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"Edward. . . . Edward."


"It's your turn."

"No, it's not."

"Yes, it is."

"I got up last time."

"That was four days ago."



"I'm up," he groaned. I felt the bed shift. I grinned into my pillow in triumph, but kept my eyes closed for fear that if I opened them, it meant that I was awake. And I really didn't want to be awake again.

A small part of me felt bad. Edward had just returned from a business trip. His flight had gotten in at ten and he crawled into bed around midnight. But I'd already been up three times and I was exhausted, too.

I drifted in and out for the next hour and finally rolled out of bed at six a.m.

Wandering down the stairs, I stopped and surveyed the apparent standoff in the kitchen.

"No, Daddy."

"Yes, Olivia."


"What are we arguing about?" I looked at our four-year-old daughter who had her elbow on the table and her fist perched against her cheek. Our three-year-old son, Grant, was eating his oatmeal — blissfully oblivious to the drama between his sister and her dad.

I'd gotten pregnant with Grant exactly six weeks after delivering Olivia. I knew I could get pregnant while breastfeeding, but no one told me that it could happen before I'd even had my first postpartum period. I was three months along before I realized that my weight was going in the wrong direction.

Edward rocked our newest addition, three-month-old Mason, in his arms as he frowned at Olivia.

"I don't want to go to school today," Olivia announced.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because Ms. Yasmine says I can't wear my tutu to school and today is a tutu day."

"It is?"

"Yes, Mommy. It's TuTuTuesday," she explained seriously.

Edward covered his mouth to hide his laugh.

"Good morning," I said, passing by him and lifting myself up on my toes to offer a kiss.

"You were right. It was my turn," he mumbled against my lips.

"I know." I smiled and kissed him again. "Thank you for getting up." Walking over to the refrigerator, I pulled out a carton of orange juice. "So, Daddy, what are we going to do about TuTuTuesday?" I asked playfully.

Edward frowned. "I have no idea. This is unknown territory for me."

I laughed. "Olivia, if Ms. Yasmine says you can't wear your tutu to school, then you need to listen to her. But you can wear it all the way to the door and I will have it for you when I pick you up at lunch. You can wear it the rest of the day, okay?"

I watched my daughter, with her daddy's big green eyes and pouty lips, contemplate my answer.

"Okay," she sighed dramatically.

I glanced over at Edward, nodding. "That's how it's done, Daddy," I teased.

"Well, thank you. Now I know. Here," Edward said, handing me Mason. "Looks like you could use a little help."

Looking down, I saw that both my nipples were leaking through my pajama shirt.

"Thanks." I cradled the baby in my arms and he immediately turned his head, rooting. "I feel like a fucking cow," I whispered.

"If it makes you feel better, you look gorgeous, baby," Edward said in a somewhat seductive voice.

I caught a glance of my reflection in the mirror on the wall and groaned. "Liar."

"I'm sorry." He bent down and kissed Mason's head.

I wandered over to the couch, settled in and offered my breast to my whimpering child.

"It's fine. Not like we haven't been here before. Grant, stop picking your nose!" I looked down at Mason to make sure he was latched on properly. When I looked back up, Edward was smiling.


He shook his head. "We live such a glamorous life. Breastmilk, boogers, and tutus."

"Tutus can be very glamorous," I laughed. "Right, Liv?" Olivia took a bite of oatmeal and nodded her head.

"Yep, they can."

"See?" I said, tilting my head and crooking my finger. Edward stepped closer, leaning down so that his face was only a few inches from mine. "Besides, I like our glamorous life."

Placing a gentle kiss on my mouth, he whispered, "So do I."

"Good. Go get ready for work. I have things covered here."

"You sure?"

I looked around. I had less than forty-five minutes to nurse the baby, get everyone dressed and out the door. Oh, yeah. And I probably needed to change my shirt, put on a bra and run a brush through my hair, too. Did I have things covered? Sure. Why not?


"Are you happy now?" I pulled down my shirt and smiled at Mason, who was in a milk-induced stupor.

"Oh, my God. Do you not know how those are made?"

I looked up to see my bestie standing in the doorway.

"Roooose!" I squealed, grinning. "You're back."

"Yes, I am. You know, you really should lock your front door during the day. I could have been some freak. Now, give him here," she demanded, reaching for Mason.

"What do you mean, could have been?" I teased, standing up to hand my youngest over.

"Shut up. Wow, he looks just like Edward." She pursed her lips, studying him. "But he has your nose."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

She chuckled. "Well, you're going to be in trouble when he hits puberty, I'll tell you that. You remember what happened when Edward grew up?"

I laughed. "Do I ever."

Rose sat down on the couch and looked around. "Why is it so quiet? Where are my other babies?"

"At pre-school."

