It's an early late-autumn morning at the Forest of Magic, and at Ail's house, the mentioned dense boy wakes up in what used to be Budou's room, moans as he stretches his arms, and after finally opening his eyes, his gaze becomes flat as he looks around.

His eyes normalize as he looks around the room all over, then wonders when exactly did his mother enter the room and undid all the pink and red on the walls, though the white remains on the window's and door's frames.

As he gets off the bed, he thinks "it's a nice touch. I guess I can keep it," then casually heads to the closet, switches the white shirt and long pants for a new purple sweater, and black pants, and in less than a minute too.

After placing his boots on, he heads out the door, walks out of the room, and the first thing he finds in the center of the restored-to-blue living room, are piles of suitcases and trunks filled with clothes, leather clothes, wooden items, and numerous questionable, adult-oriented toys.

Large black dots appear, one by one, above the boy's head, a black question mark appears after the fifth dot, then he rushes to the master bedroom, where everything is half-restored to how he had it before his mother moved in.

As he looks around, he notices the wooden horse is on the restored side of the room, and after hearing some rustling coming from the closet, he asks "mom, what's going on? Are we spring cleaning in autumn this year?"

Ayalina pops her head from inside the walk-in closet, stares neutrally at her son, then says "no silly. I'm obviously moving out."

Ail raises an eyebrow after the impact of the news hit him, then he echoes "moving out?"

The young-looking mother sighs, walks out of the closet with several bras on her hand, places that very hand on her son's shoulder, looks at him in the eyes, and smiles.

"Yes, moving out. Me and that lovely Yuka have become such good friends, she's asked me to move to the Garden of the Sun with her. I'll be living next to that giant flower you grew. Isn't what wonderful?"

The boy's face becomes pale, then blue, then he starts to sweat as he nervously asks "w-wait a minute. D-don't you and Yuka have those exaggerated fights that end up with you two destroying each other's clothes, limbs, and the occasional-"

"Ah- ah- ah- ah-! I will not have you say such things in front of the little tike," scolds the flower youkai, making her son face palm and demand "Budou, come down from the ceiling."

The little bat youkai and her elf fairy, Phredia, drop from the darkest corner of the ceiling, giggling and cheering as they fall on the boy, and right after he catches the youkai, she hugs his neck and says "good morning papa! Gramma has been working so hard since this morning. I've been watching."

He hums suspiciously while raising the right corner of his lip, his right eyebrow, and in a disapproving tone, he says "and you haven't been helping, have you."

Ayalina punches her son on the head, and smiles while saying "dears, why don't you all just go and eat breakfast, huh! I'll do this faster if you're not getting in my way and slowing me down."

The dense boy sighs in defeat, not taking notice of the terrified look on both Budou and Phredia, and says "alright, we'll eat. I'm a little hungry anyway, but we're going to help you out. And since I'm guessing your new house is built, we'll even help you move... though... mom, are you sure about this?"

She suddenly grabs her boy, the bat and the fairy all at once in a strong hug, coos, and happily exclaims "oh, you are so sweet!"

She quickly drops them on the floor, and coldly says "but really, don't help me, or I'll get mad~"

The woman quickly moves into the closet again, and from there she says "as for your question, yes I am quite sure, dear. I have taken up your space for quite long enough, and honestly, I miss having my own place. Can't even have my boyfriends over."

The dense one twitches and wants to argue about the whole 'boyfriends' thing, but decides it's safer to shrug it off, picks himself, his little girl and fairy up from the ground, then says "alright, I understand. But seriously, if you need help, please let us know."

As he walks down the corridor, the perverted woman loudly says "oh, and Ail, you can keep the wooden horse. I'm sure you and Sanae will give it better use than I will... Besides, Yuka says she has a spare."

Ail casually sighs and replies "alright. Thanks mom."

Somewhere, over at the Moriya Shrine, Sanae, who is in her almost-transparent sleeping dress, springs up on her bed, sweating while panting hard, blushing and shivering, and growls to herself "what was that ominous feeling just now?"

Moments after breakfast is done with, the door to Ail's house opens up, then the dense boy quietly flies out of it by force, followed promptly by the tossed, giggling Budou, and Phredia, who follows after the bat.

Ayalina stands firmly under the doorway with a most ominous smile on her face, so Ail, after having caught his adoptive daughter, rubs the back of his head, and asks "come on, mom. We only tried to help. Say, you're not still angry at me for standing up against you, right?"

The woman sighs, slumps, then straightens up before coldly saying "yes, I am."

She crosses her arms under her chest, squeezes herself as she gazes to the distance, an ominous shadow covers her eyes, and she calmly says "to be honest, I am still a little miffed about the whole thing, but it's like Yuka says..."

She turns a more naturally smiling face to her son, and says "each seed must be given space, so they can grow strong on whatever soil patch they decide to grow on."

Somehow, that analogy strikes the boy and his bat as odd, but both seem to silently agree to agree with the woman while looking at each other in confusion.

"Now then, get the hell out of here while I finish. Goodness knows how much time you three made me lose while yapping out here."

Her overly cheerful tone of voice clashes with the dark and dangerous looks she has adopted, but Ail gets the message, stands up, and quietly flies away, with Budou on his hands, and followed promptly by Phredia.

Later that morning, his gap opens up in front of the donation box at the Hakurei Shrine, where they both drop a few coins into, immediately after exiting the rift, give their prayers, and when the shrine maiden fails to appear, the little bat youkai comments "looks like Hakurei sis is out."

Suzaku flies over, lands on the boy's head, and happily says "you are quite right, my dear."

Ail raises his hand and says "hey there Suzaku," then the vermilion bird lowers her head to allow the guest to scratch her behind her cheek.

Budou stares intensely as the red bird, her face becomes steeled, then very suddenly, smiles and cheers "FIRE-CHAN! Hello!"

The vermillion bird raises an eyebrow, along with a confused squawk, and just after she jumps off the dense one, the boy asks "so, where are they? Is everything alright?"

She lands on the donation box and roosts on top, then says "oh, everything is fine. They just went to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to help with something. Miss Aya, Miss Hatate, Tenshi and Miss Marisa went there as well."

The boy scratches his head with his index finger, and while the elf fairy and the little youkai mimic him from behind, he says "well that's kind of vague. Ah well, I guess we'll go see Sanae then."

"Actually," begins Suzaku, taking flight once more, and fluttering in front of Ail.

She tweets loudly, then says "mom and master asked me to stay here to wait for you. They didn't tell me why, exactly, but I believe it would be adequate if you were to go and meet them there."

The dense boy finds himself feeling a bit uneasy about going to the mansion, so he looks around for a bit, and asks "s-say, Mima wouldn't be around here, would she?"

"I'm sorry. I think you felt I was trying to force you to go there," says Suzaku, specifically to him, to which she adds "please forgive me. I just wish you'd go meet them there. Master said she was hoping you, or maybe Miss Yukari would go there."

The boy bows, shakes his head, then says "no, it's just... um, no, never mind that."

