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And yes, it is unedited. And again, two years old. Fascinating...

Dabbling in Drabbles

First Date

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Arnold just continued to smile as he stared down at his watch, before folding his hands neatly in front of himself again.

She'd be here.

He knew she would be. She wouldn't miss this for the world. She loved him, he reminded himself. She put herself through a lot of pain just to prove it to him, and he believed her with all his heart. She would be here.

He looked down at his watch again, heartbeat quickening.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Any minute now…

Thirty seconds passed.

"Oh, man, she's not coming, is she?" Arnold muttered in terror, sinking down in his chair.

Maybe the entire thing had been a set up. Just some big, elaborate prank in order to really humiliate him, destroy him, once and for all. After all, what better a way to get back at someone for being born than crushing their heart? But she would never do that… right?

Just then she burst through the doors, her face red from running, and her chest heaving. Arnold sat up in his seat immediately, alarmed. She stumbled over to their table and nearly fell into the booth across from him, her eyes wide and her smile nervous.

"S-Sorry I'm late," she practically wheezed. Seeing his stare, she blushed and reached up to fix her hair quick. She'd been going to have it down for the evening, but she couldn't decide whether that was a good idea or not. After all, she knew Arnold liked it down, but she didn't like it down, but then again he did, but then again she didn't want to put TOO much effort into tonight lest he think she was even more of a nutcase than he already did, but then again tonight WAS special, but… She'd compromised and put it in a braid with some tendrils framing her face and her slight bangs combed out. Which had proved to be a wise decision, because with all that running, her hair surely would have gotten very tangled and messy. But to her surprise as she reached up to fix her hair, it was still very well in place. So, she managed to say this time, still a bit breathy, "W-What are you staring at, geekbait?"

He paid no mind to her insult and blinked, settling back down into his seat. She'd come. She was here. She really DID love him and he wasn't out of his mind. Without realizing, his mouth had gone into an all out grin, and he responded in a too-happy tone, "Nothing, Helga. I'm just glad you're here."

She flushed instantly and a nervous laugh broke at her lips, making her wince. "O-Oh, well…" crap, even her voice was high-pitched, "y-yeah, well… Of course I'm here, Football Head! Why wouldn't I be?" She laughed again, despite herself. 'Criminy, you imbecilic basketcase, you're going down! REAR UP, REAR UP!'

Arnold's eyes went half-lidded, again without his realizing, and his smile softened. "You're right. Why wouldn't you be?" He relaxed, and rested his head in his hand on the table. "So any particular reason you were late?"

Helga frowned. She should have known he'd ask that, but still… Ah, well, what could one lie hurt? "Oh, no reason. Just missed the bus, so I ended up having to run here, and, well, you know." She shrugged nonchalantly and reached for a menu, browsing casually through it.

Arnold smiled densely, taking the bait. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Of course, why else after seven years would Helga be late for her first date with the love of her life?

"NO, I CAN'T GO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! HE'LL FIGURE OUT I'M A LUNATIC AND DUMP ME ON THE SPOT! I CAN'T DO IT!" Helga screamed, as Phoebe and Olga tried to pull her from the bedpost.

"Baby sister, you have to go!" Olga grunted, pulling at her legs. "This could be your only opportunity!"

"I really must concur, Helga. As your best friend, I'm telling you, you simply MUST go!" Phoebe added in a soft grunt of her own, also pulling at her legs.

Helga held fast to her bed, screaming back at them, "NO, IT'S SIMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I'll mess it up, say something dreadfully wrong, make him hate me! HE'LL FIGURE OUT HE'S MAKING A MISTAKE, I KNOW HE WILL! I JUST KNOW HE WILL!" She was practically crying now, her voice thick with emotion.

Suddenly, Phoebe threw down Helga's legs, leaving Olga to confusedly let go as well without thinking. Helga fell straight down onto the floor with an "Oof!" and suddenly felt herself being pulled up by her collar. Phoebe flipped her over so she was sitting on the floor and stood over her, and despite her small, petite stature, she towered over Helga like Godzilla. And for once in Helga's life, she felt truly small as she stared wide-eyed into the determined, furious face of her best friend. "Now you listen here, and you listen GOOD, Helga!" Phoebe yelled, pointing a finger into Helga's shocked face. "You have been madly in love with this boy for seven years now! You've built shrines, written poetry, and crazily stalked him for all of that time, saved the neighborhood for him, done everything in your power to help him save his parents and nearly DIED a few times for him, and now that he has finally acknowledged you and admitted he cares for you too, YOU'RE GOING TO JUST THROW IN THE TOWEL?! I am sorry, Helga, but I simply can't let you do that! I will drag you over to Slausens MYSELF and PUSH you through those doors if I have to! YOU. ARE. GOING. ON. THIS. DATE! Got it?!" she shouted, her eyes aflame.

Helga just stared, jaw-dropped, only managing to make her head nod weakly.

And just like that, it was over, and Phoebe was smiling (almost smirking) contently with her hands on her hips. "Good."

Olga just blinked, just as flabbergasted as her sister, before it started to sink in what exactly had just taken place, and she grinned quick, clapping her hands in delight. "Oh, yay! So the makeover is back on! I'll get my make up bag!" She rushed out of the room excitedly, giggling.

And Helga just sat on the floor, brain still trying to catch up with all the insanity that was going on. But she knew one thing for sure at this moment… She was going on this date. Whether she felt sick to her stomach or not…