A Bloody Pear

Lily felt a smile tug at her lips as she took in the scene before her. Scorpius (ridiculous name, that, no wonder he hated it) was staring oddly at a rather large portrait of a fruit bowl, muttering something to himself like, "Torturing, tutoring, tackling..."

"Tickling?" she asked with a small smirk, pleased when he jumped and whirled around to face whoever dared to sneak up on a Malfoy.

"What was that, Potterette?" he sneered, trying to cover his surprise at being caught unawares.

She rolled her eyes at her brother's friend (further proof that Albus neglected his need to stop by Diagon Alley this summer and acquire a life) and reiterated, "Tickling."

"What are you on about?"

"You have to tickle the bloody pear, Cory," she said a bit snappishly, brushing past him to do just that. "Like this."

She reached up, trying to do as her brothers had told her, and even shown her on one occasion when James was hungry enough to let her tag along, if only to shut her up. The problem, however, was that she had never done so by herself. Thus, it never occured to her that both her brothers had taken after the Weasley clan in height, while she shared her father's short stature (the feminine version, of course). She huffed moodily and began trying to jump up and down, stretching her hand desperately above her.

Scorpius's laughter only spurned her onward.

She felt her anger bubbling in her chest (coloring her face an awful shade of tomato red, no doubt), her determination to accomplish her goal willing her feet to propel her upward to her destination. She prepared her muscles, feeling quite a lot like Aunt Hermione's cat Crookshanks he pounced on a garden gnome. She could do it, she'd show him. She finally gave a great leap, reaching and reaching with all her might to tickle that bloody pear. So close, so close, her fingertips were almost there!

She barely brushed the stupid banana before she fell back down to the cobblestones of the floor, her bum nearly meeting them first hand - er, cheek, before strong hands grasped her upper arms and steadied her. Her eyes burned a path from the alabaster hand up to the aristocratic face of Scorpius Malfoy, a few bits of his platinum hair brushing his forehead as he looked down his long nose at her. His eyes were twinkling with mirth, their blue looking more intense in his amusement. He smiled at her beatifically before unhanding her.

"Alright there, Potterette?"

She smiled at him before falling in to her 'Slytherin Princess' facade, primly tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Yes, Malfoy, and I'll thank you not to soil my robes with your filthy blood traitor hands again," she said as snootily as she could manage, a playful sparkle in her eyes.

"Heaven forbid I stain your Puffskein fur cloak!" he admonished, a hand over his heart dramatically.

Lily giggled at his antics and looked up at the offending pear again, her vendetta not forgotten so easily. "Why do they put it up so high? Or why the pear? Really very impractical."

"Well, imagine a prefect wondering down here and catching a student tickling a banana. Highly undignified."

Lily let out a loud, surprised laugh at her companion's logic. How awful of him! Smiling still, she watched as Scorpius barely had to reach, his long, elegant fingers tickling the green fruit's middle. A frown replaced her grin. Show off, she thought testily as the portrait swung open to admit the two of them.

"Come along, midget, we haven't got all night."

Lily glared at him in annoyance. She despised jokes about her petite stature. Following him into the kitchens, she told him just that. He response was to toss her a snack. "It was just a joke. Eat this and shut your face already."

He was lucky she knew how to tell he was joking, or there would have been a nice Bat-Bogey Hex in it for him. She let him know this, as well, before looking at what he'd tossed her and hurling it back at his head.

A bloody pear.