He couldn't believe it. Chibiusa, also known as Rini or even Rabbit, was gone forever. Lost to the curse of time, as all creatures do. But she had at least left him two things to remember her by.

His flute, which he gave her that day when he finally earned his wings and became a true child of the faerie. And the most startling thing of all, a small crystal with immense power. The same crystal she accidentally took inside her own body when the dark moon attacked Crystal Tokyo in the future.

The Silver Imperium Crystal, the strongest remnant of the Silver Millennium.

But why would Rabbit give him the crystal? It possessed the powers of every Sailor Scout who lived, and grew stronger along with those who protected it.

To make matters more confusing, right after she left him the crystal, her father, King Endymion left him in charge of the Earth's golden crystal, the symbol of his power.

Peruru had no clue why they left him with such powerful artifacts. His King, however, had seen the future. Oberon knew a dark time would arrive, and Peruru would have to make a choice.

Peruru would decide the fate of both Faerie and Mortal worlds.

Duo ran back to the church, with the stolen suit. But what awaited him was hell. The Alliance bombed the church, killing the forty terrorists...and the three hundred innocent children inside. Father Maxwell and Sister Helen were among the dead, as the priest handed him his cross.

In his rage, he lost all sense of control, and slaughtered any terrorists who remained.

Why? Why did the Alliance bomb a church full of children? Were they insane?

Unfortunately for them, they had crossed the worst person they could. And he wasn't even human. Duo Maxwell was only his cover name, for he had taken mortal form for a break. And look what happened...he lost his charges to people who didn't care about the innocent, only how to gain control.

If only the Senshi had survived! If Crystal Tokyo even had a chance to come into being, then maybe this wouldn't have happened!

But after a series of battles, the Senshi were sealed inside the planets they represented, and Pluto was forced to remain between Time itself.

Something had altered the future, and made it so that Crystal Tokyo never came about. Chibiusa was still born, but she never became princess or Sailor Mini Moon. She died a mortal life, her soul wandering the gates of time until the future was set back on course.

Duo cried, wondering how the future had gone so wrong. Not even the faeries knew what happened. All they knew was that suddenly the Senshi lost their powers, and when they died were sealed off inside their planets until things were set right. The only things left of their reign were the crystals, which he now protected until they woke up.

Sure he could awaken the powers of the silver crystal if he had to, but he didn't want to use it's power for selfish reasons. Chibiusa had entrusted him to protect it, since he was an immortal faerie.

So he spent the rest of his years until he turned fifteen preparing to go to war for the colonies. His aibou, Deathscythe, would be his weapon in a war that someone else started.

He could not fail this time. If he did, the innocent who died under his care would haunt him for the rest of his life.

So he went back to Earth in a suit meant only for destruction. Part of him was anxious to get this war over with. The other part of him couldn't wait to feel the earth beneath his bare feet, to feel the wind on his his pearly wings.

He idly noticed another capsule experience trouble with an OZ carrier. He wondered which one of the other four managed to hit problems with them.

Soon he was on the planet, and he could feel the hidden power of the king slumbering beneath him. Endymion was awaiting the moment for the Crystals to be awakened.

And Oberon was waiting to join forces with the true heir of the Earth. The faeries and the Moon Kingdom had always been allies, even when the Kingdom had fallen to Beryl, the faeries knew that the heirs would come back.

Peruru was the one who brought the kingdoms back together. Only something had gone terribly wrong a few years later. The new Silver Millennium never came, and the Senshi lost their powers.

So now he had to deal with a war he wanted nothing to do with, all in order to bring peace to the colonies and Earth.

So Duo went to the nearest payphone and called Howard. Now all he had to do was deal with the nearest base, and the mission G had given him and then head to the place where he could crash without worries.

Instead he finds the sea more crowded than usual, so he dealt with the idiots dumb enough to be in the area.

He ends up finding the suit which crashed. Seeing no point in letting a good suit go to waste, he turned off the self detonation and began to bring the suit up.

Escaping through the hatch, he spies a few nymphs playing around, and gives them a wave. Startled, they bolt. He grinned, and surfaced.

Suddenly he spotted someone pointing a gun at a girl in...you have got to be kidding. Was that a party dress? Sometimes he hated being a chivalrous guy.