There is an awkward silence that even Budou feels odd about, then Ail sighs and says "so the mansion," then smiles brightly and says "alright! It's been a while since I've gone for an actual social visit! Budou, Phredia, let's go there!"

The little bat cheers, while the elf fairy silently raises her fist in the air, then the vermillion bird takes flight, and says "I am very grateful to you, Ail. Rika-sama will be pleased. Now then, I'll stay here and guard the shrine, so please go on ahead without me."

The dense one waves at the red bird, opens a gap, holds Budou on his arms, then says "alright, let's see what the girls are up to, shall we?"

The teal-haired girl winks and lifts a thumb up, and exclaims "let's go see Hakurei-sis and Rika-chan!"

With that, they enter the gap, followed by the little fairy, and just like that, the shrine becomes the quiet, deserted, but beautiful spot it's always been.

Suika peeks her head from the roof of the shrine, looks around with those narrowly-opened, drunken eyes, says to herself "jeesh, sh-shome pheepole are sho noizy!" (Jeez, some people are so noisy)

After saying that, she takes a huge swig from her gourd, gasps with delight, then drops back on the roof to continue her drunken nap.

A minute later, Ail's gap opens right in front of the mansion's gate, and shortly after, he and his little bat youkai with the fairy jump out, look around, and the rift closes.

They both feel their necks get tighter as their feet forcefully leave the ground, and before either can ask, the hug-crusher Meiling exclaims "AIL~ BUDOU~ Welcome! Really, you don't visit enough these days!"

The poor bat tries to fly away like the lucky Phredia, and out of breath, cries "please. Air! AIR!"

Chocking and gagging, the dense one manages to say "Meiling! Hi! Chocking! Please!"

The gate guard releases the two before ripping their necks in half, chuckles nervously, and says "whoops, sorry. I got overexcited. Um, s-so, how are you?"

The poor Budou is so frightened by the whole ordeal, she whimpers cutely while hiding behind her papa's legs, and looks up with frightened, sad puppy eyes at that red-haired woman, causing her to bleed through her nose almost instantly.

The dense boy rubs his neck, rubs the bat's head to comfort her, and says "well, aside from almost having our necks snapped, we're fine. Umm, say, where's Remi? I want to say hi to her."

The gate guard crosses her arms in front of her chest and sternly says "I'm sorry, but My Lady Remilia is currently asleep, so you cannot meet with her... but..."

She relaxes herself, places her arm around his neck, and says "well, Hakurei asked me to tell you to go over there, to the east of the island, and help Lady Patchouli convince the angry yuki-onna to help. It has to do with the twins, so she's a little touchy today."

The boy salutes the guard, and with a smile on his face, says "alright. Go meet the scary satori (all-knowing) shrine maiden, help the magician out, but be careful she doesn't blast me. Got it!"

Meiling giggles, bows her head, then says "much appreciated."

She notices him still standing there with that extremely disturbing, bubbly smile on his face, and asks "w-what is it?"

The dense boy with the bat girl sitting on his shoulders, points behind the gate guard and asks "what is she doing there?"

Kimi leans lazily against the mansion's gates, and seems to be ignoring everyone around her, until she takes notice of the pointing boy, grins mischievously, and casually says "it's rude to point, boy."

Out of a feeling of unease, and self-preserving instincts, Anilan activates his Yozoragan blood limit, chuckles nervously while lowering his hand, and says "r-right, sorry."

Meiling sighs and says "she's been hanging around me all the time now. I've gotten used to her already, but she... she's a little..."

When the shadow dragon lays her eyes on those ethereal dragon wings growing out of the dense boy's back, a naughty coo escapes her drooling lips, and with a sinister and lewd smile, she asks "say, young man, how would you like one of my, heh-heh, 'personal' massages?"

They boy notices the immediate embarrassed and frightful look in the gate guard's face, sweats as he chuckles nervously, shakes his head, and says "no offense, but, er, I'll have to decline this time. M-maybe some other time."

Kimi is obviously angered by the reply, yet she only scoffs disrespectfully, and says "like I'd give you one anyway! Coward!"

Budou looks with confusion at her papa, then looks at the mean Meiling-look-alike, and says "wow, what a rude bitch. Seriously, she needs a spa-sss... spanking!"

She smiles ever so innocently as she giggles, and says "that's what gramma Ayalina would say!"

Surprisingly enough, Ail takes notice of the shadow's murderous, and unfriendly expression, says "um, it's time to go see Reimu. See ya," then rushes off to the side of the island with his bat youkai still riding his shoulders, and making sure she remains there, and completely ignoring yet another unwanted thing learnt from Ayalina by the cute bat.

Meiling sighs with frustration, face palms, turns to face her shadow self, and angrily exclaims "hey, they are very good friends! Don't freak them out like that!"

Kimi frowns, looks down to the ground, then softly mumbles "um... sorry."

The gate guard is so shocked by that totally unexpected reply, the color of her hair, skin and clothes spills to the ground, and all she can do after that is stare at the blushing shadow with lifeless white eyes.

Minutes later, Ail, Phredia and Budou reach a sort-of meeting spot at the eastern shore of the island, where the enraged Cirno is being smothered by the Kori twins, who keep calling her their mother.

The ice fairy struggle to stop Leon from rubbing his cheek against her stomach by trying to push him off, furiously grunting "get. off. me! I'm NOT your mom!"

At the same time, Lina clings on the fairy's back, while cooing and repeating "mama Kori."

Before the trio of newcomers can say something about that particular scene, Marisa dives on her broom in front of them, and exclaims "Ail, welcome! This is awesome! Now the messy fun can begin!"

"Now wait a minute Miss Marisa-" begins arguing the boy, then Rika, whom is wearing her red scarf around her neck again, appears right next to him, startles him, bows, and says "big-brother Ail, welcome! I'm so glad you came! Now we can get somewhere."

"Rika-sis? Wait, what do you-?" tries to question the dense one, then Reimu comes from behind, places her hand on his shoulder, and says "Ail, how are you? So glad to see you," while giving him a friendly hug with her right arm.

"Miss Reimu, hi. You're calmer than Meiling said. What's going-?" again tires to question the boy, but Tenshi grabs him by his waist, easily lifts him up, separating him from the bat and the fairy, and says "no time, no time! Rika has to help them, but first you have to help the purple girl. Come on!"

Before the celestial can keep on yapping, the surprisingly clever dense boy opens a gap in front of her mouth to shut her up, and casually says "Miss Tenshi, hello to you too. I'd love to help, but first I need to know what is going on, wouldn't you agree."

The gap is closed as soon as the girl stops walking, then she looks up with wonder at the boy with ethereal wings and starry-sky eyes she's holding to, and casually says "oh, that's right. Rika-chan hasn't told you yet. Ha-ha-ha!"

She places the dragon-winged boy on the ground, smiles all friendly-like, pats him twice on the arms, and says "Rika-chan, it's time to explain stuff to this dense kid."

