I was finally off to camp, the only place that I felt was home...

with the breeze blowing head on with a sent of a strong ocean current and strawberries.

I knew in a matter of minuets I would be seeing long island sound on the horizon

"Are we there yet?" wined Byron "i'm getting hungry"

" nearly" I said with a yawn. I closed my eye's and pictured my room at camp with salty mist, and the softest bed ever. "ahhhh" I said out loud there's no place like home.

Natalie's eyes were drooping as she fought the urge to fall asleep.

"Natalie wake up camp's right over there" Byron said pointing to a cluster of pine trees that opened up onto fields of strawberries, a fighting arena, rock climbing walls, archery, a pavilion, cabins and much more.

Natalie squinted and looked at where Byron was pointing "I don't see anything but pine trees"

"ahh but that's only the trick of the mist, its a magical thing that tricks people into seeing things not as they truly are" said Byron

"well said bro" I said and tossed him a apple from my duffle bag which he caught inches from his face.

I then remembered that I hadn't tolled my mom that we had left for camp so I made a mental not to remind myself to send her a Iris message when I reach camp.

We were only a few k's away and the sun was about to go down when suddenly a screech sounded behind us, the furies had caught our sent.

Blackjack yelped in fear as I bit my lip. Black jack screamed "hold on" which I translated "Quick grab on to there necks, were going to make a run for it"

"NOW" I yelled and the pegasi dived hurtling straight for camp. We dived like a hawk threw the damp clouds, squinting to get a glimpse of where we were heading a volley of arrows flew past us aimed straight at the fury's. Apollo's chariot came hurtling by with 2 people form the apollo cabin yelling at us to get a move on. We were gaining ground fast but the furies were faster. Soon enough more pegasi came flying past with hero's on there back's, fighting off the 3 beasts.

"Byron we have to jump into the sea" I said


"trust me just tie your duffle bag down then when I say jump we jump" I said

We fiddled around with the duffle bag for only a few seconds then I screamed jump and the three of us pounced falling into the sea.

We all came together and huddled in a circle I closed my eyes and prayed to my father to let us land without killing ourselves which was a piece of cake except Natalie was screaming her head off. I opened my eyes as we were meters away from the ocean I then took a deep breath and we smacked the water head first.

I opened my eyes and swam to up kicking to save my energy. I broke the surface and looked around for Byron and Natalie. I dove under the water again and searched for them and found Byron floating as Natalie was trying and failing to bring him up to the surface.

I swam down and created a bubble of air so they could breath. Byron lay at the bottom of the bubble coughing up water. As Natalie sat next to him trying to get her breath back. A pod of Hippocampus swam up to them with the largest one ahead of the others, it was rainbow Tyson's my half brother's Hippocampi.

I asked them if we could hitch a ride with them to get to camp and after some squabbling a arguing, they agreed and soon enough we swam up to the top of the ocean. I mounted the fish pony closest to me who giggled. I looked up to see the war zone that I had just left gladly.

We then raced towards camp, and soon enough we were only a few meters away.

"this is as far as we go" said Rainbow so I thanked him and we all jumped back into the water to swim to camp. I willed the currents to push us forward as we had very little energy left. Soon enough we washed up on the beach tired, cold, wet and hungry.

I was the 1st to stand up my knees knocking and my face pail as the other 2 followed me we made it up to the sand dunes where we all collapsed with exhaustion. I opened my eyes after what felt like second's and found myself lying in the infirmary on a hot summers morning.

"About time you woke up" said Annabeth her stormy grey eyes looking straight into my eyes. "Byron and the other girl are still out like a light."

"What time is it?" I said with a stiff yawn

"Oh its only 8, you only missed last nights dinner"

"few" is said with a sigh of relief wondering if I could make it to breakfast. "where's Grover?"

"He's teaching Tyson how to catch cleaning harpies "

"WHATT! he'll get chewed up and spat back out and grated and grinned and..." I said jumping to my feet

"give it a rest Percy I was joking, he's down at the pavilion eating as usual"

"oh lets go then" I said slightly embarrassed

"without a shower?" said Annabeth with a disgusted look on her face

"I only ate half a sandwich lunch time yesterday I'm starving" I said

"fine lets go but first I want to show you something"