"Already? They're not old enough for pre-school. What the fuck?" She looked down. "Whoops. Sorry, Moo. Auntie Rose has a bad mouth."

Mason stared up at her, his dark blue eyes obviously trying to focus. Then he smiled.

"Awwww. Is he actually smiling or does he just need to take a dump or something?"

I snorted. "He started smiling a few weeks ago. Coffee?"

"No. I'm trying to cut down on the caffeine," she answered, looking back down at Mason.

I poured her a glass of water instead and joined her in the living room.

"Any luck?" I asked, watching her fawn over my son.

Rose shook her head. "No. But I told Emmett if I wasn't pregnant by the time we got home that I'd go see a fertility specialist. I've got an appointment next week."

"That's good."

"Maybe now that I'm back I'll just hang around you, though. Let all those baby making hormones seep in."

I smiled, but I felt bad. It had been so easy for Edward and me. Too easy. Rose and Emmett had been trying for three years with no luck. Emmett suggested their round the world trip as a way to de-stress.

"Stop with the 'poor Rose' face," she scoffed. "Look, I've had a lot of time to think about this. And yeah, it sucks. But I've done the tears. And now . . . I'm okay. If I can't get pregnant, it's no big deal. We'll adopt."


She shrugged. "Yeah. I mean, I want to be a mom. Does it really matter how that happens?"

"No," I agreed. "It doesn't."

"And you would be shocked at the amount of orphans there are in the world. Kids who need good homes."

"No, I wouldn't," I said, shaking my head. "Journalist, remember?"

"Yeah. How's that freelance stuff going, anyway?"

I shrugged. "Up until a few months ago, it was going great. I haven't been working much since Mason was born, though."

"No better reason to take a few months off work." She smirked. "Other than traveling around the world with a sex God. That's a pretty fucking awesome reason, too."

"Yeah, I suppose that's a pretty good reason," I laughed. "Are you going back to Cullen and Associates?"

When Rose was in grad school, Carlisle hired her as an engineering intern. When she graduated with her Masters degree, he offered her a full-time position. She worked there for three years before requesting a temporary leave for her trip.

She shrugged. "Since I'm not knocked up, I'd like to. If they'll have me back. I talked to Alastair last week from London."

She could have talked to Edward, too, but they agreed when she was hired that she would report to Alastair or Carlisle and not to him. It was better that way. And it kept me from having to be a mediator when things didn't go as planned.

The front door of our house opened. My husband stepped in and looked up, grinning widely. After all these years, his smile still got me. Even on my worst days, all he had to do was offer me that simple gesture and I melted.

"Oh. Hey, Ro!" Edward greeted, pulling off his jacket. "I see you've met Mason."

Rose stood up. "You just can't keep it in your pants, can you?" She handed me the baby gently.

"Wow. I missed you so much," Edward deadpanned. "Homeland Security actually let you back in?"

Rose laughed. "Hello, sexy stranger." She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "I missed you, too." Rose stepped back and sat down on the arm of the couch.

"What are you doing home so early?" I asked, looking at the clock on the wall. It was only ten-thirty.

"Ummmm." He shifted his weight. "My meeting finished up and I didn't have anything else on my calendar for the day, so I thought . . ."

Rose snorted. "He was hoping for a little mid-morning delight. I'm interrupting."

Edward frowned at her. "No. I'm just . . .I'm going to get changed." I watched him head back towards the bedroom.

"He's been out of town," I said when Rose looked at me. "We haven't . . . not since Mason was born."

"No shit? Why? He doesn't want to? Is he being a fucker?"

I chuckled at my friend's protectiveness. "No, it's totally me. Edward wants to." I shrugged. "He always wants to. I've given him a few blow jobs."

"So, what's the problem?"

I sighed. "I'm just exhausted all the time. He's been managing a huge project in Everett for some developer in Chicago. He's been traveling a lot. It's been all me for about six months."

"Oh," she said, making a face. "Well, shit. Do you need me to babysit so you two can screw?"

I snorted.

"I'm serious. Let me take little man out for walk."

"What, right now?"

"Uh, he's here," she said, nodding back towards our bedroom. "What time do the kids have to be picked up?"


"That's two hours. More than enough time for a pickle tickle." She grinned at me. "Maybe even a few."

"Oh, my God," I groaned, feeling my cheeks heat up.

"Rose, you haven't even been back twenty-four hours. Whatever it is you're trying to get my wife to do that is making her blush like that, the answer is no." Edward said, strolling back into the room and towards the kitchen. He pulled out a coffee mug and a K-cup.

Rose turned around to face him, an indignant look on her face.

"I'm trying to help you get laid, lover boy. But shit, if you're not interested. . ." She faced me again and winked.

I glanced up at Edward, who had frozen, his mouth slightly open. I bit my lip as our eyes met. When he realized she wasn't fucking with him, the corner of his mouth lifted.