"Why you-" exclaims Ail, reaching for the retreating celestial's neck, though stopping himself from actually grasping her, especially while she wears such a friendly smile, rubs his forehead to relax, then looks to his right, and asks "alright, what's the situation then?"

Instead of seeing the lovely shrine's maid, he sees Aya and Hatate, sissy-slap-fighting while screaming at each other at the same time, which makes it sound like their squawking at each other, which is quite fitting for them.

Amongst the rapid babble and arguing, he can distinguish the black haired tengu shouting "the article is MINE! Go get week-old news like you used to", and the brown haired tengu shouting "she's MY Rika-sis! The article belongs to ME! Besides, you got Drake's ascension covered already!"

The dense boy raises an eyebrow, and asks "Drake's ascension?"

From his left, the Hakurei Maiden shrugs, and casually says "yeah, he left. Rika did something naughty to him, and he left."

The flushed maid bumps her fists lightly on her mistress' back, looking distressed while complaining "my lady, don't make it sound like something dirty!"

Reimu can't help but chuckle playfully as she walks away, then Rika sighs with relief, and says "yes, well, it turned out my hating him so much was causing him to stay attached to this place, so once he showed me I could trust him, and I accepted his change for good, he became a god again, and left..."

Ail smiles as he looks at the maid, and after an awkward moment of silence, he says "so, that's why you're more yourself, and wearing your scarf again. You're finally free from all that. I'm very happy for you."

The sexy maid can't help but grin at the boy, but quickly composes herself, and says "yes, well... thank you. Um, now about the current situation."

"Before he left, Drake left me with the knowledge to help with the twins, BUT, we need you to help Miss Patchouli convince Miss Letty into making it snow, snow made specifically with her power mixed with Miss Cirno's, so that we can try and perform a spell that will make Miss Lina and Mister Leon into elementals, so that they can stay here, and live in Gensokyo forever."

She holds her chest and pants several times, then looks at the surprised boy and says "wow, that was a mouthful!"

Budou and Phredia clap with admiration at the winded maid from the sides, while the dense boy just smiles and asks "and where are said girls, then?"

The angelic winged girl manages to compose herself, points behind herself, toward a recently-made clearing, and says "I must warn you, Miss Letty is... a little angry right now."

"Go papa! You can do it," cheers little Budou while pumping her fist in the air.

Anilan just chuckles nervously as he wave back at her with his fingers, then gulps, his ethereal wings become a little brighter, and then moves toward the clearing.

There, he is immediately met with the sight of Patchouli at the farthest right edge of the clearing, shaking her fists in the air while furiously demanding "if you don't do it, I am going to turn you into a snowflake and drink you with my coffee! I'll make sure to eat EXTRA nasty stuff too!"

Letty flies several feet above the magician, crossing her arms under her chest, and looking angry, away from the mansion, without saying a single word.

The purple haired librarian snorts, suddenly turns her head toward the boy, frightening him with that intense face, storms straight at him, grabs his arm, and pulls him toward the youkai.

As she does, she angrily says "come here! She likes you. Everyone seems to like you, so convince her to help us make snow along with that ice fairy, so I can make Leon and Lina stay with us!"

He can only stammer as that magician continues to pull him, then, when he's directly underneath the yuki-onna, Patchouli squeezes his shoulder, and threateningly says "and don't think that just because you'll do this I'll forgive you. I will want to battle with you so that I may test that failed spell."

He smiles at her, chuckles nervously, and says "sure thing. Er, so what exactly has been going on here? Why is Miss Letty so mad?"

The winter youkai hovers down in front of him, points at the magician to the right, and angrily says "she thinks that after waking me up in spring, THEN waking me up two days before winter, that I'll be helping her with anything."

She flips the middle finger at the magician, and with passion, shouts "SCREW YOU, LADY! Waking me up during an autumn of sleeping! BITCH!"

Before the secretly sexy librarian spits something unhelpful, the dragon-winged boy lifts a hand to signal her to stop, places his hands on Letty's shoulders, smiles, and softly says "hello my winter friend, it's been a long time since we've seen each other. I am glad to see you."

Whiterock immediately calms down as she stares into the boy's starry eyes, and as if in a trance, she softly says "um, hi Ail. S-sorry, I was so angry, I forgot we haven't seen each other in so long."

The dense boy smiles cheerfully at her, then softly says "it's alright. I know how blinding anger can be. But now, I need to ask you a favor of you. To please work with Cirno-chan, and create magical snow, so that these people can save those children of the ice. Can you do that for me, and take revenge on Patchouli after you're done?"

There is something odd, and Patchouli knows it. It's like Letty is in a complete trance while looking at that boy in the eyes, and watches as she nods and softly say "alright, I'll help, but only because you asked," and feels angry when that winter spirit smiles so warmly at the boy.

"How did you melt that winter spirit's heart so easily, you jerk?", angrily asks the magician, getting a powerfully cold punch on the head, by the smiling yuki-onna, thus, making the dense boy shake his head while holding his forehead.

The twins are now held back by Rika and Patchouli, while Letty and Cirno stand in the very center of the clearing, the yuki-onna focusing her power, while the ice fairy looks eager and ready.

"Focus," calmly demands the lavender-haired woman, then the little fairy calms down, focuses her powers in front of her own hands, and even with her eyes closed, she excitedly says "look, Budou, I can focus it more now!"

The little bat youkai on the blissful Tenshi's lap cheers, and happily replies "way to go, Cirno-chan! Keep focusing!"

Letty kneels behind Cirno, slowly places her hands on top of the fairy's, and in a sudden flash of white and blue, the entire right half of the island, and part of the lake, gets frozen, and covered in snow.

The boy and all the girls present, save for Aya and Hatate, who were too busy chocking each other, are saved from getting encased in a thick sheet of ice and blanketed with snow.

Ail smiles at the winter girls, gives them a thumbs up, and says "thank you both very much."

The cute ice fairy raises her fist in the air, and cheers "you can count on the strongest fairy, Ail," while the yuki-onna flips a thumb back up, winks, and blows a very discrete kiss, causing Marisa to repeatedly pat the boy on the back and say "you Casanova you!"

Patchouli rushes forth, completely ignoring the teasing witch and the blushing boy, then drops on the ground and commands "Koakuma, come! Miss Rika, if you'd be so kind as to tell me where the runes go!"

Koakuma flies straight toward the magician from the mansion, though from where exactly she came from is a mystery, even for Reimu.

Rika flies by, looks back and shouts "nobody but, the twins, Miss Patchouli and Miss Koakuma are to step foot in this snow! This is VERY IMPORTANT," then turns her neck forward and says "their names are to be written with the Phoenician alphabet on the north, and their element in Latin on the east!"

As the maid continues shouting instructions, the dense boy walks closer to the shrine maiden, and asks "so what exactly are they going to do here?"

Leon and Lina walk by, holding hands, giving the two a smile with a distant and sad look behind it, and as they slowly continue on their way toward the librarians, Reimu whispers her answer.

