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"Dean, can we please just go back to the motel room?" Sam pleaded from the passenger seat of the Impala as it cruised down the road. Dean shot his brother a disbelieving look before he focused back on the road.

"Come on Sammy. We just ganked a damn wendigo! Let's celebrate!" Dean exclaimed, trying to cheer up his pissy brother.

"Then let's celebrate back at the motel room!" Sam whined, his bitch face firmly in place. He was exhausted and worn out and all he wanted to do was go back to their shitty room and sleep till noon.

"But there are no chicks at our motel room." Dean pouted. "I'm sure they'll be plenty of available and desperate girls to go around at the bar. Maybe one will even be drunk enough to get with you." He teased, nudging Sam in the arm. Sam glared at him before crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly.

"Jackass." Sam grumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Dean questioned, looking suspiciously at Sam.

"Nothing." Sam sighed quickly before leaning his head against the head rest. God knew how much Sam loved his big brother. Dean was Sam's role model, father figure and hero. But he knew how to press Sam's button's, as well as Sam knew how to aggravate Dean. They had grown up practically attached at the hip, and over the years, they figured out what made each other tick.

"Anyway, we could both use a drink." Dean muttered before shooting Sam a grin.

"I'm not even old enough to drink!" Sam exclaimed incredulously. Dean held up a finger, before leaning to the opposite side of the car and pulling out a metal box from the glove compartment. He grabbed a laminated card from the container before holding up the fake I.D. to Sam with a mischievous grin.

"Sam Winchester may not be old enough to drink, but Angus Van Halen happens to be legal." Dean smirked, tossing him the card. Sam huffed a breath before tucking the I.D. into his jacket pocket and turning his head and looking dejectedly out the window. "Would you stop being such a debby downer, man? You're killin' my mood."

"Dean, I'm exhausted and I'm sore and I want to go back to the room." Sam mumbled, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Hey, its nothing' a beer can't fix right up." Dean pointed out with a smile. "Come on Sammy. Turn that frown upside down!" He cooed, pinching Sam's cheek. Sam slapped his brothers' hand away from his face before punching him in the arm lightly.

"Not funny." Sam grunted.

Dean watched his brother for a minute before growing concerned.

"Are you in any pain?" Dean inquired, flashing his eyes between his brother and the road. He could still hear the sound of impact Sam's body made when it collided with the tree during their hunt. Those wendigo's were fast bastards and one had gotten the drop on Sam. But Dean recovered the fallout quickly and killed the damn thing before it could do any serious harm. Neither brother had gotten seriously injured, so Dean would say this was a successful hunt.

"No. I'm just tired and I don't feel like being around people." Sam sighed.

"Dude…your such a hermit." Dean said, snorting a laugh. Sam shot daggers at his brother before exhaling heavily and flipping his long, chestnut brown hair out of his eyes.

"Jerk." He muttered, turning away from Dean.

"I wouldn't have to be a jerk if you weren't such a bitch." Dean taunted jokingly, trying to lighten the mood. But Sam wasn't having it. He was intent on staying miserable. "Seriously Sammy, what's with you? You having your period or something?"

"You're hilarious." Sam growled sarcastically. "No Dean… I'm just getting sick of this." He said quietly.

"Sick of what? Me pickin' on you? Sammy, you know I'm joking around man." Dean replied, watching his brother.

"No, that's not it Dean. I'm just tired."

"Well, care to elaborate?" Dean inquired curiously.

"This!" Sam exclaimed suddenly, motioning around him. "Driving around to town after town, hunting every damn thing that goes bump in the night! For once, I'd just like to live a normal life." He rushed out exasperatedly.

"I know man. But this is who we are." Dean responded gently. He knew how his brother felt about hunting. He'd know ever since Sam first found out about what their dad really did for a living, and it killed him that he couldnt do anything to help his baby brother.

"No, this is who you and dad are. Not me." Sam retorted, his words coming out more sharply than he had planned.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean questioned, hiding the sting from his brothers words.

"You know as well as I do that hunting is not meant for me. I don't want to live like this the rest of my life." Sam said softly, fidgeting with his hands in his lap.

"So what, you're gonna go to college… get a job, marry some girl, live in a house with a white picket fence? Is that it? The apple pie life?" Dean inquired with a quirk of the eyebrow.


"No Sam, not exactly." Dean spit out. "We've had this conversation before man! We're already in too deep with this life and there's no getting out!" He shouted louder than he expected. He felt a stab of guilt when Sam flinched, and lowered his voice before he continued. "Look, I wish to hell that you could live normal Sammy…I wish we all could. But we can't just live our life knowing what's out there and not do shit about it." He finished in a soft voice.

