Part1: Rapunzel- lost princess

Beginning story, pregnant queen of a kingdom fall ill. Her guards, searching for a cure, find a magical healing flower, that was used for centuries by Gothel, an elderly woman, to stay young. The flower heals the queen so she gives birth to a girl named Rapunzel. Gothel learns that Rapunzel's golden hair retains the flower's healing abilities, but if cut, it turns brown and loses it magical power. Gothel kidnaps and isolates the child in a tower, raising her as her own daughter. However, every year on Rapunzel's birthday, the kingdom sends thousands of sky lanterns into the sky longing for their lost princess to return.

On eighteen birthday of Rapunzel, she asks Gothel " Mom, I really want to see the floating light. It will be very wonderful for me on my birthday."

But Gothel denies her request " you can't come there because it is very dangerous." She continues " People will see your golden hair and they will cut it. The world outside is full of dangers and bad people." Then she leaves tower and just have Rapunzel alone.

Meanwhile, thieves led by Flynn Rider steal the tiara of the missing princess from the castle. Flynn abandons his accomplices and stumbles upon Rapunzel's tower.