"Does he need to be fed before we go?" Rose asked, reaching for Mason again. I let her take him.

"No. I just fed him. He should be good for at least two hours."

"Well, isn't that just perfect?"

I gathered the diaper bag and a blanket as Rose put the baby into the stroller.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "You came over to visit me."

"No, I came over to spend time with your new beautiful baby. That's what I'm doing." Rose leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Have fun," she whispered.

I watched her go, nervously. I trusted Rose completely. But I'd never been away from Mason for longer than it took me to take a shower.

"We'll be fine," she called, reading my mind. "Go give your man some lovin'."

Shutting the door, I turned around to see my husband leaning against the kitchen counter with his coffee mug in hand and a cheeky grin on his face.

He curled his finger.

"What?" I asked almost shyly.

"Come here."

Edward started humming as I approached him. He reached out his hand and pulled me to him, breaking out in song.

"Hey, where did we go

Days when the rains came

Down in the hollow

Playing a new game,

Laughing and a-running, hey, hey,

Skipping and a-jumping

In the misty morning fog with

Our, our hearts a-thumping

And you, my brown-eyed girl,

Yoooooou, my brown-eyed girl."

He twirled me around and then brought me to his chest, wrapping his arms around me.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," I giggled. "You're such a dork."

"Yes, I am. When was the last time we were alone?"

"Truly alone?" I asked, tilting my head.

Edward nodded. "Yeah."

"Probably the night Mason was conceived."

Edward laughed "That's not even remotely funny."

"No, it's not," I agreed. I put my hands on his hips, sliding them under his shirt and across his tight abs. "Are you gonna keep singing to me?"

"If I do, will you put out?"

"Maybe," I teased. "Depends on how well you do it."

Edward picked me up off the ground, making me squeal.

"Do you remember when we used to sing

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

Just like that

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

La dee dah."

He set me up on the top of the island. "I do it so good, baby." He tugged at the top of my yoga pants. "Now take off your pants."

I let him slide them down my legs. He dropped them on the floor and frowned.

"Well, that's no good."

Suddenly self-conscious, I crossed my arms over my lower abdomen. I'd had three babies in under five years. Things weren't exactly what they used to be.

"Fuck that, B, I was talking about the fact that you're not completely naked."

He was on me fast, kissing me hard as he took of my underwear. When they were off, he stripped my shirt over my head.

"Lay back," he panted, working his way across my neck and down my abdomen.


He stood up and yanked his own shirt off. "It'll be easier to eat your pussy up here," he said matter of factly. "Please?"

Feeling my heart rate speed, I leaned back on my elbows just as he put his mouth between my legs.

"Oh, shit!" I gasped, reaching one hand down to grab his hair.

His tongue played with the sensitive flesh, flicking and sucking until I couldn't hold on anymore.

"Edward!" I cried out, lifting my hips as I came.

After a minute of just riding out the wave of pleasure, I opened my eyes to see him grinning at me.

"It's been too long," he said, licking his lips.

"Holy crap," I breathed. I looked down, noticing that my husband was at full mast beneath his sweats. "Need some help with that?" I asked, sitting up and reaching for his drawstring. I pursed my lips in a pout when he stopped me.

"I want to be inside you," he whispered, kissing me softly. "Are you ready for me?"

"Yes," I breathed. "Always."

He kissed me a little harder and slid me off the island. I turned around, pressing my ass into his crotch. His hands were everywhere. His lips were at my neck.

"Where do you want to do this, baby?" he panted. I stopped and looked around. "Okay, I didn't mean for you to think about that so much. Sofa."

We walked awkwardly to the sofa, trying not to stumble. When we got there Edward pushed me down and climbed on top of me.

"Ow, ow, ow," I yelped.

"What? What did I do?"

"Nothing." I reached underneath me and pulled a toy truck from under my back. "Motherfucking toys," I grumbled, tossing it across the floor. When I met Edward's gaze again, he was grinning at me. "What?"

"I haven't heard that word come out of your mouth in a while. It's dirty. I like it."

I giggled as he attacked my neck again.

The feeling of his cock entering me made my toes curl. I bit down on my lower lip and let out a low moan.

"Does that feel good?" Edward asked, pulling out and pushing back in again slowly.

"That feels amazing," I said, lifting my butt. "Do it again."

"Like this?" He pressed his hips into me, making sure to rub my clit whenever he had the chance.

I grunted and groaned and mewed like a cat.

"You're making some fucking fantastic noises," Edward teased. "I must be doing something right."

"Oh, yeah," I gasped. "Definitely something." I scratched my nails down his back in an attempt to draw him closer so I could come. "Oh, God," I cried. "Edward."

