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An Old Enemy

His condition was getting worse there was no two ways about it. No sooner had he arrived home had the pain returned with a vengeance. Frantically, Naruto had to grab onto the Kitchen table to keep himself on his two feet. Closing his eyes and taking deep breaths he attempted to calm himself to concentrate solely on getting through it.

But it didn't seem to have any effect; his forehead felt like it was on fire, as both the pain and pressure increased. Behind his closed eyes undistinguishable images kept emerging and in his ears a constant ringing of muffled screams, clashing metal and explosions. This continued in Naruto's head for what felt like hours but in reality was a matter of seconds and try as he might with the Iron Will of Konoha's Number One Unpredictable Ninja it was simply too much for Naruto to handle as he sunk to his knees before letting the darkness take him.


"Where have you been Shikamaru? We've been looking for you everywhere." An irate blonde huffed as she called to her teammate.

"Sorry Ino, I was with Hokage-Sama. There were . . . matters that needed to be discussed." Shikamaru answered in his traditional dull tone. Only this time he didn't raise his head when he spoke as he seemed to be reading a small elegant scroll.

"Well you could have let us known before that, we were supposed to meet up for lunch, remember?" Ino countered. "We were also meant to discuss something important today. Remember? Like our wedding?" Ino finished pulling her Fiancée by the hand to block Shikamaru's path.

"Ino its OK, he's here, now we can talk about it." Chōji said, trying to calm her down.

"No it's not OK, we still have loads to do. I want this to be the biggest Wedding that Konoha has ever seen. So big that it's all the people can talk about for years to come" Ino shouted for everybody nearby to hear with what could only describe as a down right creepy voice and expression which made Chōji sweat drop and Shikamaru to chuckle.

"What's so funny Shikamaru? Do tell." Ino asked in a dangerously sweet voice.

"I'm afraid you might have a little competition there Ino." Shikamaru responded while handing her the scroll he'd just finished reading. After snatching the scroll from Shikamaru's hand the frustrated blonde began to study it quiet intensely.

For moments her face remained neutral until her only visible eye bulged. "Those unbelievable, spot light stealing sand urchins, I can't believe they're planning to have their wedding before ours. It's not fair. We got engaged first." Ino screamed with such anger that it caused the remaining to members of Team Asuma to take a sizable step back from her.

"So how about some lunch?" Chōji asked Shikamaru, choosing to ignore is fiancée for a moment as she muttered to herself incoherent words that sounded like 'Kazekage' and 'overkill'.

"Sure, I could eat. Where . . ." But at that point they were interrupted by another irate looking Kunoichi that ran up next to them.

"Ino, I need you to come with me. I need your help." Sakura said as she ran up to her best friend.

"Sorry Sakura, I'm a bit busy at the moment I need to kick start the planning for . . ." Ino attempted to say but was cut off as Sakura grabbed her by the hand and started dragging her away from her Teammate and Fiancée.

"Sorry Ino but I need your help in getting ready. I only have a few hours." Sakura said as she continued to pull Ino in the direction of her apartment.

"Ready for what, Forehead?" Ino asked as she attempted to break free of Sakura's monstrous grip.


He kept is eyes shut as he listened to the continuous sound of a single drop of water repeatedly hitting the pool of water he was currently lying in. He refused to believe he was here, it wasn't possible. He hadn't been there in almost a year. It shouldn't be possible. 'And yet here I am.'

Shaking his head in an attempt to remove the spots from his vision he took in his surroundings. It hadn't changed. It was dark , dank, had an infinitely high ceiling, and stunk worse than Lee's sandals after his traditional twenty laps of Konoha. Finally deciding to get out of the dank water Naruto stood up but immediately need to brace himself on the walls. His legs were like jelly. He really was in trouble, over the past year his headaches and flashes though random in occurrence only seemed to slowly increase in frequency and intensity. After his final conversation with Gorou, Naruto had estimated that he had a good few months before he got to this point, but in the last two weeks it had increased tenfold and seemed to be still increasing. At this rate he only had a matter of weeks. What caused its acceleration?

