Author's Note: I loved the movie my soul to take. So I chose to write about what happens to Bug/Adam after Ripper day on his 16th birthday. This is an introduction. Share your thoughts. Thanks,


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"I pray the lord my soul to take," Bug whispered to himself. He was down by the river again. At least once a week, he would visit the sight and remember the six of the Ripper seven who didn't survive. He knew that they were all with him still in his heart.

He had taken after Penelope in a way, he prayed every day. He and his sister had gotten closer ever since the night that they faced the Ripper. Bug hated remembering his own birthday as Ripper day, the day that six of his school mates died, one of which was his best friend.

Something good had come out of the whole situation, he and his sister; Fang, as she liked to be called at school, had mended their relationship. They were beginning to open up to each other. Bug was glad for it. His sister had opened up to Aunt May as well. Though Fang held her stature at school, she no longer messed with him. She talked to him at lunch and in the halls. Bug began to notice that whenever he talked with a girl, Fang would perform a background check. When things got difficult; he knew he could confide in his sister.

"Bug, what are you doing out here so late?" His sister said. He turned back to see her standing in her pajama pants and a light jacket. Her hair was put up in a loose ponytail.

"Hey Leah," He whispered. "I just came to visit them, it's been awhile."

"Bug, you were here last night." She said. She walked towards him and took his hand. "You miss them a lot." She whispered. Bug only nodded. "Let's go home."

Bug let Leah lead him back to their house. They had moved to a new home after the night the Ripper showed himself. He did feel safer. When they got home all the lights were off. Bug and Leah sat on the floor of Leah's room and talked until they fell asleep. In the morning they walked to school together.

"Have a good day Adam." Aunt May said as they left for school. "You too Leah," they waved to their Aunt.

Ever since that night that the he had been confronted by the Ripper, Bug had been treated differently. He noticed it from everyone, even his teachers. It wasn't fear, it was more respect.

"Good morning Bug." A girl said; he recognized her from his English class.

"Hey," he said awkwardly. He still wasn't completely comfortable around people, the claustrophobia didn't help. He continued to walk into the school hoping she would walk away. She followed.

"How are you?" She asked. She twirled her long sandy hair.

"I am good, how are you?" He responded; keeping his eyes trained to the floor.

"I am pretty good." She responded giddily. "What do you think about the novel we have to read for class?" She asked.

"I don't know," He shrugged.

"I think it is going to be a good story." She smiled.

"Hey, Hayley," someone called. To their left, a slim girl with bouncy dark curls was walking their direction.

"Hi Dalia,"

Bug took the opportunity to walk away. He then ran into Seth, his new found friend.

"Hey man," he said. Seth had dark hair, and dark eyes.

"Hey," They walked into the cafeteria and grabbed some breakfast.

"There is going to be a party this weekend, you should come." He said as he scarfed down a pop-tart.

"I don't know man," he said hesitantly. Seth nudged him.

"Come on, just this once. You really do need to loosen up." He laughed lightly.

Bug thought on this for the rest of the day.

"Are you going to the party this weekend?" He asked his sister during lunch. She looked up from her salad.

"Well, I planned on it." Riverton was a small town, so if there was a party over the weekend, it was the party of the weekend. It was the kind of place where you knew everyone you passed as you walked the streets.

"Seth says I should go. He says I need to 'loosen up'." Bug looked to his sister for advice.

"It would be fun; if you want to go you could come with me." She took a bite of her food. Bug took this into consideration. Then he nodded and agreed to go with his sister and her friends

Bug walked home alone. It was the times like this that he missed Alex the most. He remembered Alex's philosophy.

'To be a man, fake it. Fake being a man.' He had said many times. 'The better you fake it, the better man you are.' Bug reminded his self of that anytime he felt scared.

"Hey honey, how was your day?" Aunt May asked when he walked into the door.

"It was good. I got invited to a party this weekend." He said. "Leah said that if I wanted to go I could get a ride with her." Aunt May nodded.

"It sounds like fun." She said smiling. "How was school?"

Bug told his Aunt about his day. Later on Leah came home and they ate dinner together. When Leah was ready to leave, they left for the party.