"I gotcha, baby girl," he panted, smirking down at me. "Hang on."

He sped up, his movement becoming much less controlled. I focused on the feeling of my orgasm as it approached. My body tensed, and Edward lost control, his hips bucking wildly. A few seconds later, he came hard and fast, my name on his lips.

"Ohhhh, shit," he groaned, rolling me slightly so he could lay down without crushing me. "Can I just stay here? I like it in here. It's warm and soft."

"Do you want to explain the birds and the bees to the kids so soon?"

Edward frowned. "Not really."

"Neither do I," I giggled.

He moved around a little, and I could feel him getting harder again.


"It's been a long time, B," he said, shrugging.

I watched as he started to withdraw from my body. His dick was definitely ready to go again.

"I need a shower," I said, raising my arms above my head. "If you can settle for a good, solid suck, you're welcome to join me."

"Really?" Edward asked, standing up.

"We've still got a little while before Rose gets back."

Edward pulled me to my feet. "Fuck, baby, let's go then."


"Well, by the flush in your cheeks and the goofy grin on his face, I'd say you made good use of your time," Rose teased, pushing the stroller through the front door.

I chuckled. "How was Mason?"

"He slept, he slept and . . . oh, he slept some more. He's a very boring kid." She smiled at me. "Are you both feeling better?"

"Much. Thank you. Can you stay for lunch? Edward's going to get the kids, and I know they'd love to see you."

"Awww, my monkeys. Sure. I could use a good, home-cooked meal. Whatcha makin'?"

"Uh, well, it's between mac 'n' cheese, hot dogs, or peanut butter and jelly."

Rose pursed her lips. "What happened to the amazing beef stew and fettuccine alfredo girl I used to know?" Rose teased.

"She wears yoga pants all day and prays that today she'll get a shower," I answered.

She wrapped her finger around my wet hair. "Well, you certainly got one today, didn't ya?"

"Ha," I laughed. "For that I'll make you my current specialty. Buttered noodles."


Rose stayed for most of the afternoon. She played with Olivia and Grant. She cuddled with Mason. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist from the back and pressed his chin into my shoulder.

"I hope it happens for her," he whispered.

"Me, too," I agreed.

"Okay," she said, standing up. "It's time for me to go." She put Mason into Edward's outstretched arms. "Em's gonna be home from work soon, and I think my hormones are good and juiced up."

"What are hormones?" Olivia asked curiously.

"Whoops," Rose snickered.

"We'll talk about that later," I hurried out. "Go get washed up for dinner."

"See ya, lover boy."

"Bye, Rose." Edward waved.

I walked her to the door. "Thank you, Rose."

She leaned in and kissed my cheek. "My pleasure, honey. I'm glad you had a good time. We'll go out soon, yes?"

"Absolutely. Love you."

"Love you, too."


"Mommy, Grant had another accident!"

I looked up from the floor as I scrubbed the spot on the carpet where my son had his last accident.

"Shhhh," I hushed her. "Mason's sleeping." I sat back on my heels. "Are you kidding me?"

Olivia shook her head. "No. He pooped all over the hall." She wrinkled her nose in disgust. "He's such a baby."

"Where is he now?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I'm just the sister." She turned and stomped away loudly.

The cries of a teething five-month-old pierced the air and I groaned. This had been what my day was like. Mason hadn't slept for more than an hour in a row, Grant had contracted some sort of rotavirus, and Olivia was crabby because the boys were getting all the attention.

"Grant, honey, are you in the bathroom?" I called, standing up and making my way down the hallway. When I reached the kids' bathroom, Grant was perched on the toilet stark naked with tears streaming down his face.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," he hiccoughed.

I used my wrist to brush a strand of hair from my face.

"It's okay, baby. It's not your fault."

"Mom! Mason's still crying."

"I can hear him, Olivia," I snapped. Turning, I saw her lower lip out and quivering. "Shit," I muttered. "I'll get him in a minute, Liv. Can you go play with him for me please?"

I cleaned Grant up, washed my hands and made my way into my bedroom where Olivia was making faces at a sobbing Mason.

"He hates me," she pouted.

"No, he doesn't. His mouth hurts. I put my hand on her head. "Thank you, honey."

I picked Mason up and sat down in the rocker, pulling up my shirt and reaching to unhook my bra. Mason latched on greedily in an attempt to soothe himself.

About half an hour later, Edward appeared in the doorway.

"Hey," he said, looking concerned. "This place looks like a hurricane hit. You okay?" I met his eyes and I felt a hundred emotions erupt at one time. My eyes filled with tears. "Oh, shit, baby. What happened?" He strode over to me and got down on one knee.

"Nothing," I whimpered.

"Bullshit." Mason detached himself from my boob and grinned up at his daddy. "Hi, buddy," Edward smiled rubbing his hand gently over Mase's head. "Let me take him, B. Go take a bath."