'You know of all the ways I thought I'd die this certainty wasn't one of them.' Naruto thought as he stared at Kurama's cage.


One Year Ago

'You know of all the ways I thought I'd die this certainty wasn't one of them.' Naruto thought as he stared at Kurama's cage.

"I am sorry I had to do this my friend but I really had no other choice." Naruto said he stared up at his new friend.

"You have nothing to apologise for Naruto. You did what you had to do." Kurama repliedhe walked out of his open cage and lowered his head to Naruto's level.

"But I promised to help you, all of you in stopping the world looking at the Biju as just a commodity, a weapon of war. I can't do that now." Naruto said as he hung his head in shame. "I failed."

"You did not fail. What is about the happen will stop this worlds reliance on us indefinitely." Kurama snapped.

"How can you say that? Any moment now the Death God will take my soul and you will be free. But all that will start is a War of the right to capture you." Naruto said placing a hand on Kurama's nose. "That's not what you deserve, that's not what any of you guys deserve."

At this Kurama just chuckled. "No Naruto, that's not what's going to happen." Kurama said as he stood again to his full height.

"What do you mean?" Naruto said with a bewildered look "There is no way around this more me, this Jutsu is a one way ticket to the death gods stomach nothing more, it can't be undone."

"No Naruto you are right it cannot." Kurama replied simply with a smile.

"Then what? Stop talking in riddles please; I'd rather not spend my last few moments on earth feeling like the stupid kid again. What could-" Naruto then simply froze as he felt the presents of another enter his mind scape, its nature so sinister that it sent a chill down his spine. The Death God had come for him, it was time.

Looking to his right a giant hand identical to the one that passed through is stomach moments ago came through the wall heading straight for him. "So this is it for me Kurama. Please take care of yourself." Naruto said trying to muster a smile. He had no fear of death but what he did have problem with was breaking a promise to a friend. He was leaving him alone to be the sole target of ever nation, Again.

"Sorry Naruto but not this time." Kurama said turning to look at the approaching sinister hand.

"What do mea- AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" With great speed and a flick of one of his great tails Kurama sent Naruto flying against the opposite wall and using that same tail kept him pinned to the wall.

Naruto struggled against it attempting to break free, but he was simply exhausted. "Kurama! What are you doing? Let me go."

"You know there was a time not too long ago where I would have taken great pleasure in seeing this happen to you." Kurama chuckled as Naruto continued to struggle against Kurama's tail. "I thought that humans were the true demons, the true monsters and that this world would continue to suffer hardship of war as long as they were the dominated by Shinobi of this world. That was until you came along Naruto, you showed me your heart and the power that it holds."

As Kurama spoke Naruto momentarily ceased his attempt to escape as he listened. "Kurama, I . . ." Naruto tried but words simply failed him.

"You, Naruto, are the future of this world. Under your guidance this hatred, this cycle of pain can end. But for that you need to survive. That's why I'm taking your place." Kurama said calmly

"No. I made a promise to all of you to help you. By you doing this I'm using you as a scape goat, that's no different than other Shinobi using you as weapons." Naruto tried to argue.

"But you said it yourself Naruto, if you die what will become of us? The very same thing that has happened to all of us for hundreds of years." Kurama countered "I gladly welcome this trade and believe me when I say I speak for all of us on this matter. We would all make the trade for your survival."

"But why? Why do you have so much faith in me?" Naruto urged as he resumed his struggle against Kurama's tail.

"Cause you are everything our father envisioned Naruto. Everything he believed a Shinobi should be. We can all see him in you and I will be damned if I let you die." Kurama explained "Now no more arguing, we have only moments to say goodbye." Kurama at this took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "I want to thank you Naruto, for the longest time I was lost. I was cut off from my brothers and sisters by my own choices and a dark misery I created myself. Then you came alone and showed me what I was too arrogant to see for myself."

"Kurama . . ." Naruto attempted to speak again, of all the times for his loud mouth to finally stop working it had to be now.

