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AN ~ thanks for all the awesome feedback on "A Thousand Words"! it really made my day to read all of those magnificent reviews! you all wanted another chapter, so guess what - I decided to do it. Hermione's letter is a bit shorter, however. don't hate me too much for that. LOL. enjoy! :)

Additional Note ~ thanks to jackrussel666 for inspiring me to do the second chapter as if Hermione were writing back. so - that's what I did :) hugsXX, ~dt.

A Thousand Words:

Owl Post Again


Dear Ron ~

Received your letter, although I know I don't really need to say so because I know you know. And I also know how hard it was for you to say those things. So, I decided to write you back. Are you reading this at the table? Can you see me over this piece of parchment? :)

As a matter of fact, I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I could start with my feelings - how my heart was racing so fast when I read the end of your letter that it probably set a world record for most heartbeats in a single minute, also what it was like to see you'd finally opened up at last and really shown the Ron inside to someone. It's quite funny actually - I never thought it would be me.

But I did want it to be me. You don't know how many times I wanted to just walk up to you and say something, or do something extremely sensitive, just to see how you'd react. I mean, sure there were a couple of times I cried with you there - like that time during fourth year when you and Harry finally made up after your argument, but it wasn't a you and me thing. Sure, I cried and apologized about Scabbers - but we were upset at each other. We were making up after a fight that time.

I wanted to know what the Ron Weasley inside was like. All I've ever really seen is your hard outer shell - until your letter. That was the first time you'd ever been vulnerable with me, Ron. I finally did get to see what you were like inside.

With you and Harry in my life, I've come to see outside of books and studies. With you in my life, I've come to see even more than that. You've done a lot for me, Ron, but - you don't realize it. I know because it doesn't seem like I'm any different from when we first met - I seem as uptight as I've ever been. But you have changed me, Ron. Just by being in my life you've changed me. You've helped me really realize a life beyond studying and book reading, like - emotions.

Obviously I've changed you as well. I've helped you concede that you're not just Weasley number six, or an average no-talent git. You are the most special person I know in my life. You could never be normal - every single thing that you do, is special. You do stand out.

Something else - something I want you to know. It's about Viktor. I know it's all behind us, but I had to respond to what you wrote about the whole menagerie. Anyways - you're right. I probably would have said all of those things. But only because I wouldn't have had the courage to tell you what I really wanted to say.

And here it is - if I could go back in time and do it again, knowing what I know now, and what I realized then, well, I wouldn't have gone with him. At first when you wanted me to go with you I think it was just that you had no one else. But what, with the way you glowered at Viktor and I, I knew that I should have taken you. I know that sounds quite silly and a bit sappy, but what I'm trying to say is, we might have had it figured out a long time ago.

You were right Ron, we were destined to be good friends. We were destined to be more than that, though. I think we both always knew. And do you know why I say this? It's because you're not the only one who fell in love with their best friend. So - don't feel like you're reaching out to me in vain, Ron.

You won my heart a long time ago.



P.S. ~ I'll be down by the lake this evening if you decide to 'pass by.'

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