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Chapter 3. Things Change

Xiaoyu couldn't hold it in. She hugged him, tightly. Her arms flying around Jin in such a strong embrace. Jin's devil gene had settled down for just a moment, if only just brieftly. He found himself frozen at first.

" I knew I'd find you here!," she smiled

Jin awkwardly moved his stiff hands to embrace Xiaoyu. A tender moment filled, and then all that was gone. Vanished. Poof.

Jin threw Xiaoyu aside with such forced she was sent tumbling down.


A couple of gasps echoed through.

One of those gasps coming from Xiaoyu.

" Get away from me don't get near me, ever," Jin eyes narrowed deadly and he turned to move away.

Xiaoyu sat up, her hands on her mouth. " J-Jin?" she barely whispered.

Panda rushed over to her, a huge paw came to her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

Asuka bend down next to Xiaoyu. " What just happened?" she asked.

Xiaoyu didn't answered. She stared at the Jin who had just told her to leave him alone. As if he didn't know her. As if they were strangers.

A woman with short black hair approach Xiaoyu.

" Don't worry Xiaoyu, things have a way at getting back," she grin unevenly and walked away murmuring something like " I wonder oh where oh where my sister is."

" Xiaoyu?" Asuka asked again. It seemed like her friend had gone in a deep trance.

Xiaoyu stood up walked away. She held out a hand for Asuka and Panda who were keen on following her. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to know why Jin had pushed her off like that. Her stomach still felt the blow. She'd been punch before, but no punch was match to how much this one hurt. Once she was far enough. She started running.

Meanwhile Hwoarang found himself amused. He had seen Jin and then seen how he tossed that girl with the ponytails away like a rag doll. He was curious. He came behind Asuka.

" What's the relationship between them?''

Asuka twirled at the voice. She frowned. " It's none of your business," she replied standing up.

" Sure, because Jin Kazama just let's people hug them for a second only to throw them off the next," Hwoarang crossed his hands.

" He's a friend," Asuka answered back.

" A friend? What kind of friend " he asked.

But before he could have an answer she was already walking away. He needs his revenge on Jin. But something about what he just saw frustrated him in general. The way he reacted. If that girl was his friend, why would he do that to her?

" I've heard rumors that his father has the same thing he does," replied King, the man with the jaguar head.

" What?" Hwoarang asked,startled by his appearance.

" Something about having a gene in their system, right there didn't you noticed how he seemed like two different people?" King murmured.

It did seem like it.

" What kind of gene?" Hwoarang inquire.

King shrugged. Maybe he knew and didn't want to say it. Or he truly didn't know. Hwoarang shrugged in return as well he needed to start packing anyway. So he got his things and settled at the hotel where they were going to be staying at. On his way up there he almost cursed himself. For that Lily girl was up there again. She smirk when she saw him and wallked down in a galloping way down the stairs. Hwoarang kept wondering what a girl like that was doing here? She probably won't last long, was his last thought before entering his room.

Xiaoyu wasn't looking where she was running. All she knew is she bumped into someone as she ran. A girl with pink cotton hair bump into her.

" Oh! I'm so sorry!," the girl pick herself up.

Xiaoyu sighed, " No big deal," she stood up.

" I was running and I didn't see where you were going, very very sorry," she smiled.

" Me too," Xiaoyu still hadn't cleared her head of what happened back there.

'' Are you in the competition too?" the girl asked suddenly.

Xiaoyu nodded.

" You are! Really? So..I'm not the only girl! yay," she clapped slightly.

" There's a lot of girls in it, is this your first time?" Xiaoyu asked.

She nodded eagerly then she frown " Is something the matter you look sad?"

Xiaoyu shakes her head. " No, it's just a friend.." she said quietly.

" Oh! Are you also looking for a friend. Me too," her expression change completely, matching Xiaoyu.

" Really?"

She nods. " Well he's actually more than a friend. But he never budges no matter how many times I tell him to go out with me, " she sighed then her eyes widen.

" And there he is right now! See," she frowned.

" Ling Xiaoyu, call me Xiaoyu," Xiaoyu responded.

The girl smiled " I'm Alisa, bye Xiaoyu," the girl ran off chasing after this boy who just bolted in a run.

In spite what just happened. She liked Alisa. She looked out from the railing.

What was wrong with Jin? Why did he throw her after he had sort of hugged her?

These thoughts bothered her. The Jin she knew wouldn't have acted so cold with her. No, something must be wrong with Jin. Her goal was to find Jin in this tournament, but there's more to it. This is not the Jin she knows and loves. Xiaoyu determinedly frown. She was going to find out what wrong with Jin. She's going to do that competition until she figures out what's the matter with him. If it means facing him in the last round. So be it.

" Shin! Come on! Before we prepare for the competition let's catch a movie together!" Alisa ran passed her as the boy continued walking away.

" No thanks," the boy left.

Xiayu smiled at least she's not the only one with boy troubles.

" Is this the training room?" Asuka asked coming in.

Nobody paid attention to her, but her question was answered. Everyone there was practicing. Law was doing flips and punches. On the other hand...Christi was stretching. Self conscious Asuka walked inside. Tomorrow the first round starts. She was nervous to the core. There were some huge men and pretty agile womans in this tournament. She tried to drown all the other people away. Deciding that it was better if she focused on training instead of her competition. She needed to focus on winning. After all she didn't come all the way here just to loose. She came here for a purpose and she needs to accomplish it, no matter what. As she trained she caught the eye of a couple of the competitors watching her. That girl name Lily in particurlar, along with that guy who apparently hated Asuka straight off the bat, Hwoarang. It didn't matter though. She wasn't here to make friends. She hoped the Hwoarang was her first competitor, that way she could eliminate him first.

She listened as a couple of people whispered about what they had witnessed with Jin and Xiaoyu. Some were anxious about Jin. Other wondered why Xiaoyu had approached Jin so suddenly. Truth be told Asuka was amazed herself. How could Jin do something like that? Indoubtedly it was Jin, but she had known Jin for a long time. It was hard to believe he would do something like that to anyone. Especially Xiaoyu.

Jin was in the most tormented of moods. He had mixed emotions running through his body. One of those emotions was anger. He couldn't believe how he had slapped Xiaoyu away from him. Xiaoyu one of his oldest friends. Yet, something boiling inside him said it didn't matter. He would do it again. There was an energy rushing through his bones that wanted to kill her, while the other was confused at why he was feeling such power. He was frustrated beyond anything. He tried relaxing a bit, but the tormenting emotions got the best of him. He stormed out of the room.

Xiaoyu sat at the stool while everyone else celebrated before the beginning of the rounds tomorrow. She saw Christi dancing, The King having a nice time talking to some of the other guys. Hwoarang was in the corner, talking to the girl beautiful girl name Lili. Asuka was talking to other people as well, smiling. The girl Alisa was talking eagerly to a man name Lars.

Xiaoyu stood apart. Panda was next to her, enjoying some bamboo. Xiaoyu stroked Panda's fur, her mind traveling back to Jin. She had to see him again, figure out what was wrong.

" I'm going to find out what's wrong with him," Xiaoyu promised herself.

Things weren't turning out exactly how she imagined. Perhaps now she'll just have to adjust to Jin probably not being her friend anymore, adjust to Asuka probably having other intention that she won't tell her about, adjust to the fact that everything will not be all rainbow and colors like she pictured. This whole tournament thing looked like it was going to be something challenging. At the corner of her eyes she saw a shadow. Her breath caught.

" Jin?"

" Xiaoyu," he responded with a nod.

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