"Why us then? Huh?" Sam exclaimed in frustration. "Why do we have to sacrifice our lives for all these people! Who clearly, by the way, don't give a shit about us Dean! We don't even get thanked half the time!" He pointed out with aggravation.

"Yeah, well people suck. What are you gonna do about it." Dean said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders.

"I just don't want to spend the rest of my life doing this." Sam sighed in defeat.

"No one does Sammy." Dean said gently, sensing Sam was giving up the argument. But that kid tended to surprise Dean, so he wouldn't be shocked if Sam didn't back down quite yet. "Do you think half the hunters out there actually enjoy hunting? I can tell you right now, they don't. But we suck it up and deal with the cards we were given." He finished.

"Yeah, well do you really think mom would have wanted this life for us?"

Bingo. There was that one topic that struck a nerve with Dean.

"Sam…" Dean warned in a low voice. Sam was about to cross the line into the danger zone.

"Never having an actual home…" Sam continued, ignoring Dean's protest. "Staying in seedy motel rooms, driving for hours in the car, hunting things that regular…normal…people don't even know exist?"

"Of course she wouldn't have wanted this for us but we didn't exactly have any other option Sam!" Dean yelled defensively.

"Yeah…you know what, your right." Sam agreed, causing Dean to give him a surprised look. "We didn't have any other option because after the night mom died, dad might has well have died along with her!"

Sam struck another one of Dean's nerves...their dad.

"What are you talking about?"

"Dean, if you haven't noticed, dad hasn't exactly been an eligible candidate for 'father of the year'. The man's barely around because he's so hell bent on finding mom's killer!"

"You don't want to find the fucking demon that did this to our family Sam? Because I sure as hell do."

"I want to find it too Dean, I do! But we are no closer to finding the damn thing than the night it killed mom!"

"Which is why we're not stopping until the bastards sent straight back to hell!"

"That's not the point!" Sam yelled in exasperation.

"Then enlighten me Sam. What is?" Dean questioned, turning slightly so he could face his brother and still keep his eyes on the deserted road.

"The point is that I don't want to hunt all day every day! I want to go college and graduate and be normal!" Sam shouted, facing Dean with his eyebrows raised high and his forehead crinkled.

Anything Dean was about to say was cut off by the shrill sounding of his phone. He sighed and pulled out his phone out of his jacket that rang Hell's Bell's by AC/DC before flipping it open.

"Yeah?" He snapped, still pissed.

"Dean? Is everything all right?" John Winchester's voice sounded through the other end, his words laced with concern.

"Oh, hey dad. Yeah, everything's fine." Dean replied quickly, covering his frustration. Sam turned in his seat and watched Dean as he talked with their dad.

"Alright." John said, accepting Dean's response. "Did you boys kill the wendigo?"

"Yes sir. Just finished the job."

"Good. Okay, I'll be finished with the case here in California in a day or two. So you two head to Bobby's and we'll meet up there after I'm done. I think I may have something we can look at." John ordered in a tired voice.

"Yes sir." Dean answered instantly.

"Is Sammy alright?" John continued, worried about his youngest son.

Sam was going through certain changes, physically and emotionally, and he had been quite a handful the past few weeks. He and his son were constantly butting heads and Sam was extremely stubborn. John and Sam couldnt be in the same room for more than five minutes without going at eachother's throats. John loved his sons with all his heart, but sometimes, he wished Sam could be more obidient. Although Sam's hard headedness was something that greatly reminded John of his Mary.

"Of course he is. He's with me." Dean retorted defensively, peeking at Sam from the corner of his eye.

"Right. Okay, I'll call you later."

"Yes sir."

"Watch out for your brother." John said softly to his oldest. He trusted his oldest son with all his heart and knew Dean would protect Sam from anything and everything...but trouble seemed to be drawn the young boy. Almost like he was a magnet for danger.

"Always do." Dean responded quickly and determindedly, before hanging up the phone.

"What's going on?" Sam asked as soon as Dean hung up his phone.

"Dad's finishing up his hunt, so we're gonna meet him at Bobby's when he's done." Dean told his brother, letting out a heavy breath.

"Why are we going to Bobby's?" Sam pressed.

"I dont know. He didnt say."

"Shocker." Sam muttered, rolling his eyes.

"What is it now Sam?" Dean sighed.

"How come dad doesnt tell us anything? I mean, we have a right to know." Sam huffed pointedly.

"Yeah, well dad will tell us everything we need to know." Dean retorted simply, giving Sam a look to let the subject go. Sam muttered under his breath to himself, before staring out the window and into the night.