"Drake left Rika with very specific instructions on how to help those two become permanent residents. The thing is, come spring, those two will disappear, thought thanks to Drake himself, they can last until summer... maybe."

She notices the look of surprise on the boy, but continues in a more normal tone "with this, they hope they will remain here at all times, without the risk of disappearing after winter, as all elemental echoes should. This spell is meant to turn them into actual elemental youkai, so they at least can have the strength to withstand the seasons."

The dense boy suddenly shares the same sad smile the twins have, and as he looks at them, he says "I see. But Miss Reimu, there's ...something off about this. I don't want to be a stick-in-the mud, but I cannot see this happening the way they want."

The red and white sighs, wraps her arm around the boy's shoulder, and says "I know. I have that very same feeling. But Rika is really into this, so I want to support her, and see if I can do something to help. And who knows, maybe it could work. Though... Drake himself said that-"

"That it could fail," finishes the boy, getting a surprise squeeze on the shoulder, before continuing "it is not impossible to make something like this work, but it is hard. So very hard."

There is a moment of uncomfortable silence between them, Reimu unwraps her arm from the boy, who suddenly repeats to himself "hard... but not impossible," then smiles at the maiden and adds "you're right Miss Reimu. Maybe our being here can make this work."

The girl turns her neck to show him a hopeful smile, he gives a hopeful smile back, and for the time being, remain where they are, away from the circles being drawn, watching and waiting, in case either of them is needed for something.

Rika and Patchouli inspect each finished magical circle for the fiftieth time, and finally, after almost two hours and a half, nod in agreement, then Rika declares "alright, Miss Lina, Mister Leon, please choose a circle, and stand in the very center."

"FINALLY," exclaim both Tenshi and Marisa at the same time, whom sit on a tree branch of the same tree, the celestial still holding Budou on her lap.

Koakuma and the twins, the ones that should be the most anxious, quietly stand up from the ground, dust the snow from the laps and their seats, and head toward those magical circles.

Ail and Reimu, having taken the thawing tengu inside the mansion to be tended by Sakuya, watch with great interest from the skies, their face intensifying with every passing second, unable to shake that bad feeling in their hearts.

Lina picks her brother up and flies him to the center of his circle, so he doesn't damage any of the funny letters on it, and as she flies to her circle, Leon looks up at Rika, then at Patchouli, and in a low tone, says "my love, Miss Rika, even if this doesn't work, I want you to know how happy I am you tried this hard to keep me and my sister here with you."

The purple-haired magician is visibly and understandably upset, but before she can shout, the ice girl loudly says "Miss Rika, Patchy, my sexy pet Koa, like my brother said, thank you for trying so hard, but keep in mind this still only has a sixty-two percent chance of success. Don't lose your hopes if it fails, please!"

Patchouli's face softens after the girl's declaration, and along with the little devil, it looks like they are about to break down to cry, but instead, the magician firmly says "it will work. Have some faith, you two."

Koakuma merely nods from the side, but refuses to speak or look at the twins in the eyes.

Rika taps the purple magician's shoulder and whispers "it's time," then she leaves to join her mistress and self-appointed big brother.

The purple-themed librarian flies down to the ground, nods at her assistant, then proceeds toward the center of both magical circles.

There, she places the magically polished water stone, which has taken a snowy blue glow, between both circles, and both immediately fill with bright blue and purple lights that entwine and marble as they flow within the circles and writings.

At that very moment, Ail, Reimu and Rika spot Cirno peeking her head from behind one of the trees nearest to the twins, thankfully keeping herself off the snow, then all three seem to see something important enough to look surprised, and quietly dive after her.

The purple-haired girl stands exactly five feet in front of the two circles, the red-haired devil on the back, then both girls look up at the sky, extend their arms to their sides, their pupils shrink, and they both begin to chant rapidly, causing blue bolts rise from the circles themselves, and crackle while jumping and swiveling around the snow.

Meanwhile, the dense boy grabs the ice fairy from behind, shushes her to calm her down, then whispers "come, I need a little more help from you."

She smiles and sighs with relief after calming down, then says "of course. You are good to me, so I will help, so just ask next time. You scared me."

The boy giggles as he smiles goofily, then says "sorry about that. Now, I'm going to fill you with energy, and you're going to start feeling a little warm, but don't be scared."

"That's right," says Rika, whom has activated her Soraogan mode, along Ail activating his Yozoragan mode, wowing the fairy and making her feel at ease after she gazes upon those large angelic wings, then sweetly says "now be a dear, and show me your Icicle Fall, please. Oh, but stay with Ail. I don't want you falling off."

As if in a trance, the fairy sighs as she lifts her spell card, and sweetly says "for the angel and my favorite person, Icicle Fall!"

Cirno's spell mixes with Ail's own power, opening a large Icicle Sukima above the ritual site, and Rika scratches the fairy's head while giggling to keep her distracted from the frightening and noisy rift.

Meanwhile, Reimu throws several charms and needles at the icy gap, and they all settle on the north, south, west and east of it, a massive border made of white and light-blue beams forms into a large square, and the gap expands, adding visible and tangible energy to the librarians and the twins that seems to shower from inside of it.

Only seconds after, vines made of ice start growing on Leon and Lina's upper arms, upper legs, their torsos, and under their necks, and a strong wind blows all around the librarians and ice echoes.

"What's going on?", screams Marisa with worry, and after taking notice of the twins, she desperately shouts "PATCHOULI! Patchouli, Koakuma, stop! Stop right now!"

"JUST A LITTLE LONGER! THEY'RE ALMOST DONE ABSORBING THE ELEMENT," screams the purple-haired girl, doing her best to keep focused and aim energy from her hands to each of the Kori.

The Icicle Sukima closes up, forcing Patchouli to scream a loud curse as the magic in the circles stops flowing, the vines growing around the twins melt, then a bright ball of light dives from above the clouds, and stops ten feet above the twins.

Rika gasps with surprise as she stares at that orb, and exclaims "oh no, not again!"

In a flash, Drake and Mina's frames appear before all, and shortly after, they hear the girl giggling happily while clinging on the boy's shoulder.

"M-Mina, sweetie, we're here, we're here," anxiously whispers the boy, making his girl yelp and compose herself, then clears his throat, and says "Rika, I am so glad you got my instructions."

The maid face palms, sighs, then says "that gap thing forced you back here. I'm so sorry Drake, and Miss Mina."

The light behind the gods dims down, revealing them to be in translucent human bodies, then Reimu is the one to say "oh, semi-physical astral projection. Heh, that's so easy for you gods."

The two gods raise their hands to quiet the girls down, then Drake sighs and says "I'm sorry, but this isn't a social visit. We came here to stop you before you send four souls to the borders between eternity and death, by accident, of course."

Patchouli looks up at the gods, and furiously demands "no! We had it under control! We just needed another minute! We almost had it! We almost HAD IT!"

