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The Pains of a Woman

The New Girl

She sighed as she got off the car. Her mother waved her goodbye, as if trying to reassure her on her first day of her new school. She gave her mother a small fake smile as she waved back. She saw her mother then drove away, the car getting smaller and smaller until it was out of sight. She sighed again. She hated it when she was alone at an unfamiliar place. She turned around, her boots squeaking as she did so.

'So, this is the place huh?' she thought. The school sign read SOUTH PARK HIGH: WHERE STUDENTS COME TO LEARN LIFE LESSONS.

'Hm. This place looks like shit compared to the brochure. Hopefully I won't have to deal with the crap that Denver High put me through. I don't want to get in trouble again.'

She walked into the building where she saw many other students talk, get their books and try to hurry to class. She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. When she unfolded it she saw that her homeroom class was room 2-AB. Once she folded the paper again she put it in her jacket pocket and hurried to room 2-AB.

She saw that the class was relatively smaller than her homeroom at Denver. She saw that there were at least twenty seats. A bit smaller than Denver's homeroom, she noticed. She saw a few students in the class talking about things she wasn't very interested in. She noted a boy with a green and orange hat that had red curly hair that seemed to be so wild that he had to hide it underneath his hat. Next to him was a boy who wore a blue and red poof ball cap who was talking to him about some sort of video game that he got.

"I swear dude, you got to play it with me sometime. It's freaking awesome! I can use Deadpool to kick the Hulk's ass!"

She looked around the class. There didn't seem to be any students than those two boys talking, a black boy talking to a blonde haired girl, two boys, one who seems to have a habit of flipping off people, and a blonde boy who had a puffy parka. She felt a bit out of place.

She was overweight, but not too fat, had deep black hair, wore snow boots to accommodate the heavy snow, had stretchy jeans on, and wore a gray oversized jacket. She had to admit she probably looked normal for the weather but she couldn't help but feel out.

The teacher walked in at that moment. When he saw her, he looked very surprised at the new face. He must have not remembered that there was a new student. He seemed to remember though as he picked up a paper from his desk and let out an 'oh'.

"You must be the new student then?"

She nodded.

"In that case, I'm Mr. Garrison, sweetheart. I'll be your homeroom teacher. I'll give you a formal introduction to the other students when the bell rings and everybody's here. Take a seat over there, next to Kenny."

He pointed to the boy in the orange parka. She obeyed and took her seat. She fiddled her fingers as the boy examined her. She saw that he stared at her chest. She gave him an odd look. He looked away, seeming to pretend that he didn't do anything. She huffed.

'Great. I'm sitting next to a pervert who wants to get a good look of my boobs. Eh, at least it's not like he wants to spit on me or anything like the bastards at Denver.'

A few minutes passed by when the bell rang. All of the students rushed into the room. They took their seats, barely noticing the new girl. Mr. Garrison got his paper work together then cleared his voice.

"Good morning, class. I have a surprise for you all. Sweetheart, can you come up to the front of the class please? "

She moved to the front. She faced the class. They all examined her as if she was an oddity.

"Okay, students, this is our new student, Pandora Aguda. Pandora, please tell us about yourself."

She fidgeted a bit.

"Well, where do I start?"

An overweight boy raised his hand.

"What is it Eric?" Mr. Garrison looked annoyed with the boy.

"I have a question. About our new student, I mean."

Pandora raised an eyebrow. Mr. Garrison sighed.

"What is it, Eric?"

"Yeah, so my question is what the hell's up with your name?"

'Great, now I know who the wise ass in this shithole is.' Pandora frowned.

"Well, I'm of Black and Latino descent. My mother is Mexican-American and my father is an immigrant from South Africa. They wanted me to have an exotic name. They decided to name me after one of their favorite characters in Greek Mythology, Pandora."

"Well that's nice, Pandora." Mr. Garrison said the sentence in a rather bored tone. "It looks like we have a student that knows quite the bit of culture."

"Yeah, we scored the jackpot. It's not every day we get both an illegal immigrant and a witch doctor."

"Eric! Another crack like that and you're in detention for two weeks!"

Pandora let out a frustrated sigh. She went back to her seat. While Mr. Garrison gave a lecture on something that no one seemed to listen to, Kenny tapped Pandora on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about fat ass. He always does stupid shit."

Pandora didn't feel any better at Kenny's words. However, she did feel at least a little supported by the fact someone talking to her that isn't bigoted or mean-spirited.

"Damn it, fat ass! Leave me alone!"

"It's not my fault you're a freaking pussy, Jew!"

Pandora sighed. This is going to take some getting used to.

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