Again, this is NOT a story. Just a section to keep everyone up to date. No need to review. Though, every once in a while I might ask you for suggestions or ideas in here. :)

This is just a (hopefully) better option than to bombard you with tons of A/N's at the beginning of each story and tell you what I'm working on currently.

Disclaimer: Idea stolen from others :P

(Forget what I had just written. It came across completely wrong)

Since my 'Main-Stories' are all more or less finished and only 'Our Story Thus Far' needs to be updated, I am kind of on a hiatus. That means that I will take my time to update, write a little less, maybe concentrate on my life for once. Maybe even start on that second book for which I already have more than just the idea.

Speaking of book... One week ago I published my first one and until now there's no buys at all, not from my friends, not from those who promised to buy. It kind of makes me feel worthless. And if you ask, you get all kind of excuses like 'Didn't have time yet', 'Don't have the money' (It's 10 bucks... PWEASE) or 'It's not my genre'. Phew... I hate excuses. Any one else? That is not to mean that I dont believe people any more, it is just really hard to do at times. Which has nothing to do with the people but with me and my 'trust-issues'. Trust me there :P

I also want to THANK every single reviewer of mine (I seem to not do that often enough) for sticking with me. For critcism (yes, I do ACCEPT criticism if it is creative), for encouragement (hint OrtonFan :)), for ... well... everything. Without reviewers it would be hard for me to work on my writing and get better (I hope at least). So, Thank you again :)

So yeah, writing-hiatus for now unless I get a HUGE boost of inspiration for something, but I don't see that yet.

For those missing my stories, just go re-read. Or mail me. Maybe a request helps with my inspiration. Dunno.

Btw, my health-issues have gotten a lot better. CT, MRT and EKG came all out clear (which doesnt solve the actual problem, but at least make me worry a lot less). I'm back to work that means. I hope that is a good thing (for my mind) :)

That's it for today and probably for a while. Buh Bye.

Don't think I am ungrateful, please, because I am far away from it. It just sometimes comes across this way. :)