Moonlight Siren

Lavi: after a long hard journey we have reached the end.

author: yes we have. I want my readers to know that I do not plan on any sequel for this story. Also the song that I used last time I had managed to find on Youtube so check it out. It is a really sad song that I felt fit this story.

Allen: why aren't you planing on a sequel scrletfyre?

author: well, I don't think that I can truly write a sequel to this story because I wouldn't know what to do for a sequel. There was only one story that I did a sequel to. I am not really strong when it comes to sequels.

Kanda: but if someone else wanted to do a sequel to this story?

author: well I suppose that I could help them out as I did come up with the idea and stuff. But that's a big if on the sequel.

Allen: well it was fun while it lasted, even though you put both me and Yuu through hell.

author: I thank you both for being such good sports at doing this.

Kanda: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Lavi: I just wished that I had more of an acting role in this.

author: sorry Lavi...there are always other stories as this is not the end of me so, I suggest that you guys check out my other stories. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the characters featured from the D Gray-Man series as this story is completely my own idea.

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thirty - new life

Both Lavi and King Alma came out in the morning to check up on both Kanda and Allen. They were both shocked when they found Kanda in a mer form. Both Lavi and Alma picked up the two unconscious mermen as they brought them back inside to the pool. Allen had done it. He had brought Kanda back from death. Now all they had to do was to wait for the two to regain consciousness.

A couple of days later...Kanda regained consciousness finding himself underwater. Kanda was a bit confused as he was pretty sure that he had sacrificed himself in order to save Allen. Some how Kanda felt different. That's when Kanda had noticed that his entire right arm was black matching Allen's left as he also had a dark indigo tail.

'What in the world?' Kanda thought to himself. He looked over to his side to see Allen sleeping as he also appeared to be at least four months pregnant. Kanda could feel his right arm lightly pulse as a dark moan echoed in the back of his mind. *Mugen what in the Hell is going on? How in the world did I become a merman?* asked Kanda angrily.

*Calm down was Allen and the sea gods, Neptune and Poseidon. They allowed us to be reborn. Now we are half human/half merman. Even the young that will be born will be that way. After you had sacrificed yourself to destroy the Earl, I was still alive and visibly weak. The gods contacted Allen and told him that he could bring us back. You have done it twice for Allen once before your powers as a siren awakened.* answered Mugen. Kanda knew that his other half spoke the truth. Kanda moved as he brushed back Allen's white hair.

*Thank you Moyashi. Now and forever, I will always be by your side.* Kanda stated as he kissed Allen on the forehead gently.

Several days later...both Kanda and Allen god married in a human wedding as everyone attended as Kanda proposed to marry Allen before he gave birth to the young. Allen accepted the marriage proposal as the two sea gods Neptune and Poesidon came down from the heavens to give Allen away. Allen wore all white as he looked like he was glowing as Kanda wore black as he contrasted Allen's white. Both wore matching twisted band rings of silver and gold that we placed onto their webbed hands by the gods. Even Lavi and Lenalee got married along with the sirens as it was decided that they would hold a double wedding. Kanda didn't mind sharing the spotlight with his best friend and guardian. By the fifth month of Allen's pregnancy, both Kanda and Allen returned back to the seal so that Allen could give birth to the young. Allen had laid a dozen mer eggs as only six out of the dozen survived the birthing process as Allen watched over the eggs tentatively as he nursed them until they grew into babies. The young took on both the features of their parents as either their right or their left arm was completely black. Each one of the young was able to control a single elemental power of either earth, wind, fire, water, light, and/or dark. As the young were growing up they were taught how to control and use their powers as they were able to journey not only underwater but also above ground on the surface. When the young were old enough to assume the duties that would befall them as sirens, both Kanda and Allen left their ocean home to rule over the kingdom that Kanda grew up in as his father had passed away. While both Allen and Kanda where raising their young and performing their duties that they had as sirens both Lavi and Lenalee were named as temporary rulers until both Kanda and Allen could rule the kingdom. Lavi and Lenalee were happy to oblige as they owed it to their friends. A huge celebration was held when Kanda and Allen took the thrown. It was a new life for them both as they continued to protect both the earth and their ocean home as they were often visited by their young. Both looked forward to the long life they would both share as sirens.


author: well that's the end of this story folks. Thanks to everyone whom left me their reviews and comments.

Lavi (cries): I can't believe that this is the end!

Allen (sobs): I love sad and sappy endings.

Kanda (embraces Allen in a hug): there, there Allen.

author: well I had a blast working on this story as it was completely different that anything I have ever written before.

Kanda: I am frankly glad that this is over.

Allen (shouts): Yuu...!

Lavi: well it was an interesting story even if I didn't have a bigger part in it.

Kanda (jokingly): whom knows if scrletfyre might torture you in her next story.

author & Allen (shouts in unison): ...Yuu!

Kanda: just kidding!

author: well guys even though this is the last chapter please still leave me your comments and reviews! (all wave good bye)