"I have to clean up the shit in the hallway."

"What shit? There's only a towel on the floor."

"No. Shit. Like real shit. Grant's sick."

Edward frowned. "Oh. It's fine. I'll take care of it."

"Are you sure?" I asked pathetically.

Edward leaned in, giving me a soft kiss on the lips. "Completely."

After I handed Edward the baby, I took his advice and drew myself a hot bath. As I sat soaking, he came in only once to give me a glass of red wine. Mason wouldn't need to be nursed again for several hours and if he did, there were bags of milk in the freezer. I really needed that wine.

When I was done, I wrapped myself in a robe and wandered out into the living room. On the way, I noticed that the poop in the hallway had been cleaned up. Edward had Mason in the baby carrier and was dancing around the kitchen. I could smell dinner cooking. Grant was curled up on the couch watching a show and Olivia was coloring quietly on the floor.

"Feel better?"

"I think I just came," I teased quietly, offering him a thankful kiss. "Sorry."

"For what?"

"The last thing you needed after working all day was to come home to that."

"Um . . . my family?"

"You know what I mean."

Edward put his arm around me. "Belly, I love you. And I love the kids. Piss, shit, vomit, messy house, dirty wife, it doesn't matter." He waggled his eyebrows. "I kinda like the dirty wife bit." I laughed. "I know I've been working a lot the last couple of months," he sighed. I gave him a funny look. "Okay, the last year has been crazy. And it's going to stay crazy for a while longer. I want to give you whatever I can. Even if it's the little things like cooking dinner and taking care of the kids for a few hours."

"You have no idea just how big those 'little' things are." I pressed my cheek into Edward's shoulder. "Do you know how much I love you?"

"I have an idea. But feel free to tell me. . . or show me later tonight."

I smiled up at him. "You are the best husband a girl could ask for.

Mason giggled and kicked his feet, flapping his arms in the air wildly.

"And a pretty amazing daddy, too."

"Aww, shucks, baby. Thank you." Edward squeezed me tightly and then let me go. "You want to help me get dinner on the table so this one doesn't try to sabotage the whole thing?"

I smiled at my husband. I really was a lucky woman. "Sure."


"Whatcha doin'?" Edward asked, leaning down and kissing my head as I sat at our dining room table a couple of months later.

"Working," I sighed.

"On what?"

I looked up from my computer. "Demetri sent me a project he wants me to research."

Edward put his hands on my shoulders and began rubbing my neck. "Hmmm. Are you happy to be working again?"

I let my head drop. "Yes. Oh, my God, that feels good."

"Working or what I'm doing?" he asked, pressing his thumb into a knot between my shoulder blades.

I moaned softly. "Both. But particularly what you're doing."

"Oh yeah?" I felt his lips against my skin. "I can make you feel even better if you'd like."

"Mmmm. I'd definitely like. Are you sure everyone is asleep?"

"Yes," he whispered, his teeth scraping my earlobe. "Come to bed with me." He stood up and backed away, holding out his hand. I obliged happily and followed him to our bedroom.

When we got there, Edward shut the door behind us.

I curled my finger, beckoning him to me.

When he reached me, he didn't waste any time. He pulled my shirt over my head, making my nipples harden in anticipation. Edward brushed his thumbs over the peaks. I slid the straps of my bra down and unhooked it, revealing my breasts.

"I can touch them, right?" he asked, running his tongue over his lower lip.

I smirked and nodded. "And if you're really good, you can even lick them."

"Fuuuuuck! It's been a long time since I've been allowed to do that." He picked me up and buried his face in between my tits, making me giggle. Tossing me gently onto the bed, he ripped off his own shirt and then laid down on top of me. His mouth went straight to my nipple, his tongue circling it, his teeth nipping softly. He moved to the other breast, giving it equal attention before working his way down to my navel. When he kissed a particularly sensitive spot on my belly, I bucked my hips and wrapped my legs around his back.

"Well, that's a fantastically unexpected reaction," he chuckled. "Let's see if we can do that again."

"No!" I squealed, imitating the movement when he did it again. Edward put his hand over my mouth and laughed.


He reached for his jeans, and I watched him unbutton them and slide them down his legs. He was ready for me. His long, thick cock prominent against his blue boxers. He pulled them down and stood there, jutting straight out.

"Did you fall asleep?"

"Huh?" I asked, looking up. "Shit. Sorry." I scrambled to take off my own pants, opting to take the underwear off with them in one shot.

"That's more like it."

He stood in front of me, between my legs and wrapped his hand around his dick. He slapped it against me a few times, hitting my clit with the head, and then guided it between the lips of my throbbing pussy without pushing into me. My whole body was vibrating with anticipation.

