't get into trouble again."

"Wait, what the-?", tries to argue the brown-haired crow girl, but she's now being pulled by the back of the collar of her lent shirt, while her tengu partner suspiciously says "come. We'll stop by my house first. There's... something we have to get there."

Himekaidou can't help but shiver at the perverted smile on her rival's face, knowing well of the ulterior motives of that girl, and unable to escape her fate, no matter how hard she waves her arms or kicks her legs, she cries "no, wait! No, I want to go home! Please, nooooo~"

Rika sighs while gazing over to the flying tengu, then says "and there goes Hatate," to which Kogasa quickly declares "don't get sad! I'll stay with you if you want!"

The maid smiles, walks over to the table and sits in front of her lady, and sadly says "it's still starting to get quiet around here," then faces the karakasa youkai, smiles sweetly, and says "and know I am grateful for your kindness."

"I'm sorry, but it's my turn to leave as well," says Youmu after standing up, getting a cute upward sideway gaze from Kogasa at the table.

Suika chuckles, then says "yeah, you better go now, or that mistress of yours will eat the whole house."

The half ghost scowls, and Myon flies in a rapid circle around her human half, then the girl spits "hey, show some respect to Lady Yuyuko!"

The oni swings back and forth while waving her hand at the ghost girl, then takes her gourd and begins to gulp down her sake without care.

The silver-haired girl sighs and face palms, then gasps and punches her palm after remembering something, and says "hey, I just remembered something. The this morning, an odd spirit came into the Netherworld. I'm not sure why, but Yuyu-sama asked me to tell you guys about it, and told me that you are welcome to come and investigate whenever you like."

She pauses for a moment and holds her chin while in thought, then adds "oh, and said you should bring spell cards."

The gardener doesn't wait for an answer and walks over to the exit, stands on the edge of the veranda, drops inside her shoes, and says "and Rika, please don't feel so down. It doesn't do you good," then promptly takes flight, and quickly vanishes from sight.

Rika is left turned around, raising her arm and opening her mouth to ask questions, but sighs, composes herself while turning to face her mistress again, then asks "my-my lady? Did you understand what she meant?"

Reimu rubs her chin while pondering for a moment, then Suzaku says "Rika-sama, please don't go. I don't think you should expose yourself at the moment."

The armpit maiden nods and adds "I agree. Whether she's your friend or not, she's stab you on the back if that ghost princess commands it."

"Youmu would NEVER do that!", excitedly exclaims the maid, causing he bird and maiden to quiet down.

Suika sighs and mumbles "ah, incorrigible," getting the winged maid's attention, then says "what if Reimu ordered you to stab that celestial you like so much on the foot?"

The shrine's maid twitches and gags, looks away, and stammers "um, I'd be... Erm, I'd nev-"

Deep inside her heart, she knows she would never go against her lady's orders, and in her confusion, ends up looking into Reimu's eyes, as though looking for support.

The red and white one smile, sighs, then says "you see? Youmu also has a mistress, and she has to carry out any of her orders given to her by said woman, regardless of what they may be."

From Rika's sapphire yin-yang, Tenshi's voice sounds a little distant as she exclaims "that's right. So don't go there without me! I'll protect you while you check that suspicious place out!"

Hakurei suddenly pats herself several times, twitches, then angrily shouts "hey! You thief! You took the receiver! GIVE IT BACK!"

"It's MY turn to watch over Rika, so BACK OFF!", angrily replies the celestial.

The shrine maiden jumps over the table, grabs the sapphire from inside her maid's ample, soft, and bouncy chest without second thoughts, even ignoring the cute yelp from the girl, and shouts "you come back here right now and give that back!"

From the yin-yang, the heaven dweller shouts "how dare you grope my Rika. When I get there tomorrow, you are SO GOING TO GET IT, Hakurei!"

The angelic maid suddenly breaks down and cries "m-my lady, Momoko~ Please stop~ Waaah~"

"NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID!", scream both girls at the same time, while the little drunk only just sighs, face palms, and thinks "these kids will need some guidance, don't you think."

Suzaku flies to said girl's right horn, ruffles her feathers, then says "I agree. When Yuki comes back, I'm taking them both with me as well."

Suika flips a thumb up and winks, then says "alright then, count me in."

Meanwhile, flying outside the shrine, Eiki looks down at the building, frowning sadly, then says to herself "I wonder if I did the right thing."

She lifts her hands, tests them by opening and closing them, as though using them for the first time in a long time, then asks herself "is this really fate, or was I finally blinded by my own emotions?"

A gentle breeze blows from the north, twirls around her, slightly lifting the bottom of her shirt and her skirt, then continues on its way.

The Yama of Paradise looks curiously at the visible gust, smiles, then says to herself "yes, she does deserve it. And as long as I'm not being foolish, then there's no harm."

She suddenly becomes translucent, and promptly disappears, making it look as though she was never even there.

That night, at Ail's house, Budou moans in pain after shifting on the dinner table's chair, where she sits with a thick pillow on her sore butt, and Phredia keeps flying around her and sprinkling some healing dust on the bat.

The dense one standing behind her rubs her head, sighs, and says "I hope you learned your lesson."

The little bat nods, then sadly says "curse words spice life, but should not be used in anger."

A large drop of sweat rolls down the back of the boy's head as he smiles and chuckles nervously, then turns his neck toward the living room and demands "mom, I gotta have a word with you!"

At the living room, Sanae and Ayalina sit on the large couch, while Drake sits on the singles couch, where he leans over and cups his hands together, placing them on his forehead as though desperate in his thoughts.