He shot the guy, and was a bit startled to see the girl stand in front of him to protect him.

Somehow he got the feeling things were about as clear as fairy politics. So he took a gamble.

"G, H, O, J, or S?"

Relieved at the confused look on the girl's face, the boy's cleared up in realization.


"Sorry about the bullet man. I'm with G. Was that your partner I found underwater?"

Panic set in, and he smirked.

"I can fix it so she doesn't remember it, but you'll have to pilot the thing yourself."


Duo prepared to cast the easiest and most basic things for fey kind. A mesmer of confusion. All the girl would remember was heading down to the marina when it blew, but not why or what she saw there.

The second the suits breached the surface, he hit her with it. Her eyes glazed over, and he made sure she would be found safely. The two swiftly went to the suits, and before the basemen could react, they were gone.

Heero turned to him, and said "Who are you?"

"Call me Duo. Or Scythe, if you think the lines are tapped. You?"

"Heero Yuy, pilot of Wing."

"After the pacifist? That's just weird. Anyway, you need any parts?"

"What did you do to Relena?"

"She the blond?"

Heero nodded.

"Nothing serious. She'll wake up with some minor amnesia, but other than that, she'll be fine."


"Trade secret. You wouldn't be able to do it anyway."

Heero Hn'd in response. Then he looked at Duo speculatively, and wrote a few things down. He handed it to Duo.

He looked over the list, and grinned.

"A few parts we'll have to order special, and should arrive in a day or two, but most of it we have around here."

Soon the two were finishing up the more pressing repairs, and Heero discreetly tried to find out what exactly the other pilot did to the blond girl. Seeing no point in lying (which wasn't his style, he hated lies) he humored him.

"Basically I blurred her memory a lot. It's one of my easier tricks, but I dislike doing it. And that was the first time I've used it in a while."

He sensed that Heero wanted to know exactly what he had done, so he hit him with a minor mesmer. Five minutes later Heero was staring at his suit in confusion.

Duo had hit him right as he was replacing a split wire, which was now fixed.

"That's what I did to her, only I hit her with a stronger version."

Heero was apparently in shock over that, because he looked slightly alarmed.

"As far as I know there isn't any damage from being hit by it."

Duo watched as Heero flew back to the school, acting like nothing had happened. He grinned, because from the sense he got from that guy, he would be loads of fun to mess with later.

And if there was one thing faeries loved more than dancing under the moonlight, it was messing with people, especially when said person was a bit uptight.

The results were hilarious.

(Meanwhile Heero got a shiver down his back and knew someone somewhere planned to prank him. He hated it when he got that feeling.)

Duo went and blew up another base, grinning like a madman the whole time. He went to see Howard after he finished, and helped out with the ship.

When he went to sleep, he got an interesting dream.


'Chibiusa? Forgive me for what I have to do.'

"Peruru, I understand. I've been watching all this time. Peruru...you will have to use the Crystal soon."

'What? I thought you and King Endymion gave me the crystals to protect until you awake.'

"Peruru...no, Duo, listen. The Senshi can't awake until Crystal Tokyo is created. And Crystal Tokyo won't be around with the war going on. You'll have to end the war so the full power of the Silver Crystal can be used."

'What do you mean Rabbit?'

"Duo...you will have to use the Crystal soon. It's the only way to wake the Senshi and free them from the seals."

'You mean...I have to use the Silver Crystal during the WAR? I can't do that! It could corrupt it's powers!'

"It's why we gave the Crystals to you. We trust you to keep the Crystals and not to use them for anything but defending the innocent."

'I'll...I'll try to do my best Rabbit.')

Duo awoke with a sense of shock. His old friend, Rabbit, had given him the go ahead to use the Crystal in the war. But he didn't know if he could do it, for he would risk the chance of corrupting it's power and bringing the future he knew to ruin before it had a chance to shine.

He needed advice. How could he bring Crystal Tokyo out if he didn't know when he was supposed to use the Crystal? He couldn't ask the faeries, because he was currently on vacation, and to ask them would mean he would have to go back to his world.

The Senshi were out of the question...they were all sealed. Endymion was asleep, and he honestly had no clue where he was. So who could he turn to for help with this?

