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"Are TOO!"

"Are NOT!"

"Are TOO!"




Vyvyan jumped over the table and punched Rick on to the ground sitting on his stomach.

"OW! GET OFF ME VYVYAN!" rick shouted



Vyvyan punched Rick again; Rick let his head fall on the floor and gasped for air because Vyvyan's knees were digging into his chest very painfully.

"Admit it, you're a virgin" Vyvyan sneered

"I am not a bloody viwrgin!"

"If you don't admit it I'm going to light your bedroom on fire!"

Ricks eyes widened.

"Vyvyan if you do that I'm going to call the pigs on you!" Rick shouted trying to push Vyvyan off but it was pointless, he had him pinned down, his hands clamped down on Ricks wrists.

"But Rick, the pigs are fascists!" Neil said

"Shut up Neil this doesn't concern you!" Rick spat

"Admit it you virgin!" Vyvyan shouted in Ricks face


"Right, where's my lighter?"

"Don't you dare!"

"Admit it then!"

"I can't cause thewres nothing to admit!"

"Oh wait! I think I feel my lighter in my back pocket!"

"Alwright, alwright! I'm a….virgin."

"Sorry didn't quit catch that, you're a what?"


Vyvyan pulled back and laughed at Rick finally getting off and sitting back down in his chair.

"I hate you!"

"Same to you poof." Vyvyan said smiling smugly raising his two fingers at Rick

Rick starred at them all for a moment then got up and walked out the front door.

"Heavy…" Neil dramatically said.

Rick was walking outside trying to clear his head, the leaves were crunching under his feet as he walked along the pavement.

What in the bloody hell is his problem! Later tonight I'm going to write a poem about how horrible he is, yes and it'll be great. Okay let's see…. Vyvyan, a rat in the sewer, how I'd like to hurt him with a skewer that's Vyvyan, a… a… damn! Nothing rhymes with Vyvyan!

A loud crash came from behind him as a trash can lid rolled next to his feet, he looked up to see what had caused the commotion and saw a punk with black hair dressed in leather walking up to him, his blue haired friend behind him busy kicking down rubbish bins.

"Ey there! Whatchoo doin out here all by yourself?" he asked standing un-comfortably close to Rick.

"I..Uh..Uh" Rick stuttered, this man looked violent.

"Hey! It's that kid Vyv likes!" the blue haired punk shouted ignoring the now fallen down bins.

"Oh ya! Well what shall we do with you?" he asked Rick, his eyes looked dangerous.

"Please don't kick my ass" Rick tried asking in a small voice.

The two punks started laughing loudly. The blue haired one punched Rick in the face knocking him painfully into the pavement.

"How bout we pull a little revenge on Vyv for what he was doin with my sister eh?" the black haired man said kicking Rick in the face. Everything after that went black.

"Ricks been gone for a long time now." Neil said as they sat watching the television.

"Do you think something bad happened?"

"Who cares?" Vyvyan grumbled

"That's not very nice Vyvyan, Rick could be in serious trouble and you don't even care"

"Shut up hippy!" Vyvyan said hitting a book over Neil's head.

Suddenly Rick slammed open the door and fell to the ground, his clothes were torn and his whole body seemed to be covered in cuts and bruises.

"Rick!" Vyvyan shouted with a very high pitched cracked voice as he ran up and crouched next to Rick trying to bring him back to consciousness.

"And you said you didn't care" Neil said walking up and closing the door.

"Shut up Neil!" Vyvyan shouted. "Like I care about prick!"

"Then why do you look so worried?"

"Because he might of…of… he might of dented the floor with that fat head of his!" Vyvyan said lifting Ricks head onto his lap.

This is definitely an odd sight. Mike thought looking down at Vyvyan.

"Alright gents, it seems Rick is in some trouble, let's get him on the couch"

Vyvyan and Neil grabbed Rick by the arms and dragged him to the couch, Vyvyan picked Rick up and set him on the cushions.

"What's goin on?" Rick said waking up looking confused

"Well, you just passed out in the front door looking like shite" Mike said

"Gee thanks" Rick said looking around the room. Good. He was safe in the house.

"So Rick what happened man? Neil asked

"I…I… I was walking around when these two guys came up to me and said they wewre gunna get revenge on Vyvyan for doin something with the guys sister, by the way what was it you did to make them so pissed off?

"oh, that'll be Alex and Jack…I just snogged her that's all!" Vyvyan said raising both his hands in defense as the guys gave him questioning stares

"So anyways, they knocked me out. When I woke up I was all tied up in someone's bathroom and I couldn't move, then those two guys came back and-and…" Rick burst into tears covering his face with his hands and curled up.

Mike didn't have any emotion on his face, but nodded looking very serious. Neil was frowning and looked confused, Vyvyan's eyes were wide and angry.

"Vyv, bring Rick up to his room."

"Why me? Let the girl stay on the couch!"

"Vyv, as much as he gets everyone's ear curled our….friend is hurt."

"Gee Mike" Rick said

"Right now, no more complainin" Mike said walking over to the table

Vyvyan scooped up Rick and carried him over his shoulders up the stairs. He kicked open Ricks door and threw him on the bed.

"OW!" Rick screamed glaring at Vyvyan

"You don't have to be such a girl about everything!"

"Just go away Vyvyan!"

"Fine I was planning onto!"

"Just one thing though." Rick said sitting up


"Did you mean it when you said you weren't worried about me?"

Vyvyan began to blush. "I thought you were passed out?"

"I might of just been too tired to get to the couch myself." Rick said with a small smile

"Lazy basterd!"

"Doesn't matter, answer my question!"

"I..Uh, I might have been a little…" Vyvyan said quietly looking down at his shoes. Rick grinned smugly.

"So what if I was? Shut up poof!"

"You're the one acting like a poof."

Vyvyan picked up a record lying on the ground and threw it at Rick.

"Watch it! That's my fiwrst Cliff Wrichard album!"

"Pffft!" Vyvyan sneered walking out the door. Rick sighed and leaned down into his bed, suddenly Vyvyan appeared in the doorway again.

"What do you want now?"

"I uh….I hope you feel better." Vyvyan said looking at the floor then left again

Rick sat there stunned. Vyvyan had never been this pleasant to him. It was kind of nice though.