Hi again! Thank you for reviewing; now I will warn you. This chapters really, eh, fluffy. I got bored and wanted to make it as cute as possible :) so I'm sorry if you all puke from imagining Rick and Vyv acting like that together.


"I'm bored." Vyvyan said tearing up Ricks blanket, which was batted out of his hands by Rick who was sitting on the bed with his legs straight out, because Vyvyan's legs were laying over his.

"Then do something about it." Rick replied

"I would but I don't feel like moving."

Rick rolled his eyes

Vyvyan went back to tearing up the blanket

"Stop that! I need that for when I sleep!"

"Yeah but you sleep in my bed most of the time anyways so what's the problem?"

Rick folded his arms and stared out the window, Vyvyan unfolded his arms and pulled them towards him so that he was close enough to Rick to kiss him, Rick immediately stopped his annoyed mood to kiss back holding onto Vyvyan's arms. When they pulled apart they went back to what they were doing before. They tended to do that a lot when no one was around, random snogging and sometimes if Vyvyan was in the mood, hugging, but not often since it was considered too girly in Vyvyan's mind.

"I'm bored." Vyvyan repeated. Rick didn't even answer that time. Vyvyan got up and walked out the room leaving a confused and upset Rick, but he shortly returned holding a black and red fender guitar.

"Where did that come from?" Rick asked

"One of my mates said he had a mandolin up for grabs so I figured why not, but the bloody idiot confused it for a guitar. But it's still nice." Vyvyan answered sitting on the edge of the bed, Rick curled up his legs and watched Vyvyan tune the guitar.

He started to strum what sounded like London's burning by the clash, but it was so soft and calm sounding it could be something else.

"How do you know how to play?"

"I don't know, just kind of taught myself a couple of chords out of boredom." he said continuing to play, the sound suddenly changed into something sounding like a song by...

"I thought you said you didn't like Cliff Richard?' Rick asked astounded

"Not really, just I found a guitar book in the rubbish outside of the pub with his songs, guess whoever tossed it wasn't a fan"

Rick smiled. And started to sing softly

"Once in every lifetime"

"Comes a love like this" Vyvyan joined

"Oh I need you" "

"You need me"

"Oh my darling can't you see?"

"Young Ones, darling we're the Young Ones." they sang together

"Young Ones shouldn't be afwraid." Rick sang a bit too high pitched

"To live" Vyvyan was starting to cringe at where the song was turning

"Love" ah there it was. Barf

"There's a song to be sung."

"Cause we may not"

"Be the Young Ones"

"Very long." they ended together

"I think I like this musical side of you." Rick said

"Ya well don't expect me to sing such pansy songs all the time."

"Whatever I didn't expect that anyways." Rick sighed

Vyvyan continued to noodle on the guitar, then he noticed Rick had fallen asleep.

"Heh, girl." Vyvyan smirked and set down the guitar and lied down next to Rick, the brunet's hand was slightly pushing up his shirt, Vyvyan frowned when he noticed a long red line on the pale skin, he pushed up the shirt further revealing the scars of cuts from the stomach to the chest.

"What the shite?" Vyvyan said loudly causing Rick to wake up

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Rick said pushing down his shirt

"What did you do?" Vyvyan said stopping Ricks hand

" I didn't do anything!"

"Well then who did?"

"I'm not telling you, you'll just get all pissed and go fight em!"

"Rick, I know I may enjoying causing you pain, but as your...boyfriend-" Ricks eyes widened. "-I won't allow someone else hurting you, that's my job."

"I-it was your idiot friends..." Rick muttered

"What? Bastards!" Vyvyan said angry

"It's not that big of a deal, there healed alright?"

"No it aint alright ya poof"

"Just drop it!". Vyvyan glared at him.

"...was that the reason we haven't done it yet?"

Rick rolled his eyes, of course he'd go to that subject. "Well, yeah."

"Well, now that that's out of the way" Vyvyan said laying his arm across Rick's stomach and pulling him closer.

"Not now either! It's the middle of the day."

"Girly." Vyvyan sneered keeping his arm around Rick but chose to lay his head on Rick shoulder instead

Neil moved his head away from the wall with wide eyes and quietly walked out of his room down to the kitchen where Mike sat

"Neil, I'm sure even you have noticed something been goin on between Rick and Vyv." Mike said at the table downstairs

"Why the expression Neil?" Mike asked

"Uh, I just heard something interesting from Rick's bedroom, and it wasn't him and Vyvyan playing music."