"Edward," I pleaded. "Don't tease."

"Scoot back," he said.

I did as I was told, pushing the covers down the bed and leaning against the stack of pillows. Edward crawled over me and gave my clit one last playful dick slap before entering me.

"Ugh," I grunted.

He moved slowly at first, propping himself on his arms so that we could both watch as he moved in and out of me. But I got impatient. When I pulled him down onto me, he got the message and increased his speed.

We were just getting into a good groove when he suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter?" I asked, my impending orgasm fading away.

Flipping us over so that I was on top, he grinned. "You take over. I'm tired."

"You're tired?" I asked, pursing my lips.

"No. Actually, I just want to watch your tits bounce. You've kept them hidden forever."

"Six months is not forever."

"It is for a man who needs his wife's tits."

I laughed and started rocking into him. I may have added a little extra enthusiasm just for the tit bounce.

When he cupped my boobs with both hands, I knew he was close.


"Shit!" I swore, slowing down slightly at the sound of Grant's cry.

"Ignore him, baby. Please," Edward begged.

He moved his hips to try and get me to keep going. We were both there. Right there.

I leaned forward and hit just the right spot, gritting my teeth to keep myself from moaning loudly as I came. Edward was seconds behind me, gripping my hips as he emptied himself inside of me.

"Fuck, that felt amazing," he sighed.

There was another cry and a thump, meaning someone was out of bed. I slid off of Edward, who continued to lay there limply, his dick still half hard.

"Hurry up," I laughed as the sound of little footsteps coming down the hallway got louder. I threw his underwear at him and put my pajamas on just in time for Grant to open our door.

"Hey, baby," I cooed. "What's the matter?"

"I need water," he whined, his eyes still mostly closed.

"I'll get it for him," Edward offered, standing up and pulling on a pair of sweats.

"Thanks," I said sweetly. "I love you."

As he walked past me, he grabbed my ass. "I know you do. And I fully expect round two as soon as he's back to bed."

I snorted. "You're crazy. I'm going to sleep."

"We'll see about that."

I watched him march Grant out the door and then crawled into our bed. The sheets smelled of sex and Edward. I inhaled deeply and a stupidly wide smile spread across my face. I wasn't tired at all. Edward was right. I wouldn't be falling asleep anytime soon. I closed my eyes anyway, pretending. It was much more fun when I made him work for it.


"Knock, knock. We're here." Emmett's booming voice startled me as I set a bowl of pasta and cheese down in front of Grant.

"Hey! Come on in," I yelled. "We're in the kitchen."

He and Rose appeared around the corner. He set a giant bowl of salad on the island and inhaled. "Is that dinner?"

"Yep," I answered, nodding.

He made a gurgling sound like Homer Simpson. "It smells fantastic."

Turning to look at the kids, Emmett grinned. "Hi!" he greeted.

"Hi!" Grant mumbled, his mouth full of food.

"I see he has his dad's manners," Rose teased. Then she looked at Olivia, who was picking at the long strands of cheese with a scowl on her face. "And she looks remarkably like you right now."

"Shut up," I laughed.

"It's stringy," Olivia complained.

"It's cheese, Liv," I said flatly. "It's supposed to be stringy."

"It's too stringy."

I rolled my eyes. "Just eat it."

"I don't like too stringy cheese either," Emmett commiserated. "It gets everywhere."

"Don't encourage her, Emmett," I scolded playfully.

Rose stood quietly by my side as I stirred the au jus.

"As soon as they're done with dinner, I'll get them ready for bed."

"At six-thirty?"

"By the time they're ready, it'll be seven-thirty," I shrugged. "It's been a long day with no naps, so they'll go down quickly. Would you like some wine?"

"Not right now," Rose said, shaking her head.





I reached into the fridge and pulled out two bottles of a German beer that I couldn't pronounce. Emmett had shipped various things from Europe, including a healthy supply of alcohol that he'd kindly shared with us.

"Thanks, mama," Emmett said, offering a toothy smile. I handed Edward his beer and kissed his mouth firmly. "Hey! I didn't get one of those!" Emmett complained.

"I don't know where that mouth has been," I teased.

"Lots of really awesome places," he said, wiggling his eyebrows. "You want me to tell you?"

"That's gross," I snorted. "No. I don't want to know."

"Your loss."

About half an hour later, as Rose helped me get the kids ready for bed, I watched her carefully. She was acting weird. Nervous. She'd been unusually quiet since she'd arrived, and I knew something was up.

"Are you okay?" I asked, slipping Grant's pajama shirt over his head.

"Uh huh," she nodded. "Fine."

"Really?" I said, not buying it.

She shrugged and I understood. Not something she wanted to get into right then.

We finished getting everyone in their beds, reading stories, getting sippy cups of water, and giving goodnight kisses. Then we made our way back to the living room.

