Road Burner

Chapter 2-Wheels, Paint, Lights, Chrome and a Engine

Greg opened the garge doors revealing the busted up 1970 Camaro and the radio was turned up to full blast. "Ready to go Dax?" "I was born ready cuz. Let's get started. How we gonna tackle this thing?"

"First, we're gonna clean out everything from the inside. When that's done, we take off all the doors, hood and roof. I ordered some new ones from a company that sold them. When all our parts get here, then the fun will start."

"Ok, on 3. 1..."


"3!" They said in unison.

At that moment the song from 2Fast 2 Furious "Pump It Up" started to play. They went to the tool bench, grabbed what they needed and went to work. Greg went to work getting the stuff under the hood out. He went and got the moblie crane, hooked the chains to the engine, diconected anything that wasn't engine, and pull it out. He then took everything else out. Whlie he did that, Dax went to work on the interior. Well first he started to take off the doors, hood, roof, and door to the back. He took the dials out of the dashboard, the radio, the gas, brake, pedals, and emptied the glove department. He then took off the steering wheel and tossed it aside. He grabbed a screw gun, he started to unscrew the car seats out of the floorbaord. He threw them on the dicarded pile, then went to work on the back seat. After the seats were done, he started to carefull take out the carpet covering. When he was done, he looked at the inside. It was just gray metal frame. He grined and said, "Hey Greg! Let's lift this son of gun up!" "I got ya bro!" Going to a wall Greg pressed a red button. The car started to raise on the track that held it. When he finished they grabbed more wrenches, and started to unscrew the rims. They unscrewed the bolts from the axel, and took off the wheel. Going under the car they started taking off stuff they were going to replace which was everything. When they finshed they sat down and ordered lunch. When the delivery tuck car came the delivery boy had a pizza box. "Let's eat." They started munching and just sat there watching T.V. Then two UPS trucks pulled up to the garage. "Is a mister Greg Major here." "Yeah, that's me." Signing the papers, the UPS guys started unloading all the boxes, with some help from Greg and Dax. The last box was way to heavy so they had to use the crane. The UPS guys left and Greg rubbed his hand together. He grabbed a knife and opened four boxes. Each revealed a new set of wheels. "Hehe. This is what I love doing." Said Dax. Dax and Greg started opening the boxes and adding the new part. Suspension, wheel and axels, gas tanks, gas lines, and all the stuff cars need. They added the new wheels, and chrome 20' inch rims, that were a cross with a long rectangle oval in the middle of each arm. They finished the bottom, and lowered the car to the floor, and started the last part. Using the crane, they lowered the engine into the specified area. They finished with that and started to put together all the wires. Dax started work on the dashboard, adding the led lights, and new chrome pedals. Getting the new carpet, he laid it out on the floor, and roof. He put in new lights on the top, add the new radio, a new A/C unit with two buttons that were labled N2O. He got the new black leather seats, he bolted them in and then the back seat. Putting the new chrome steering wheel, he did everything to get it set. He got out and looked at Greg. "Ok, let's get the doors, and hood on." They unwraped them revealing the grey metal doors. Not shiny, but when they painted it, it would look nice. Placing the doors on Dax took notice the engine was big. He smiled. "We got one of the engines that stick out from the hood right?" "Yup."

Getting the hood they placed it over the engine, and screwed it on. They stepped back, and admired the finished, or semi finished product. "Alright. Let's start painting. You got the drawing?"

Pulling out a white piece of paper, he unfolded it and showed a picture of the Camaro. It was white with blue flames along the side with blue flames on the hood. "Alright. I'll get to it my friend." "Alright man. Hey, any races going on today?" "Yeah."

"You still got the Skyline you got in Big-D?"

"Yeah, help your self.." With that Dax left and went to another garage. He turned on the lights and saw a black Nissan Skyline with red tribal decals on the side, black tinted windows, stereo system in the trunk, and red neon. Getting the keys for the Skyline, he hopped in. He turned it on and checked the Nitrous bottles. He sat for a minute and listened to the roar of the engine. Pressing a button on the keys, the garage sliding door opened. He backed out, and sped down the road. He hit 90 mph, and avoided cars, and ran stop lights. He was an illegal street racer. Illegal held some wieght on that title and he liked it that way. He kept going and as he he changed gears we look at the license plate and on it it says "KISS THIS" and blue flames came out as he hit 110 mph.

The song Pump It Up ended, making a big dramatic ending had this beed a movie.

Dax's first race in New York. Sounds like fun. Hope this chapter was okay. The car is actually a 1970 Camro. I pressed '1960' on accident. I have a problem with typing and not proof reading. So hope it was all right. All right well I need one review for one new chapter. More than that are fine, but one is maximam. Ok well good night or good morning and,

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