"Oh, so you've noticed their odd behavior as well?"

"I suppose, it's not really noticed since my ears just kind of listen to everything, in the whole wide world." Neil said starring around.

"Speak of the devil" Mike said as they heard Vyvyan and Rick come down the stairs.

"What?" Rick asked noticing Mike and Neil were staring at them

"If you don't mind us asking, what's been up with you two lately?" Mike asked. Rick blushed.

"What you mean?" Vyvyan responded confused

"Well, I know this may be uncomfortable to talk about but as a house hold we should be able to do things truthfully and me and Neil have been noticing you two have been, erm, closer." Mike said

"What are you trying to assume?" Vyvyan said loudly making Neil jump

"Jeez Vyv do I have to spell it out?" Mike asked

"Well if what you're assuming is what I think it is it aint true!"

"And what would that be?"

"That me and Rick are dating!"

"Are you?"

"Yeah but that's not the point I-" Vyvyan stopped shouting and looked very confused with his words that he hadn't meant to say, Rick blushed even more.

"That's all we were asking, nothin to be ashamed of." Mike said

"I'm not ashamed! And neither is he, wait, are you?" Vyvyan asked Rick

"Certainly not! I don't care what people think!" Rick lied

"Then why did you deny it at first?" Neil asked

"Cause- cause it was none of your bloody business that's why!" Vyvyan said defensively

"Well it is since we're all living together." Mike said. Vyvyan folded his arms angry

"Look we don't care if you and Rick are dating, free love man." Neil said twisting his fingers into a peace sign

"Shut up Neil!" Vyvyan and Rick shouted together, the hippy looked down frowning

"Well now that that's settled, Neil? Where's my tea?" Mike said sitting down opening up a newspaper

"Coming." Neil said walking around the kitchen preparing the tea. Vyvyan and Rick looked at each other then sat down at the table as well. Neil set down some cracked mugs and tea cups

"Neil..." Vyvyan started

"Uh, yes Vyv?" Neil responded nervously

"Why are there lentils in my tea?" he shouted

"Well uh, you see, all the plates are broken so I combined the tea and the lunch together."

"God." Vyvyan said drinking his lentil tea

"Well...today's just as boring as yesterday." Rick said folding his arms

"Yeah, except this time there's no random errand to occupy our time with." Vyvyan responded

"Television?" Rick suggested

"Yeah alright."

The three sat on the couch (Neil on the rickety chair) watching the news.

"For today's news report, nothing." the TV woman said.

"Ah c'mon you can at least make something up! Bloody poor news anchor." Rick said

"Why don't you try and do it ya spotty little twit." the news woman said back from the TV. Rick starred at the screen confused then turned it off and sat back down.

"I wish the street would catch fire." Vyvyan said

"Why? That would be tewrrible!" Rick asked sitting up

"Yeah but it would be exiting." Vyvyan muttered.

Rick folded his arms and leaned back into the couch, Vyvyan's arm rested on his shoulder while the four sat in silence letting time pass not knowing what to do.

"Anyone know where my matches are?" Vyvyan asked

"No Vyv and we wouldn't ell you even if we did." Mike answered

"You're no fun."


Rick got up and went over to the record player and picked out a album and put on the needle

"No fun. My babe, no fun..." the sex pistols started playing. Vyvyan rolled his eyes

"Rick you know I don't like loud music that interrupts my sound waves." Neil moaned

"Shut up Neil no one cares about your sound waves!" rick said turning up the music, Vyvyan didn't say anything since he liked the sex pistols as well. Mike bobbed his head to the song

When it ended Rick sat back down not sure what to do again.

"Let's go outside." Neil said

"What's so great about outside?" Rick sneered

"Well, like, its outside." Neil said like everyone else understood him

They got up and walked the 5 feet from the living room to the front door and sat on the steps.

"I'll ask again, what's so great about outside Neil?" Rick asked

"Ummm, oh look! A squirrel!" Neil said pointing at the rodent running across the road when a car by and hit it killing the poor thing

"Cool! Outside is fun!" Vyvyan said exited running up to the squashed squirrel and poking it with a stick

"God that's absolutely disgusting!" Rick shouted

"No, this is." Vyvyan said poking the animal so hard that blood leaked out

"Stop it Vyvyan you know I'm a vegetarian!" Rick demanded

"Alright alright." Vyvyan said putting down the stick and sitting next to rick on the steps. Mike and Neil raised their eyebrows surprised by Vyvyan's obedience. Maybe those two dating wasn't such a bad thing.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Vyvyan screamed making the other three jump violently

"What the ruddy hell is it?" Rick said holding his chest breathing fast

"I dont know I was bored, why? Did I scare ya?" Vyvyan said smirking

"No you didn't you just scared Mike and Neil!" Rick said pointing at said people

"What are you talking about Rick you were scared to." Neil said

"Shut up.". Neil frowned and stared at his feet

"Right well now that I gots everyone's attention, let's go down to the park..

