'Your sleeping with someone!' Ralph yelled at my ear.

'WHAT?' I jumped up and dropped the coffee mug on the floor.

'Ah ha...I knew it.' he made a funny face at me 'I knew something was going on with you.'

'Ralph' I pulled his ear 'Shh...'

'Oww...Who is it? Who's the lucky dog you finally let in.' he asked freeing his ear.

'You wanna know?' I whispered.

'Yeah yeah tell me.' he stuck out his ear.

'Well it's NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS!' I yelled and twisted his ear again.

'Ouch! That ain't fair Bella.'He rolled his eyes.

'Miss Swan.' A deputy called me 'These are for you.' He put a beautiful arrangement of roses on my desk.

'Oh My God!' Ralph screamed like a little girl 'He's now sending you flowers at work.'

'Alice!' I whispered to myself. Surely she was the mastermind behind this.

'To my dear Bella.' Ralph was reading a card 'For our one week anniversary.'

'Awwww...' All the girls standing around us said together.

'Love your Edward.'

'Your not sleeping with Edward Cullen.' Ralph cried out.

'Shut the hell up Ralph.' I exactly knew how he meant that 'It's my decision who I am with.'

'I know that. But I don't like it.' His face suddenly became gloomy.

'Thanks buddy.' I hugged him 'But now I gotta work.' I picked up a stack of paper and got out of there.

Edward and I have been together for one week now. And these seven days are like the best days of my life.

It was almost as if our love for each other had doubled and tripled. Most of all there was this insane physical desire we had for one another that's driving us nuts.

'BELLA!' I heard a very familiar voice from behind me.

'JACOB!' I turned around and there he was with that stupid grin.

'Bella Swan.' he hugged me.

'Jacob Black.' I hugged him back 'Wow you've gotten bigger then before. Is that even possible?'

'Beats me.' his grin got bigger.

'What are you doing here?' I furrowed my brows 'Did you get arrested for anything?'

'Yeah yeah.' he rolled his eyes 'I got arrested to come and visit you.'

My phone rang and broke our little reunion.


'Edward.' I felt a smile creeping on my face hearing Edward's voice.

'Where are you?' I heard the age of his voice.

'What do you mean? I'm at the station.'

'Alice can't see you. She called me.'

'Why wouldn't she see me? I'm right here.'

'Can you just come home please?' he said almost pleading.

'Okay I'm on my way.' I hung up.

'Who was that?' Jake asked suddenly very angry.

'It was Edward.' I bit my lips.

'Edward as in Edward Cullen?'

'Yeah Edward as in Edward Cullen.'

'What are you doing with that leech? and why is he calling you? And why the hell you smell like him?' he covered his nose.

'Because Jacob we're together now. and if you are my friend you will support me on this.'

'You know I'll never do that. Remember the last time you were together?'

'Yes I do remember. and I have forgiven him for that.'

'Well I haven't. Neither should have you.'

'Well I did. Jake I don't have time for this. Where are you staying?'

'On the street. Why you care?'

'You know I can find you if I want to?'

'Then find me.' he stormed off without even saying goodbye.

I furrowed my brows and got ready to get another half day off. I couldn't keep Edward waiting for Jake.

'Edward?' I closed the door behind me and walked in my apartment. 'Edward'

'Hm.. Edward where are you?' I checked kitchen and he wasn't there.

'Stop playing Edward.' I walked in my bedroom and dropped my bag on the floor. It felt like someone was behind me.

'You're right behind me aren't you?' I asked smilingly.

'How do you always know?' he wrapped his arms around my waist kissing my neck.

'Just like that.' my hands started shaking like every time he does that.

'Just like that, huh.' his cold breath was on my neck and I turned around and started kissing him.

'You got to stop doing that.' I was laying on Edward's chest playing with his fingers.

'Stop doing what?' he chuckled.

'Calling me in the middle of the day with a lie just for this.' I looked at him.

'What lie?'

'You know, the one you told today about Alice not seeing me.'

'That wasn't a lie. Alice did call and called again to say she's gonna be late.'

'So you called me and started humping me? I swear if I ask for another half day off they're gonna fire my ass so damn hard.'

'Bella!' he rolled his eyes.


'Your mouth really got rotten.'

'You don't like it? Then maybe you should stop kissing it.'

'I didn't say that.'

'Nope too late. No kisses for you.' I tried to get up.

'Oh no you don't.' He pulled me down on him again and started kissing.

'Bella! Edward!' I heard Jasper yelling and before I could blink Edward pulled the cover on me.

'What the hell guys?' I yelled back.

'Sorry I thought you heard us coming.' Alice winked at us.

'No I didn't so could you please knock first the next time.'

'What is that awful smell.' Alice suddenly covered her nose.

I bit my lips 'It's me.'


'Actually it's Jake.' I said slowly.

'Who's Jake?' Edward's eyes gotten smaller.

'You know him. Jacob Black.'

'A Black? You mean a werewolf!' Edward screamed.

'Why does everyone keep yelling at me today?'

'That's why I couldn't see you when we left. I thought there was something wrong with me but it wasn't me.'

'You can't see werewolves?' Jasper held her hand.

'Exactly.' Alice screamed.

'Thank God!' Jasper quickly placed a kiss on Alice's lips.

'Edward say something.' I looked at him.

'Why were you with him? here?' Jasper said calmly.

A wave of calmness washed over me 'Thanks Jazz. and he was here to visit me.'

'Look he helped me a lot when you left town.' I couldn't look at Edward this time 'He was there when I needed someone. He's the only reason I'm alive. So please don't hate him or start a fight or anything. Just leave him to me. Please.'

'I guess I owe him then.' Edward slightly smiled.

'Yes you do you jerk.' I kissed him.

'Okay we're gonna go now.' Jasper pulled Alice both smiling.

'Bella.' Edward looked down 'You know I love you,right?'

'Yes I do. and I also know you'll never leave me again.' I smiled.