The Amazon Goddess

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Velasca was about to strike Gabrielle down when a male voice said, "And they said all the good women were taken…"

She turned into the direction of the voice only to meet the fist of Hercules. Her body flew through the wall creating a massive hole. Hercules quickly followed after her.

Hercules approached the Amazon God as she tried to get back to her feet. Looking down on her, he said, "You're on your way to becoming a swell god. The ones on Olympus have no problem killing women and children either."

Velasca finally sat up as Hercules kicked her in the chest, slamming her against a well. The demi god dived forward grabbing Velasca by the neck. "That's the problem with you people. All that power you could do so much good with… but instead you wanna be an asshole and ruin everyone's lives."

He then punched her in the face causing the Amazon to fly back into the dirt. Velasca sat up while shooting a bolt of lightning at Hercules that he was just able to dodge. She fired another one as Hercules swiftly avoided it as well. Velasca saw she had a clear shot at the house, so she prepared a single powerful bolt of energy. Hercules, seeing this, grabbed a bucket and threw it at her, smacking into her arm causing the shot to fly far to the left taking the roof off of a different house. The goddess jumped to her feet shouting, "You bastard!"

Velasca gave him a hard shot to the side of the face sending the Son of Zeus head first into a small wagon. He found himself staring up to the sky as Velasca stepped on his chest. She cursed, "I don't know you, or why you interfered but you are going to die now."

"I'm Hercules and you just tried to kill my daughter."

Velasca was caught by surprise by his words, which distracted her long enough for him to grab her foot and flip her end over end. The demigod sprung to his feet, delivering a forearm shot that slammed her hard into the dirt. He dove onto her body and proceeded to repeatedly punch her in the face, causing her head to imbed into the ground below.

His emotions took hold as he just kept punching her. Something about a god trying to kill his newborn child seemed to bring strong emotions out of the demi god. He'd lost complete focus on his surroundings as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned in surprise as another female voice asked, "Remember me?"

All Hercules saw was the foot of Callisto which struck his chest sending him over a dozen yards away into a stack of wood. He was stunned for the moment.

Callisto stared down at Velasca, a devious smile on the Blonde Goddess' face. "Tsk… not very good at this are you? Oh well… have no fear, for I am here." She then teleported into the house.

Once inside, she shouted gleefully, "Gabrielle? I've come to see the little brat. Where are you? Don't you want to take part of the tearful reunion?" The house was empty as unbeknownst to Callisto, Iolaus and Joxer had spirited Gabrielle away during the battle between Hercules and Velasca. Callisto emerged from the hole that Velasca's body had made before. She stormed to Hercules was still trying to recover from the shock of the previous hit. She grabbed his body and slapped him twice across the face, as if to wake him up. Callisto shouted, "Where are they?!"

Hercules stared back in defiance as blood oozed from his lip. Velasca appeared behind Callisto, having finally worked herself free of the hole in the ground. "What's the matter Callisto? Gabrielle outran you?" Asked the Amazon Goddess.

Callisto replied in a seemingly childlike rage, "Shut up! It's all your fault!"

Velasca's eyes seemed to shoot lightning daggers, "It was your bad plan!"

Callisto released Hercules as she turned around to Velasca. "I don't see you coming up with any ideas!"

Velasca's scornfully replied, "Oh no! I wouldn't want to tell the woman who knows Xena like nobody else what to do now, do I? Not like she beat you four times in a row… right?"

Callisto's fist started to glow as fire enveloped it. In the mist of the stare down, Hercules got to his feet. "Ladies, I have a suggestion!"

Callisto and Velasca turned towards Hercules just as he grabbed their heads and began slamming them together several times using as much of his strength as he could. Finally after what felt like forever, he released the two gods, who crumpled to the ground. "Take a nap!" The demigod then took off, heading to the prearranged rendezvous point.


Gabrielle, Iolaus, and Joxer had managed to slip out while Hercules bought them time. They were at a small farmhouse just outside of Corinth that belonged to Hercules' mother. Here they would wait for Hercules and Xena. Gabrielle was immensely worried about Xena as she knew that Xena was going up against Callisto who now a god.

At the same time, Hercules wasn't far from her thoughts as he stayed behind in Corinth to battle Velasca. But still, most of all she worried about her daughter, Dawn. With two gods on earth after her, and one on Olympus ultimate gunning for her, things seemed tougher than ever.

She overheard Joxer as he asked Iolaus, "What are we going to do?"

"We can start by not panicking. We'll find a way out of this. Hercules has been up against worse than an inexperienced goddess."

Gabrielle joined in, "And Xena has beaten both Callisto and Velasca in the past. It can be done again."

The door flew open as everyone turned, prepared for the worst. It was Xena. "It's alright. Where's Hercules?"

"Still fighting Velasca I think. Xena. What are we going to do?"

Before Xena could answer, the demigod appeared behind her. Xena quickly took note of the busted lip, but other than that, he seemed alright. Hercules smiled, "I'm glad you made it Xena. When I saw Callisto, I feared the worst.

"She was toying with me, same old story. But there is something else…"

All eyes were on Xena as she told them the news, "Velasca has the Dagger of Helios."