So this is the start of my new fan fiction which will be my main focus (sorry for those waiting for more from 'Into The Woods').

As you can see in the title, it is 'Follow Me Down'.

It is inspired from Alice in Wonderland of course, but different versions and universes, including -

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, American McGuee's Alice, The Looking Glass Wars, Alice and the Country of Hearts.

Oh, and most of these chapters will be music inspired, mostly from the 'Almost Alice' soundtrack to Tim Burton's version of the tale.

There is US x UK as well, though this will hopefully slowly build up.

Perhaps other pairings as well, but it will mainly focus on Alfred and Arthur.

Use of human names too, since this is an AU fic.

At the start, it focuses mainly on Alfred moving to his new home.

More characters will appear in later chapter.

And again I am aiming for atleast 1000 words a chapter.


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Follow Me Down

When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me


Alfred remembered that he was five years old when he moved into his new home. They, as in his family of both mother and father, had to move because of the birth of his baby brother Matthew. Their last home was far two small for two children, and so they had somehow decided that the continent of America was far too small. Since Alfred's father had family across the pond over in Britain, they had made the move to a leafy rural area in England. Of course, Alfred was disappointed to be leaving his friends behind in America, but his father promised to teach him how to use the computer so that he could talk to his friends over the internet.

The first job he focused on was exploring the house. The house itself was from the Victorian period, making it a rather large house. Alfred's bedroom was the second biggest, his parents were the worthy ones who got the master bedroom. Alfred's window overlooked the overgrown but still moderately sized garden. Exploring that would be his next task.

Of course, the house itself had not been lived in for quite some time. He remembered his parents discussing why the previous owners were selling it. The people who had once lived here had a daughter, who strangely vanished one day and never to be seen again. The house held far to many memories of their daughter, so they felt they had to sell the house. Alfred felt sorry for this girl but being so young, he had little time to think of anyone but himself.

The grass was as tall as his waist, which his father would probably cut as soon as they had finished organising the furniture inside. Which was a shame, Alfred loved how the garden almost looked like an exotic jungle. There was a large oak tree, from which a rope swing was going back and forward in the light breeze of the day. Alfred swore that when his baby brother got a little older, he would teach him how to play on the swing, and climb the tree and loads of other neat stuff that brothers did.

Though the shining sun above made something glint, causing Alfred to turn his head in that direction. He slowly wandered over to the overgrown bushes from which he could see that glint. Grabbing some of the vines in his small hands, he tugged as hard as he could. The vines snapped with ease, pulling the leafy canvas along with it. Once he had pulled away most of the leaves and foliage, he stepped back so he could admire what it was he had found.

It was like a small house, but made of glass. He could see that inside, there were all sorts of colourful flowers that he had never seen before. Alfred was now determined to get inside to explore his findings even further. Gently running his hands over the slightly warm glass, the boy searched for some sort of door handle to get inside. Soon his hand touched cool steal behind thick ivy leaves. Tearing away the leaves, he nudged at the handle until he heard a faint click and the door creaked open.

Alfred peaked over his shoulder back at the Victorian home behind him. His parents were probabl busy arranging furniture or something to do with Matthew, they wouldn't mind him exploring even further. He nudged the door open and slipped inside the glass house. From the outside, it looked rather big, but being on the inside made it feel like he had stepped into a whole other world! Alfred swore he could hear bird calls, almost like the pretty parrots he had seen on television. The flowers were bright, almost impossible colours - neon blue, florescent pink, bright yellow. It was amazing!

The boy jumped back when a butterfly flew past his face, its wings almost striped like a large tiger! He giggled, fascinated by the fragile creature as he followed it deeper into the seemingly never ending jungle. Alfred watched as it landed on a neon blue flower, decorated in splatters of orange. The butterfly must have liked the bright colours too. However, as he stared at the butterfly, he couldn't help but hear someone singing...

With a tilt of his head, Alfred pushed back the leaves, accidentilly disturbing the butterfly and making it fly away. Alfred continued on though, determined to find whoever else was in this glass house with him. Finally though, as he hid in the large leaves and pushed on away from his eyes, he could hear the singing clearly, and who was the owner of such a charming voice -

Twinkle twinkle, little bat

How I wonder where you're at

Up above the world so high

Like a tea pot in the sky!

The singer was a male, and looked awfully younger than Alfred's own father. He could only guess the other boy was a teenager. He was dressed in clothes as colourful as the flowers around him. His jacket was different shades of green, from emerald to the deepest holly. A rose like bow was clipped to his equally red shirt. He wore burgundy trousers that were tucked into chocolate brown boots. Atop the man's sandy blonde hair, a holly green top hat decorated with a red ribbon sat. The hatted man seemed to be enjoying a picnic as he sang, sipping tea and eating a questionable looking treat.

Alfred couldn't help but stare at the wonderfully strange man. He had no idea why, but he just couldn't tear his eyes away. What was he doing in his garden? Who was he, and where did he come from? As soon as the singing had began, it had stopped and Alfred noticed how the man's dark green eyes were now aimed directly at him.

"Close your mouth, dear boy, you look like a cod fish."

Alfred gasped and slapped a hand over his mouth.

He had been well and truly busted.

End of Chapter


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