Well how is everyone enjoying my stories so far?

Hope you all enjoy them. -sees a lawyer-


-lawyer walks off a cliff-

That's gonna be a long drop.

BTW this is not the actual fic it is kinda like a movie preview.

ON WITH THE SHOW -hits a green button-

(Que Requiem for a Dream or whatever you think suits this.)

The village of Konoha appears the streets are bustling with people doing their morning trading, children are laughing, and all is well with the world. Change scene to the Xavier Institute all the children are laughing and playing different games, the adults are smiling watching the kids play, Logan and Storm are holding hands and talking like they're the only ones there, Jean is levitating a basketball out of reach of Bobby, Emma Frost and Scot are snuggled together under a tree, Jubilee is displaying her powers for the little kids, and Beast and Nightcrawler are teaching young mutants how to use their powers. Scene changes to a dark room where the only source of light is a tube in the middle of the room. Moving closer we see a human around 16 yrs old with blonde hair, whisker marks, and pale skin from lack of sun exposure. Immediately his eyes fly open revealing one red, slitted eye and one calm blue eye. Grunting he pops the claws in his hands revealing three serrated metal claws, he then slashes the glass of his tube and the water rushes out leaving him on the floor of his tube, the metal plate underneath the remains of the tube read: "Subject X-24."

Back in Konoha all is still well just before an explosion occurs on top of the Hokage monument, sending the town into a panic. Standing on top of the Monument is Boom Boom in black sunglasses, a black bombers jacket, black cargo pants, black combat boots, and a black shirt with her blonde hair spiked up and she starts charging up for a larger explosion.

At the Xavier Institute all the children are playing and Logan stops in mid-conversation with Storm, picking up a scent he knows all to well. A cry is heard across the Institute as Sabertooth attacks Jubilee.(A/N: Picture Sabertooth from X-Men Origins.) Smiling sadistically Sabertooth tries to kill Jubilee but is knocked to the side as Laura tackles him. Change scene to a high-tech control room with dozens of people at dozens of computers feeding back data to a blonde haired 16 yr old standing on a balcony over looking them, he is dressed in a black biker's jacket, a black shirt with a flaming skull on it, black cargo pants, and black running shoes, slowly the blonde begins to smile as red dots appear all over the world and the dots begin to expand. The smile fades as he sees a cluster of nations not being over taken and it turns to a grimace as he sees the Xavier Institute still standing. The smile returns as he receives a call on a black cellphone from Mystique reporting that she took care of the Avengers.

Back in Konoha all the shinobi are going as fast as they can to the Hokage Monument, just before a dozen of the are taken out by an unknown assassin. Panting Saskue Uchiha is leaning against a tree just before he has to dodge a sword that cuts the tree he was leaning against in half., and he sees the sword being held by the Silver Samurai. Back at the Institute Logan and Laura have the upper hand against Sabertooth until four metallic tentacles wrap around Logan's ankles and pulls him away. The sunlight reveals Omega Red grinning sadistically as he starts savagely beating Logan. The scene ends with Naruto standing in the middle of burning buildings with a psychotic grin on his face, blood dripping from his serrated claws, and him holding the head of the Juggernaut in his right, before tossing it aside and walking away. Out of nowhere the screen turns black and a pair of claws cuts diagonally across the screen, two claws on the left and three claws on the right, the X-Men symbol appears before a three serrated claws appear underneath the symbol and cut across the screen. The final product looks like this: "X-Men: Rise of X-24".

So how did u like that?

Based on this how do you think the actual fic will be?

And where is Professor X in all this?

Tune in and find out!