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Midnight Masquerade:

She checked her hair twice, it was still curled as Alice had suggested. Her makeup was perfect, although the mask she wore prevented you from seeing all of the wonderful work. Her lips looked puffier with the brilliant shade of red painted on them.

Her skin had been powdered down with a shimmering powder that made her sparkle when the candle light shimmered on it. She smiled wickedly. She did look stunning. Although the red silky corset pushed her ample bosoms up so high they nearly spilled out. The stockings were a great touch she thought to herself as she rub her hands up and down the silky material. The four inch red heels were a added bonus.

Yeah Edward was definitely going to be stunned when he saw her like this. She usually preferred her cottony pajamas that covered every inch of her body. She knew that Edward did not mind but tonight was New Year's Eve. She wanted to do something spectacular for him.

Alice promised her that once Edward was done with his meeting he would come straight up here to his room. He had been away for three days on business and she could not wait to see him, to welcome him in her arms. To show him just how much she truly loved him. She knew that things had been rough between them lately.

She was not quite sure why he was so cranky and irritable with her but she hoped that this might spice up things between them. She drove up to Seattle to surprise him. Alice had given her the room number where he was staying. She sipped on the uncork bottle of champagne. It was expensive but she knew that Edward only like the best. She could not wait to see his expression when he entered those doors.

He would find her sitting across the bed wearing practically nothing while prepared to do just about anything to show him how much she desired him.

Taking another long drink she hoped his meeting ended soon or she might pass out from all the champagne she was enjoying. Grabbing a strawberry she began to feast on the ripen fruit, anxiously waiting to surprise her man with her sexy treat.

Jacob was relieved to learn that there was at least one room available tonight. He had not planned to stay overnight but his meeting ran longer than planned. Luckily for him Edward Cullen had decided to drive back home to spend some time with his girl. Edward offered Jacob his room.

"Are you sure?" Jacob knew the Hotel was packed and he did not mind sharing a room with Edward if necessary.

"Yeah, I am anxious to get home. I hate to bring in the New Year with out being with my girl. " Edward replied with a weak smile.

"Besides I owe you big time for all the extra time you put in on this." Edward patted Jacob on the back.

"Okay then. I will take the key and head to bed. I am exhausted. You have to be as tired as I am but I understand what it means to be with the woman you love." Jacob replied with a bittersweet smile.

Jacob knew because he had once been that deep in love. Unfortunately their love had run it's course and they were no longer together. She was married to someone else now.

"Alright then. See you Monday." Edward waved at Jacob as he pick up his luggage that he had been fortunate to not unpack yet.

"Oh and Happy New Year man. Hope it is a great year for you." Edward winked at him as he strolled out.

"Bye." Jake waved after Edward as he ordered another shot of whiskey. After several drinks and a few phone numbers he made his way up to his room. He felt the loneliness starting to creep up on him. He could have taken any of those women up to the room tonight but his heart was not into it. He was ready to find something more meaningful than just casual sex. He knew his guy friends would came him a lame ass Twinkie while his female friend, Leah, would think it was about time for him to settle down. Either way he went he knew he had to make some changes in his life. He was restless.

Opening the door to the room he was struck instantly with the smell of strawberries and vanilla. He also noted the candlelight that flickered across the walls of the room. He step back out and check the room number. It was the right room or else his key would not have worked.

Scratching his head he wondered who in the world was in his room? Taking a cautious step forward he walked further into the room. He saw several half eaten strawberries on a plate with what look like a half empty bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice. Casting his eyes further into the room he saw something that left him breathless.

Was this a gift from Edward? Is this what he meant by hoping he had a great new year? If it was he wasn't sure if he was excited or pissed off. Why would Edward hire a woman to have sex with him? Everyone knew at the office he was more than able to attract the opposite sex.

Sure, he had not been out much lately but it was due to his long work hours and of course the fact that his last relationship had nearly shattered his heart into a zillion pieces. So he was not in any rush to find himself longing for someone who might or might not feel the same for him.

As he drew closer to the bed he saw a shimmering skin brunette wearing a sexy ass red corset with matching heels. He gulped hard. How could he resist this? She looked breathe taking with her lips painted a ruby red that match the "come fuck me" stilettos.

Leaning over he could hear her soft snores. He chuckled. Of course she would be passed out before he joined her. If he had known she was up here he would not have spent so much time downstairs getting stinking drunk in his own misery.

"Sweetheart." Jake whispered into her ear.

He wondered why she wore a masquerade mask? What was she hiding underneath the ruby red and black jeweled mask? He doubted she was ugly. Staring at her elegant body with curves that made him drool.

Bella felt a warm hand stroking the side of her face. Opening her eyes she stared up at an amazing looking man. Blinking a few times she wondered where he had come from? She reached up cupping his face with her hands.

"Hello." She whispered in a husky voice.

"Hello." He replied as he pulled her up on her feet.

He took a better, longer look at what he was being offered. He gulped hard. This was definitely going to be worth all the hours he put in the office for the past few months.

