'hey Bella wanna go out for some drinks tonight?'

I looked over and Rafael was standing there with a freaking big smile. I wish he'd stop doing that but what can I do, He's my best friend after all.

'No thanks buddy I'm just going over to a crime scene. Some guy was shot point blank.' I replied back.

'poor sucker!' he flashed another dirty smile 'good luck'

luck...now there's something I need that I don't have

'have fun drinking alone.'

'Hey Swan stop yapping and move now. we got a dead body.' I turned around and started walking out the door as my arrogant boss started yelling.

my name is Isabella Swan. My friends call me Bella. I am a detective working for homicide devision in Seattle PD. My job comes with the advantage of finding dead bodies everyday as well as yelling from my boss, Mr Langford.

'what's the damage.' I stopped my car and got out shouting at Josh. It's funny how the forensics geeks always shows up at a crime scene before a detective.

'well it looks like a drug deal gone bad. we found a bullet on his head but check this out there's no blood.'

'No blood!' I furrowed my brows.

'yeah there's no blood in the body or anyplace else.' Harold walked over to us. 'It looks like somebody drained all of the blood from his body and left the empty corpse.'

'it's totally weird.' Josh added.

No blood! I didn't even wanna think what was rushing to my mind. No blood! I wanted to run away from there as fast as I could.

I walked towards the body in a dazed like my feet wasn't listening to my brain.

I slowly walked towards it and there it was lying on the ground, bloodless.

'Jessy !.' my eyes shot up as I saw the dead man's face.

'Wait you know this guy.' Harold hurried to me.

'yeah kinda. we went to he same high school.' I kneeled down to examine him.

'Forks high?'

'yeah Forks High.' I nodded absentmindedly.

'Mr Langford.' I got up from my chair seeing him walk through the door. 'Can I talk to you sir.'

'What is it Swan? make it quick you got work to do.' he scoffed.

The words came outta my mouth 'Well the things is sir with all due respect I can't work in the drug shot case.'

He eyed me suspiciously 'why not.'

'Because sir it's ...it's kinda personal reason.' I looked down.

'That's not a good of a reason. Now go back to work.' he walked towards his office.

I dropped down on my chair with a sigh.

'Swan.' The Lieutenant walked out from his room 'I heard you know this guy.' He handed me a bunch of photos of dead Jessy and some paperwork.

'Yes sir we went to the same school.' I jumped up

'Good then. You can tell the family about him and also talk to the locals about his whereabouts. Might help us get a lead.'

'I'll work on it right away sir.'

I politely smiled as he hurried away and looked down on the photos. The more I see the more I get sure.

'no' I shaked my head side to side. I wasn't gonna let that thought come to my mind. I got bigger problems.

I sat down and searched for his address on the papers. Jessy didn't live in Seattle.

He still lived in Forks.

This couldn't been happening!