She had tossed and turned all night, and woken up with a headache, therefore Wade confined her to the hotel room for the evening to rest, while he went to the arena for RAW. After an afternoon nap and dinner via room service, she laid in the bed in Wade's tshirt and a pair of panties, and flipped through the t.v. She tried to watch the beginning of RAW, but she wasn't in the mood, since she wasn't there. She watched up until Wade's match tag match was over with, and turned the t.v. off. She loved watching his aggression in the ring, seeing him panting, and sweating. It reminded her of all the time they've shared in bed.
Her thoughts drifted through some of her favorite moments and she found her hand slowly moving down her abdomen, her stomach, and finally slipping past the hem of her panties. Her eyes closed as she pulled the tshirt up to her face, inhaling his scent. She moaned and began to rub her clit, feeling the moisture just thinking about him drew from her. Her fingers clinched the tshirt tight as she slipped a finger inside of her warmth and she bit her lip.

Wade put the card through the slot in the door and pushed it open, walking into the hotel room. He dropped his bag and stared at the bed, frowning at what he saw. She laid there, legs spread, hand between her legs, moaning like a bitch in heat. He shook his head, reached for his belt and began to undo the buckle.

She gasped, hearing the door open, close, and the sound of something dropping on the floor. Her hand flew out of her soaked underwear and she sat upright.

"Wade...I..." she stammered, not knowing what to say, knowing she had been caught.

"You were what?" He asked, pulling the belt through the loop of his jeans as he walked over to the bed.

"I was touching myself" she whispered, head lowered.

"What is my first rule?" He asked, tone flat.

"I'm not to touch myself unless you say I can."

She bit her lip and looked up with him with apologetic eyes. She looked pitiful, and he almost wanted to just fuck her better right there, bu he knew he couldn't. He closed his eyes and maintained composure.

"What happens when you break my ruleS?"

"I'm punished."

He opened his eyes, walked over to the chair by the bed, and sat down.

"Come here." He demanded

She crawled off the bed and slowly walked over to him, poking out her lip in hopes that her irresistably adorable pout would make him melt. It didn't, and he reached out and pulled her down over his lap. Within seconds he had her panties down to her ankles and the shirt bunched up around her shoulders. He raised the belt and brought it down on her ass. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. Five minutes and about 50 blows later, tears were falling down her cheeks and she was dripping juices onto his jeans. He dropped his belt onto the floor and slowly rubbed the marks across her ass, making her wince.

"I'm sorry, Wade" she whispered "I want to be good for you"

"I know you do. Stand up"

He helped her up and lead her over to the bed. She silently squealed, expecting him to fuck her brains out like he always did after a "punishment", since it turned both of them on. Instead he laid her down and walked over to the duffel bag sitting on the table. He reached in and pulled out several items that she could not see. He turned and walked back to her.

"Spread your legs" he said

She obeyed, and he held up the long vibrator. He slipped it inside of her and told her to close her legs. She did. He turned her onto her side, pulling her arms behind her back. He then picked up the bondage tape and began to bind her arms at her elbows and wrists, then her legs at the knees and ankles. She was confused, but did not protest. He then placed a ball gag in her mouth and secured it behind her head.

"You can't help yourself, can you? You're such a little cum slut. I'm going to give you exactly what you want."

WIth that he reached between her legs and turned on the vibrator, to it's highest setting. She squealed, and looked at him with wide eyes.

"I'm going to take a shower. Have fun." He grinned and walked off, and she heard the bathroom door close.

She moaned and squirmed on the bed, trying to push the invading shaft out of her, but it was impossible with the way he had her bound. She felt the wetness of her arousal dripping down her legs and her orgasm building. She tried to hold off for as long as she could, knowing if she came too soon, more would follow, and they would become less enjoyable., but hearing Wade humming away in the shower sent her over the edge. She came two more times before he emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist, and water dripping from his hair and beard. He walked over to her and stared into her lust filled eyes, smirking as she came again. He laid down on the bed beside her, on his side, and watched her squirming and pleading through her gag for him to turn the vibrator off. He wouldn't, though, she hadn't had nearly slowly reached down and began to stroke his long, hard erection. She watched him as her clit throbbed and burned, her flesh coated with a thin layer of sweat. She wanted him to touch her, to rip the rest of her clothes off, the vibrator from her pussy, and fuck her as hard as she could. She hated cumming from the toys, even if he was the one controlling them, because her orgasms were always so much better when they came directly from him. After several minutes, and one orgasm from her, it seemed that he had read her mind and realized what she wanted, even though he had known all along. He stopped stroking himself and reached over to lightly trail his fingers down her thigh. He then began ripping the tape off of her legs and arms. He ungagged her, then pulled the vibrator from her, a gush of fluids following. He positioned himself in front of her and thrust in. Her arms flew around his neck, her legs wrapping around his waist. He brushed the sweaty hair from her face and pulled the shirt over her head as he began thrusting into her harder. She dug her nails into his neck and pulled him into a kiss, feeling his soft beard against her face. Their tongues entwined as he slid his hands beneath her, lifting both of them up so that he was on his knees and she was wrapped around him. She ground her hips against him, not breaking the kiss. Her hands wrapped into his hair, pulling on what she could, as he grabbed a handful of her hair. He broke the kiss for air, and she gasped and clenched around his length as her sixth orgasm ripped through her. He groaned as he buried his face into her neck and felt his cock twitch and release inside of her.

He held her close for a moment then laid her down on the bed, pulling her as close as he could and wrapping his arms tightly around her. She shuddered with exhaustion, yawned, then closed her eyes.

"I love you" she said before drifting off to sleep.

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