Strong Enough



Part Six

One week passed by Savannah who was checked out by a doctor who Marti put through the ringer to make sure he could be trusted gave her the green light. Marti found out this whole thing is a conspiracy that found a group called Chaos was funding the people who kidnapped Savannah. That was connected to her sister and then to a group of elders who would trying to destroy towns by overrunning it with vampires.

"We got to go to Trumbull Connecticut…This guy named Rupert Giles was murder and Donald Troy was suspected of killing him the charges would dropped." Savannah said and Marti looked at her girlfriend then said, "I'll tie my mom up let's go to Sunny-dale."

First read Who are We, really? then Sam McCall, Slayer and tell me what combination of characters would you like to see fighting with each other...