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Chapter 2. First round of contestants

Hwoarang wiped the drip of sweat that was falling down his cheek. He spit out the blood that he tasted on his tongue. He stare for the longest time at what he had just punch. Not bad...not bad at all, he thought to himself as the punching sack fell on the ground. He sighed. He was ready. He was so sure that this time he was going to pass and even win the whole tournament. This was his chance. When he joined he will find Jin and when he does he will be so sorry that he ever became his enemy. Hmph. He looked at the clock. If he took the ride right now he would arrive just in time. In time for everything. He was so determined to find Jin and finally be able to defeat him. He had trained for it. He had sweated blood just so he could go over there and finish him. He was a good fighter anyway he knew that already. All the years in the South Korea army trained him for the real world that lay ahead. Defeating Jin was just on the top of his list. Everything that got in between that also being part of his obstable. He grab his clothes and everything ready to leave. He got on his motorcyle. Everything should be a challenge just when he comes. He could hardly wait to see that look of the Jin. A small smile came to his face. He's going to be shock when he see him. He's going to regret ever meeting anyone named Hwoarang. That he was sure.

Xiaoyu fumble with her hands. She was eager to see Jin. Her heart had told her she would be there. She knew he would be there.

" Do you think Jin will remember me?," Xiaoyu asked Asuka during the trip.

" Uh, well..," Asuka stare at her friend " Yeah."

" Do you mean it?," Xiaoyu asked.

Asuka nodded with a smile spreading over her face.

" Of course, He wouldn't forget you Xiaoyu, I find it impossible for anyone to forget you," she murmured wondering why Panda was eating the chocolate bars from the sleeping passengers and why is panda even eating chocolate?

Xiaoyu sighed, that served as a relief. She was so worried about Jin she couldn't help showing it. She looked out the window. It was close now. She knew the tournament was usually held in a whole lot of locations. From beaches to other locations around the world. She was only going to sign up and get ready for the first match. She didn't sleep a wink last night and right now all she was worried about was if she would see Jin. Asuka looked over at Xiaoyu. What she hadn't told her friend is that she was hoping that she would win. She wanted to do something that she didn't tell Xiaoyu. It was a secret she was hiding. How could she devast Xiaoyu by telling her? She would hate her. Asuka glance at her friend. It's not the same anymore...I'm sorry Xiaoyu. The bus stopped.

" We're here...," Xiaoyu hop up from her seat.

Asuka grabbed her belongings. Panda helped. The tournament location was huge. She had never seen a building quite like it. Goosebumps rose in her bones as she stepped closer. I am not going to lose this, I'm going to win no matter what gets on my way Asuka thought before walking over to Xiaoyu. Asuka didn't noticed as a motorcycle making its way over by her way too quickly. Suddenly the motorcycle was about to run over Asuka. Asuka jerked back, stumbling and falling down. She hit the floor really hard before she glanced to see the crazy motorcycle guy. He got off his bike.

" HEY! WATCH IT NEXT TIME!," Asuka yelled getting up from the floor.

He didn't turn around.

Asuka scowled, Who does he think he is huh?. By some reason Asuka didn't want to let that go. This person better apologize for almost killing her.

" Hey you! what's your problem, can't even say sorry! I could of died idiot!," she marched over after him.

Now he turned and Asuka froze. She got a weird sensation by staring at him. His eyes locked with hers almost like venom. She force herself to stare back the same way.

" You're my problem, just leave me alone it'd would be better if you just shut up," he grumbled.

Asuka felt fire start to burn in her. What did he just say? How dare he say that to her! Who the hell did he think he was.

" You don't even know me! How can you say that!," Asuka argued,clenching her fist ready.

" I don't need to know you to say whatever I want," he snapped the moment a fancy car parked right in front of the building.

They all froze to see who it was. Hwoarang glance at the tilted windows trying to make out any figure inside..out stepped white heels, with long legs, and a tall blond girl. She looked around satisfied and push strands of hair out of her face. She had a uniform on. Lily made a hasty sigh before walking with elegance to the building. She stopped when she saw a boy and a girl right in front of her gawking at her.

" Stop looking at me," she said annoyed.