She wants to cry, but she's too angry at the moment, and without thinking about it, shoots a Royal Flare without a spell card, breaking Reimu's rules before her very eyes, though the intensity of the spell is so much, the snow melts in an instant, and everyone around the area needs to cover for fear of getting burned.

Mina takes front and center, grabs the sun with her own two hands, and turns it into a soothing yellow light that heals all from any wounds, be them old, or recent, then returns to her man's side as the healing rain continues, and says "please don't do that. You might hurt your loved ones."

The purple-dressed librarian drops on her knees and hands, sobs as she lets herself fall on the wet ground, and says "but we were so close!"

Marisa kneels, grabs the magician by the shoulders, lifts her up, slaps her face twice, then says "you idiot, you were about to kill yourself, Koakuma, AND the twins! Not to mention melt me and the others with an illegal ROYAL FLARE! I can't believe I'm saying this, but be more damned careful!"

Patchouli looks around and sees Tenshi holding the frightened Budou tightly around her arms under the tree they were sitting on, Ail and Rika uncovering Cirno from their embrace, and Reimu looking annoyed in front of Koakuma, who holds Leon and Lina behind the shrine maiden's barrier.

She looks back at the black and white, notices the bit of singed hair on her left, then says "buh... but I don't- ...It was supposed to work," and a tear rolls down her left eye as she tries to smile.

The blonde witch finds this pathetic, and at the same time endearing, but before she can make fun of this, Drake softly says "ah, Miss Knowledge. Someone such as you shedding tears for someone else, and not just thinking about those books you cling to. Now I'm even more pained to have to inform you of my own failure."

Mina bows her head, the boy follows her example, and sweetly says "my Drakey and I begged the council to help you on this matter, but I'm afraid all we managed to do for you was what you just got there, on your right hands. We really wanted them to help you more, but that is all we could manage."

Koakuma suddenly gasps and exclaims "Lady Patchouli, look," and shows everyone a blue spell card on her right hand, with Lina's cocky, smiling face, giving an 'OK' sign with her hand.

The librarian frees herself from Marisa's grasp, lifts her right hand, and watches how a light-blue spell card with Leon's picture, winking and giving her a thumbs up, materializes right on her hand, then mutters "a summon."

The god boy nods to the magician, and says "yes, they are now summons to you and Miss Koakuma. However, your efforts were not in vain, and your risk was well worth it, for you have granted them with another year of life, and the ability for them to return in body each, and every winter, for as long YOU live."

The purple-themed girl manages to smile to that bit of good news, but the slight pain in her heart remains, though it is mostly from her hurt pride as a highly skilled magician.

Drake looks to Rika, bows his head, shows her the feather he got from her, winks, and as he pockets it again, says "now then, time's running short. Again, I am so sorry this is all we could do for you. I truly wish we could have achieved more."

The maid nods once, and says "it's alright. At least you tried, I guess," then Ail waves his hand casually, and says "don't worry. Rika and I, and Miss Reimu, of course, will take care of things here."

The two gods nod, Mina suddenly jumps so that her boy catches her, and giggles while Drake nervously says "honey, they can still see us!"

They vanish in a flash of light, leaving everyone with a sweet and sour taste in their mouths, but that is quickly taken care of, when Leon and Lina cheer "WE GET TO SEE THEM EACH AND EVERY WINTER! IT WORKED, IT REALLY WORKED!"

It may not have been a one-hundred percent success, but for those two echoes, who shouldn't even have a life, what little they gained is more than enough.

The thought alone fills the many hearts there with some unexplainable warmth, and even Patchouli's pride is put at ease because of it.

A few minutes after everyone settles down, Ail, who is still flying above the clearing, feeling he's doing so as a precaution, is just about to cancel his Yozoragan blood limit, when a pale woman's hand grips his shoulder and says "please don't. My Lady wishes to see you like that for a little while longer."

The surprisingly calm boy turns his head slightly to the right to look at Sakuya in the eyes, and asks "Ah, Miss Sakuya, how are Aya and Hatate? Wait, Lady Remilia is awake?"

His face loses all composure as it turns white, then blue, after that familiar voice in that seductive tone says "oh, I am wide awake, gorgeous. Love the wings..."

The dense one turns his terrified face to the left, where Remilia stares with lusty eyes, a wide smile, and fangs bare, while softly saying "...and I am a little bit, heh-heh, hungry."

Ail looks back at the maid, whom only smiles to hide her shame and shrugs, then the boy gulps and says "ok, I understand. She's your mistress after all."

That very second after he stops speaking, he takes off to the sky, going as fast as Aya, making himself look like a purple beam in the sky.

A pink beam chases after him, and shouts "why do you always run? Come on, I'll even bite softly!"

A third beam, this one white and blue with a hint green, flies after the pink beam, and shouts "if you don't want to suffer divine punishment, you will leave that man alone, you fiend!"

The first beam casually says "Sanae~ Hi! I'm so glad you're here!" then cries "please help me!"

The second beam desperately says "but I've run out of your DELICIOUS blood! And those wings! Ooh~ I wanna touch them! LET ME TOUCH THEM!"

The third beam angrily declares "stop trying to chase my man, you! He's MY AIL-KUN!"

"Ail, sweetie, it's time."

Anilan stops the very second he hears Mima's voice inside his mind, his skin loses most of its color, his limbs feel cold, and he slowly turns around with a forced smile to greet the vampire and maiden stopping abruptly behind him.

He notices the small, dark-grey Nitori-brand rockets strapped to Sanae's ankles, chuckles, and nervously says "th-that's a nice trick, honey."

Sanae notices that look on his face, her own face seems to fill with a bit of sadness, but she manages to speak more casual than the boy when she says "um, yeah. I, er, had Nitori prepare these for flying with you, and... I-is it time then?"

Remilia raises an eyebrow while switching from looking at the boy and the girl, then looks at the dragon-winged boy and asks "did I miss something here?"

The shrine maiden flies to her boyfriend's right, while he explains "I'm sorry Lady Remilia, but I have to go now. I have to meet with Miss Yama, and go somewhere for... a while."

"What? Where?" question the vampire, before crossing her arms over her chest, and muttering "jeez, and just when I was having fun."

She is surprised with a large jar of blood presented to her by Ail himself, who smiles to try to hide his frightened heart, and says "here, I had Eirin extract this a while ago. Planned to give it to you as a Christmas gift, but things have changed, so it's yours now."

The vampire stares at that boy as though looking right into his very soul, sighs, calls "Sakuya," then grabs the jar of blood, hands it to her maid, whom appears to her immediate right, and says "please take care of this for me."

"Immediately, my lady," elegantly says the maid as she bows and picks the jar, then disappears from the scene in an instant.

Ail and Sanae look like they are just about to leave, so Remilia quickly asks them to stop, and when they are looking at her, she signals the boy to get closer to her with her claw.

She smiles mischievously as he gets closer, enjoying how easily she's making him more nervous than he already is, then, when he's close enough, she says "I can see your fate shifting again, young man."