"You are tall." Bella mumbled as a lazy smile slip on her face.

"You are lovely. I bet your tasty too." Jake chuckled softly as he stared into her red puffy lips. They reminded him of the ripe strawberries he use to savor when he was a child. Turning her around he got a view of her backside. Smiling widely and wickedly he was indeed pleased with Edward's "bonus" for a job well done.

Dropping her head , she closed her eyes as he moved behind her his hips bracketing her hips. The brush of his fingertips against the nape of her neck, made her tense with anticipation.

"Relax." He muttered.

His voice sent vibrations up and down her body, making her skin to tingle.

He began to stroke her neck soothingly. Another deep shiver traveled down her spine as he brushed her hair aside. His thumbs moved with firm, gentle pressure up the sides of her neck.

Bella hummed with pleasure. She was like puddy in his hands. If this was a dream, it was one hell of a dream and she hoped to never wake up again.

The delicious sensation shivered all the way to her stocking covered toes. She allowed herself to sink into the pleasure of his hands as they made their way down her neck and into her shoulders. Rubbing each sore muscle so that she literally felt her body climax from the massage of his hands.

She smelled him. The starch in his shirt, the smell of a rich whiskey on his breathe, and a hint of subtle male. Her toes curled up into the thick cottony blanket that covered the king size bed.

Bella was amazed at how well he knew her body. His hands searched and destroyed each knot.

"I want you." He whispered into her ear.

Bella could not speak. She just nodded her head in agreement.

He turn her face to his. Her mask still hiding her true identity. He was not sure if this intrigued him or annoyed him. All he could make out was her light brown eyes that seem to sparkle with desire as her lips curled up into such a smile that let him know that she was as intrigued as he was about this strange physical connection between them. He could not help but feel like he had met her somewhere, someplace. How could that be possible? She was a total stranger that Edward had hired for him as a thank you for all the hours he had put in on this project. Surely he would not have chosen someone that he might have to deal with later.

His head lowered, and with a small sigh, Bella closed her eyes, parting her lips to welcome him. He gently turn her toward him as he cupped her face in both of his hands, studying her soft mouth, the lush sweep of her dark lashes on barely revealed underneath the mask. He started to reach up to take it off but Bella's hands curled around his wrists.

"No. Don't. Keep. It. On. More fun." She stated firmly with a deep husky voice.

Jake smiled wickedly down at her.

"If it is what you wish." He mumbled.

He liked the mysterious natured of his unexpected present. He had to admit it did add fuel to his desire for the stranger before him. He wanted to devour her but for now a kiss would sustain him.

Drawing her up closer to him he bent his head again, covering her mouth with his. Her lips parted willingly, and he tilted her head back a little so he could slant his lips against hers and then he began to deepen the kiss.

With every beat of his heart he deepen the passion to the core of his soul. He had been so starved for physical attention that he had nearly given up on ever holding a woman like this again. The last time he had given himself so freely the woman had bruised his heart and his ego. But this woman was only here for one thing. A physical need. Her heart was not his to hold. His heart was not hers to abuse. After tonight neither of them would ever see or speak to one another again. Allowing himself to believe this he gave into his hunger.

Brushing her lips with his in a light, tantalizing caress. Cupping the warm, silky weight of her breasts in his palms, discovering the lush curves he feared he would never forget.

Bella cried out as she felt her breasts fall over the thin material. His warm hands cupped her bare flesh.

His thumbs circling around both of her nipples, slowly rousing it to a hard nub. Bella heard a low hum vibrate deep in the back of her throat.

His gentle, rough skin hands rubbing against her flesh felt perfect. Her purr morphed into a small whimper as he stroked her sensitive nipples. She wanted him so bad that alarm bells were ringing in her head. This was more than just a dream she thought to herself on a certain conscience level. Yet could not muster the strength to pull away from him. It was all too intoxicating. It was all too real and so damn good.

Pushing her fears aside, instead relishing the exploration of his mouth on hers. Nibbling and teasing her lips with his tongue and teeth. She welcomed his tongue, silky smooth and wet against hers as he tasted her. Each subtle stroke and forays made more thrilling by his control. Edward was a great lover but this man, this dream lover of hers was beyond great. She had a feeling he was a master of seduction.

His hands stroked, roaming her body. He didn't plunder. He didn't grab harshly. No, his hands seem to savor every inch of her body. Lord the man was taking his sweet time caressing her and kissing her mouth until she forgot where she was. She knew this had to be a dream from the mere ecstasy that swirled and spinning through out her entire body and mind. It just was not possible for a mere man to make her body feel this alive, on fire, vibrating every nerve ending.

He lowered his lips to her throat and whispered, "I want you more than my next breathe."

His breathe was gratifyingly ragged which only made her ego expand, her heart to sing with joy. She knew that he was enjoying this just as much as she was. It was so unbelievable that Bella prayed that this was the longest dream she had ever had in her life. If anyone woke her up at this point she would slap them for interrupting the most climactic non-real moment of her life.

