Chapter Six

New Years came and went, during that time Clarabelle was packing her things preparing to move in with Horace. She turned the stove on to brew some tea, but before she could get the pot from the cabinet she saw smoke coming from the stove. Clarabelle rushed to see what happened, she soon saw fire spreading to the counters and tried to put it out herself. Turned out the wind from an open window blew a few papers and one of them landed on the stove and caught fire causing the burning embers to spread, and set the counter a blaze. In split second the fire got way out of hand, Clarabelle ran out of the kitchen to call the fire department when she made it to her phone she fell and hurt her leg with no chance of getting up, she couldn't move when debree had fallen on her. Smoke started to spread all over the house, she couldn't see anything. Her cellphone landed on the floor, Clarabelle reached for it and pressed a number.

Meanwhile Horace was driving back from the store, when suddenly his cellphone rang. He pulled over and answered it. "Hello, Clarabelle?" All he could hear was her struggling to breath. The sounds of sufficating and her struggle to say "Help me."Then soon the phone was cut off. Horace made a hard u-turn and hit the gas pedal fast to reach to her, as he drove really fast Horace called the fire department.

He finally made it to the house, The fire had spread all over the house and firemen were out there trying to put the fire firemen tried to keep Horace from going in there. But he jumped into one of the windows, the inside was an inferno everywhere he went. Horace finally found Clarabelle and picked her up. He ran to the front door and kicked it open, everyone looked at him. His clothes were blackened and burned, he too was hurt from a few second degree burns. Horace silently carried Clarabelle to his truck, he laid her gently down in the passenger's seat and drove to the hospital. On the way he could hear her trying breath, he held her hand hoping she would pull through.

At the hospital, Horace was alone in the waiting room, he was bandaged up and he was waiting for the doctor to come. He was afraid the doctor would tell him "That she didn't make it." In a matter of seconds, both Horace and Clarabelle's parents came.

Clarabelle's father was furious, the first thing he did was slam Horace into the wall making the burns on him hurt more than ever. He shouted. "How dare you let this happen to my daughter! Because of you! My daughter is probably dying! "

Horace's father pushed him off of Horace. "You keep your hands off of my son Stang!"

Clarabelle's Mother joined in to defend Horace. "We have no idea what is going on," She turned to Stang. "besides the doctor hasn't even told us a single thing yet!"

Just like that, the doctor had stepped in. "Mr. Horsecollar," Both Horace and his Father confusingly pointed at each other. "uh, Horace Horsecollar."

Horace got up and walked over to speak with the doctor.

Clarabelle's father shouted. "The rest of us would like to hear too!" Clarabelle's mother elbowed him in the arm.

The doctor explained. "She'll be alright, but she has to stay overnight just to make sure."

Everyone sighed with relief.

"You may go see her now." The doctor smiled.

When they entered the room, Clarabelle was calm in fact she seemed at eased.

"Clarabelle are you okay?" Clarabelle's Mother asked.

Clarabelle replied. "I'm fine."

"You gave us all a scare, we thought we were gonna lose you." Her Father smiled.

Horace stood right next to Clarabelle and held her hand, making him blush. "I'm happy you're safe."

"You saved my life, I'm so glad you're here. " Clarabelle kissed Horace, causing him to blush multiple shades of red.

Both Clarabelle's Father and Horace's Mother were both hiding their anger once again covering it with false smiles.

Clarabelle's Mother said to Horace's Father. "He's a keeper."

He replied. "I've never seen them this happy before."