3 Person POV

It had been a while since their battle with the Arridi, Tualaghi, and Bedullin. After that, Halt had been getting older, and was considering taking the gold oak necklace. Will had been captured by the Temujai once already, and he did not come back the same. He was broken and battered, yet he did not offer them any information at all. He was scared of his own shadow. Nobody knew how he had gotten back alive. The one thing he was afraid of most was leather. He could not stand it. He said that he smelled like pain and blood.

Horace had married Cassandra and Will had married Alyss. Will and Alyss had one girl, named Mellissa, and Horace and Cassandra had identical girl twins, the older named Evelyn and the younger named Adelair. This is where it all started.

"Will! I don't know what to do," Horace said in despair.

"What about?" Will asked.

"I have two daughters the same age! Two! What will happen when one of them takes the throne?"

"I suppose you will have to choose the better one, won't you?"

"What if they start fighting? All because one is queen and the other isn't?" So this is what Horace was afraid of. He was afraid that the two would destroy each other in jealousy over the throne.

"I am sure that it would be alright, Horace."

"No. I know what I have to do. I am going to keep the older one and put the younger one in the Redmont ward." It seemed simple and ingenious enough for Horace. This way, when Evelyn took the throne, Adelair could not be jealous because she would have had no way of knowing. And, since Will lives in Redmont, he would be able to look after her.

"WHAT? No! Listen to me, Horace. This is a BAD idea. I can feel it. You can't abandon your daughter. What if she would be a better queen than Evelyn? Is Evanlyn going to go along with this?"

No matter how much Will tried to talk Horace out of it, nothing could be done to change his mind. So, when Adelair was two and a half years old, she was put in the Redmont ward. Her name was no longer Adelair Altman, it was Adelair Johnson. Her parents had died in the Temuja'n Battle two years ago. The same war that claimed Will's sanity and left him for the long recuperation (he is okay now, except for the nightmares) and left Horace, the king, perfectly fine after a victory.

whaddya think?