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I am annoyed. Something has woken me up into this half-awake state and I cannot bring myself to go back to sleep. I feel slightly nauseous and warm, I am worried that if I try and become fully awake I will be paying my respects to the porcelain god.

I feel like my body is moving even though I know I'm in a bed. I must have drunk way too much last night. I do not remember leaving the pub. I remember drinking with Bella and her friends, dancing with them. But I do not remember leaving.

God, I feel too hot, but I'm worried if I move I will throw up…. Fuck it, I might as well get it over with. I mentally brace myself before flinging the covers off and sitting up.

My stomach does a summer sault and I take off to the bathroom where I say my good mornings to the gods of hangovers. Fuck I hate throwing up. Ugh everything is spinning. I jump when I feel something touch my shoulder.

"You ok Edward?" A feminine voice asks. Fuck I don't remember bringing a girl home either. Unfortunately, she will have to wait as I am not done heaving into the toilet.

Once I feel like the coast is clear at least for a moment I flush the toilet and head to the sink where I rinse my mouth and wash my face. Throwing up always makes you feel dirty. I feel something cold touch the back of my neck.

"Here drink this slowly it should help." She has a beautiful voice. I take the offered water bottle and take a couple slow sips before turning around to face her. Its Bella the beautiful girl I met at the pub. She is standing there with an amused smirk on her face, her hair is a little disheveled and she is wearing one of my large t- shirts. "good morning" she states with a wink.

She turns around and heads out of the bathroom and I notice the subtle sway of her hips, I follow her and watch as she climbs into my bed. Still feeling as if I'm on a rollercoaster I lay down a little more slowly than her.

"Morning." My voice comes out rough. "I'm sorry Bella I don't remember even leaving the pub last night. Or anything after it." I run my hand through my hair. "Did I do anything stupid?" she breaks out into a fit of giggles.

"NO! You were a perfect gentleman, you did get pretty toasty last night and I offered to help you get home." She looks so amused. "you must not drink often, but you seemed to enjoy yourself." I take another small sip of water.

"I normally only have one or two drinks. I never get this drunk. At least not since college." I look over at her. "I am sorry I don't remember but did we…?" I let the question hang. She giggled again.

"No, we made out a little and you lent me your shirt to sleep in but no we did not."

Relief flooded me, I'd want to remember having sex with her. She must have noticed id relaxed. She smirked at me. I smirk back. Then I notice the clock behind her. Fuck, my mother was going to kill me. I missed mass. I must have visibly paled because Bella suddenly looked concerned.

"Everything ok?"

Taking a deep breath, I nod. "Yea, just missed mass and my mother is gonna be pissed. My family is pretty religious. We always meet up for mass then have lunch at my parents home. I'll probably have a call from my mother to yell at me for missing it." I lay back down on the bed. "Though I'd rather that then what would happen if I showed up to church hung over and still slightly drunk." I chuckle. I can just picture the different shades of red my mother would turn as she waited till after church, I can practically feel the slap to the back of my head already. Nope ill just skip that today, thank you very much.

After a while of just lounging in bed we make our way to my kitchen where we eat a few slices of toast.

"How come you seem perfectly ok?" I ask the cheerful and obviously not hung-over girl sitting on my kitchen counter. She is swinging her legs still wearing my shirt. She laughs.

"A couple reasons, my brother owns the pub, I think I inherited the ability to drink a good amount without getting hungover from it. Also, I did not drink as much as you." She hopes down from my counter. Walking back to my room.

"As fun as this has been I have to go. I have a shift at my brother's bar tonight and a paper to finish before that. It was nice meeting you Edward." With that she shut and locked the door to my bedroom…. She locked me out of my own room. Chuckling to myself I sit on the sofa.

Paper huh? I wonder what year of college is in.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know, I hear a voice whispering in my ear. "Hey, I'm gonna head out now. Thanks for having me over. If you want to see me again you know where I work. Come and find me." I can hear amusement in her voice. She leaves a kiss on my check before standing up. I open my eyes and I see she is wearing her outfit from last night.

I smile up at her. "It was nice meeting you too Bella. There is a large jacket in the hall closet if you would like to borrow it." It is march after all, it's still slightly cold. "I can grab it from you the next time I go to the pub." She smirks at me and nods her head.

"Thanks, Hun." With that she walks over to the closet grabs my coat and puts it on. She blows one more kiss in my direction then she is gone. I sit there for a few more minutes before my phone rings. Ahh that would be my mother. Fuck. Sitting up I rub my face before making my way over to the phone.

Taking a deep breath, I pick it up. "Hey mom."

"I cannot believe you Edward! Why weren't you at mass? You better not have gotten drunk last night!' I run a hand through my hair as I sigh and make my way back to my sofa, I let her rant for a while. She goes on about how I missed church and sin and how I need to go to confession. I just let her yell, eventually she pauses when I don't respond. "Edward are you there?"

"Yea ma, I'm here. I just didn't want to interrupt you. I wasn't feeling well this morning and didn't truly wake up until right before you called. How's Da? Jasper?" she takes a deep breath.

"I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Next time you need to let me know you won't be coming if you are sick. Do you need us to bring you anything? Your father is doing fine, your brother came to mass hung over. I can't even begin to tell you how embarrassing that was. He wore sunglasses in the church!" I laugh. "It's not funny Edward! Men! Your father laughed too. I don't understand how disrespecting the church is funny…" I let her rant some more before getting off the phone with her, declining my need for her to come take care of her baby since I was (sick).

The Wild rover

Traditional song

Artist: The Dubliners

I've been a wild rover for many a year

And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer,

And now I'm returning with gold in great store

And I never will play the wild rover no more.

chorus: And it's no, nay, never,

No nay never no more,

Will I play the wild rover

No never no more.

I went to an ale-house I used to frequent

And I told the landlady my money was spent.

I asked her for credit, she answered me "nay

Such a custom as yours I could have any day."

chorus: And it's no, nay, never,

No nay never no more,

Will I play the wild rover

No never no more.

I took from my pocket ten sovereigns bright

And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight.

She said "I have whiskey and wines of the best

And the words that I spoke sure were only in jest."

chorus: And it's no, nay, never,

No nay never no more,

Will I play the wild rover

No never no more.

I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done

And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son.

And if they caress (forgive) me as ofttimes before

Sure I never will play the wild rover no more.

chorus: And it's no, nay, never,

No nay never no more,

Will I play the wild rover

No never no more.