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Chapter. 1 Ready

Xiaoyu looked down over the window. It had been raining non stop since this morning. She sighed, her head falling into her hands as she stared outside. No matter the weather this was the perfect time. This time she was certain, even positive. She was going to find him.

" Panda! Get your stuff ready we're leaving tonight!," Xiaoyu announced, already packing her clothes and everything she could.

Panda miserably looked at Xiaoyu. She wasn't too happy of going back to competing and fighting for someone life. For her life or Xiaoyu life. Either way she knew that she wouldn't leave Xiaoyu after all she's done for her. She got up, clumsily her paws stretching out. Xiaoyu knew that she had to hurry. Time was always limited. Part of her was scared. A tournament. She's been practicing though and her heart told her this is the right way. She was going to go and she was going to find him.



A night before she had a dream of him. Hopefully she was doing the right thing in entering the tournament. Destiny called her, she needed to get there. Panda already knew all that between Jin and her. Panda often heard Xiaoyu murmured about him at random moments. She made her way to the window.

" Panda? Come on we need to hurry!," Xiaoyu said hastily, then looked where Panda was looking at.

Now the memory triggered in Xiaoyu.

-Years before

She had been lost there. She heard the whimpers escaping her mouth. It was raining so hard that her short ponytails weren't standing up anymore. She was hurt. No longer could she remember what happened exactly. One moment she was only walking home from school and the next she was drenched in blood and was lost in a place she didn't even know. Her eyes were blurry, but she didn't know if it was because of the rain or her own tears. Probably before. Xiaoyu fell down, not bothering to get up. If she were to die, she was determined that she could no longer go on. There when everything was lost she heard his voice.

" Hey? Are you okay?,"

Xiaoyu looked up, startled. She had thought she was alone. In this rain she made out the look of a boy with tender heartwarming brown eyes and black hair. Xiaoyu stood silent.

" What's wrong? You seem hurt and lost do you want me to take you home," Jin offered spreading out his hand.

Xiaoyu wiped her tears or rain from her eyes , nodding she took a hold of his hand.

" Don't worry, You'll get home soon I know my way around almost everywhere," Jin kindly spoke, trying to cheer her up.

Xiaoyu noticed it was night and it interested her to know why this boy was outside at this time. She didn't bother to ask, instead she said.

" I got lost...I don't know how, I was only walking from school and then next thing I know I'm found in the ground of some place I don't know and...," Xiaoyu stopped talking and just shrugged.

Jin looked back at her.

" Really? Well don't worry I'll get you home where do you live?," Jin asked.

Xiaoyu told him. Soon her fear started disappearing, realizing she wasn't alone anymore. Next thing she knew she was exactly at her home and the time seemed to only be 5 minutes from the moment the boy found her.

" Here it is," Jin smiled.

" Thank you," Xiaoyu gratefully bowed.

Jin just smiled and started walking away. Xiaoyu knew something was abandoning her at that moment. She could feel something leaving her. She looked after the boy. Suddenly he turned around.

" I'm Jin Kazama by the way," he said.

Xiaoyu smiled.

" I'm Ling Xiaoyu," she replied, happily.

Then he was gone. As years passed she found out that she went to the same school Jin had. They had become just good friends and Jin was always exceptionally kind to her. Xiaoyu never forgot Jin to begin with. The moment they meet it was out of a book. Only keen to have a happy ending. Or at least that's what she thought until he disappeared...

Panda pawed Xiaoyu back to the present. She looked down at her, already with unnoticed tears in her eyes. She immediately wiped them off. He was going to find Jin. Xiaoyu knew that he was training for a tournament. She was expecting for him to come back, waiting impatiently for the moment for him to come back...He never did. That was a year ago and now she was entering the tournament herself, hoping to find him there. She couldn't ignored the bad feeling she had that something happened to him.

What if he got hurt? She thought many times, or worse he died! No I can't think that I'm going to save him the same way he saved me when I needed help.

If only she could shake off that bad feeling she was getting that something just wasn't the same. I guess she will have to find out.

" Let's go," she strapped her backpack on her back.

Panda groaned once, then seeing Xiaoyu determined expression she nodded solemnly Xiaoyu opened the window of her room. She climbed down slowly and flexibly down the ground.

" Now your turn Panda!," she called up from the room.

Panda gave her this look, then grumbling she made her way down noisily, but far more safely.

This was it she was entering the tournament. She gripped her bacpack tightly,ready for the world ahead.

" Wait! Xiaoyu!," a distant call was heard.

Xiaoyu turned around, bewildered. A girl was making her way towards her.

" Asuka..," she murmured when she recognize her.

" I'm going with you," she huffed when she approached.

" What?," Xiaoyu asked taken aback.

" I'm going with you! Jin is my cousin anyway! I need to help find him too,'' she breathed out.

" How you know I was going?," Xiaoyu asked surprised.

" I saw you practicing, and anyway it's pretty obvious I'm your best friend after all," Asuka smiled at her friend.

Xiaoyu couldn't even believed it, she smiled back at her.

" Are you sure you want to do this?," she asked.

" Duh! It'll be way better than the amusement park well create if we win," Asuka grinned.

Both them then started laughing. Did they know though? What this all tournament business meant. Life or death? Did they know that? Well they'll seen know it's not all what they thought it to be. The tournament was something more serious then any of them ever expected...and soon they'll realize it.

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