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Midnight Masquerade : Chapter 12

Jake walk up the path that led to the park when his phone rang. Answering it he was surprise by the caller.

"Jake, hi it's Mr. Roberts. I want to congratulate you. We decided you would be the best person to represent our new office in Forks." Mr. Roberts says with a cheery tone.

Jake wanted to shout out "Hell yeah!" but bit down on his lower lip, to restrain his happiness so he could sound professional like Mr. Roberts would expect of him.

"Wow, Thanks Mr. Roberts I promise to give it my very best." Jake jumps up and down, grinning from ear to ear. He knew now that no matter what went down between him and Edward he could handle it. After all, he was getting the girl and his dream job.

"I know you will Jake. We have watched you blossom and we believe you will achieve many great things here. I will email you the contract. Take a few days off, enjoy yourself before your buried with the heavy work load." Mr. Roberts chuckles whole heartedly.

"I will. Thank you so much sir." Jake hangs up the phone putting in his back pocket as he clenches his fists together throwing them up and down in a small victory dance when he hears a voice not far away that brings him back to why he was in the park to start with.

"Shit." He mumbles under his breath as he jogs toward the sound of the familiar voices.

When he arrives he finds Edward on one knee holding Bella's hand in his.

"Bella I swear to you, I am the right man for you. No one will love you the way I can." Edward opens the velvet box to flash a diamond ring in the palm of his shaky hand.

"Edward….no….please….you know we are not meant to be together. We were good once but that is not the case now." Bella licks her lips nervously as she closes the box leaving it in his open palms.

"Why not Bella? Tell me is there someone else?" Edward asks as she stands back up, putting the ring in his coat pocket.

"Yes, there is." Bella sighs softly as she lifts her head up to stare into his eyes.

"Who?" Edward feels his stomach muscles clenching as he prepares himself to hear her confession.

"Jake." Bella answers simply.

Jake took his cue as he walks around Edward to stand by Bella's side, holding her hand in his.

"So you two have been what screwing around behind my back?" Edward's voice raises slightly. He knew the truth already but seeing them together, side by side, hands held, it hurt him. It crush him. Yet they look so right together. So right, that it kill him to know that their happiness had left him with the broken heart and all alone.

"Look Edward, it happened by accident." Jake began but Edward cut him off.

"Accident? No one fucks around on accident." Edward knew his choice of words were crass but he did not want to hear any lame ass excuses from Jake.

"It really was an accident at first." Bella cries out defensively.

"Oh really but then what?" Edward looks between the two of them.

"The first time we were together neither of us knew the other. I came up to your hotel to surprise you. I got drunk. Really drunk. I was wearing a mask. I wanted to surprise you by doing something kinky." Bella's cheeks burn with the embarrassment of the situation talking about a sexual encounter she had planned for one guy while the other had actually received it.

"Jake thought I was a present from you. He did not see my face until afterwards. We were both shocked. I begged him not to tell you. It was a mistake. We had not intended to sleep together. Then as the weeks went by, whenever I saw Jake I was drawn to him." Bella pauses as she watches the disgust cross Edward's face.

"Drawn to him? You were drawn to him! What could he possibly give you that I could not." Edward asks with a pissed off look at Jake.

"At first, I just thought it was just purely a sexual thing. You know the mystery ,the fun of sneaking around. Something you know I have never done before." Bella tries to explain but Edward cuts her off again.

"How do I know that Jake is the only guy you have cheated on me with?" Edward shouts.

"Excuse me! You are not actually squeaky clean here buddy." Jake growls, Bella holds his hand tightly, trying to keep him calm.

"I know what I did. I did it because Bella and I were growing apart. I ….did not fall in love with her. I chose you Bella not Lauren." Edward saw the painful look in her eyes before she replace it with only sympathy toward him.

"I am sorry Edward. I did not choose you. I chose Jake. I did fall in love with him." Bella looks up at Jake, smiling tenderly at one another before both turning to look at him.

"So this is love? This is not some silly little crush you two have?" Edward ran his hands through his messy hair as he consider what she had told him. If this was love, real love they both found then he could not hate them, he could be hurt by them but he could not hate them.

"No, it's not a crush. I have honestly fallen in love with Bella." Jake swears as he lifts her hand up to his lips, pressing small kisses on the back of her knuckles.

"So now what? You two plan on getting married?" Edward felt his guts twist like a pretzel at the thought of Bella saying yes to a marriage proposal from someone else, especially after being rejected twice by her.

"Uh." Bella stuttered.

"I don't' know." Jake shrug his shoulders wearing a casual smile.

"I guess you heard you got the job here." Edward remarks as he stares down at his shoes.

"Yes, I got the call earlier." Jake nods his head.

Bella's head whips around wearing a proud smile at Jake.

"You did!" Bella cries out as she throws her arms around him giving him a congratulatory hug.

"That is so great!" Bella squeals planting a tender kiss on his lips before remembering that Edward was still standing there.

