Hi everyone! So as you can see, I've gotten a replacement computer and I'm writing again! I hope you enjoy this little tiny piece of fluff. It was inspired by something I own that I brought up on twitter, that Ky and Em told me I should write, so I did. :)

No song really for this one, but I was listening to Missing You by Johnny Cooper while writing.

You should be able to tell, but this takes place during MLG while Magnus is still recording his album. Alec has returned from a game in Philly.

Beta'd by Grace!

Alec let out a heaving sigh as he crossed the threshold into Magnus' apartment. He'd thought about going home and showering first, if only to get the icky feeling that comes from flying 11 hours straight off his body. However, he was really anxious to see Magnus after being gone the entire week, and he knew Magnus would scold him for wasting a shower alone when they could share one instead. He smiled to himself as he dropped his duffel loudly on the hardwood floor of the entryway.

"Magnus?" he called. It was nearly one in the afternoon, and Alec had thought Magnus might be at the studio putting some finishing touches on the album, which was coming along great. However, Alec had seen his boyfriend's car down in the parking garage, so he figured he'd lucked out and caught Magnus at home. But there was no answer to his repeated calls. He wandered into the bedroom, expecting to find Magnus engrossed in a book or magazine of some sort, too preoccupied to have heard the door and Alec's voice. What he found instead made him blush fiercely, even though there was no one around to see it.

Magnus was fully clothed, shoes and all, lying on top of the slightly mussed comforter of his bed. His keys and sunglasses were tossed haphazardly on the nightstand, indicating a restless arrival, no doubt from a day of recording and re-recording. He was snoring lightly, his chest moving up and down in an untroubled rhythm. He was probably due back at the studio later, and was trying to catch a few minutes of sleep when he was able. But all this wasn't what made Alec blush.

Tucked into the crook of Magnus' elbow, face down into his chest, was a black-furred teddy bear. Magnus was hugging it tight, and in his sleep was slightly chewing on the animal's furry little ear. The bear was wearing a familiar miniature white jersey with blue and gold piping. Across the top of its back was LIGHTWOOD, and Alec could make out the top half of a 32 just above Magnus' forearm. Alec never really had occasion to visit the gift shop at the stadium in Carson, but he knew they carried stuff like that. It never failed to embarrass him—despite the deeper feeling of pride—when he saw kids or even adults wearing mock-ups of his jersey. It had never crossed his mind that there was actually something in there that someone could consider normal to sleep with. He tried not to let the thought put further color in his face, and took in Magnus' slumbering form for a few more seconds. A steady smile slowly crept across his face despite himself. All things considered, this was probably the most adorable thing he'd ever seen.

He approached the side of the bed and carefully lifted the stuffed animal companion out of Magnus' grip. He stirred a bit, but didn't wake. Alec then crawled slowly in beside him, lifting Magnus' arm and sliding underneath it, facing him in the same position the bear had been in. He waited a few more seconds of watching Magnus' breathing, slow and steady, before he leaned up and nipped lightly at the tip of his boyfriend's nose. He watched as his eyes fluttered slightly before sliding open lazily. He just smiled up at Magnus as he slowly returned to consciousness.

"You know, I always wished you'd come to life one day. Am I dreaming?" he asked sleepily, his eyes slipping open and shut. Alec only shook his head slightly in disaffirmation, and snuggled further into his arms. "I don't believe you," Magnus replied, his words slurring. "But will you wake me up when your real half gets here?"

Alec let his smile drift across his whole face before he simply leaned up again and rubbed an Eskimo kiss against Magnus' nose. Before he was even done, Magnus had slipped back into dreamland. He settled down into Magnus' arms, forgetting all about his much looked-forward-to shower, and basked in being cuddled like a tiny teddy bear before drifting off to sleep himself.

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