SUMMARY – Ichigo is a half human, half cat hybrid. Grimmjow is a half human, half panther hybrid. They become friends and later lovers. I'm not very good at writing summaries, please read and review. This story will be OOC and is rated M for later chapters.

Kitty love!

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There lived a little kitten with orange fur, little orange ears, and a very cute little tail. It was his first day of school, he was little scared and he didn't want to go. "But daddy, I don't want to go! I want to stay here with you and mommy"

His father looked down at him with a smile "My young son, you don't have to be scared. You'll have a lot of fun at school; your little friend Renji and Rukia will be there, so you're not going to be alone."

His father picked him up and began walking to the school, on the way they met up with Renji and his dad Urahara. Ichigo pricked his ears and smiles "RENJI!" He got out of his father's hold before running up to the little boy. Renji was a boy who was half human and half lizard. He has a lizard tail and tongue of a lizard.

"ICHIGO!" the two little boys hug "you're going to school too, I can't wait!"

The little kitten looks at the lizard boy "Why are you so happy to go? I'm scared."

Renji giggles at Ichigo "don't worry your little fluffy head. I will be there and we have Rukia with us as well." He grabs Ichigo's hand and start walking to the school, their fathers walking and talking not far behind them.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town there is a small blue hair boy with the ears and a little tail of a young panther. He was sleeping peacefully in a little ball until someone stands over him and smiles with his piano teeth. "GRIMMJOW WAKE UP!" This man starts to bang two pans together. With a start the blue boy jumps out of bed and cling to the ceiling with his claws.

"Nnoitra, what the hell! Why did you wake me up you dickhead?"

All the while, a man walks towards the open door. "Grimmjow, I swear you listen to Gin too much. You can't swear like that, it's very bad and Nnoitra I told you not to wake up your brother like that! One day he will turn around attack you." Aizen loves his children so much even though they are not his by blood. "Come down from there Grimmjow! We don't want you to get stuck up there again." He holds his hands out

"To late Aizen-san" He tries to get down but his claws were too deeply imbedded into the wood.

He looks at his black haired son and sighs " Nnoitra, tell Gin to get the ladder and Grimmjow you don't have to call me by my last name. Please try to call me dad or daddy?" he's tried so hard to get his blue hair son to call him dad.

"But what if my daddy comes back for me? He said he was going to come back and get me from grandpa and grandma House, he's just going to get beer!" Aizen knows that the boy's father won't be returning. The boy's father murdered his wife, Grimmjow's mother, and was currently serving a jail sentence of 25 years. He told Grimmjow that his mother was killed during a mugging. He didn't have the heart to tell him how she really died.

Gin coming in smiling with a ladder under his arm "Oh our little kitty got stuck up there again." He kisses Aizen on the cheek. "So, who is going up there?"

"I'll do it!" Aizen sets up the ladder before climbing up and pulling him off the ceiling, the boy clings to him as they descend.

"Thank you Aizen-san"

He smiled at his son. "It's your first day of school today, are you excited?"

"Yep! I can't wait! Is anyone else going to come with me?" He was grinning and flicking his tail.

"Your three brothers and one of your sisters" Aizen says as he places him on the floor

"Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, Stark, and Neliel?" Grimmjow lost his smile when he said Ulquiorra and Nnoitra names "Why do Nnoitra and Ulquiorra have to go? They don't even like me and they'll pick on me there."

Aizen looks at him "they won't little one!"

A little later when all five children were in their new clothes and shoes, they made their way to the car as Aizen was driving them all to the school. At the door he kisses Gin goodbye "I will be back soon Gin, don't worry. I love you"

"I know Sousuke, I love you too. Bye kids, see you all later" he smiles at them and waves.

"Bye, bye daddy Gin" Neliel say while giggling. Starks was already asleep in his seat, Ulquiorra in the front seat, he was look at his father but not showing any emotions.

After sitting down in the driver's seat and securing his seatbelt, Aizen starts driving towards the school. During the ride he looks as each one of his children through the car mirrors "You guys are all going to behave on your first day of school, understand?"

Nnoitra smiles wide "As long no little pricks pick on me or Neliel then we are good. Grimm and Ulquiorra can take care of themselves." Aizen was really tempted to go back to the house and wash Nnoitra mouth out.

"Nnoitra, what did I tell you about your language. If you cure one more time, I swear that when you get home I will wash your mouth out with soap. Also when you are at school you are to be really nice to your other brothers."

They final get there, they all get out of the car and walk to the front of the front passenger door. "Do you all know which classrooms you are going to?" Grimmjow didn't know but he didn't want to say it out loud. However, he had a sister who loved to make him feel like a dumbass.

"Hehehe Grimm doesn't know where his is."

"SHUT UP NEL!" Grimmjow and Neliel started to fight forcing Aizen pick them up and pull them a part.

"Grimmjow it okay if you don't know. I walk you there okay." he holds on to his hand and Grimmjow smiles at his brothers and now a very bruise up sister.

In the office, there were a few kids other kids and parents. Grimmjow was shy about his feels around other people but he did see a little orange hair boy that looks about the same age as him. His ears were pointed back and his tail was wrapped around his father.

"Aizen-san you say you know everyone in town right" Aizen looks down and smiles more

"Well not everyone but I try my best too. Who do you want to know?" Grimmjow point to the orange hair kitten and the black hair cat that was most likely his father "Oh I know them. The little one is Ichigo Kurosaki and next to him is his father Isshin Kurosaki. Do you want to meet them?" Grimmjow looked at them. He wanted to but he was so shy. Aizen looked at the father and walk over with Grimmjow.

"Hello, I'm Sousuke Aizen and this is my son Grimmjow Jeagerjaques." Aizen bows to Isshin.

Isshin bow back "Hello, I'm Isshin Kurosaki and this is my son Ichigo Kurosaki nice to meet you Aizen-san Grimmjow-Kun. Ichigo don't be shy say hello." He looks at his son Ichigo who held tighter onto his father's leg and tail.

"H-hello" after he hides behinds his father. "Sorry! Ichigo is really shy in front of new people. If you don't mind me ask what type are you and your son?" He saw that Grimmjow and Aizen are different breeds.

"I don't mind. I'm wolf and Grimmjow is a panther. I adopted him when his mother passed away."

Isshin look at them "Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

"It's okay"

The office woman came up to them "Mr. Kurosaki and Mr. Aizen your sons are both in the same class, will you please come with me, I'll take you there" they nod and follow the woman. "Here you are." They say thanks and bow.

"Well Mr. Kurosaki, I hope to see you again and I hope our sons can be good friends," he holds his hand out.

"I hope so Mr. Aizen. I'll pick you up later Ichigo." Isshin hugs his son and leaves with Aizen. Leaving Ichigo and Grimmjow alone they look at each other. Grimmjow was the first to speak "Hi Ichigo, I like your hair colour, orange is my favourite colour." Ichigo smiles

"Thank you! I like your hair colour too. Blue it my favourite colour." they smiles at each other. Grimmjow knows they be best friends for a long time.

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