"Sorry." Bella gulps as she witnesses the anguish on his face.

"It's okay. It's weird but it's okay. I figured out before today that you two had been fooling around. I just did not understand why neither of you had the balls to tell me." Edward explains his reason for pushing them to confess their secret.

"I wasn't sure what we were doing, Jake and I. I was still not sure where you and I stood. When I thought I was pregnant I was terrified. When I hoped it was Jake's child and not yours, I knew then where my heart really lied. I knew that what I felt for Jake was more than lust. I just….did not know how break things off with you without hurting you. I know it's stupid to think there is ever a easy way to break up with someone." Bella chews on the corner of her lip.

"YOU thought you were pregnant?" Jake looks startled at her.

"I was late and I took a test but it came out negative that is why I did not say anything to you. Plus I hate to say it but I was not sure who the father was. It made me feel rather skanky. You know like a Jerry Springer "ho". " Bella chuckle bitterly, kicking a pebble with her shoe.

"Damn. That is pretty skanky." Jake teases her.

"I guess we all learned something from this situation." Edward says with an amused expression.

"I know that I will cherish the time we shared together and I'm sorry that I could not commit to you but I do not regret falling in love with Jake." Bella reaches up, hugging Edward for a few seconds before standing next to Jake, holding his hand again.

"I am sorry that the way Bella and I fell in love was wrong Edward. It was wrong to cheat behind your back. I just hope you understand from your own experience that it just happened and neither of us started this relationship planning on hurting you." Jake says with a heartfelt tone.

"I get that now. So you got my job and my girl. What am I to do now?" Edward smirks.

"Go back to Seattle, find that perfect girl ,work your way up at that office. We both know you hate small towns." Bella roll her eyes playfully.

"True." Edward admits as they all laugh together.

"I should be heading back. I have plenty of work to do." Edward reaches out shaking Jake's hand. Bella runs into his arms, hugging him one more time before he departs.

"Thank you for understanding." Bella whispers in his ears.

"Hey I might be slow at times but I catch up eventually. I hope you two really love one another." Edward presses a chaste kiss on her forehead, then turns and walks away.

Bella lets out a long deep exhale. Jake mimics her as they both look at one another with goofy relieved grins

"Well, it could have gone a whole different way." Bella thinks out loud.

"Yes, it could have." Jake agrees happy that it did not go that way.

"So what do we do now, with the rest of our day off?" Bella asks with an sheepish grin.

"I think we go practice on keeping you "drawn" to me." Jake's eyes sparkle with mischief as Bella smacks him on the arm, taking his hand in hers, they walk together to their vehicles where they make plans to go out on a date. A real date.

"You know Bella there for a minute I thought you might say yes to Edward's proposal." Jake brings up the awkward moment he had walked up on the couple back at the park.

Bella blinks a few times surprised by his statement.

"Why? You know I love you." Bella tilts her head, her eyes staring into his.

"I don't know exactly. I guess I just thought that was one of those moments all girls dream about." Jake shrugs his shoulder, his eyes glimmering from the sunlight that splash in them.

"Of course I want to be proposed to someday. I just want it to be with the right guy at the right time." Bella answers standing on her tip toes as she kisses him tenderly.

"How will I know when it's the right time?" Jake asks curiously.

"How do you know you're the right guy?" Bella teases.

"Cause honey I'm the only guy you have ever been drawn to." He jokes as he cups her face between his hands, kissing her hard against her lips.

"You like using that word against me, don't you." Bella snickers.

"I do. I have never had a woman say that about me. I have heard women say they were attracted to me or hell even magnetized by me but never drawn. It sounds so sensual so romantic. Did you get it out of a novel?" He asks as he pushes her hair out of her face, staring deep into her eyes.

"I do not honestly remember." Bella laughs lightly as she hooks her fingers in his pant loops, pulling him against her.

"You know someday down the road, when you agree to marry me, and you will, we should get married on New Years Eve. What do you think?" Jake asks as he turns her to his side, placing his arm around her, while they lean up against his truck.

"I think it would be a marvelous idea." Bella agrees. Then she adds, "But it has to be a Masquerade Wedding, the guests have to wear masks at the reception." Clapping her hands excitedly.

"I like that! That would be so unique and so us. Cause baby you and I are one of a kind." Jake announces as he lifts her up in his arms, putting her in the cab of his truck, sliding in next to her.

"So we need to find me somewhere to stay or even better, how about we try living together. It's got to be weird staying with your dad." Jake suggests as he starts up the truck.

"It's not weird but it does make me feel like a kid again." She replies.

"Really. A kid, uh. Maybe I can crawl up into your window and we can pretend it's against the rules." Jake wiggles his eyebrows, Bella throws her head back and laughter erupts from inside of her.

"It's never going to be dull with you, is it?" Bella says.

"Never baby, I got to keep you drawn to me." Jake emphasizes the word "drawn" long and sensual while Bella just laughs and feels for the first time, in a long time like she has finally found where she belongs, with Jake, in Forks at last.