Gremlin Gus' Journal - Date: March 29

As I am writting this, a great storm of darkness hit our world. It started during a very bright afternoon, I saw a very large dark cloud arrive and cover everything . Within seconds the sky was dark,and a great wind came tore through large structures and caused much damage. Soon beams of light struck the ground and caused much more destruction than the wind itself, I myself became trapped under the rubble. Within minutes everything I knew was gone, all except a rather large cube with a currency sign on its front it had a few cracks but not damaged. For hours sounds of sirens and cries could be heard everywhere. I could here screams of help and smoke filled the air, . I waited for help and I am still here waiting.

Date: April 7

It had been nine days since the storm hit, with all hope lost I have decided to make this entry my last. It's over there is nothing left and I am starting to feel cold. I can't feel my hand as I write this. If you are reading this, you are a soul survivor may you continue to survive this grim world. For you it is just something that can be rebuild, for me it is the end...

Chapter One :

Gus closed his journal and held it close to him, he felt extremely weak. Gus tried to keep his eyes open; he felt a tear roll down his eye and could not help but to see his own life flash before him. The day he was born, when the Gremlin Village was torn and built as an Air Force base, the day he met pilot Gus, meeting Mickey Mouse and saving his former home, and finally a newly built Gremlin Village in the town's park where the largest tree stood. His eyes finally closed with one last tear.

Meanwhile a busted rover, had pulled over at the site where Gremlin Gus lied under the rubble. The door to the rover swung open and out came Clarabelle Cow , she had bandages wrapped around her right arm from a wound. Ortensia Rabbit came out the passengers seat, she too had bandages but on her fingers and left foot. Both girls were dressed in black and wore violet cloaks with hoods to hide their identities; as their routine, they were sent out for a third time to find survivors.

"This is the third time today," Ortensia sighed. " Clarabelle there is no one else."

"There has to be more," Clarabelle said fustrated. "I know there is..."

Ortensia sighed once more and walked towards the rubble. All of a sudden she heard someone weeping within the rubble.

"Clarabelle, I think found one!" she cried.

Clarabelle ran over to the rubble and helped Ortensia move some of the rocks. They continued until they found Gremlin Gus, he was still hanging on to the journal (,possibly his life) and was badly hurt.

"Is he alive?" Ortensia said.

"I'll check."

Clarabelle moved the journal and put her finger on Gus' chest, she felt a pulse however it was very slow.

Clarbelle picked him up. "We have to get him back to the base, he's not doing good."

Both ran back to the hover and drove off, Ortensia held on to Gremlin Gus and his journal. Ortensia took another look at the badly hurt gremlin and gently stroked head to only feel his tiny green derby and his left horn. Gus coughed lightly and slowly started breathing.

But he didn't wake up, as Clarabelle made a left turn. A gunshot came through the back and shot the windshield, soon more shots started blasting nearly hitting the girls. Ortensia jumped to the backseat , she gently placed Gremlin Gus in the most safe part of the backseat and pulled out her own gun and began shooting back.

"Ortensia, do you have to shoot back everytime someone shoots at us?" Clarabelle shouted over the gunshots.

"Do you wanna live to see tommorow?" Ortensia replied. "Besides the last time you told me not to, you almost got your arm taken out."

"Either way Ortensia, this hover is already falling apart without you making anymore bullet holes to it."

Clarabelle look out at the rear view mirror quickly to see who was shooting at them.

"Is that Mor-"

Before she could even identitfy who it was, the mirror was shot off. Clarabelle started to pushed the gas pedal and drove much faster, the car behind them began to catch up.

"Clarabelle, their gaining on us!" Ortensia cried.

"No, their not!"

Clarabelle jerked the wheel, within seconds she slammed the breaks and the hover began to slide to the left. The car that was behind them tried to repeat the same and crashed. Ortensia stopped shooting to check on Gus, still not awake he was starting cough violently.

"Hurry! he's starting to choke!" Ortensia yelled.

Clarabelle picked up the speed yet again and drove off. Several minutes later the finally made it back to the base, The base was a mansion made from discarded objects and was surrounded by scrap metal. Clarabelle parked the hover where no one could see it.

Later the girls walked in the base with Gus, they walked pass Chip and Dale who were guarding the entrance, both greeted the girls and went back to their post. They continued to walk pass the dim lighted hallways, were they reached a room that had a hand painted medical red cross on the door.

The inside of the room was large as dance hall, all around there was enough medical equipment to aid the world's largest army. Daisy happened to be a nurse inside the base's medical ward.

"So what happened to this one?" Daisy asked.

"He was trapped under the ruins of a stone statue." Ortensia replied.

"Oh the poor thing, better see what's his problem."

She brought Gremlin Gus over to the examination table, Professor Von Drake was called in to examined Gus and his condition.

"Well ladies, this one here is simply malnutritioned and is in need of fresh air. Nothing to worry about." he said with a smile.

It was a relief, Daisy placed the gremlin on a makeshift bed and soon Gus was being treated for his condition. Later Clarabelle sat alone in the library, she glanced at the candle and went back to her novel. She felt a little pain in her bandaged arm and put the book down, she started to look back at her past before the impact. Clarabelle then stared at the dark ceiling then the walls, ten minutes later she put the candle out and drifted off to sleep.