Moonlight Siren

Warning: this story is rated M for mature as it will have strong language, violence, and yaoi (boy on boy) sexual content. I claim no rights or don't claim any of the characters used or featured in the D Gray-Man series as this story is completely my own idea.

Special keys: "regular human speech", 'thinking', *telepathy/mental speech*, {aquadic telepathic commands}, (author notes), bold - Noah talking, italic - mermaid speech

one - siren of the deep

It was a slightly quite night as the full moon shined brightly in the heavens as a slight sea breeze blew in from the ocean. An eerie ghost-like song echoed in the night coming from the beach front. Out upon the ocean sitting upon a rock was a white merboy whom was singing to himself as he bathed in the moonlight. To the humans he was known as the moonlight siren but his true name was Allen. Allen was much different from the other mermaids that existed, he was the only male mermaid. Allen also didn't have the bright viberent colors that the other memaids had as he was completely white from his head down to his tail. Allen's large silver gray eyes took in the moonlight as he slightly shifted his small and slender body. Allen's features, figure, and frame screamed out femininity despite him being a boy. The only thing about Allen that truly stood out was his completely black right hand as several black rings lined his shoulder as he had several small black diamonds and dots circling near the last line at his shoulder blade. Allen pulled back his straight shoulder length white hair away from his left ear so he could listen to the sounds of the waves crashing upon the beach. As a siren, Allen possessed powers that none of the other memaids even possessed as he was sworn to protect the ocean and all of the creatures that lived within it. As Allen sang, tears streaked down his Caucasian face as they fell from his face they became gemstones landing upon the rock that he sat on. Once again the mermaids had picked on him, torturing Allen because he was different.

*Allen don't allow them to get to you. They just don't understand how truly special you are.* stated a voice deep within his mind. Allen recognized the voice instantly as it belonged to his other half, the power that resides within his right arm, the Crowned Clown or Noah as he perfeared to be called.

*I know Noah, it's just so hard when you put up with the same thing day after day.* Allen replied among the same mental path as he stopped singing. The memaid's taughts still echoed within Allen's mind. He knew that they knew that he had no say in how the gods made him. To the mermaids, Allen was a freak of nature as they made sure that he knew that. Allen had to be careful not to be spotted by the humans or to be caught by the mer-hunters. Allen couldn't understand the human's fascination with eating their flesh. Some human's believed that mer flesh could grant immortality and restroy health. The scales of their tails were used to make human jewelery as their tears were far more valuable. Mer-hunters hunted down mermaids for sport, as humans feared them and wanted to make sure that the mermaids didn't eat up all of the fish. Some mermaids often pulled humans down into the water drowning them. Allen was often believed to be one of those mermaids whom loured humans to their death using his voice. It was true that Allen's voice could kill a human if they had heard it. But he only used his voice when he was moonlight bathing as he sang about his emotions. There was several reasons to why the humans called him the moonlight siren. First was his coloring and the second was that the only time Allen traveled up to the surface was on full moon nights. The only reason to why Allen came up on full moon nights is because the full moon emitted a special energy that helped fuel Allen's power that he had as a siren.

*We should start heading back Allen, the night is still young as we do have a duty to perform.* stated Noah.

*Yeah, I know!* replied Allen as he lept off of his rock diving back into the ocean water. Allen's large silver dollar eyes readjusted to the dark ocean water as he flicked his white tail propelling himself in the water. His gills on his neck flapped taking in the oxygen from the water so he could breathe underwater. All mermaids could breathe underwater as easily as they could above the water. Mermaids could see, hear, and talk underwater as easily as they could above it. Allen traveled patrolling his ocean water home as he saw a young viberent colored mermaid zipping through the water being chased down by a bull shark. Allen sighed out loud as he had to help the young mermaid out before the bull shark caught her. Allen flicked his powerful tail chasing after the mermaid and the shark. Allen's right hand changed its shape into a large black claw-like hand as his fingers looked like razor blades (new form of the Crowned Clown). Allen swam cutting off the bull shark as his claw hand wrapped around the bull shark. {Leave the mermaid alone or face my wrath!} Allen told the shark through aqua telepathy (the same kind used by Aquaman from DC comics). The bull shark tried to bite at Allen swinging his tail to get free. Allen reinforced his hold on the bull shark using his powers to get the bull shark to obey his law. After several minutes of struggling against Allen, the bull shark finally gave up as Allen let go of the shark allowing it to swim off. Allen then turned to the mermaid. She had long naturally wavy dark pink hair, an aqua blue-green tail, and chocolate brown eyes. You are safe now. stated Allen. The mermaid stuck out her tongue at Allen.

I never asked for your help siren so next time stay out of it as I could have handled myself. snapped the mermaid before she swam off.

*Don't listen to her Allen. You did a good job. We should soak up some more moonlight while we can.* stated Noah. Allen knew that Noah spoke the truth as he swam back up to the surface, back to his rock in order to soak up some more moonlight seeing how he had used up a lot of his power to deal with the bull shark. As Allen swam his arm changed back to normal. Allen sighed out loud as he swam up to the surface. For once he wished that somebody would treat him with a little love and compassion. Besides Noah, Allen had no one that he could actually talk too.

NEXT CHAPTER...the pampered prince

author (jumps up and down for joy): new story, new story...I can't believe that I am doing a new story.

Allen: why am I so miserable? scrletfyre what were you thinking when you came up with this?

author (turns to Allen): I love the Little Mermaid movie and stuff but instead of doing a Little Mermaid story, I did my own mermaid story putting in other mermaid stuff I have seen over the years through stories, movie, books, anime, manga, comics, etc.

Allen (sighs out loud): so what's going to happen next and whom is this pampered prince?

author: if I told you it would take away the mystery. I want to ask my readers to leave me your comments and reviews telling me what you think.