Ten minutes later, the Impala pulled into the parking lot of a bar, parking at the far end of the lot. The two brothers got out of the car as they made their way into the semi-crowded pub, much to Sam's distaste. The overwhelming aroma of alcohol met their senses as soon as the door opened as Dean scanned the area out of habit. He grabbed Sam's arm and guided him to the bar, before sitting him down on a stool.

"Two beers." Dean ordered to the bartender who came over to him. The man looked questionably at Sam before shurgging indifferently and grabbing two, ice cold beer bottles. "Drink up Sammy." Dean continued with a grin, tipping his bottle in Sam's direction as he took a swig. Sam grumbled under his breath before taking a swig of his own. "Would it kill ya' to smile at least?"

Sam glared at Dean for a moment before he threw Dean a sarcastic half smile.

"Happy?" Sam asked before rolling his eyes and staring at his bottle with a scowl.

"Bitch." Dean muttered as he looked around the pub.

"Jerk." Sam sighed half heartedly.

"Here, I know what'll cheer you up Sammy. See that girl over there..." Dean said, placing his hand on Sam's shoulder and directing his attention to a girl sitting by herself at a booth. She stared at Sam with lustful eyes and twirled her blonde hair around her finger as she smiled seductively at him. Sam didnt seem interested in the girl at all, on account that she was the exact opposite of any kind of girl Sam would like.

"Yeah. I see her. So?" Sam mumbled.

"So...she hasnt taken her eyes off you since you walked in. Go work some Winchester magic." Dean urged as he searched the area for a girl of his own.

"I'm not in the mood." Sam sighed wistfully as he turned himself around and placed his elbows on the counter.

"Alright, I've had enough of this crap. What's goin' on in the freakishly big head of yours?" Dean questioned, sensing something off with his brother. And he was intent on finding out what.


"Nothing my ass. Sammy, talk to me man. What's wrong?" Dean pressed, studying his brother's facial expressions carefully.

"Dean...I gotta tell you something. I'm just afraid of what your gonna say..." Sam said slowly, keeping his head tucked down as he swirled the remnants of his beer around his bottle.

"Oh god...your gay. I knew it! I knew it once you turned down that girl over there." Dean taunted with a grin as he motioned to the girl in the booth.

"No! Dean, I'm not gay you dick!" Sam argued defensively, but couldnt help but smile.

"I'm just messin with ya." Dean smirked, shoving Sam gently. "Seriously though, what'd gotta tell me?"

"So...you know how I'm graduating high school in a few months..." Sam started in a quiet voice. Dean nodded his head as he motioned for Sam to continue. "Well...I started applying to some colleges, you know, keeping my options open...and guess what?" He finished in a more excited tone as a smile crept onto his face.

"What?" Dean asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

"I got accept-"

"Hey there, handsome." A silky voice sounded from Sam's side. He turned around to see himself face to face with the girl who had been staring at him before.

"Oh, uh, h-hi." Sam stuttered, taken by suprise at her sudden appearance. Dean looked the girl up and down before winking at her from behind Sam. She giggled before focusing back on her main intrest.

"You wanna buy me a drink?" She asked abruptly, as she placed her hand on Sam's forearm. He slowly slid his arm out from under her and shot Dean a look. She reeked of alcohol and looked as though she could pass out any moment.

"Uh, sorry but-"

"Hey!" A loud voice boomed. Dean and Sam's head shot up in the direction of the new voice as they saw a man stalking towards them. He seemed to be the same height as Dean, but a little more bulky. The man was definitly taller than Sam who was still growing and more built compared to Sam's lanky body. He marched straight up to Sam before pointing a finger in his direction. "What the fuck are you doin' with my girl?" He demanded in a slurred voice, his breath also thick with alcohol.

"Uh, uh...I-I-" Sam stammered, before Dean shot up of his stool. Dean placed a hand on the man's chest and discretely pushed him far enough away from Sam so that Dean could stand between him and his brother.

"Is there a problem?" Dean asked in a low voice.

"Yeah! There is! This asshole was hittin' on my girl!" The drunk man exclaimed, pointing accusingly at Sam.

"Easy there big fella. Thats my brother your talking about." Dean growled defensively, penetrating his furious eyes at the man. "Now, I was sitting right here, and your girl..." He continued, tilting his head in the girl's direction. "Seemed to be the one throwing herself at my brother." Dean finished, trying to keep calm so a fight wouldnt break out. A brawl was the last thing they needed right now.

"Adrianne, go wait in the car." The man ordered, keeping his eyes directed at Sam. Dean protectively placed himself in front of Sam so he was hidden.

