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Dabbling in Drabbles


Arnold would never admit it. But he loved the power he held over her.

He loved how all he had to do was look at her and wink and she'd blush and look away. He loved how all he had to do was touch her arm and she'd melt completely against her will. He loved how he could give her a half-lidded look and she wouldn't be able to look away.

Ever since he found out he had this power over her, he couldn't help but abuse it as much as possible. Ever since the April Fool's Dance it had become almost an uncontrollable compulsion. Whipping her around roughly and holding her close and feeling her heart pound so hard against him. It was the most amazing thing he'd ever discovered. He was amazed he'd never seen it before.

It wasn't a selfish or sadistic pleasure or anything of the sort. There was just something very satisfying about having that effect on her. He'd had girls have crushes on him before, but he'd never cared. He'd been completely listless when Lila had liked him, and when Siobhan had admitted to fancying him he'd straight up told her no and hadn't even talked to her again since. But Helga… there was something almost… exhilarating about the idea her liking him…

Yes, he loved having her love him, he loved making goosebumps appear on her, making her normally scowling eyes go wider and bluer than he'd ever seen them, reducing one of PS118's toughest bullies to a puddle of romantic mush. It was the most satisfying feeling ever and he was SO glad she'd finally told him the truth… slightly against her will or not.

And as for the reason his heart pounded, his hands went slick with sweat, his spine tingled, and electricity shot through him whenever he got to see once again that she was really, truly all his… well, that was something he'd rather not think about… because…

The last thing he ever wanted to discover next was that she might actually have some power over him, too…

A/N: Eh, a little lengthy for a drabble, but it's definitely too short to be called a full-blown One-Shot. Or at least in my book anyway. Perhaps a ficlet? Ah, screw it. I say it's a drabble and that is that.