She gets closer to him, until her face is just an inch away from his, and with that naughty smile of hers, which seems to be making Sanae very uncomfortable, says "the many paths before you are all hard, but you'll come through just fine. I want you to relax, my friend, and show all those hags the kind of acquaintances Remilia Scarlet has accepted as her allies."

Before Ail can react to those words, she grabs him by the shoulders, pulls him closer, and kisses his forehead, surprising both him and the furious shrine maiden, and after releasing him, in a soft tone, she commands "when you get back, you come back here and tell me all about it."

She waves at the stunned boy and the angry girl, then casually flies back to her mansion, where that delectable blood awaits her.

Sanae flies close to her man, smacks the back of his head to cure him of that stun, and angrily asks "what the hell was that all about, Ail-kun?"

The dense boy rubs the back of his head as he turns his teary eyes and wriggled smile at her, and says "I don't know, but somehow, I feel greatly relieved after hearing that."

The girl grabs him and embraces him tight, notices the hard beats of his heart, how cold his body feels, and how much he's shaking, but before she misunderstands any further, she notices the terror in his eyes, sighs, kisses his cheek, and says "come on, let's go get Budou."

At the mansion's garden, the little bat youkai and her elf fairy are currently to Reimu's right, cheering and clapping while Meiling performs some of her fighting moves to entertain them.

Ail's gap opens up behind her, the boy peeks his head, and whispers "come on Budou-chan. It's time for me to go, so please come with your mama and me to meet Miss Shiki."

The little girl gulps, sighs, turns around to face her papa, then nods and firmly says "ok papa! Let's get you there, so that you finish faster, and come back home even faster!"

The dense one rubs her head when she gets closer to the rift, then looks at the red and white maiden, who nods and whispers "it's ok. Go. If anyone asks, I'll tell them you're exploring caves."

He flips a thumb up at the same time he chuckles, then says "see you later then. Take care," and before she can reply, he's gone.

Reimu is left on her own for just a little bit, until Rika walks over to her, and asks "so, did Ail-nii leave?"

The shrine maiden nods, then smiles and says "yes, he left, but next time we see him, he'll be himself again. No possessions, no adopted personalities to impress Sanae. *Sigh* I'm so glad the Yama intervened with this."

The shrine maid chuckles nervously, and says "my, My Lady, you seem to be excited over this. I-is there something I should know?"

Reimu gives her maid a serene look, sighs again, then says "before he started changing like he did, I once tried to make him mine."

Rika's worried gasp gives her away, but the maiden shakes her head and says "don't worry, I understand now. I won't try that again. I'm just saying, I'm happy I'll get to see that boy again."

The sexy maid remains static as she looks at her mistress, who suddenly says "as happy as it made me when I saw you back to being yourself," then relaxes her body, evident because of her wings, and says "Miss Reimu, you truly are a saint."

It's an hour past lunch-time when all the remaining guests enter the mansion to eat, by invitation of Remilia herself, of course.

While everyone else chat at the table as they wait for the food to be served, Aya and Hatate sulk together on a corner of the room, depressed over missing the big event, thus the whole story, plus the chance of meeting an interviewing Drake as a god, and his beloved Mina.

Rika sits between her mistress and Tenshi, and seems a little uncomfortable waiting to be served by someone else.

Reimu halts her chat with Marisa, turns to face her maid, and with an endearing smile on her face, says "Rika, dear, if you're this uncomfortable, why don't you just go to the kitchen and help. I'm sure Sakuya won't mind at all."

The maid immediately stands, bows to her lady, says "y-yes! You are right, My Lady! Thank you," then turns to face the celestial, and says "please excuse me Momoko! I'll be back in a bit."

The blue-haired girl looks a bit disappointed, but smiles and says "jeez, you can never stay put. Alright, I'll save your seat."

When the shrine's maid enters the kitchen, she finds Patchouli sitting next to the counters, resting her head on it and sighing repeatedly.

Leon and Lina have each taken a side around the witch, and each seems to be trying to get her to move, but she just lies there, letting her hands hang under the table while she stares at the cabinets above Sakuya's head.

"Come on my love, cheer up! We get one more year, and you get to see us every winter," insists the boy while jumping in front of her eyes and waving his hands.

Lina pokes her hip as annoyingly hard as she can, while angrily saying "stop moping already! Even my cute pet has cheered up, so cheer up!"

Rika continues walking toward the mansion's chief maid, and when in earshot, asks "do you think she'll ever recover?"

"Miss Rika," exclaims the surprised maid after finally noticing the guest in the kitchen.

Sakuya scowls, drops some of Ail's blood on Remilia's stake, and says "I know why you're here, but guests are not allowed to be in the kitchen, so please go to the table, and wait properly!"

The shrine's maid twitches, then suddenly claps her hands together to the right of her head, tilts her head until her cheeks are resting on those hands, stretches her wings and flaps them rapidly while glancing sadly upward at that mansion's maid, then coos "I just want to help. Pleeeeeaaaase~"

The defeated silver-haired girl's eyes glow blue with intensity as small streams of blood shoot out of her nose, and in an instant, she appears before Rika, smiling after plugging her nose with pieces of paper, and says "alright, y-you can help!"

The winged girl cheers with delight, holds her hands in front of her chest, and thinks "wow, I didn't think that would work so well!"

She gives a hesitant look at the silver-haired girl, and says "um, actually, I wanted to ask you something."

The chief maid nods, and casually says "go ahead."

Rika sighs, looks to the dining room's door, and says "I have been such a nuisance to my Lady Reimu, and I wish to make up for it, so I was wondering if you could tell me how to contact Miss Nitori. I have heard you know where to find her, so I was just wondering if you could-"

Sakuya grins, giggles at Rika's hesitance, then says "yes, of course, I can help you. It's easy, really. Just go to the river at the Youkai Forest, head to the edge of the river nearest to the foot of the mountain, and there you should find a red button on a yellow box that summons Julia. The rest plays out for itself. And between you an me, I've already gone there with Miss Remilia several times."

The angelic maid notices something odd about the time manipulator's blushing face, and nervously says "um, no, er, I mean, what I mean is that I wish to speak to Miss Nitori directly. She should be able to get my lady a nice room and all."

The chief maid still smiles, though not as excitedly as before, as she says "oh, then that's even easier. Just ask Aya before you leave. They've been working together a lot these days, though I'm not sure why..."

At that very moment, before she can react to that comment, the sexy angelic maid raises her arms to catch Leon and Lina before they smash against the wall, while from the counter, Patchouli shouts "it was supposed to work! I enhanced that stone and raised our chance of success to eighty-eight percent! You two should be elemental youkai by now, not summons!"

The two maids look at each other and sigh, Rika places the twins on the ground, then asks "why don't you two do the same thing you did for me? She needs your help, you know."

The Kori girl looks at her brother, smiles, and says "ooh, I like her. She's smart."

The Kori boy nods and says "yup! I told you. We forgot about that, but she didn't," then both quickly run back to the moping magician, hold hands behind her, then embrace her from both sides.

