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Kurt Hummel: I officially can't stop smiling. Best. Day. EVER!

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Blaine Anderson: I know, right? ;)

Mercedes Jones: *isn't saying anything* ;D

Brittany S. Pierce: I always knew Finn could fly!

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Mercedes Jones: Oh, Lord. Here we go…

Blaine Anderson: Of course he can! But don't tell anyone.

Finn Hudson: Oh my god. Please don't encourage her, Blaine.

Kurt Hummel: I second that.

Brittany S. Pierce: I'm so jealous, Finn. I tried to fly before, but Peter Pan lied to me.

Noah 'MrStealYoGirl' Puckerman: Peter Pan lied to you?

Finn Hudson: Oh God, not you too.

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Brittany S. Pierce: Yeah. He said all it took was faith, trust, and Pixy dust. So I ate a bag of Pixy Stix, thought of a really happy thought, and jumped off my balcony. It didn't work, and I broke my arm. Mary Poppins is a liar, too.

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Mercedes Jones: …Wow.

David Johnson: This is priceless, Kurt. Your friends are AWESOME.

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Rachel Berry: Oh dear. PLEASE don't tell me you tried to float with an umbrella too, Brittany.

Brittany S. Pierce: Yeah. Mary Poppins gave me a broken leg.

Blaine Anderson: Britt, have you ever seen Aladdin? He has a flying carpet!

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Kurt Hummel: BLAINE. Don't give her ideas! Do NOT listen to him, Britt. He was just joking.

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Rachel Berry: When did this happen, Brittany?

Brittany S. Pierce: I broke my arm when I was 14, and my leg when I was 15.

Mercedes Jones: This was only 2 years ago? DAMN.

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Artie Abrams: Boo, maybe you shouldn't try to do the things you see on TV.

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Brittany S. Pierce: I've realized that now. Disney characters are liars.

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Mercedes Jones: ANYWAY! Before little miss Icarus decided to pop in here, Kurt was telling us about his 'Best. Day. Ever!" ;D

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Kurt Hummel: I don't think I was, 'Cedes!

Rachel Berry: Well, since most of the Glee club is here anyway, you should just share!

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Kurt Hummel: Rachel! Sometimes you should just… SHHH!

Noah 'MrStealYoGirl' Puckerman: She's right, Princess! You haven't been in a good mood in awhile. What's goin' on with the Garglers that's got you so chipper?

Kurt Hummel: First, Puck, It's the WARBLERS. Second, not EVERYONE is here.

Quinn Fabray: Signed in JUST in time! How are you, Kurt? :D

Tina Cohen-Chang: Yeah! How are you? ;)

Kurt Hummel: 'Cedes. Please tell me you have nothing to do with this sudden Facebook gathering.

Mercedes Jones: Hey. My lips are sealed, white boy.

Mike Chang: Your lips may be, but your texts sure aren't! *cough*

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Kurt Hummel: Oh, Grilled Cheezus, 'Cedes.

Mercedes Jones: Just tell them. They'll find out soon enough anyways.

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Kurt Hummel: Fine! Ready for this, Blaine?

Blaine Anderson: You say the word, and I'm game!

Kurt Hummel is in a relationship with Blaine Anderson.

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