"Um, why?" Rick asked

"I just remembered that I left my watch there."

"What difference does it make thought? You can't tell the time..." Neil said

"I dont use it to tell the time! I use it for when I go to the bank to look smarter Neil." Vyvyan said like it was obvious.

"tch." they got up started down the short walk to the park

"Goodbye squirrel." Neil waved as they walked past the road kill. Mike walked in front leading the group, while Neil kept starring at his feet to make sure he didn't step on anything. Vyvyan accidently brushed his hand against ricks, the two looked at each other then Vyvyan grabbed his hand and they walked like that, Mike didn't say anything.

"Wouldn't it be brilliant if the tar in the roads melted!" Vyvyan blurted out flipping off one of the cars that passed.

"Well Vyv, then a lot of people would be in a sticky situation, and I'm not talking about the kind after a night with a bird in me bedroom." Mike answered.

Suddenly a trash can lid rolled down the sidewalk landing in front of them, they turned around to see two blue and black haired punks walking towards them smirking

"Ah Vyv, good to see ya mate! And oh look, you're with the rest of your stupid git friends." Alex said then looked down at rick and Vyvyan's hands. "Oh and look here! You finally found someone whose willing to snog ya, a poof!" he laughed. Vyvyan snarled and punched him in the face

"Dont talk shite about them, including rick! I'm surprised you'd face me again after our little encounter last week." Vyvyan said standing over Alex with his arms folded

"Well ya, its fun toying with ya."

"Is it now?"Vyvyan said kicking Alex hard

"Next time you bring a blade as close as 5 feet near rick ill have to use my medical kit on you! Got it?"

"Ah so you discovered my little art piece?" Alex said smirking

Vyvyan kicked him again in the stomach and walked away silently telling the other four to follow.

"What was that about Vyv?" Mike asked

"Nothing Mike." Vyvyan said


that park was bare and cold like always, the trees seemingly given up on growing, with just a few benches and a slide and swings in a box, the place was incredibly depressing.

"Oh wow Neil, if you stood still you fit right into the background, no one would notice you, like always." Rick sneered

"Oh sure, make Neil feel down, ya lets just play that game." Neil moaned

"Go die hippy!"

"Right well...where it is?...ah! There it is! Right where I left it!" Vyvyan shouted running up to a tree and jumping up to grab the watch on the tree branch

"Why is it there?" Neil asked

"I dont know. Drunk?" Vyvyan said sitting down on one of the benches, Neil shrugged finding nothing faulty with his response.

"Well, what are we supposed to do now?" Rick asked folding his arms

"Go and figure that for your selves, excuse me gentlemen." Mike said walking towards a couple of girls who looked to be out on a jog.

"Hey look, there are squirrels here too!" Neil said pointing at a grey rodent picking through the trash

"I'm not a squirrel I'm a rat you stupid git!" the rat said to Neil before disappearing back into the trash

Rick walked up to one of the swings and looked around to make sure no one besides his house mates were looking at him before sitting down on one and giving a little push. Vyvyan walked

"What are ya doin now you girly poof?"

"What's it look like? I'm swinging." Rick said giving another kick

"No rick, rick, that's kicking." Neil said trying to help him, rick ignored him

Vyvyan grabbed one of the chains and pulled it hard making rick spin around fast

"Vyvyan!" rick shouted, Vyvyan smirked and sat down on the other swing and just looked around

"We should come back here in the summer, that way there will be grass to burn and more people to scare"

Rick rolled his eyes and starting kicking going higher and higher enjoying the feeling of swinging up towards the grey sky, Vyvyan started swinging too. Suddenly a competition of who could swing the highest had sprung up. they were both side by side until rick made the mistake of looking over at Vyvyan, noticing how pale the punk was and how blue his eyes were when he was exited, as well as how different he looked when he was laughing instead of screaming and smiling instead of smirking. He forgot what he was doing and fell backwards off the swing knocking the air out of him. Vyvyan jumped off the swing flying through the air before landing by ricks side with his arms folded

"I win."