His mind ran through the Scouts, thinking about where each were sealed, and dismissing them. All except for one.

Pluto. The daughter of Kronos, and guardian of time. Getting a hold of a Time Key wouldn't be that difficult, and she was a good friend of the Rabbit. She was the easiest to get to, and would be the best person to ask.

"Hey Howard, I'm going to shore for a bit. Keep an eye on my Aibou, will ya?" Duo called out.

"Not a mission?"

"Personal, rather than G."

"Gotcha. Mind picking up a few things?"

"Sure. Make a list."

Duo headed to the mainland with a list. It seemed luck was on his side, because the land he approached was close to one of the known locations for the Keys which had been scattered.

Looked like he would have to do a little robbing though. He had a few issues with robbing a shrine. Particularly since this shrine used to be where Mars acted as a Miko.

Somehow he had a feeling Mars would forgive him for it. After all, he was bringing about Crystal Tokyo for everyone.

A silent figure crept into the night, his mission more important than the one G just sent him. Duo slipped past the lone priest, and went into the inner sanctuary. A miko finishing up her daily prayers to the spirits she served looked up, and saw nothing.

Duo went past her, heading for the room he knew the Key to be in. Every faerie knew where the five keys given to the Senshi that protected the Moon Princess directly were. It was the others that went missing.

He opened the door quietly, and saw it.

A red key, with the symbol of Mars etched inside a crystal. This was the source of Rei's transformation, her connection to Mars. He carefully went up, and brought out the Silver Crystal. The gem began to pulse, awakened from it's long slumber to answer the call.

He took the key and left, the power within it finally active after centuries of slumber.

Duo returned to the ship, and looked at his prize. The wand of Mars was like a beacon in the night, it's power ready to be used again.

But that beacon was a double edged sword, for it alerted the darkness still in the universe that the Silver Crystal was back.

The biggest thing it did was cause every Senshi to stir, particularly Mars herself. Once Duo found someone who could harness it, her power would awaken fully to help him in the war.

He just had to find the one who could use it.

Duo ran into Heero again during a mission. He was still miffed that the other pilot had stolen parts from his aibou without asking. It had taken a week just to repair it!

On the other hand, because he had taken a while to get back in action, he ran into three very familiar birds. Birds he hadn't seen since the Dream Hole was destroyed.

Poupelin, Banane, and Orangeat. All of whom were trying to regain their human form. Oberon must still be angry over the whole incident with the scouts.

Luckily for them, they recognized him right off the bat. So now he had three faeries hoping to regain the favor of the King and Queen, and perhaps gain their human forms.

In exchange they would help him during the war.

Duo drove his car to a nearby base which had just been destroyed. Looking into the flames, he saw a familiar kind of suit shooting everything that saw it.

It was red and white, and appeared to be a gun type. He couldn't see any real distinguishing characteristics on it. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his pocket. He pulled it out and realized that the wand of Mars was pulsing.

It couldn't be that simple...could it?

The pilot finally saw him, and was about to fire. So with a bit of quick thinking he grabbed something out of the backseat, scribbled something and held it up to be seen clearly. The Gundam turned away, and he followed it.

Once the suit was stored, the cockpit opened, and revealed a boy about sixteen with long cinnamon brown hair and one emerald green eye.

"Thanks for not shooting. I see the Mad Five sent another guy to fight. Which one you with?"

The other boy kept staring at him.

"Silent type, huh? Well you can call me Duo Maxwell. I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie. I'm with G."

"You can call me Trowa."

"Code or real?"

"Just Trowa."

Duo nodded. The pulsing was growing stronger, and he pulled the wand out reluctantly. If he put it back in his pocket it could burn him. Trowa's eyes were drawn to the thing, and Duo saw a familiar symbol flash briefly on his forehead.

The symbol for Mars.

Duo held out the wand and said "I think this one is meant for you. Which means I have three more to find."

"What is it?"

"Something to protect you. It's a good luck charm of sorts, and it works really well. Particularly when you can see Mars in the night sky."

Trowa took the wand and felt something click inside him. The odd feeling he had earlier when Duo held up the sign went away, and he felt a sense of relief. He looked at the odd symbol in the crystal and had to ask "What this symbol?"