Ail walks over to the large couch, sits between his mom and his girlfriend, then looks at the godling and says "I'm glad you understand now, but really, getting depressed and desperate about it won't help."

The brown-eyed boy lifts his head, revealing the terrified expression on his bluish face, and exclaims "Kasen is going to KILL me! Of course I'm going to be distraught!"

Looks of disbelief shower on the god, but he quickly notices this, sighs his tension off, then apologetically says "Ail, let me begin with you. I am terribly sorry for what I put you and your friends through. And no, I can't bring back the dead, but I will do what I must to make up for the damage I have done."

He looks to the window, out at the eerie, but peaceful night in the forest, and says "I was acting like the very same villains I once defeated to bring peace to my piece of Lumia, my home. To think, I didn't even notice that change in myself."

Ayalina sighs, stands up to walk to, and rub the leashed boy's head, removes the leash with some effort, and with a gentle smile on her face, she says "then I guess there's no more need for this, or any more punishments. Ail, Sanae," turns around to face her son and his girlfriend, and asks "will you forgive him?"

The dense one nods, and says "as long as he learned his lesson, and is truly sorry, then yes, I forgive him," then his girlfriend quickly adds "and if Ail-kun forgives him, then I guess I can do so too."

The two give each other a deep gaze, and seem unable to turn away, even with Starstriker saying "well, I wish to go back to the Hakurei Shrine tomorrow... and try to apologize to Rika. I really owe her at least that, even if chances are she'll try to kill me on sight."

He and the flower youkai soon take notice of the couple's gazing each other, then the young mother grabs the god boy by the waist, lifts him up, and happily says "well, looks like we're needed elsewhere. Come on boy, let's give them their privacy."

The godling doesn't seem too thrilled of being dragged back into that room, but at least feels there's no more need to scream for help as the door to the old torture room closes up behind them.

Ail and Sanae keep gazing into each other's eyes, slowly get closer, and closer to each other, then Budou springs between them and exclaims "kissy for Budou," and skillfully uses her cheeks to steal a kiss from both.

Right after the couple takes notice, the little bat lifts up to the air, and Koishi reveals herself from beneath, steals a tongue kiss from the two lovers (first the boy, then the girl), then happily says "this is true love for Koishi!"

The two love birds spittle and groan, then Anilan angrily asks "Koishi, what the hell? Seriously! Why did you do that?"

The youkai girl glances sideways while pressing her lips on her tongue, then says "because."

"Because what?", curiously asks the bat youkai on the satori's head.

Komeiji giggles, then says "because pheromones were high enough for them to lie down and- mufu muu muufu mufu fu!"

The shrine maiden quickly covers the girl's mouth, then nervously says "no-ho-ho please. She's still too young for that kind of talk, you raging pervert."

Wanting to quickly divert Budou's thoughts away from the current conversation, Ail grabs the little girl by the waist, sits her on his lap, then suggests "say, why don't you launch a sneak attack on Rikako. She owes you for this morning, doesn't she?"

Little Budou's eyes glint, Phredia face palms, then smacks the dense one's face so hard, it turns all the way to the right, then the little bat determinedly says "yes, you're RIGHT! REVEEEEEENGE!", and goes off running back to her room, followed slowly by the reluctant elf fairy.

After his little girl is gone, the boy gently unwraps his girlfriend's tight grip from the subconscious creature's throat, then says "I've been wondering. Miss Koishi, I know you can't read minds, but you can manipulate the subconscious. I need to know, how did you get all of that information out of Drake? Not even Satori could."

The girl grins mischievously, while Sanae clicks her tongue, and angrily agrees "yeah, I guess I'm curious about that as well."

Koishi smiles as she says "well, I just got lucky."

From Ayalina's room, Drake furiously screams "WHAT?"

Satisfied with the confused looks on the lovers' faces, she smiles smugly and says "I just felt that inside of him and guessed all that stuff, then brought it all out of him. I just got lucky with the details."

From the room, the godling screams "you evil little monster! Mina, forgive me!"

Ail and Sanae chuckle, sweat nervously, then the maiden nervously says "you truly are a little frightening, Miss Koishi."

The dense one adds "yeah. Remind me to never get on your bad side."

"You already did," sweetly says the subconscious girl before angrily grabbing the lovers' hands and pulling them off her thighs.

In an instant, she's in the kitchen, watching the shirtless couple from there with a flushed, naughty face she holds with her hands.

Ail and Sanae blink, slowly realize they are both without shirts, the boy showing his toned, slightly tanned, bare torso, and the girl showing her ample, curvy figure and silky skin, and her lilac bras with a tiny red ribbon in the center.

They both yelp and cross their arms over their bodies, drop and hide on the opposite ends of the couch, then, from the kitchen, Koishi says "don't worry, I only teased you slightly."

The couple forget their semi-nakedness as they stare curses at the girl in the kitchen, stand up, the dense one preparing a white flame on his fist, and the maiden preparing her gohei, and from outside the house, Nazrin stares flatly at the flashes coming from within the house, shrugs, and says "no my problem," then points her dowsing rods toward the Hakurei Shrine.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Budou, Phredia, Ayalina, Kimi, Petal and Drake, were created by Willie G.R.

Rika and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

Rika's spell card: "Hikari, Byakuya Senmetsuken" ("Light, White Night Annihilation Sword") was created by Snapshot 2010.

NOV 21 2011

Written by

Willie G.R.


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