"But Vince-"

"Now!" He yelled as Adrianne jumped slightly before running out of the bar.

"Well aren't you just a big ball of sunshine." Dean muttered sarcastically with a grin.

"You shut the fuck up. This doesnt involve you. Its about your jackass brother." Vince seethed, shifting from foot to foot.

"Actually, it does involve me. Now." Dean responded instantly, glowering at the man. No one fucked with his baby brother without going through him first, and God help them if they even tried to lay a finger on Sam.

"Dean, come on, let's just go." Sam urged quietly, grabbing Dean's arm and pulling him away, towards the front door.

"Yeah, just get the hell out of here. Your bitch wants you." Vince taunted with a sneer. Dean spun around and glared dangerously at the man, who faltered momentarily.

"What was that?" Dean questioned in a low, venom filled voice.

"Did I stutter? I said, your bitch wants you." Vince repeated as Dean pulled his arm roughly out of Sam's grasp. Vince didnt have time to process what was happening before Dean charged him and tackled him forcefully to the ground.

They wrestled on the floor as people came to surround them, enjoying the 'entertainment'. Dean managed to get the upper hand and began throwing punch after punch to the man who messed with the wrong family. Sam struggled to make his way to his brother through the crowd of people, and finally made it to the inside of the circle.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, trying to find a way to break up the fight. The bar manager came running out of the office behind the bar with a small hangun. He shot the handgun up into the ceiling, all movements instantly ceasing.

"I want you two out! NOW!" The manager roared as he pointed to Dean and Vince, his face turning bright red. Sam quickly grabbed Dean and yanked him off Vince who rolled onto his side painfully before pulling himself up. The crowd quickly dispersed to other areas of the bar, not wanting to get involved anymore.

"Sorry, we're leaving now." Sam explained quickly, pushing Dean slightly so he would leave.

"I'm gonna fuck you up, I swear to God! I'd watch your back if I was you! And you're precious bitch!" Vince shouted as he staggered backwards. Dean made the move to charge him again, but Sam jumped in front of Dean before he could take another step.

"Dean! Please, lets just go!" Sam pleaded, looking up at his big brother with big puppy dog eyes. Dean sighed before scanning the crowd for Vince, who he couldnt seem to find. "Dean." Sam continued softly, motioning with his head to the front door. Dean turned around and stalked out of the bar, Sam following close behind.

"That bastard!" Dean yelled once they were out of the pub as they began walking through the parking lot and to the Impala.

"Dean, let it go." Sam sighed tiredly, walking behind his brother.

"No. I'm gonna kill that asshole!" He continued furiously.

"I told you we shouldnt have gone to the bar!" Sam exclaimed, Dean's anger beginning to effect Sam as well.

"Shut up Sam. I dont want to hear your shit." Dean growled, turning to face his brother. A bad quality about Dean was that once he got angry, everything around him was blinded by that fire in his belly.

"Jesus Dean, you're the one who had to start a fight in the first place!"

"Oh, so it's my fault?"

"I'm not saying its your-"

"Whatever Sam. I'm not in the mood to put up with your fucking attitude." Dean dismissed sharply, turning his back on Sam.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sam demanded, staying put where he stood.

"I dont know if you've realized this, but havent exactly been a joy to be around lately. I mean, you always have to question everything and your so damn stubborn Sam! God, for once, cant you just grow up!" Dean yelled. He didnt exactly know what he was saying, but he was still furious from the fight and his adreneline was pumping fast through his veins.

Sam's expression looked like a puppy that had just been kicked and tossed out into the rain.

And it ripped Dean's heart in two. He clenched his jaw tightly as guilt coursed through him.

Way to go asshole. Dean thought bitterly to himself.

Without a word, Dean turned around, unable to look at Sam's broken expression anymore. He began walking across the lot, hearing Sam's soft footsteps scuffling a few feet behind him.

Dean was so inveloped in his guilt ridden thoughts he didnt see the movement to his right as sudden headlights appeared a few yards away.

He didnt hear the screeching of tires and the roar of an engine as it began picking up speed.

Dean's head shot up suddenly as he a large, black Sedan came speeding directly at him, not slowing down the least bit.

"NO, DEAN!" Came Sam's strangled cry, pulling Dean back to reality.

He didnt have time to register anything before he felt Sam's hands plow into his back, violently thrusting his body forward as he slid to the asphalt beneath him roughly. Dean threw his head up, just in time to see Sam...his baby brother...smashing into the windshield of the Sedan and flying over the top of it before landing on the ground with a sickening thud...

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