That made them react

" Who said we were looking at you?," Hwoarang denied.

At this Lili laughed.

" Why wouldn't you look at me? I have no time for this but next time you go staring at me at least say hi," Lili murmured before passing right between Asuka and Hwoarang.

Asuka glance back at Hwoarang.

" She's pretty fancy," she murmured.

" Yeah," Hwoarang replied so casually that it surprised Asuka for a moment.

" Asuka! Let's go! We have to sign up!," Xiaoyu called over.

" Wait? You're joining the tournament?" Hwoarang gasped.

" Of course," Asuka murmured already backing away.

" Do you even know how to fight?," he went back to snapping.

" I guess we'll see won't we," Asuka snapped back before leaving.

Hwoarang looked after her. He felt something inside him,but he didn't know what it was. He felt the same thing with Lili, shaking his head, he left inside.

Christie had just arrived her face flustered from the long ride. She felt like taking off her shoes and just relaxing . She had been in the taxi for over hours and hours and the plain took even more time. She flex her muscles,being uptight for hours was not what she enjoyed. I smiled curled into her lips as she saw the building were she was going to log in. Joy over came her and she jog her way there. As she stood in line she notice the rest of the contestant. She saw a guy with red orange looking hair. By the look of his clothes he looked to be from South Korea. Her eyes expanded when she found a Panda in the room right next to the girl with ponytails and another girl.

Panda? Who brings a Pando to a competion?

As she stood in line she saw as the most weirdest competitors arrived. The guy behind her was wearing some jaguar mask. He would make a sort of grunt when she turned around to face him. There was this guy with boxing gloves. Another girl with even swords. In front of her there was this guy who she had caught his name to be Law. He was cooking himself a meal while he was waiting in line.

I guess this year it's sure to be interesting, Christie smiled.

All those people were wasting their time. Christie was going to win. She wasn't a good fighter as most of them, but her dancing skills made her unstoppable. She had the best moods anyone else could have. As she looked the easiest competitor she found was a guy name Violet. He seemed to be one of the first to be knocked down.

" So has that Kazama character fighting? "

Christie attention caught to a couple of people ahead.

" Yes, though for sure I wonder how he's going to face his son,"

" Jin? He's actually here? "

" Yes. He's hosting this. I heard he's got this killer army somewhere and has some devil gene in him" laughed the guy with blonde hair.

" Probably just a bluff Paul," the big guy replied also with a snort.

Christie frown. Jin...

Xiaoyu holded her paper. Tomorrow she'll find out who she is going to fight against. As prepare as she felt she still search to look for Jin.

I know he's here..where is he? Xiaoyu frown looking around and around. What if I made a mistake. Jin isn't here..No! I know he's here!

Xiaoyu nodded determined when the lights suddenly went off, diming on the center.

" Welcome Contestants," the voice vibrated all around the building.

Xiaoyu gasped. She recognize that voice. She whirled around and right there staring directly at her is brown deep eyes. His hair falling between his eyes. His leather black jacket. Xiaoyu dropped her paper. Her heart thumped.


" Jin!," Xiaoyu hadn't noticed that more than one person said at the same time.

Xiaoyu ran forward, acting on an impulse. Pushing people out of the way until she ran right in front of him.

It's him! It's him! It's really him. Her Jin! A group of people marched and stopped Xiaoyu before getting any closer to him.

Bewilder by the people Xiaoyu called to Jin again.

" Jin! It's me! Xiaoyu," she spoke out.

Jin eyes were expressionless for the longest moment until he realize who it was.


Something deep inside of him shifted. Jin was fighting the urge that was telling him to toss her inside. Xiaoyu...Xiaoyu...

" Jin? " Xiaoyu asked.

Jin waved the his security guard away. He stepped closer to Xiaoyu. Two different side were fighting in Jin. The urge of hate and the other urge of hugging her. The devil gene inside him had taken most of his control. He wasn't the same anymore he knew it. But there was a sense of his old self that claim an attraction to Xiaoyu. His eyes became bloodlust. Hate was taking control right now.

Kill her...Kill her, the devil gene whispered.

He approach her. Xiaoyu got an urge to leave but it wasn't as big as her exitement. She approach him eagerly.

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