"Whatever" Rick said taking the hand Vyvyan offered and stood up, the two swings still lashed violently prior to the empty seats.

Neil was sitting on one of the benches seemingly looking around the park but was really looking at Rick and Vyvyan. He just found it so odd that the two of them would ever date each other, even so much as be on friendly terms with all the fighting and bickering. It was definitely odd, but hey, free love.

"Do you think Alex will really leave us alone?" Rick asked

"Who knows? He's just a bastard dont mind him." Vyvyan answered

"Will you join him in beating me up once you get bored of dating?" Rick said starring at his feet

Vyvyan looked surprised. "I may be a bastard, but I would never do that." he took Ricks hand pushing back all the thoughts yelling at him that they were in public and that he was acting girly. "And I'm not gunna get bored so easily."

"This Vyvyan scares me, maybe you're not the real one, what have you done with him?" Rick asked, more to himself really

Vyvyan kissed ricks cheek, then punched the spot knocking rick over to the ground

"What the hell was that for?" Rick shouted rubbing his bruised cheek

"Sorry, force of habit. Dont want to seem too soft." Vyvyan said helping rick up, rick glared at him then took his hand into his and they walked around the trees, talking about how Cliff Richard was and was not a git. Resulting with Rick shouting again

"Alright gents, lets head back home, this grey surroundings starting to depress me." Mike said, they followed him back to the way home.

When they arrived at the door way Neil tried to open it but it was locked.

"I can't get it open Mike" Neil said holding his hands up in confusion

"Out of the way, I used to be a cat burglar ya know" Mike said jiggling the knob but it wouldn't budge, so he knocked on it

Shortly after a woman with brown hair and a cut up sex pistols shirt opened the door

"What do you want?"

"What do we want? What do you want? This is our house, piss off!" Vyvyan said loudly to the woman

"That's no way to talk to your mother!"

"Alright, piss off mum!" Vyvyan corrected

"Anyways this aint your house, it's me new boyfriends!"

"Eh?" Rick said starring at the house number.

"You idiot Neil! This is the wrong house!" Rick shouted hitting Neil behind the head

"Look man I got confused, no need to resort to violence!" Neil protested

"Ha! What a bunch of bloody idiots you live with Vyvyan, you fit right in!" Vyvyan's mother laughed

"Shut up! Ill mind you that I'm studying to be a doctor you old' hag!" Vyvyan said folding his arms

"Oohh! Aren't we the little smart ass? And oh look, you've got yourself a poofy little git for a boyfriend, always knew you'd turn out wrong." she spat

"Fu- wait, how did you know that?" Vyvyan questioned

"Those to twats friend of yours threw a trash can lid at the window!" she said pointing at the smashed window to their right

"Ha, for once I'm great full towards them." Vyvyan sneered

"Great full? The one you should be great full towards is me! I'm the one who raised ya and fed ya!" Vyvyan's mother said with her hands on her hips

"You? Dont make me puke! I was at a foster home most of the time and you forced me to steal from the grocers!" Vyvyan shouted forgetting who was around him

"Yes but you were at the house before the foster home!" she yelled back

"Ya! And during that your bastard of a boyfriend wasn't too coordinated with where his fists flew! I still can't hear right in my ear from that punch!"

"Dont talk shite about fairy tales and bollocks then!"

"Fuck you!" Vyvyan shouted in her face, suddenly rick cut in between them causing disgusted faces at being interrupted at their argument

"Really now, that's no way to talk to your son you miserable old bitch! piss off!" he said flipping her off and turning around grabbing Vyvyan's hand pulling him away, mike and Neil followed looking surprised, Vyvyan mum slammed the door shut.

They walked back to the right house in silence and opened the door falling in tired. Rick and Vyvyan walked slowly up to Vyvyan's room and sat on the bed

"Rick I-" Vyvyan was cut off by Rick pressing their lips together in a sudden kiss. Vyvyan blinked a couple of times then remembered what he was going to say

"Thank you, my mum doesn't listen to me ever and most people are too afraid to approach her like that."

"You're welcome, dont listen to that awful woman." he said laying his head on Vyvyan's shoulder, Vyvyan hesitated a bit before wrapping his arm around Ricks.

"Yeah, I can just listen to awful you"

"Oh shut up" Rick said half heartedly snuggling closer