"It's the symbol for Mars. If you want to survive, keep it with you."

They parted ways the next morning. Duo went west, Trowa went north.

It was near. The wand of Mercury was close. He crept into the museum and found it. The blue crystal shone a sapphire light under the moonlit night. Knowing that his brother was hiding him from the cameras, he broke the glass with the butt of his gun.

His hand darted in and out of the large hole without leaving a trace, and he fled the building. That was another key found. Two more were left. Venus and Jupiter.

("Authorities around the world are confused with the string of burglaries that have recently hit several businesses and museums. Each theft had one thing in common, as the thief only takes one thing and leaves more valuable items behind.

Each item stolen was part of a set which had been nearly forgotten in recent years, called the Keys of Kronos.

The first to be reported stolen was the Key of Mars. Then Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Detectives now have a round-the-clock surveillance over the last key, the Key of the Moon Princess.

Legend states that each key had the ability to call upon the powers of the Mythical Senshi. One key for each Senshi. Anyone who could awaken the powers of these keys could gain the ability to control the world. Another legend claims that the keys grant access to the gates of Time, but this is unconfirmed.")

He had only one key left to find. Luckily for him, the one that the detectives were guarding was an out and out fake. Unlike the other four, the key of the Moon was stronger and had the power to free Pluto and Saturn from their places.

And he knew how to get it. The only real problem he had was to find a copy of the game which would unlock the old base. Thank Oberon for the nerds! They never threw away old games.

After a few false leads, he finally found someone with the game. Oddly enough it was the descendant of Melvin, one of Usagi's old school friends. He paid the guy five million in cash, and walked away with the only surviving copy of the old Sailor V game.

He plugged it in, and prepared to go through the levels. With each boss beat, the game began to glow brighter. Once he cleared the last level, the game slid into the ground revealing a staircase.

He walked down, and the dust cleared. The ancient computer came to life, and he heard a familiar voice. It was Rabbit.

"Hey Rabbit. I finally made it."

Once the Senshi had been sealed, Luna and Artemis had used Rabbit's voice for the computer. It was their way of remembering the past. Immediately after that, they were sent into stasis until the girls could be awakened again.

There on the console was the key. Duo walked up and picked the thing up. The moment his hands closed around it, a pair of glowing lights appeared and shattered. When he could see again, he blinked.

A pair of felines with the yellow crescent moons on their foreheads yawned widely. One was a purplish velvet black, and had red eyes. The other was a pure white with blue eyes. It took them a while to fully wake up.

Duo was down at eye level with them, grinning.

"Hello Luna, Artemis. Sleep well?"

"Who are you? Where is the Princess?" said Luna.

Pearly wings came out of his back, and his appearance changed. Their eyes widened in realization when they recognized him.

"You're that dream elf from before!"

"My name is Peruru, and the Rabbit asked me to bring Crystal Tokyo back. So far I've found Mars and possibly Jupiter, but I've been having trouble finding Mercury and Venus."

"What's in it for the Faerie?" asked Artemis.

"Several thousand years ago, the Fae and the Moon Kingdom were allies. When you fell, we suffered for many years. It was only when the Rabbit helped me gain my wings that we started to recover fully. But something went wrong when Crystal Tokyo was lost. Now our numbers are dwindling, and if something isn't done we'll die out."

"What can we do to help?"

Peruru grinned.

"Well for starters, we can upgrade this system. Things have advanced since the Senshi were sealed. If my suspicions are correct, then chances are I already know the other Senshi."

"And which planet do you represent?" asked Luna.

He closed his eyes, and allowed the symbol to appear before bringing out the crystals.

"Chibiusa chose me to awaken Crystal Tokyo, and the best way to do that was to make me the new Senshi of the Moon. Besides, out of all the new Senshi, I am the only person who has personally met the original ones. And I'm the only one who knows how the future was supposed to go."

They nodded, and he brought them up to speed. While they weren't happy about the war that was raging now, they understood that they had to wait before the Senshi could reawaken.

Their powers would only diminish in war among mortals, and the crystal would be tainted if they were to use them against the very people they were meant to protect.

Now all he had to do was head the New Edwards, and pray that his suspicions were correct.