Again, this is NOT a story. Just a section to keep everyone up to date. No need to review. Though, every once in a while I might ask you for suggestions or ideas in here. :)

This is just a (hopefully) better option than to bombard you with tons of A/N's at the beginning of each story and tell you what I'm working on currently.

Disclaimer: Idea stolen from others :P

With work being a complete bitch to me, I have only a small amount of motivation and energy left to write at the moment. Inspiration is still there, but the muses aren't. Which isn't exactly helpful when trying to find words.

The next Chapter of 'SmutFest' is currently in the making, staring Kevin (A-Ri) and Randy. I hope it'll be done by this weekend or early next week. There'll be many more chaps to come, those already planned featuring Sheamus/Ted, Adam (Edge)/Cody, Ted/Jake and Wade/Mike.

The next Chapter of 'Sex, Drugs and True Love' (despite the lack of reviews for the stories… I know, I know, AU isn't for everyone, but still… *huffs*) will be up by this Sunday. It's already written out and only needs me and Mizzy681 to be online at the same moment to get posted The story still has 3 chapters (or 4) left after Sunday.

'Our Story thus far' is on hiatus for now until I get my muses back. There's still many, many things planned for the future, many ideas already written down, but the words just fail me at the moment.

There's also two Codiasi One-Shots planned, but I will NOT promise anything for them, no date, nothing. They're just ideas so far and it truly all depends on my schedule and motivation, if and when I will write them down.

K, nuff said. Hopefully my dear readers will forgive me the lack of updates. I'm sure as soon as work (and co-workers) stops being a bitch, the stories will start flowing again! :)