She's just about to chuck them both again, but quickly finds her anger subsiding fast, and instead of moping on the countertop, she smiles blissfully as she lets her relaxed body hang.

Rika takes the chance to get closer, and says "so glad you calmed down. Miss Patchouli, Drake told you that achieving that goal was hard. He tried getting help for you from other gods, but they couldn't. You were asking too much, even though he didn't admit that."

She gets a glance from the relaxed librarian, and continues "you see, as cruel as this may sound, and honestly, I didn't understand at first, these two children weren't supposed to be, and yet here they are. But before you lose all your confidence, think about this..."

She grabs the magician's face and pulls her up so they can see eye-to-eye, and softly says "thanks to your efforts, these children will live with you for one more year, and after that, each and every winter, you'll get to see them and share your time with them."

Rika can see the fact reaches Patchouli quickly, and can't help but smile as she says "you see? You are no failure. Your spell did not fail. It only worked differently from what you intended, but it all still worked out for the best in the end."

By now, the Kori twins have released the sexy librarian, so she's feeling stronger, and thanks to the angel maid's words, smiles as optimistic thoughts fill her.

The magician stands up from the uncomfortable, round wooden chair, wraps her arms around the twins' necks and squeezes them against her chest, with neither minding the soft sensation at all, and says "yes, she's right. I-it didn't work like I planned, but I promise you two, I will figure out what went wrong, and we'll try again. We have time now! We can do this more calmly."

Leon and Lina, even with their faces buried in those soft cushions manage to flip a thumb up each to the shrine maid, then Sakuya approaches said girl, places a hand on her shoulder, and happily says "thanks. She would have been in a really foul mood for weeks if you hadn't talked to her."

The ample-chested maid giggles and nods, then, from the door, one of the fairy maids with long brown hair tied to a ponytail, breaks through and desperately says "Miss Sakuya, Miss Sakuya! The mistress is hungry! She's losing her patience!"

From the dining room, Remilia's sweet and dangerous voice causes the entire mansion to rumble when she shouts "where is my FOOD? I AM HUNGRY!"

The three maids in the room twitch with fright when Flandre's voice joins her sister's, demanding "if I don't see my plate here in thirty seconds, I'm ripping onee-sama's wings off!"

The mistress screams, and the three maids quickly set three carts with the food, and immediately rush outside, followed by Patchouli and the Kori twins, who happily make their merry way back to the dining room to join the guests.

Meanwhile, moments before Rika and the twins work their magic on Patchouli, there is a small reunion in a magical room, hidden between dimensions, where Ail waits to be taken away to that alternate world.

Behind him, Satori and Orin stand side-by-side behind Sanae and Budou, as they wait along with the boy, keeping him company during such a tense moment.

Standing in front of the group are Mima, Yukari and Shikieiki, and although the evil spirit has her usual mischievous face, the gap youkai shares a sympathetic gaze along with the Yama.

The room they currently are in looks like an endless ball room of white floors, ivory columns, a beautiful misty and soft floor, a pure white ceiling, and doors, doors, and more doors covering the walls, all painted in different tones of white, and the one behind the blonde and green-haired girls looks like it has a light hint of sky blue on it.

Mima approaches the dense one, and when she looks at that stiff, scared stare on the boy, her face becomes soft and motherly, and knowing she's unable to hide her compassion any longer, she freely rubs his head and says "I know you are about sixty percent yourself in there, so this is kind of hard, even for us. So, um..."

She looks away to hide the tears under her eyes, and mutters to herself "jeez, I'm a spirit. Hold it together, Mima," flicks those tears from her eyes, and turns around with a more friendly smile and finishes "so just go in there and return to being one hundred percent yourself again!"

The boy smiles and chuckles softly, relaxing a bit. He bows his head with respect toward Mima, showing his gratitude for her concern, then turns around to face what few loved ones were allowed to come with him.

He gives them all a pained smile, and says "well, I'm going you guys. So, erm, please take care while I'm gone... and, um, thank you for coming here with me."

He walks over to Orin, gives her a light pat on the head she seems to enjoy immensely, then the kasha suddenly jumps and hugs him, and says "you come back again bro! When you do, let's have another race, like we used to!"

Ail chuckles as she releases him, and replies "alright, but don't get sore when I beat you this time."

She laughs with pride, expands her generously bouncy chest and bumps her fist against it, then proudly says "you can say that to my tails when you reach the goal, slowpoke!"

He rubs her head one more time as he chuckles softly, then turns to Satori, and says "you already read my mind, so I'm just saying it so you don't seem left out. Take care, my friend. When I come back, let's have a chat over tea and sweets, like before."

She smiles at him as they are both driven to give each other a light hug, and while holding him gently, she says "if things keep going as they are, we'll have that chat with Koishi joining us."

They push each other away, Ail smiling widely, while Satori's smile remains as light as ever, then the boy nods and says "looking forward to that, but how can you be so sure?"

The mind-reader's smile becomes slightly wider, and a little more mischievous, as she says "she's taking great interest in characters like you and Miss Rika. That is all I will say in the matter."

He salutes the purple haired girl as he steps back, then turns right to meet the most important people in his life.

Sanae and Budou stand side-by-side, and both seem about just ready to start crying, but neither does, and manage to smile at the boy.

Ail simply raises his arms to chest height, and both girls throw each other on him, giving him a tight hug from both sides.

The little bat sobs and cries "please hurry up, papa! I hate it when you go away for too long!"

Sanae sighs, turns her head, kisses his cheek, he manages to pull his head back to sneak a kiss on her lips, then the giggling maiden says "when you return, I'm tying you up to the couch and snuggle you all day."

She giggles playfully after seeing his cheeks turn bright red, then says "there, a good motivation to come back faster, given to you by a miraculous god. Be grateful~"

He grins goofily as he steps away, rubs both bat and maiden's heads, then Phredia jumps right out of Budou's heart, grabs and kisses the surprised boy's nose, then slowly flutters backward to the bat youkai's head, and bows her head slightly.

Ail smiles, bows his head to her, then Yukari abruptly commands "I'm sorry, but it's time, so please cut the mushy stuff."

The boy turns to face the blonde, surprising her with his serene smile, nods, and says "a-alright then."

He waves his friends goodbye one more time, and with a frightened smile taking his face, he moves toward the door.

Shikieiki feels uncomfortable seeing him like that, and loudly says "please, this isn't a goodbye. Ail, I promise you, you will not be in there for too long. You have come a long way by yourself already, and this is meant to help you expedite that process, and take it further."

She looks at the others present in the room, notices how even Mima looks concerned, and says "everyone, do not be burdened by this. He will be alright and back with you all soon. No real harm will come to him, I promise."

With those words, she opens the door to the next room, which looks like a field of soft grass and several beds made of actual flowers, places a hand on Ail's shoulder for support, and softly says "come on. Let's get you ready."