"You have done great things to help both us Biju and humans to finally understand each other, a good teacher showing me the greatness humans can possess, but most importantly you showed me friendship. Something I never thought I would ever have or even know the meaning off." As Kurama spoke the Death Gods hand descended around the great fox's neck. "So again thank you Naruto and . . . Good Bye . . . My Friend."

"Kurama No, Please Kurama don't do this, Kurama! . . . Kurama! . . . KURAMA!


As Naruto reminisced about that awful day he made his way towards the cage, its great doors stood ajar and its depths hidden in darkness but its occupant no longer resided within its walls. No it had been empty for just over a year as Kurama was taken from this world by the Death God himself.

'It should have been me.' Naruto thought

"My I forgot how big a fellow he really was, it amazing how a creature of such power and size could in small but ever so thick skull." A new voice echoed from behind Naruto.

"I was wondering when you would finally show up." Naruto replied showing no surprise to the new voice as turning around to face familiar voice as the sound of echoing footsteps signalled the newcomers approach.

"So you knew I was in here." The voice called as his figure stopped short choosing to remain in the shadows only allowing Naruto to see a silhouette of the newcomer.

"I speculated." Naruto answered shoving is hands deep into his pockets. "It would only make sense, your memories, your very essence are stuck in here why not some form of consciousness.

"Very good Naruto, again you surprise me with an intelligence I'd never except from Konoha Shinobi. You really are too good for that village." The voice chuckled

"Is that what you told yourself when you were exiled from Konoha? Did it help you sleep at night?" Naruto mocked only to receive another chuckle.

"Naruto, such a bold tongue. Is that how you thank someone for paying you a complement? Oh well we digress." The voice finished clearly enjoying himself.

"So what have you been doing for the last two weeks? Getting comfortable? Sorry for the lack of view, maybe you'll get use to the smell though I have to admit I never did." Naruto goaded still the very model of calm and collected.

"You hide your fear poorly Naruto. I've have been exploring. It's really quite fascinating. How many shinobi can say they've explore the mind of another without boundaries or worry of mental defences? You've had a colourful childhood Naruto, if anyone else had seen what I have and never met you they would have been convinced that you'd gone rogue by now from the abuse you received. Or, at the very least, dead considering how bad a student you were." The man in shadow decided to mock in return. To this Naruto released a growl from his throat. "My my, there's more of the fox left in you then I expected." He chuckled again.

"Enjoy it while you can, I'm going to ensure your stay is a short one." Naruto spoke in a dangerously low voice.

"Is that so? I'd be careful Naruto, each day I grow more in strength. Soon I will have enough power to force you out of your own head. On that day I will walk the earth again in a new body and that day will come very soon. You can feel it can you, your own mind is failing in the presents of a superior one." The shadow answered for the first time with any seriousness in his voice.

"I will kill myself before I let it get to that point." Naruto countered stepping towards the man in shadow.

"Well I guess I have my work cut out for me don't I." The man replied stepping out of the shadows of Naruto's mind revealing his hooded figure.

"I killed you once. You're not even really him. You're a spectre of a past, never to return. You will never threaten this world again. I promise it." Naruto declared through gritted teeth as his chakra spiked.

"And I promise, Naruto, to go out of my way to stop you." The intruder of his mind countered as his Sharingan came into view for the first time. "The Uchiha will rise again and I Madara Uchiha will lead them there and this time. . ."

"You will try and like every other time the Uchiha have attempted to rise above their station they will be crushed under the heel of the Senju and Konoha." Naruto cutting across the ancient Uchiha as he began to withdraw from his mind but not before seeing his old enemies Sharingan flare in anger at the comment made.


Naruto slowly opened his eyes to a room dimly lit by the setting sun. Rising from the floor of his kitchen he once again used the table to support his jelly like legs. Taking a deep breath he regained his composure. He had a lot of work to do in the next few weeks. This situation changed everything. For once it was not just himself at risk. It now had the potential to bring great harm to the entire village and, very likely, the world. Worst of all, it would be caused by him.

But just one more time he had to set that issue aside and focus on one last task. He had lost several hours to that flash, which was a first. He now had very little time to get ready and meet his old teammate. He would meet with her one more time to get the closure they both deserved before it all ended.