Strong Enough



Part One

It was the year 2015 and Marti Perkins was an up-and coming lawyer. She graduated a little empty inside because three years ago her girlfriend Savannah Monroe went missing. So there Marti was in her studio apartment never was with anyone after since Savannah went missing. As the morning came, she went into the closet and opened it to see her blackboard full of women who would gone like Savannah. She looked right in the middle to see her picture. Marti then got dressed to try and figure out how to get through today. Marti used medication to put herself to sleep because that last day she never felt herself be more happy.

Christmas 2012

Vanessa had told everyone about what is to be expected of them when they come back from vacation. Savannah and Marti would smiling at each other because they had a few ideas. So after that announcement they slowly went into there room.

"We been going out for a year. Despite parents and everyone else." Savannah said overjoyed and Marti responded, "I can't believe what a difference a year makes. I can't believe I'm still a cheerleader and I know I'm going to pass the bar. I never been so much in love like I am with you." Marti said and there was a kiss. "Can you sing to me tonight?" Savannah asked, "Little drummer boy." "Okay." Marti said