"So, are you ready to tell me what's going on?" I asked. Rose glanced at the guys and shook her head. "Hey, guys?" I called. Emmett and Edward looked up. "Can you go get some pre-dinner wine?"

Edward opened his mouth and looked at me, confused.

"Don't we have wine?"

"I don't think we have any Pinot. I want Pinot."

Edward narrowed his eyes at me, and then the "I know you're up to something" look appeared on his face. I just smiled. He winked at me and looked over at Emmett. "Uh, you up?"

Emmett shrugged. "Sure. Whatever the ladies want, the ladies get."

They fist bumped stupidly. Edward grabbed his wallet and keys, and they were gone.

"Okay, what's up?" I said. "I've got plenty of wine, including Pinot, so why did I send the boys on a pointless errand?"

She took a deep breath and strode over to the kitchen, pulling a pharmacy bag out of her purse.

"Well, I appreciate you doing that," she breathed. "I needed us to be alone so I could do this." She pulled out a pregnancy test.

My jaw dropped. "Seriously?" She nodded. "How late are you?"

"Eight days."

"And you haven't taken a test yet?"

"I was scared to get my hopes up. We've been through four cycles and nothing." She paused and then shrugged. "It feels different this time. I wanted you to be with me when I did it."

I felt myself tear up. "Okay. Go. Go take it."

"Okay," she said softly. "Okay."

She was in the bathroom for what seemed like forever. Way longer than three minutes. I wanted to pound on the door. I wanted to ask if she was almost done. But I sat on the bar stool at the kitchen counter twiddling my thumbs. Waiting.

When I heard the door to the bathroom open, I turned slowly, trying to figure out what I would say to her if it was negative.

"Well?" I asked

Rose bit her lip and I knew.

"Oh, my God!" I screamed, instantly covering my mouth so that I didn't wake the kids. "Really?"

Rose held up two pregnancy tests. "They both have a smiley face." Then she frowned. "Wait. That means I'm pregnant, right?"

"Yes," I assured. "It does." I hugged her tightly, and we both started crying. "I knew this would happen," I breathed. Then I leaned back and widened my eyes dramatically. "What if it's twins?"

"Fuck you!" Rose laughed. I giggled and let her go. "Seriously, though, I will take whatever I can get."

We stared at each other for a few seconds

"Holy shit." I grinned widely.

"I know. Crazy, right?"

The front door opened, and Emmett and Edward entered snickering. When they spotted our tear-stained faces, they both stopped.

"What the hell happened?" Edward asked. "Are you okay?"

"Rosie?" Emmett said, concerned.

"We're fine," I assured, wiping my face. "They're happy tears."

Edward narrowed his eyes. And then widened them.

"Bella?" He looked at me warily. I shook my head. Edward glanced at Rose.

"Wait. What's happening?" Emmett asked.

"Awww, man," Edward said, slapping Emmett on the back.

Rose held up the pregnancy tests. And, finally, Emmett got it.

"Oh, fuck! Are you kidding? Tell me you're not kidding."

"I'm not kidding," she said, her voice wavering.

In a blink, Emmett was all over her, kissing her face, her neck. He spoke to her in English at first and then broke out into French.

I walked over to Edward and wrapped my arms around him.

"Did she just find out?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah. She took the tests while you guys were out."

"That's fantastic. I'm happy for them."


Edward let out a breath. "And I'm really glad it's not you."

I backhanded him in the stomach, making him laugh and groan at the same time.

"I am, too," I chuckled.

After a few minutes of kissing and hugging and crying, Emmett clapped his hands together.

"Shit! Let's have a drink." Rose stared at him. "Except for you." He grinned at his wife. "You can have water."

"Gee, thanks."

They stayed until well after midnight, even though Rose started yawning at about nine. Emmett was over the moon about the pregnancy. It was funny to see him dote on her — more than usual. She smiled wider than I'd ever seen her smile. Which made me happy. Which . . . ended up with Edward being very happy. It was a good night for all of us.


"Thank you for doing this, Esme."

"My pleasure, sweetheart."

"There's plenty of milk in the freezer. Just stick the bags in warm water to defrost them and then . . ."

"Bella, I know how to defrost breastmilk. Stop worrying."

"I know, but I've never left Mason overnight before."

"I've got everything under control. It's your anniversary. Go. Have fun. We'll be fine."

I looked into Esme's loving eyes.

"You're amazing."

"I know," she said, grinning.

"You ready, baby?" Edward asked, walking into the living room. He wore a grey suit with a red tie that I couldn't remember him owning, but it looked familiar.

"Where did you get that tie?" I asked, tilting my head.

Edward glanced down and then back up. "I've had it for a while."

Esme laughed. "That's the first tie I ever bought you," she said. "For the winter formal your sophomore year."

