Konichiwa,watashi no sakura bu desu any way this is my first fanfiction hope you enjoy

Misaki and Oujiro are planning a wedding but Tamayo and Kotarou are already wed so Tamayo came to Misaki`s house

Tamayo said "MISAKICHIII! I`m going to help you plan your wedding its a plan called MISAKICHII`S PERFECT WEDDING!"

"First step choosing your rings!"

Misaki said "but Oujiro already planned it"

Tamayo said "darn then what about the clothes you`ll wear?"

Misaki said "we already planned it"

Tamayo said "then what about the invitations,flowers,the food,the cake,flower girl,and the priest who`s just going to say stuff"

Misaki said "yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,and yes"

Tamayo thought damn Oujiro his too smart while she was biting a piece of cloth

Then Shuuko came and then ran to her daughter hugging her and saying "Misaki when you get married I will bring a camera to record every single moment ,now what can I help with the organization?"

Misaki said "everything is going well and nothing to do but to wait for the actual wedding."

And so Shuuko joined Tamayo crying and thinking how perfect Oujiro is while Misaki is clueless about why they are so upset

Later on Oujiro came with a bouquet and gave them to Misaki and the two continued crying noticing he really is perfect then

Oujiro notices the two crying and asked Misaki "why are those two crying?"

but Misaki doesn`t know why

The Next Day

While Misaki was shopping...

"Hi wiggly Icchan is here" and so Misaki was so surprised it almost gave her a heart attack

"I-I`m sorry are you alright Misaki?"But Oujiro was walking around and heard Misaki scream and so Oujiro ran and saw his brother

Oujiro Said in relief "So that's why Misaki screamed because you were here nii-chan"

Icchan said angrily "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? HUH"

Oujiro said calmly "nii-chan your going to lose your voice again"

Misaki asked Oujiro "did your brother once gave you a close heart attack" Oujiro replied "many times"

"Anyway Misaki let`s go shopping together"

and so they left leaving Icchan with the same pose as Tamayo yesterday

The Wedding Day

It was early in the morning and they were organazing everything and soon the guest arrived as it goed on and on they are newlyweds while Shuuko was taking videos as they also ate and was as happy as ever.

The End

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