Allen Walker and the School of Magic

Chapter: Prologue

Summary story: During a mission in Scotland with Lavi and Link, Allen loses his eyesight. Levellier takes this change to try and get rid of the white-haired exorcist. So he send him, Tiedoll, Timothy and Link on a mission to Hogwarts. Set in the 5th book but I'm going to give my own personal twist to it ^^

Summary chapter: During a mission in Scotland, Allen gets hurts.

Pairing(s): Not sure yet, either there will be Allen x Link or there will be no pairings at all.

Warning(s): Allen torture? ^^ This will be more from the point of view from the exorcists, so the wizards will not have such a big role in this one.

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If people were to ask Allen what happened that day, the boy would not be able to answer. No, maybe that's not true. He knew what happened: he tried to save Link from a level 4's attack. But he just couldn't believe the consequences of his action.

It had all started out as a simple routine mission. Go to some remote village, find the Innocence, secure it and get rid of any possible Akumas in the area.

Lavi and him – and as default Link – were sent to Grampian. They found the piece of Innocence early on in the mission. It had been encased in the handle of a sword from one of the stone knights standing 'guard' at Delgatie Castle.

At first there only were 4 level 2 Akumas and 2 level 3 Akumas to deal with. Lavi and Allen disposed of them quite quickly. But when they wanted to leave again, a level 4 showed up. And the albino's cursed eye was to slow to warn them.

For a long time the battle was evenly matched up until the point where the Akuma attacked a distracted Link. Allen – always prepared to save a comrade – jumped in front of the blonde. Trying to protect him from the Akuma's unleashed attack.

The level 4's special power was the release of a blinding light. Even with the silver mask protecting him the attack was strong enough to blind the white-haired exorcist.

Successfully harming one of the exorcists and distracting one other, the Akuma attention was only focused on these two and that was its undoing. The redhead used his patented fire-seal to burn the damn thing to a crisp. But by then the damage was already done.

The youngest of the trio couldn't see anything anymore and the first traces of panic were seeping into his voice when he asked the others what was going on.

"Easy Moyashi I'm sure that it's nothing."

"But why can I only 'see' darkness?"

The poor teen was so distraught that he didn't even acknowledged the use of his dreaded nickname.

"Maybe the attack damaged your optical nerves."

"So I'll stay blind?"

"Walker calm down! We'll visit the medical wing as soon as we get back to headquarters but for now we should get out of here."

For some reason the blonde's voice calmed Allen down. Why it did that, he didn't know.

Since the albino was 'out of commission' Lavi took the lead making sure no Akuma would be able to surprise-attack them again. Link on the other hand carried his young charge on his back. And so the three of them began their journey home.


"So tell me inspector Link: how is young Walker's condition?" Was the first thing Levellier asked when the blonde entered the room. The smirk on his face made it look like he was enjoying the misfortune that befell the albino (which of course he did). Next to him both Komui Lee and Bak Chan were wearing disapproving frowns.

"The doctor has determined that the damages to his optical nerves are incurable so Walker will be blind for the rest of his life."

"So he is unfit as an exorcist?"

Link looked up in surprise and for a moment something unreadable flashed in his eyes. But it was gone before the auditor from Central could detect it.

"With all due respect Sir but I did not say that. For some inexplicable reason his curse still activates when Akumas are around and he is able to pinpoint their exact location without sight. The doctors believe that with sufficient training he will be able to return to the battlefield. Just like Noise Marie."

Malcom C. Levellier seemed a little bit angered at his subordinate's report. Not that it surprised anyone. After all it was common knowledge that Central's auditor would grab any excuse to get rid of the white-haired exorcist.

And if he couldn't execute the boy for being a traitor then he would make sure that he could no longer be an exorcists even if he had to use the boy's blindness as a excuse…

"So what would you suggest?"

"Train Walker and let him go on easy missions so that he can get used to fighting blind."

"If I may interrupt auditor Levellier. I've heard of an interesting mission not too long ago. One that may be perfect for Allen. But first I wanted to discuss it with you."

"Very well supervisor Lee. Link you are dismissed."

"Yes Sir." The blonde bowed politely for his superior, before leaving the room.


Allen Walker was absolutely bored out of his mind. For the past week or so he had been confined to his bed in the hospital-ward without anything to do.

His friends had all visited him upon his return. Even the normal anti-social Kanda. But they were not pleasant visits.

Lavi felt guilty for his blindness, even if the redhead could have done nothing to prevent it.

When Lenalee visited it had been painfully obvious that she had been crying. Allen did not need his eyes to be able to hear the sobs in her voice.

Kanda didn't say much during his time with the albino but he didn't insult him either. For some reason the exorcist wished that he did. Then at least some sense of normality would have returned to him.

If Allen was really honest he would say that the best visits were from Miranda Lotto and Noise Marie. Miranda because she brought lots and lots of Mitarashi Dango with her.

And since Marie was also blind, he was able to give some good advice. Besides it was good to talk to someone about his blindness without that person feeling guilty, crying or che-ing.

But out of all the visits he received there was his 'stalker' Howard Link… The man had taken it up himself to teach him how to read Braille.

"Walker." One simple word – his last name, never his first – was enough to pull him out of his – rather – depressive thoughts.

Warm hands cupped the exorcist's face, tilting it to the blonde's liking. Once he was finished the inspector gently removed the bandages from around the albino's eyes.

"So doctor what is the diagnosis?" He jokingly asked. Yes finding out that he would never be able to see again had hurt at first. But now he just wanted to have his normal life back, without everyone acting like he was dying or so…

But the C.R.O.W.-member didn't react to his question. Or at least what he said next was not an answer Allen could accept.

"I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"If I had been paying attention…"

"DON'T! What's done is done. The past can't be changed. And perhaps this was meant to be. I want to believe that things happen for a reason…The only thing left do to is figure out why."

Again the blonde didn't react. He simply put the bandages back on, after which he guided to teen to lie back on the bed. This was followed by the sound of a chair scraping over the floor.

"Supervisor Lee says that he might have a mission for us."

"Really? I thought that Levellier would confine me to a cell and all that jazz now that I'm useless in the field.

"You're not useless…" Link paused before sighing and continuing his sentence.

"He tried to but I convinced him that you are still a useful ally. Since your eye still activates and all."

"I'm surprised. Don't you think that I am a traitor and danger that needs to be sealed away for the safety of the Order?" His tone was now bitter and a little bit resentful. His hand clenched the bed sheets.

"There is no evidence to suggest that you will betray the Order."

The white-haired teen looked up in surprise to where he thought his 'second shadow' was seated.

"But I have the 14th in me, don't I? Some day in the future I'll become a Noah even if I don't want to."

"I'm sure you'll keep him at bay for as long as you have too. And if he manages to take over your body then I'll deal with him."

Allen was smart enough not to ask what the blonde meant with 'deal with him'. He was pretty sure that it would involve both his and the 14th's death. Silence reigned the room after that.

That was until Komui's voice broke through one of the communication golems.

"Inspector Link can I speak with you in my office please?"

"I'm coming."

By the absence of footsteps the albino could determine that the blonde had not moved yet. Before he could wonder why that was a hand – Link's hand – ruffled his hair.

Without saying anything that might explain his weird behavior the C.R.O.W.-member left for the science department.

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