A shudder ran down her spine as he crushed his lips with hers again. Her hands fumbled with the buttons on the front of his shirt. She had to touch him. She had to feel his flesh beneath her hands. Sliding her open palms up his chest, enjoying the sensation of smooth, hot skin, she broke away the kiss to rub her face against his bare chest. It was soothing and toasty. She wanted to purr like a cat.

Bella moved back an inch as she leaned up to look at his face then back at his bare chest. She felt a tremendous sense of courage burst within her. Yanking his shirt down his arms and slinging it to the ground.

Her eyes glittered as she stared him up and down, then whispering thickly, "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful."

Cradling his head in her hands, she brought his mouth down to hers, she met his tongue thrust for thrust.

Jake's warm fingers glided down to her rib cage, feeling the silky barrier from his touch then moving it back up to circle around the swollen breast his head lowered as he suck in her breast greedily.

She could feel the silk of his hair brushed her breasts as he drew in the peak, deep into his hot mouth. Bella whimpered. When his teeth clamp delicately down around the tight bud she cried out as his tongue stroked over it again. Between the pain and the pleasure she was drunk with desire.

His hands began to roam everywhere. Feeling his hands stroke the back of her thigh she felt her knee buckle underneath the tickling sensation. Grabbing her small waist he pulled her up so that she naturally wrapped around his waist, rubbing against his swollen cock.

"Oh God! Please fuck me." Bella heard the crude words spill out of her mouth. She never spoke dirty. She rarely used a curse word. This was so unlike her normal character. She did not care. She knew that this would not turn off her lover. She sensed that it would only drive him crazier. As crazy as he was driving her.

"Are you sure you are ready for this?" He asked hoarsely against her lips.

With barely enough breathe to response she replied. "Yes, dear God, yes."

Jake sat her gently down on her feet as he unbuckled his pants. Bella leaned back on the bed staring up at the tall bronze god before her. Her eyes feasted on him as he tugged the pants off, kicking them aside. Bella lost her breathe. The man was definitely everything she could want in a dream lover. His cock stood straight up. It was long, thick, and it made her mouth water.

"Is this enough for you?" He asked with a wicked smile. His eyes burning brightly with passion.

"I think it will do." She teased as she sucked on her lower lip.

Reaching out she slid her hands over his hips, then wrapped her fingers around his engorged cock. His skin was smooth, his cock rock hard, slowly she rubbed her thumb over the mushroom tip. She laughed lightly as it twitch.

Closing her fingers around it she stroked it up and down with gentle ease. Watching as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, licking his lips, moaning softly.

"Ohhh….yesss…baby that's it." Jake cried out as he pulled her hand away, positioning himself over her. He could not wait a second longer. This woman had no clue how long it had been since he had sex last. He was about to explode in her tiny delicate hands. He did not want to waste his seed that way. No, he wanted to spill inside her wet warm pussy.

Hissing out a shudder of bliss as he entered her wet, willing body.

"Can you feel that." He asked, voice rough against her ear.

"YYYesssss." She moaned.

All her senses were on over drive.

"Tighten your legs around me."

"Whatever you say." She said thickly as he pushed himself impossibly deeper.

Walking her heels up his back, feeling gloriously invaded, and kissing his jaw as he started to move.

Pinned down by his weight, she tightened her legs as he moved his big, powerful body inside hers. She ached, burned and shuddered in his arms. She was amazed at how their bodies seem so perfectly matched. She felt helplessly higher and higher, as the earth shifted, rocked, trembled, with her at the very epicenter. She felt her entire body clenched as she came so hard.

The climax rolled over her in an tidal wave so intense she feared she was going deaf and blind. Another swept in right behind it, another, and another until both of them shouted out at the same time.

Bella felt her dream lover go slack as he shuddered against her. Small, delicious aftershocks made her body quiver as sweat beaded her skin and her breathing resumed in erratic gasps.

Jake rolled over onto his back. Bella pushed her hair from her face, suddenly feeling so exposed and vulnerable.

"I have to say you're the best reward I have ever received for a job well done." Jacob chuckled tenderly as he rolled over to his side staring down at the mystery lover.

Bella rolled over staring at him with a curious frown.

"Happy New Year darling." Jake said with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"What?" She was confused. Wasn't this all some sort of dream? Shouldn't she be waking up by now.

Leaning over he pressed feathery kisses on her lips, sliding down the side of her neck. Bella's hands trembled. This was a dream right? He was not real. He could not be here, in the room with her. Any moment now Edward was going to wake her up, right?

Jake pulled her into his arms as his mouth greedily covered her mouth. His hand gripping in her hair, releasing the tie of the mask. Pulling it off of her he released her sweet delicious mouth to feast on the full image of her face.

Jacob felt as if he had been kicked in the nuts. His eyes were wide with pure shock.

Bella opened her eyes that had been filled with passion moments before. Blinking her eyes again she saw that the man in front of her was real. He was so real that he looked like someone she knew. Someone from her past. Someone who worked with Edward.


"Jake." They said in union as the whole hotel grew loud with cheers of "Happy New Years"