Yukari waves a playful hand, opens three gaps, and says "you may go home, knowing that friend of yours, and mine, is going to be alright."

She immediately follows into the room, and closes the door behind her, leaving the group to stare at each other.

Before each group heads their separate ways, Mima clears her throat loudly, then says "they gave me their words that they will take good care of him, and also..."

She looks at each of them in the eyes, stops at Phredia, then sight and says "he'll be alright. He'll come through."

Meanwhile, inside the room, Yukari lets herself loose, and is currently holding the boy between her arms as though she was his mother, saying "you be good now! Don't do anything naughty in there! Clean your underwear every day, brush your teeth, and come back to us as that sweet, wise child I miss so much!"

Ail grunts as he tries to break free from her embrace, getting embarrassed when he takes notice of her womanly cushions pressed against his chest, and then he's suddenly free to breathe again.

He takes all the breaths necessary to recover, gulps to hide his embarrassment, and says "r-right. Heh, thank you Miss Yukari. And don't worry, I promise, I will not fail."

"Good," says Shikieiki, getting both of their attentions, then points to the bed of flowers behind her, and continues "then, my friend, it's time you went inside."

That winter in Gensokyo comes and goes quite slowly for some, while for others, it was just too fast, and already it is a beautiful and warm spring.

Lily White is flying over the massive field of flowers at the Garden of the Sun, taking great interest in the winter flowers she sees for the first time, still blossoming amongst some summer flowers, as well as seasoned spring flowers.

She hovers two feet above the varied flowerbed, stares with great interest at the amazing variety before her, and asks herself "but it's spring? How can these be here?"

She yelps with fright and flies away when a massive explosion creates a large crater on the ground before the bed of flowers.

When she's far enough, she looks back at the green haired woman fighting with a brown haired woman in their underwear, and notices how happy the two look as they open holes on their bodies with their own speared hands.

Yuka's face is covered with her own blood, yet she smiles as she pulls her opponent's hand from inside her shoulder, and happily says "nice trick. Let me show you mine."

Ayalina's arms and chest are covered with blood, her underwear is as stained with blood and dirt as the other woman's, but seems quite happy either way.

She grunts when she takes Yuka's punch straight on the left cheek, then said flower youkai stops attacking, stares estranged at the brown-haired woman, and asks "hey, is everything ok? I haven't hit you that hard yet, have I?"

The young-looking mother looks away, completely ignoring the throbbing on her face as she stares to the distance, then smiles, looks at her sparring partner, and says "I'm sorry, but my boy is back. We'll have to finish this some other time."

The green-haired beauty stretches her arms above her head as she moans contently, then says "it's alright. I want to see him too, you know."

They smile at each other, suddenly throw a hand over each other's shoulders, then laugh happily as they head over to the near-by river to wash up.

Kurumi and Elly watch with disgust from a safe distance, then the vampire sighs and says "I don't know what's more annoying. Those divine spirits that were all over the place the other day, or these two and their friendship."

The curly-haired girl smiles with fright evident on her face, and says "c-careful what you are saying! They might hear you!"

From the distance, Ayalina and Yuka say "yes, we heard that," causing the poor blonde vampire to shiver with fright as she sees her window of a hopeful escape closing right before her very eyes.

Meanwhile, Lily reaches Ail's house at the Forest of Magic, and spots Budou and Sanae exiting said house and closing the door.

She dives straight at them, lands on the grass in front of them, causing some flowers to bloom, then exclaims "it's spring! Tell Ail!"

The bat youkai sight with frustration, and understandably annoyed, shouts "listen you stupid fairy! Papa is not back yet, so stop-*GASP*"

The blond fairy quickly turns around when she notices those surprised looks on the maiden and the youkai girl, then gasps when she sees Ail standing being her.

He looks a little pale, is shaking a lot, and seems to be disoriented, but other than that, he looks just fine, though seems to not notice Sanae asking him "Ail-kun, sweetheart, are you alright? What happened?"

The girls quickly rush in front of him, and Phredia jumps right out of Budou's heart to greet him, but before any of them can say another word to the boy, he drops on his knees, wraps both arms around all the girls, and repeats "It's me! I'm back! It's me! I'm back!"

At that very moment, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion's library, Patchouli sits behind her desk, reading carefully at the book before her.

Besides the book, she has Leon's summoning spell card, stares at it and caresses it with her fingers, then quickly turns back to her book with more determination in her eyes.

To her right is Koakuma, holding Lina's summoning spell card, touches the frame around the picture on it, and sighs softly before saying "I know the mistress means well by keeping them away for prolonged periods, but I can't help but miss them when she does."

Flandre appears behind them, as if born from the shadows, and loudly says "hey! Onee-sama wants you at the gathering room! Ail's back and she wants us all to greet him when he gets here," causing both librarians to yelp and jump in place.

Before the expected shouting can occur, the blonde vampire raises an eyebrow and places her hands on her hips, then says "moping again, are we? Jeez, you should be a little happier! They are still running around here for a whole 'nother year, AND you get to see them every winter! Cheer up already!"

"We're fine," spits Patchouli, holding the edge of her desk to stand straight, then glares at the girl and says "we're just studying DILIGENTLY, so that we may find a way to make their stay more permanent!"

The unamused vampire stare flatly at the magician and the devil, who nervously waves back, and mumbles "uh-huh. Studying..."

She moves like a blur behind Patchouli, grabs her hidden breasts, and as she fondle the screaming magician, she says "don't worry! While Leon's gone, I'll come here and molest you EVERY day to make it look like he's here, alright!"


While Flandre molests the librarian further, she fails to notice the black, three-tailed nekomata glaring straight at her from the shadow of one of the bookshelves.

He growls softly as his glowing yellow eyes reflect the vampire, and draws his claws on his right paw as he hisses softly at her.

The cat screeches when suddenly, from the wall next to the bookshelf, a woman with blue eyes, and blue hair tied in Chinese loops, held by a large golden hair stick, pokes her head out of said wall and casually asks "hey, little kitty, this wouldn't be the Moriya Shrine by any chance, would it?"

Icicle Sukima, The End!

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Special appearance by Seiga Kaku

Ail, Budou, Phredia, Ayalina, Drake Starstriker, Mina Estrella, Leon of Kori, Lina of Kori and Kimi Hong were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku the Vermillion Bird were created by Snapshot 2010

JAN 18, 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


And so, Icicle Sukima comes to an end, leaving you with a quick preview of what MAY (or may not?) come to happen in Reset Sukima. Chances are they will :).

Nothing much left to say but: I hope you enjoyed this story, and hope you'll join me when I start with Reset Sukima. But here's this thing. I'm gonna try to refrain from writing two fics at the same time again, so maybe it will be a while before I start with Reset, seeing as I still have Undying Gensokyo to finish, and AFTER that, I'll start working on the crossover, Spell Cards and Keyblades again. Suwako knows I've left that fic on hold for FAR TOO LONG! Ah well, no more babbling from me. Hope you liked that little peek by Seiga XD. Take care!