I looked at him. He shrugged. "Oh. Yeah." There was mischief in his eyes and that cheeky smirk on his lips. He knew exactly where he'd gotten that tie.

"Have fun," Carlisle said, walking into the room with Grant in one arm and Olivia in the other.

"Bye, Mommy," Liv giggled.

"Bye, Daddy," Grant growled.

"I guess that's our cue."

I kissed the kids and let Edward help me into a light coat. It was early fall. The sun was setting a little earlier and the leaves were just starting to turn. The beauty of this time of year is what had drawn us to have our wedding then instead of the June ceremony Esme and my mom had wanted.

I stepped outside and began to walk towards the car when I looked up, my mouth dropping.

"Oh, my God!" I put my hands over my face. Sitting in our driveway was Carlisle's McLaren. The same one Edward had taken me out in on our very first date. "It's the Delorean!" I squealed, making fun of my fifteen-year-old self.

"You like? My dad drove it up."

I jumped into his arms, kissing him. "Yes, I like. Are we throwing back?" I asked, grabbing his tie. "'Cause if I remember correctly, you did not get lucky that night."

Edward popped open the doors. They lifted slowly, making me grin. "Not throwing back that far." He took my hand and helped me in.

"I haven't been in this car in forever," I said, looking around.

"Neither have I," Edward said, adjusting the seat and mirrors. "I'm much taller than the last time."

"Where are we going? Obviously we're not driving to Forks or to Erik's for a party."

Edward laughed. "No, we're not. We have reservations at Canlis, though. So, ya know, close enough."

Canlis was an outstanding fine dining restaurant that we'd eaten at a few times. Edward liked to take prospective clients there because the service and presentation are so amazing.

We were greeted and taken to our table, which overlooked the water. I ordered a glass of wine, while Edward ordered a whiskey.

"You sure you don't want any?" he teased, swirling it around in his glass, chuckling when I made a face.

We ordered salads and prawns as appetizers, held hands and talked about work and the kids. We had filet mignon and duck for dinner and, of course, creme brûlée for dessert.

I checked on the kids twice because . . . because I'm a mom and I couldn't help myself. Esme assured that they were fast asleep and told me to stop worrying. Again.

After dinner, Edward and I drove the couple of miles and checked into the Inn at the Market. We dropped our overnight bags and I slipped into flats so that we could walk around the waterfront.

"Why didn't we just eat down here?" I asked as we strolled.

"Because it's busier down here," he said simply.

"You didn't really think that one through, did you?" I laughed.

"No, not really. I wanted to go to Canlis, but wanted to stay at the Inn, so . . . whatever. It's working, right?"

I wrapped my hands around his arms and snuggled in close. "It's perfect. Thank you."

"Happy anniversary, baby."

"Yeah. I'm glad I gave you chance," I joked.

"I'm glad I waited for you to give me a chance."

We walked for another hour, just being together. Sometimes we'd talk, other times we'd just enjoy the feeling of being close. Eventually, we found ourselves back in our hotel room. I drew the curtains on the Market below and turned to face my husband.

He started walking towards me.

"Ah, ah, ah," I scolded, holding out my hand when he was about two feet away. "Don't cross that line."

"What line?"

I moved my hand back and forth between us. "This one."

"Oh. The invisible one. I remember that one."

"Yep." I nodded seriously.

He tilted his head. "And what happens if I cross it?"

I pursed my lips together. "I guess you'll never know until you do."

Edward smiled his crooked, sexy smile and took a step.

He stared down at me and raised his eyebrows. "I crossed it."

"Mmm hmm," I hummed. "So, you tell me. What happens?"

He put his finger underneath the strap of my dress, pulling it down slightly over my shoulder. "We make mad, passionate love."

"Okay," I laughed lightly.

He slid the other strap down. "Weeeee raise our beautiful babies."

"Uh huh."

He pressed his forehead against mine and kissed my lips softly.

"And we live happily ever after."

Standing there in front of my best friend - the love of my life - my heart felt so incredibly full.

"I think that sounds like a plan," I whispered. "I love you, Edward Cullen. Always."


AN: Okay, well first I'm just going to apologize. This story took me way longer than I ever anticipated. It started out as a one-shot for the Fandom Against Domestic Violence that I wasn't going to expand. But then I loved the characters and their lives and I wanted to explore that. So I did. And three years later I decided to continue it. I tried and tried to post regularly. I wish it had worked out that way. Last year, was a difficult year. Between trying to get the book edited for my publisher and a series of events in my personal life that caused stress and heartache, it was hard to sit down and focus on anything. My confidence in my ability was shattered and that's so difficult to get back. I didn't want to just put something up to finish it. I wanted it to be true to the story and the characters. I hope this has done that.

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