Name: Forsaken
Author: Crimson Wounded Angel
Summary: A one-shot drabble about Gustav and Tia. Might be continued.
A/N: I just wrote this one day during class (bored~) and as with all my stories, it took weeks for me to put it on the computer ;^^ I rather like it, for my first Avalon Code story... I felt Gustav and Tia weren`t paired enough. Also thought that how Tia, despite being abandoned by everyone, the way she kept fighting, despite the negative impact it all had on her, was... impressive? Well, that and I love damaged goods, so I thought there was no way she could go through that without some sort of damage to her esteem/passion/will.
That and I love couples with such age gaps XD So it`s not all drabble.
K, I`m done, enjoy, please review~


The light shone in from the window, the night otherwise dark and silent. A tall, muscular, elder man sat up in bed, the light revealing his piercing blue eyes and blond hair. He was shirtless and ten, with countless scars etched into his torso from his youth. As the current training hall master of one of the four schools, he hadn't been wounded in years.

Except by her.

He subconsciously rubbed a recent scar on his chest and glanced over his left shoulder to look at the young woman with whom he had spent the last few nights with. A student of his, Tia, had been fairly lazy to begin with. After all that had happened however, not only had she beaten him three times, she had also trumped the other school masters, the Waisen prime minister Werman, the prince Valdo and a myriad of others and monsters. He returned to gazing out the window, as though the view might've changed. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice the strawberry-blonde get up and kneel behind him, draping her arms over his shoulders, pulling him close to her frail, naked form.

He looked at her, leaning on her arm over his shoulder, trying to read her. She seemed... tired. But then, she was very young. Too young. It wasn't right, what they had. His own son, sleeping downstairs, harboured feelings for the girl, and he was anything but the only one. The townspeople would notice at some point, if not before her troupe of fans. "The Kaleilan hero training for the countries sake" wouldn't always work as an excuse and no doubt Heath at least would try to take her for "training" too.

His thoughts were interrupted by her lips pressed against his own. He kissed her back and turned to face her, at which point she crawled into his arms, onto his lap. She looked up into his face, and he looked back, noticing the moonlight illuminating her delicate features as she smiled wearily and leaned up to kiss him.

She really was too young.

He pulled her close and met her lips, trying to push back the guilt. The pain she had suffered... When everyone had forsaken her... she had still fought for them. ...Even he had doubted her...

He looked into her eyes as she sat back and looked at him, a mixture of curiosity, innocence and…fear? She was scared; she didn't want to be abandoned again, to be hated and betrayed by all those who she had done so much for...

He held her close, and she let him, as though she were his doll. She'd do what he wanted so long as he loved her, and she loved him enough to trust him with her. He'd protect her from everything, and anyone, who came for her. He would not fail her again.