Chapter 1

If you asked me six months ago what my future would be like, I would have said shaky. After dropping out of the Academy, I knew I wouldn't be able to protect Lissa. Even after dropping back in and graduating with high marks, my chances of being assigned to her were sketchy. I wouldn't have believed what would happen since graduation if a future version of me had time-travelled back and given me photo evidence!

Now I was a deeply respected guardian, a royal monarch guardian- not that I thought of Lissa that way – and I was bad-ass. The job itself wasn't brilliant-a little too formal for my liking. Being one of 6 royal guardians I was constantly in formal guardian mode, attending various court meeting and ceremonies. Lissa always had someone to meet or somewhere to be, so I hardly got to see her. She officially should get the record of multitasking –a Queen, along with being the perfect girlfriend to Christian and going to Leigh University full time.

Well that's where we are now. Sitting through one of her business lectures, well, our lectures seeing as I'mofficially enrolled, but I'm not listening, I'm looking out for danger . Another of Lissa's guardians, Tomas, is enrolled as well while the other is undercover in the university doing various human jobs. Not that we are doing well in this class- and Professor Smith aka I-hate-you-Rose-Hathaway is always on me - but the court will fix up the results so we can continue to protect Lissa.

As we walked out of class, I took the near guard position and Tomas the far. "Rose do you have ANY idea what he was talking about?" Lissa asked, amused at my ability to ignore teachers.

"Nope, but I really couldn't care less about Business 101, I'm starving! " I said, but I was starving to see Dimitri, not the cafeteria. Christian had gone on to Lehigh with Lissa, but was majoring in literature, so we hadn't seen him- or Dimitri - all day. I knew I couldn't really see him, but seeing his face would be a relief, and we both had the night off tonight, so we could make up for it then.