Okay Guys So I am going to attempt a Hinata family One


Hinata sighed as she sat in her room humming softly as she sketched the pond outside of her window. You see, she had been punished and sent to her room. She wasn't very skilled at being a ninja or so says her father, but she was only 6 at the time so you couldn't really blame her. Besides, she was still to innocent and sweet to be a ninja. A maid came in and Hinata turned around. She looked the maid over and saw her hair was all messed up and she looked...Happy? Exactly, why would the maid be happy when she looked like she got into a fight? She shook her head as the maid started to talk "Hinata-hime, your Ootuo-san would like to see you in his room.". With no argument from Hinata, the maid left.

Hinata pouted cutely as she got up putting her things in her bag and she put her bag by the door. She kept her things in a bag just in case she wanted to run. Hinata never told anyone that. She always told them it was in case she wanted to go exploring. She walked out of her room and turned left going down the hallway until she had to turn once again. She looked both ways .One way was to her cousin's room. He wasn't so nice to her because his Ootuo-san died and his Oobai-san*** left him here. Hinata sighed as she turned right and walked down the hall. This hallway led her to her Ootuo-san's room. The last door in the hallway. She took a deep breath and she knocked on his door. She hoped she wasn't going to get lectured again.

Once She heard the okay to come in, she opened the door and bowed " Y-You cal-called Ootuo-san?"She heard him chuckle and she could tell he was drunk. It was, of course, the anniversary of her mother's death. " Hinata, come here" He said. She gulped and got up to walk over to her father. He smiled as he caressed her face. "You look so much like your, Haha". She blinked "I-I do?". He nodded and pulled her closer. "Wanna do something to make me proud of you?". Hinata blushed a little and nodded. She wanted her Ootuo-san to be proud of her. She watched him smile. "Go get naked and get in the water. We are gonna take a bath together.". Hinata blushed and nodded as she ran into the bathroom.

When she was little she remembered taking baths with her mother and father. It was always fun, her mother would be happy and her father would always join in and have a little fun too. Her father wasn't always bad. She smiled as she took off her clothes and got into the hot water. She smiled and rested in the water. It was to nice and hot. She could smell the lavender scented beads and she smiled softly as it reminded her of the past. She heard her father come and looked away as he got undressed. She felt him get into the water. She turned around and smiled at her father. "Ootuo-san this feels great!" She said happily. She watched her Ootuo-san chuckle and she blinked.
"Hinata, come here." Hinata blinked and went over to her Ootuo-san. He pulled her onto his lap and he smiled."You have to promise me to be quite about all of this, okay? Even when we are in here." She blinked confused and nodded. He smiled and pulled her closer, putting each one of her legs on the side of him. She felt something poke her and she blinked. "Ootuo-san w-what are you d-doing?" He smiled as he whispered to her "Shh. Remember what I said.". Before she could answer she felt his fingers go inside of her. She whimpered and tried to wiggle away, but her Ootuo-san held her still. "Calm down, Hinata.". Hinata stayed still, she bit her lip and she wiggled her hips. Her lower half was feeling weird.

Hinata felt another finger go inside of her and she whimpered louder as it started to hurt a little. He growled at her and she bit her lip harder making her shut up. She wanted to make her father proud of her. She felt the pain going away and she calmed down until another finger went inside of her. She covered her mouth and she whimpered softly, tears falling from her eyes. She then felt his hand pull away and the pointy thing come back. She didn't know what he was doing, all she knew was she felt weird and her body hurt. She felt the pointy thing get closer to where her fathers fingers just were and she whimpered. "Shh, Hinata, it will be over soon.". She nodded and she wiped her tears away not wanting to make her Ootuo-san mad.

She felt it go inside of her and she cried out softly. It was bigger than her father's fingers. She felt her Ootuo-san turn her around and lean her over the edge of the bath. She held on as he started to move. She cried out as moved. Hinata's body was shaking and her Ootuo-san was just laughing. "Hinata, you're just like your mother". Hinata cried as he moved. Did this mean her Ootuo-san did this to her Haha too? She cried as he moved and he started to move faster. This man didn't deserve being her Ootuo... He just kept hurting her. He went faster and Hinata felt her body moving. She felt weak and hurt. He didn't even care about her. "Hinata, here I come!". He started to move faster and with one last good thrust into her he came. Hinata cried out as she felt the hot liquid inside of her.

She cried as she wanted him out of her. "Come on Hinata, I'm not finished.". He reached over and pulled out some weird looking balls attached by string. "W-whats t-that?" He chuckled "A surprise for being a good girl.". She whimpered wondering where that would go. She felt something go into her butt and she whimpered as she wiggled around to feel it was one of the little balls on the sting. She felt another one go in and she whimpered. It was bigger than the last one. He kept putting one in after another and they were bigger than the last. She whimpered loudly as he put a huge one in her butt. "T-that hurts!" She whimpered. He chuckled "You want them out?". She nodded and she looked at him.

She knew this wouldn't be good "P-please take them out!". He chuckled "Okay." With that he yanked them out and she cried in pain. He chuckled as he positioned himself again "Last time, Hinata.". He shoved himself in and he started to move. She cried out as he moved and she ended up passing out from all the pain. Harashi chuckled in his drunken state and he started to move faster, hitting her hard towake her back up. Hinata cried out as he kept moving. "Now Hinata, I have to punish you for falling asleep on me.". He started to ram inside of her as she cried out. She wondered what she had done wrong. It was not her fault. He shoved himself in once more and came inside her butt. He pulled out and got up. "Wash up and meet me in my bed, Hinata.".

She whimpered as he got out and she started to clean herself. She was careful not to hurt herself anymore because she had saw blood. Once she was done cleaning herself, she walked out wrapped in a towel and walked over to the bed. "Get in the bed.". She whimpered and got on the bed. "Come here" She crawled over and she looked at the man she called Ootuo-san. "You see this?" He said pointing at his member "Y-yes" He smirked "I want you to suck on it like it is a lollipop. Don't bite it. Just lick and suck.". She whimpered, but nodded. She gulped and did as she was told. She kept getting moans from him and he kept telling her to keep going. She kept moving and he forced her head down to where it was all in her mouth and he came once again.
She whimpered as he laid her down and told her to go to sleep. She did as she was told and passed out.

When she woke up she found herself in the woods. She blinked and looked around. She saw her Ootuo-san standing right there. "W-where ar-" She was cut off by her so called Ootuo-san. "Stay here and never come back to the mansion. You have done something disgraceful something you can't make up for." She looked at him her eyes watering. She stood up "Me! Your the one who was drunk and told me it would make you happy! If you weren't trying so hard to make me a heir then this wouldn't have happen!" She cried out as he left. She was all alone. What was she supposed to do now? She sighed as she sat there and she looked at the sky.

Three weeks later, she was curled into a ball and she was starving. It was getting colder and she didn't think she had enough energy to hunt anymore. She herd a twig snap and she got up as quick as she could and pulled out a kuni. She saw two strange men appear with black cloaks that had red clouds with white lining. One of them chuckled and she backed away. Her body was failing her and she couldn't run from them. She knew that much. She looked at them. "W-w-who a-are y-y-you?". The one that had chuckled disappeared and appeared right behind her and was about to swing at her, but she turned and blocked the hit. The other one walked up behind her and knocked her out.

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