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A Thousand Words


Dear Hermione ~

All right, first of all, you're probably wondering why I'm writing this. (I would've said, second, do you even know who is writing this, but the handwriting should make it obvious.) Anyways, you probably are, as how we see each other everyday and you can probably even see me over the top of this piece of parchment (if you're reading it at the table.)

I will tell you why I'm writing this letter. What I have to say isn't really easy to put into words, but it'd be even harder to put into voice. That is why I'm writing this. So I suppose you want me to tell you what is I have to say, yeah? Well, I will - but there are some other things I want to say first.

I remember, a long, long time ago - well, maybe it wasn't that long - when I was sitting on the Hogwarts Express with Harry, rummaging through candy and Chocolate Frog trading cards, when there was this sound, and the compartment door opened. Well, there you were - badgering us if we'd seen Neville's toad.

I suppose the reason I say it was a long time ago is because that was when you and me and Harry first met. First met. You weren't particularly fond of me then, and well, I didn't exactly rate you, either. As a matter of fact, 'Mione, you and I despised each other. I thought you were an impudent know-it-all, and well, hell. . .didn't you think of me in the exact same way?

I'll admit, I didn't think so at first, but it seems we were destined to be good friends. We're almost exact opposites, but we're friends. It's been going 'round and 'round in my head - what is it that makes me want to be your friend and what makes you want to me mine. I don't mean it in a bad way or anything, just. . . .

Ah, bloody hell, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. But whatever I said above, I'll sum it up with this - I am very glad we are friends. I don't always show it, but I really do treasure our friendship, 'Mione.

I don't always show it. Perhaps that's why I'm writing this letter. Because I don't know how to tell you things. I don't know how to be sensitive and pay compliments and whatnot. I'm always busting with emotion, but I never show it. You're the one I'd want to express my emotion to - to have a serious talk about things.

I get awfully angry with myself sometimes. When I make you upset for no good reason. Now sometimes I get mad at you for a reason. But I realize that I hate it when we are not speaking to each other. Even when I am angry at you, and not just angry at you because you are with me.

I was livid with you on so many occasions. I can't even remember them all now, but I know why I can't remember them. Because they're not important. They were stupid, ridiculous, petty things to get annoyed at you for. Save for one.

Viktor Krum. Blimey, I was so cheesed off at you that time, but not. I wasn't mad at you, and I wasn't mad at all. Okay, so I was a little. . .but I wasn't so surly with you because I was mad. To tell you the truth, I was scared. Terrified, even. I was afraid of losing my best friend. I thought with Krum in your life, you'd forget all about me - and he'd be closer to you than me.

No. . .I know what you're saying, 'Mione. I can hear it right now. You could never lose me, Ron. We're best friends. I know I went to the Yule Ball with him, and I spent a lot of time with him, but that doesn't mean I forgot all about you, Ron. But you see, 'Mione, I knew that. I knew you hadn't forgotten about me, and that we were still best friends. There's something you didn't know.

I. . .I wasn't upset because you were 'conversing with the enemy,' or any of that crud I tried to feed you. I. . .actually, I can't even believe I have the courage to say this, but - I was afraid because you dared to spend your time with another boy - that. . .Viktor would have already stolen your heart and ravished you away before. . .I could even try.

You and me, 'Mione, we have been through so much, and. . .we've braved many things, had a lot of good and bad times. . .we have a history. And we somehow became friends even though we're so different. That makes me wonder about so many things. It makes me speculate the complexity of things, of the world, of life. It makes me wonder about the mystery of things.

But most of all, 'Mione - it makes me wonder how I endlessly fell in love with you.


el fin